Business Register Scam

Business Register 2020 Scam: How It Works

Do you own a business and need exposure? Maybe you have an eCommerce store or simply a brick-and-mortar location? Be careful about a new scam that is going around this month and using different names: the Business Register Scheme, aka the Business Directory Addition or the Online Business Registration Pty. How does that work? You might be receiving an email one of these days with the following content:

“Madam/Sir, in order to have your company inserted in our Register for 2020/2021 print, complete and submit the attached form (PDF) to the following address:

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PO BOX 3079

Fax: 0031 205 248107

You can also attach the completed form in a reply to this email. Updating is free of charge!

The PDF attached is the image above. It features a bunch of sectors, as well as informaton room for name, address, telephone, and email. As you probably have noticed, “updating is free of charge” but, of course, your business has never been placed into this directory before! That’s when you are asked to pay a fee in order to have your company featured into this bogus list. A small fee, but  big enough to get you hooked and make you pull out your credit card.

Here is a screenshot of another scammy letter, sent by a company called Online Business Registration Pty Ltd:

online business registration pty ltd


Business Directory 2020 Scam: How To Avoid

Notice how they refer to you as “Sir/Madam”, and not with your real name. They know nothing about your business. This email has been sent to millions of people around the world via mail merge. Whatever it sticks, thay’ll take it. Ignore and delete this bogus business directory email.


Business Directory Add 2020: How to Report a Scammer

Warn your family and friends about the Business Directory 2020 Scam by sharing this article on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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14 thoughts on “Business Register Scam”

  1. We also received a penalty fee added to their invoice because we didn’t pay on time ! I wonder why the authorities or interpol that have the technology to identify their IP address why dont they book these guys? Probably their hands are very busy with the scams worldwide ….

  2. Got this today:
    In order to have your company inserted in the EU Business Register for 2021/2022, please print, complete and submit the attached form in a reply to this email.
    3700 AA ZEIST
    Fax: +31 205 248 107
    All electronic file formats are accepted.
    Updating is free of charge.

  3. Yes, these guys had contacted us for insertion. We thought these guys where genuine government agency collecting addresses and datas of exporter. No we get emails for payment or face legal action. We were puzzed. Where the hell did we commit for where are the claim invoice. While surfing the web we were glad that we found you

  4. We purchased a cold steel heavy duty sword cane from a e-business by the name of ( order was placed on friday. We didnt receive any tracking info,e.t.a.,confirmation,nodda. So we waited til monday to send an email asking for those things. We checked back tuesday evening and the website was shut down. Tried calling with no answer. Cannot find anything about this business online. Pretty sure they are a fraudulant company. But we did pay with ayal. So maybe we will get a refund. So very disappointed. As this was supposed to be my bday present.

  5. I am also receiving emails from this id: [email protected] , they are actually a fraudulent group. They are calling from different numbers and trying to push for payment without any confirmation from side. For all others, please do not take them seriously they are not a real company except scam.

  6. Ray Goldberg, Please posting our company on scam because we have not taken any money from you, Thanks

  7. Roland Grey <[email protected]> selling chicken and meat products online. Total scam. As usual with these scam sites they ask for an upfront deposit but cannot back it with a Bank Guarantee or similar

  8. Hi, so one of the members of my team filled this out and now we are dealing with this company harassing us saying that we owe them 995 Eur. Has anyone else filled this out and what did you do? I have contacted my lawyer and just waiting for the response.

  9. I’m only working in our company since the middle of August so I am unsure if the girl working here previously filled out the form shown above. I have reported the scam to our local garda.
    If you went onto their website you would immediately know it’s not legitimate – I could build a website similar to that myself in minutes.
    Also the letters coming to our company are post marked SWEDEN, the address on the bottom of the "invoices" shows THE NETHERLANDS and the bank they want the funds to be credited is in SPAIN.
    I’m going to forward on a copy of the letters I have received to the Spanish authorities as I’m sure they can have the bank account shut down.

  10. Archan Shukla

    Dear Sir,

    Good Afternoon !

    As this was clearly wrote "Updation is free", we also have sent form after filling details.

    We have received invoice, 2 reminders, notice and legal notice to pay for the same; though We have tried to tell them that only updation was to be done, not insertion; but, they have stick to their words. We have got invoice just after our request without any notification, receipt or willingness to insertion or update.

    What to do ? Can they legally claim ? What could be done ?

    Thanking you,


  11. Anastasia Lesnikova

    I have done the same mistake, however I will not pay. I can see that they send it to many companies in my country and they do not even put the names and other details correctly. I think it is just a trick to show that they have many clients. Good luck to everyone who is facing the troubles with these bastards. I am going to report them in Malta in our fraud department.

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