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CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.


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  • Trustpilot
  • Score: 1.5
Greensboro, NC Battleground store.Reserved a truck for today (7/5) at 4pm so it could be loaded and driven to a new apartment tomorrow. We have friend lined up to help loading and unloading. At noon today we got an email that our reservation was cancelled. Apparently, someone else needed a truck and wasn't returning it in time for our reservation. What good is a reservation system if you can't count on it being filled. Fortunately, we were able to find another truck. Hope that doesn't screw up someone else's reservation.
Poor customer service orders on lime to deliver to Biddeford me product is 5 days late customer service is a joke said no one there to process incoming product till 3 days from now they fail in every category.don't know we're they hire there employees but might be time for some training to rude people
My AC broke on Sat july 6th in Kissimmee Florida (96 degrees) so I ordered a new one from home depot with pro installition, I was told it would be delivered on Monday the 8th and I made an appointment with the installer for Wensday the 10th. Then Monday morning I received an email saying that it would be delayed 5 days so I checked the web site and the same AC ad says says 1 day delivery (over 800 in stock) so I called customer service and was told it may be delayed until the 22nd because the warehouse in tampa (90 miles from kissimmee) is backed up so I asked for a manager for a refund and was told they only issue refunds 45 miniutes from the time of the sale. At the time of the sale it said delivery was on the 8th and it still says next day delivery on the website. Even though I ordered on the 6th, it will not be delivered until the 22nd and I still can not receive a refund until I return the unit. Is this hijacking of my money legal?
NEVER BUY ONLINE from Home Depot, worst experience I have ever had. Received a broken shower, assured us a new one would arrive promptly (about a week) 3 weeks later we received one piece of the 4 piece shower.. broken again. They are quick to take your money then charge you a second time to get your replacement. This is my 2nd experience like this with online orders. I will NEVER shop with Home Depot again.
I had purchased a Cub Cadet Zts1 zero turn mower 3 months ago. The battery it came with has died. It has failed a load test. The battery is also under warranty for 1 year. I keep getting a run around for a replacement. I had called a HD store only to get hung up on. Home Depot, you just lost a valued customer!
I go to HomeDepot often for one thing or another. And twice I’ve been helped by Chris in plumbing. He is exceptional. Never to busy for silly questions. Patient beyond words. Courteous and knowledgeable. Please hire more like Chris and I won’t go any place else. I will forsake price for his competence. Kudos!
Just yesterday 6-30 I was shopping online for an upright freezer. I compared all the major retailers and Home Depot had a 4th of July sale. I took screen shots of my top picks. Within two hours I made my decision to get one from Home Depot. In less than 2 hours Home Depot raised the price of the freezer by $85 for a sale that still wont end for almost a WEEK!Frustrated, I called my local store and they put me in touch with the online support.They did remove the extra $85 from my purchase but this was good old fashioned BAIT AND SWITCH.Home depot raised the price simply after there was intrest in buying it.
I wanted to give honorable mention to a Home Depotemployee at their Norwood, Ma. location. The employee behind the service desk (Jairo) totally impressed me with his immediate, attentive and can do attitude. Jairo was very caring and could not do enough for my wife and me that day we stopped in your store.Home Depot must really train their help for excellencebecause it shows with the perfection displayed by Jairo. Great Job Jairo and Home Depot.
I’m tried of poor customer service and the SELF CHECKOUT lanes. If your going to offer them please also have lanes open for your customers that prefer human interaction or simply don’t know how to use technology. On my last trip to HD, self checkout was 8 persons deep with only ONE HD employee to help those that ran into issues and NO open regular Check out lanes in that area. I decided to leave my cart with at least $100 worth of purchases and left. You wonder why consumers shop online.
Their online service team is poorly trained and cannot think outside the script that is handed to them to read. I stopped my online purchases with them and went back to Amazon which isn't that much better. I'll only go into my local store if I need something that I can't wait to be delivered. Still then you are at their mercy of properly stocking a store.
C'mon people. Home depot is an American staple! I think the only people in the world who don't like it have all left reviews on TP! I've spent probably $500k - $1M at this point and they are always my preferred choice.
Do yourself a huge favor and don't work for this company. Management will say anything you want to hear, like "We care about your health and well being." That is pure garbage. Everyone that works at HD is a number and not an important cog in the business. Management in Denver is particularly prone to lying and deceit.
Absolutely atrocious service at this store, cashier Christina and Store manager Brent were very rude to me, they made fun of me and told me that I was stupid. I was just trying to return a few items and I did not have a receipt and because of this they treated me like I was a criminal. I was unable to return the items I was made fun of and I was laughed at because I did not have my receipt. Brent looked at me and said, "what a dummy you are". The two items equaled a total of $80.00 and they said sorry sir we cannot help you along with laughing and calling me names and also saying best of luck. I will never shop at this store again - it is by far the worst experience I have ever had in any retail store - I would prefer going anywhere other then to this store.
Worst experience at Burloak Home Depot/Ontario/ Canada .Went Home Depot to buy a $169 tool.Staff at Home Depot brought to the cash .When I asked the cashier why the staff has to bring to the cash.Answer was people walk away with the items.Worst customer service, Home Depot doesn’t trust their customers.If this is an issue Home Depot should hire a security services or install security tag.Customer has to follow the staff. Unbelievable.
I went to Home Depot store#6917 in NJ, the guy who works in the store name kevin ryan. Worst customer experience. Very rude and did not provide excellent customer service at all. He needs more training how to do his job correctly. He give me anxiety coming into the store. I have to make appt to see a therapist after my experience with him.
