Beauty Pageant Scam

Beauty Pageant Scam: How It Works

There is no country in the world that has more beauty pageant scams than the United States. Advertised with bells and whistles in all 50 states, questionable competitions are organized every month in big cities. Canada, Australia, and the UK have them too, but not as many.

Glamorous words, big promises, use of celebrity names – are just some of the hooks that get millions of young girls begging their parents to pay the registration.

The Beauty Pageantscam is the entire package: in order to participate, the contestants have to pay things like general entry fee (around $500), training sessions ($200), a full-page ad in the sponsorship book ($100), wardrobe (gowns, dresses, shoes), and – indeed, travel and accommodation.

Don’t get us wrong, there are legitimate beauty pageants that have been running successfully for many years, but when you pay thousands of dollars for a shot at fame and all you get is a plastic glass trophy worth $37, you should reconsider.


Watch How To Avoid The Beauty Pageant Scam:

Watch the video below to see great tips on how to avoid the Beauty Pageant Scam:

Avoid Beauty Pageant Scam Video

Look for how long the host company has been operating pageants. Also, look at their judges – what are their qualifications? Try to find if there are refunds possible if a contestant decides to withdraw from the pageant.

You might get hit with fee after fee and decide to withdraw your daughter, only to find out that you can’t get anything back. Finally, ask the organizers for references from previous participants and their contacts, if possible. Also, ignore promises sending you to Miss Universe soon.


How To Report The Beauty Pageant Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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11 thoughts on “Beauty Pageant Scam”

    1. I participated in Miss Petite Florida and got beat out by some truly ugly women. Top 5 were all girls that had paid the extra 250$ to book hair and makeup though the pageant sponsor who happened to be one of the judges. Absolute Bullshit.

  1. Regretful Past Queen

    Today’s International Woman/Man/Equisite Queen, Jera Lynn William’s Anders (8645170177): AVOID/SCAM. Queen of Queens, Ultimate Queens & Division Queens past & present have never received prizes, scholarships, or $500 cash award. Modeling prize expenses are paid by winners! No “trips to London or Paris” offered. No TV/Movie opportunities. Entry fees vary person-to-person. Presidential Volunteer Service Awards promised, but pageant is NOT a non-profit, therefore never received. Director has been sued several times, which is public record on the South Carolina court records. NOT a registered, licensed, tax paying company! AVOID THE SCAM!

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  3. Rigged Pageant

    Our Little Miss ( ALL STATES) : is an entirely rigged system especially (FL). If you are not a part of the good ol girl network you can consider your child no matter how beautiful just another entry lining the pockets of the director and staff. This pageant is bs… DO NOT ENTER if your child is under 6 years of age unless you want to see the ugly side of pageantry as they will have your child up until 9 pm at night after starting the competition at 9 am. Forget any title if you don’t enter optional’ s or have the pageant director (Kim Smith) daughter doing your little girls hair and makeup. They do get an att-a girl trophy that’s all I can say for them but when your paying 1000$ to enter they should walk away with a trophy. Not to mention the fact you have to stay on site where they host the event: Its crazy. Unless you like dropping thousands of dollars don’t do ANY of the Our Little Miss Pageants.

  4. Miss India Usa and Miss india worldwide operated by this guy naming Dharmatma Saran is biggest scam. Winners are decided under table on paying 30k to 50k. When you are approached by someone to participate, run for your life. They rip you apart from everywhere.

  5. My experience with Pure International Pageants has also not been positive. The registration fee alone is $700 for nationals but depending on the number of contestants you may only be able to win up to $150 on the national stage. This is definitely not a scholarship pageant although if you look at their website they constantly advocate for scholarships which are actually just them waiving your registration fee at the local level or waiving your national fee. Many of their state titleholders quit or resign and some of their national title holders have quit early as well. I thought I did my research before joining this system but obviously not enough. I’m quite disappointed in my experience and if you are looking for a scholarship pageant or a pageant you don’t feel like is wasting your money then do not join this system. This year they will have several money machines at nationals for some contestants to get into to win money. Meaning the money you slaved over to fundraise, the money you begged family and friends for, and the money you paid for using your credit card is actually being used for a 10 year to get into a money machine and take it and then spend it on whatever. I’ve never encountered a system like this in my life and I hope to never encounter one like it again.

  6. My experience with Pure International Pageants has been AWFUL! The national director is Pat Miller. It seemed as if all they cared about was receiving my hard earned money. My daughter received a broken state finalist crown 3 months after I purchased it which was $99. Then, they canceled the pageant and wouldn’t even refund me the additional $299 I paid. This claimed Christian pageant system wasn’t even sympathetic to the recent death on my family and accused me of making it up to get my money refunded. The directors were extremely rude and not Christian like. Please choose your pageant systems wisely. I hope and pray other innocent families do not experience what I have.

  7. The National Canadian Girl Pageant is a scam and people need to be made aware of the promises this pageant is making , My daughter paid $250.00 that included a weekend pass that included a workshop by a leading pageant makeup artist when asked why she was never offered this the director came up with a legitimate reason however offered her youtube video tutorials instead

  8. concerned citizens

    I believe the National Canadian Girl Teen and Miss pageant operating under Pageant Director Liz McKinnon is a scam, The pageant has been operating in Alberta and parts of Bc and all over Canada . I also believe she uses the funds raised to pay and fund her own daughters pageant dreams Be Aware be very aware as she is also misleading

  9. Beware of Mindy Diehl!

    This person sets up pageants and steals the money from parents and never has the pageant. She has done this in numerous states TN, FL, KY, NC, SC, VA. She was with tiny miss pageants and still does hair and make up. She has been investigated by children services in several states for abuse. She lives in NC in Fuquay Varina 413 Spruce Hollow. She has lawsuits against her and uses several aliases to cover her tracks including out of state bank accounts.

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