Airport Cell Phone Rental

How the scam works:

You are traveling to a different city for a few days. While there, you will need to make a lot of calls, so having a local cell phone would be a good idea, right? Right.

Unfortunately, certain local cell phone providers might take your skin off, using the following trick: once you come out of the plane, you will see a cell phone provider offering a limited time special: “Rent a phone from us. If you are not satisfied with it, you will get your money back if you return it within two weeks”.

Since you are staying there only for a few days, you might consider renting it, using it, and then returning it before you leave. This way you could use it for free and just pay for the air minutes. Smart? Not really. What you don’t know is that the charges for the airtime minutes are horrendous, usually four times as much as normal.

How to avoid:

If you really have to rent a phone, make sure you know the charges per minute beforehand, also written in the contract.

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