Never, Never participate in a promotional plan. Left hand does not know what right is doing. Customer service (promotional department) - Lesandro promised that my large payment would post against the promotional balance, after a 45 minute call with most of it on hold. Then I do not see the credit as promised and discover that they did not make the credit as promised. I would have been back charged interest if I had not check it. Spoke with a manager - Mary overseas of course and all they do is state a scripted response and offer no assistance. Just the person was wrong. Also - Do not use their in house installs for windows/doors. I went in, received a quote for a sliding door and then paid the $40 fee to have someone come to my house to measure. They used an outside 3rd party and that was a nightmare. When I went back in to schedule it, they somehow, within the 3 week period, lost my quote and all of a sudden, the door was $1200 more. They could not explain what happened and did not appear to concerned regarding how upset I was. I spoke with Page the manager and there was nothing she offered to do regarding the issue. Not even credit back the $40 fee. Why would they not save the quote when I was getting the measurements done? They cannot be trusted. This continued display of lack of professionalism is disappointing.
Bought brand-new screen door "Unique Home Design" brand and on the package it said it came with all the hardware. Called handy man to install it and when we unwrap it, there was no hardware. I had to pay $50 to buy the hardware from Ace since the Home Depot where i bought the screen door is 30 minutes away from me. Called home depot and no one even answers the call. I couldn't return it either since I would've been $150 for the handyman coming here and doing nothing.Garbage stuff man.
Home Depot Joslyn Rd, Auburn Hills Michigan I got fired for defending myself at work from here.& I most definitely don't recommend anyone to work here.The boss (Mike) who runs the store showed favoritism towards an associate who started an argument with me which we then later got into an altercation.The Boss admitted that she has had problems with previous co-workers as well, so this was a normal occurrence.The Boss wanted to fire me straight away after getting the report from the associate, until I had them check the cameras.Which means HR was involved.GUESS WHAT?!?!?!? HR said that I was in the right & the associate was in the wrong -GUESS WHAT?!?!? I still got fired.Why? I believe favoritism and under the surface racism.As a result I was out of work for a whole month waiting for their response.There's also the boss who worked in Freight that didn't come to my defense too & he knew that I was in the right. My question is, why be a boss if you're soft
I had the absolutely worst experience "trying" to purchase a washer and dryer from HD. First, the delivery people were horrible punks, that when I asked the driver his name (to file a complaint) he said he didn't have a name. I returned the entire purchase.Now, I paid with some eGift cards and it's been a total nightmare trying to get that refunded.I've been given three different explanations on how to redeem them. I WILL NEVER, EVER MAKE A MAJOR PURCHASE FROM THIS STORE. JUST ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.Pinecrest, Florida, store.
On June 20, we purchased a refrigerator, ice maker, water hose and the removal of the old inoperative refrigerator from the Ukiah, CA Home Depot appliance department; Order number H8408-195411. We were told by the sales lady the order would be delivered June 22 and we would receive a call regarding the delivery time window on June 21st between 4pm and 9pm. When I didn't receive the call on the evening of Jun 21 regarding the delivery window, I called the Appliance Dept., that evening inquiring about my delivery. I was told the delivery couldn't be completed because the ice maker wouldn't be delivered until July 17 and had to be installed before shipping the refrigerator; Why did I have to make this call and why wasn't I told this at the time? The sales person suggested I cancel the order and place two new orders, one for the refrigerator and one for the ice maker, thus I could receive the refrigerator earlier and have the ice maker installed at a later date; Why wasn't I told this upfront?? The new order CM73512388 was placed the next day Jun 22 and was scheduled for delivery Jun 26. We were told once again we would receive a phone call between the hours of 4pm-9pm with the delivery window times on Jun 25. Once again, when I didn't receive the delivery phone call, I called the Ukiah store that evening inquiring about the delivery and was told the refrigerator had been sold to another party and it would be rescheduled for delivery July 3 and I would receive a phone call the night before with the delivery window; Again, why did I have to make this call and why wasn't I told this at the time? July 2, once again after not receiving a phone call regarding the delivery window for the July 3 delivery I called the Ukiah store late that evening and the Appliance Dept., salesperson told me the delivery window would be July 3 9am-1pm and the delivery person would call one hour prior to his arrival; For the third time, why did I have to make this call? July 3, 8am, I removed two doors and six pieces of heavy furniture to make room for the movement of the refrigerator's, old and new. When 1pm rolled around with no phone call from the delivery person, I called the Ukiah store and enquired about the lack of delivery: Why did I have to make this call!? After 20 minutes waiting on hold, I was told the delivery company forgot to put the refrigerator on the truck and the delivery would have to be rescheduled for the FOURTH time on July 6; THIS IS BEYOND ACCEPTABLE!!!!!We have been without a working refrigerator since June 19 trying to keep our food fresh using ice chests. We kept approximately 50lbs of frozen foods covered with ice in anticipation of a new refrigerator/freezer by June 22; as promised by HOME DEPOT!At 79 years old with bad knees and a bad back, I didn't find it too comforting to move several heavy pieces of heavy furniture and two doors to make way for a refrigerator that was not to come.As of this writing, we have lost 50lbs of frozen food estimated at a cost of $300 and spent an additional $100 for ice to maintain our ice chests for refrigerated foods as well.We have suffered a lot of anguish and put up with a lot of turmoil because of your incompetent staff. Trying to connect with a person by phone is next to impossible. I have spent easily a half hour per call waiting for a person to answer. After communicating my issue with that person, I had been transferred to another who "could not help me with my issue" and was eventually pushed off to someone else. I asked if they could put pressure on the delivery company to have my refrigerator delivered this afternoon, even if it meant the threat by Home Depot to change to another delivery company. Of course that was out of the question and the only delivery that could be made was July 6.
  • Sitejabber
  • Score: 1.9 stars

