4 Types of Intranet Fraud and How to Prevent Them

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Although you might believe that all of your business threats are from external sources, this is not always the case. Employees can be one of your business’s greatest weaknesses, especially since many business owners do no implement security measures to protect against internal and intranet fraud. Here are some of the top types of intranet fraud and what to do about them.

Payroll and Expenses Fraud

Many employees do not believe that there is any harm in changing information about their working hours or expenses while working for you. Not only this, but different types of payroll fraud are incredibly common, with your financial team members using the intranet to pay money into separate bank accounts for invented employees.

To prevent this, you should delegate tasks between team members, ensuring that the same person that creates the payrolls does not bank them, for example. It would help if you also made sure that sensitive transactions are checked by an external and unbiased source that can highlight any issues with your finances, rather than allowing tasks to be completed purely on the intranet.

Data Theft

Most businesses store a lot of sensitive customer data, such as bank details and addresses and their own, and a lot of this data passes through the intranet between employees daily. A growing number of intranet fraud cases are based around data theft, such as intellectual property crime. To stop this, you should prevent your employees from taking home gadgets and software which have intranet software on them.

When you are using the intranet, you should also secure your devices through passwords and encryption software to make sure that any sensitive information becomes inaccessible to everyone but you or the managerial team. Before you decide to use intranet software, you should also create a strict data protection policy and ensure that every member of your team knows the guidelines while they are using this software.

Financial Theft

Financial theft can risk your business’s profits, yet it is incredibly common due to the level of trust necessary when running a business. Financial theft can occur through the intranet when external individuals gain access to the intranet and pretend to be colleagues or team members. Then, to limit financial theft, you should monitor your intranet software and ensure that employees are comfortable contacting you if they see anything suspicious on the intranet or experience untoward behavior.

However, the intranet can also limit the amount of crime that your company experiences. Intranet software from Simpplr can allow you to connect departments and make sure that you can trust your employees. It can also allow you to build up a great company culture that can deter potential criminals from taking action while helping you to stay in communication with your employees at all times and get to know them.

Procurement Fraud

When employees use company credit cards or purchase assets for themselves in the company name, procurement fraud can damage both your business’s finances and its reputation. To prevent this from happening, you need to increase the authorization for financial transactions on the intranet.

For instance, you should ensure that intranet transactions need to be checked by a specific staff member before they are completed. You should also check your business’s bank accounts and expenditure against your forecasts every month and regularly conduct internal security and intranet audits.


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