“DONT GET ANY SHIPPED-you won't get it”

We needed a custom made (can't be bought in stores) butcher block for our new island. Ordered from Home Depot. 2 months later we reach out to them to find it as it was supposed to be delivered April 22. They apparently use a shipping company, which was never told to us…. And Home Depot lost the order after repeatedly telling us it was with the shipper. This is also the same problem a family member ran into. I'll be shopping at Lowe's from here on out. Products used:None never came Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Absolutely terrible”

I used Home Depot to put In my hurricane windows and doors. It took them over six months to put them in then when they finally got put in ins came and they never came back to finish and they never showed us how to lock our front door as it's a new security lock. They absolutely suck! Plus the lock keeps getting stuck so it doesn't work properly. I've called and called and they keep saying they'll send someone out. Wait for their call and nobody has come. It's been almost a month now.. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Poor customer care”

Home Depot installed some of my home windows, they plant to come to do inspections and replace the brand new broken window handle. It has been months and no one ever showed and I got so many broken promises. This was my first and last time I will use Home Depot for any service; they have the worst customer care on ever seen. Service Value Quality

“Online purchases and deliveries”

Are you ordering a large, heavy item like a vanity? They will drop it off at your home without any notice, or delivery arrangements. You are expected to move it into your home yourself, which would be possible if you knew it was coming and got extra help. This lack of a phone call from Home Depot to arrange delivery will now cost me $600 to have movers pick it up and deliver it to my 5th floor condo. The store manager was kind enough to give me a $200 credit, not knowing that my cost will be $600. I would not recommend purchasing anything heavy, online from Home Depot.

“Home Depot Christmas Tree”

My husband and I decided after many years our pre-lit Christmas tree needed to be retired. We went tree shopping and found a great tree. It looks and feels like the real deal.

“Home Disaster Depot”

Home Depot's delivery service is an absolute disaster. Not only did my order arrive late, but the delivery driver left it out in the pouring rain, resulting in damaged goods. Customer service was unhelpful and dismissive, refusing to take responsibility for the mishap. If you value your time and money, shop elsewhere.

“Online Purchase its a NO GO! Disastrous Online Shopping Experience with Home Depot”

Rating: 1/5 As a long-time patron of Home Depot, I never anticipated that my first online purchase experience would be such a debacle. Unfortunately, it was an absolute disaster from start to finish, leaving me deeply disappointed and frustrated. Let's start with the online platform itself. Navigating through their website felt like trying to untangle a mess of wires in a dark room. The display was cluttered and confusing, making it difficult to find what I needed without endless scrolling and clicking. It was a stark departure from the ease and convenience I've come to expect from Home Depot's in-store experience. But the real nightmare began once I completed my purchase. Despite assurances of efficient logistics, the reality was a far cry from it. My order was supposed to be ready for pickup in just five days, but a shocking 34 days later, I was still left empty-handed. Multiple calls to various store representatives only added insult to injury. Not only were they unhelpful, but they were also downright rude, as if customer service was a concept foreign to them. The lack of communication was particularly shocking. Had I not reached out, it's frightening to think that Home Depot might have never bothered to inform me that my order hadn't even reached the store. This blatant disregard for customer satisfaction is simply unacceptable. In conclusion, my inaugural online shopping experience with Home Depot was nothing short of a nightmare. From the chaotic website to the abysmal customer service and logistical failures, it was a perfect storm of incompetence. Regrettably, I have no choice but to swear off online purchases from Home Depot indefinitely. If this is the standard they uphold, then they've lost a loyal customer for good. Finally when I was able to speak with an online rep. They were able to cancel my order.

“Home Depot is my go-to destination for all my home improvement projects.”

Home Depot is my go-to destination for all my home improvement projects. The store's vast selection of tools, materials, and appliances makes it easy to find everything I need in one place. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful, offering expert advice and guidance. Plus, the prices are competitive, and the availability of in-store pickup and delivery options adds convenience

“PSA: DO NOT PURCHASE CABINETRY! Worst service I've ever experienced! Zero stars should be an opti”

Several of our cabinets arrived damaged and luckily we have someone installing who could make repairs. However, it wasn't until half way thru our project (an entire kitchen & 10ft island) we discovered they sent us the wrong measurements on the island cabinets. It took a month to receive the correct ones. We were left with 2 cabinets that had been modified (prior to realizing they made an error in measurements). Home depot is demanding the altered cabinets be returned if we don't agree to keep & pay for them at a 25% discount. We have had no functional kitchen for over a month because their cabinet dept. openly admitted to GUESSING our island measurements because someone was out sick. This is unacceptable customer service. We have already spent over $40K to home depot for this house project & I find it disgusting they are trying to screw us over for 2 altered cabinets because they home depot says they'll be paid for the cabinets regardless. I feel sick I ever spend a dollar here but it is the last time. We'll take our business & contactor business account elsewhere. Not a single red cent coming from me to this disgraceful business. Go to Lowes everyone! Also, they took a year to fix my parents cabinets in their palm springs home, so it's really a company issue. The worst.

“Bought a fridge”

Bought a fridge but they refused to pick up my old one because they said that the purchase doesn't qualify as an appliance... This is taken from their FAQ on their website: ''Will The Home Depot haul away my old appliance? Yes! But the haul-away item must be equal to the item being delivered (e.g. Dishwasher for a dishwasher). '' They also didn't give 24h notice for the delivery (they didn't give any notice). Customer service was rude and barely spoke any English. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Worst Door Installation EVER!”

Hired Home Depot to install 4 doors. Their contract said 30 days to complete the job. Their 1st installer quit because the job was "too much" work. Second installer, Kmax was not much better. Wrong doors were ordered. NO ONE at Home Depot would respond. Just got passed from person to person. 150 calls, letters to corporate, and no response. 6 months and we had to hire another contractor and get an extension on the permits. The MANAGER, Ryan Smith, *******858, threatened to void the warranty if we didnt sign off that we were happy with the job. It was the worst job, doors still don't close right, we refused to sign off. So HOME DEPOT FORGED MY SIGNATURE. HEADING TO ARBITRATION. Tip for consumers:DO NOT USE THE HOME DEPOT TO INSTALL ANYTHING. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. Products used:Exterior doors. Absolute garbage along with the service. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Home depot Seattle/Bellevue does not care! No Delivery to places they Delivered to in the past.”

HomeDepot Seattle/Bellevue is very poor in customer service and Delivery. Each year that past several years I have ordered a big order of yard supply products. *Homedepot changed the delivery service company that they use and now instead of delivering on one flat truck load they want to delivery with two box trucks and charge for the delivery twice. The thing is they are calling from the Bellevue location and do not know anything about Seattle. At the end of the day - They are trying to do a money grab. The homedepot delivery Route Manager simply does not care about customers or customer service. O.K. - - maybe Lowes deserves my business instead. Tip for consumers:At the customer service level -- 800 number - they seem to try - At the store level and regional level in Seattle /Bellevue -- they are a Joke !! Products used:ordered only products that would be delivered by non "homedepot" Representatives


I attempted to order a rather expensive large pot for syruping. I placed the order early on a Friday afternoon. Based on the order, I was expecting to receive the item on Monday. On Monday I received notification that the item was on backorder. After a week, it was still on backorder so I attempted to cancel the order. There was no way to do this online and 2 attempts to call were unsuccessful so I had to wait for 6 weeks until it auto canceled. Here are the major issues: 1. It's really inexcusable that there site is listing an item as available if it's not. Assuming that maybe it was available when I ordered, there is no excuse to ignore my order for 3 days and let it go on backorder. 2. It's also inexcusable that this company held my money hostage for 6 weeks. I will never order from Home Depot again nor will I visit their stores. I will choose to pay more at Ace Hardware or use Amazon. Products used:Nothing and lost my whole year's worth of maple sap. Service Value Shipping Returns


Call to East Haven Home Depot four times this morning to ask a question whether they provide free delivery of appliances twice I was put on hold and twice I would talk to someone who eventually hung up or didn't answer. So far I've wasted 20 minutes of my time to ask a simple question if this is how they do business I don't wanna do business with them here. I'm 78 years old I'm legally blind so I can't go on the website and read every detail and they have her in there it seems that talking to a human person is impossible. If this is how they work, I don't wanna work with them. I'll buy my appliance at Lowe's or I know that they have free delivery appliances. Service Value Shipping

“Really Bad Delivery Policies”

They Cannot even give you a 4 hour window, for when delivery happens until 6:00 the evening before - Essentially holding your entire day hostage until the night before - Had I known this I would not have bought here - I am so disappointed with these big box stores - Home Depot and Lowes wil not get any further fuiture business from me - Ace Hardware, where they understand how to treat customers will be my newest best friend. For my Refrigerator and Dishwasher purchases, Famous Tate will get that business! Tip for consumers:Service here very poor - policies NOT intended for Good Customer experience Products used:Bought Microwave and Oven/Range Service Value Returns Quality

“Online order”

I ordered a free standing bathtub from home depot on 1/24/2024. When I attempted to track the shipment I could not get any information - it was unavailable. The delivery date moved from 2/5 to 2/8. I texted support and they told me that the tub had not even been delivered to the delivery warehouse and they could not give a delivery date. This is a standard size tub so I am not understanding why it takes this long. I have a contractor waiting for this delivery to move forward with the bathroom remodel. THis is unacceptable and it seems they are lying about the 2/8 delivery. Tip for consumers:Post the correct information to the customer so they can plan. Products used:still waiting on delivery . may cancel at end of at end of day today and order from wayfair Service Value Shipping Returns Quality


I ordered an entire set of kitchen appliances on November 13 2023. Refrigerator, range, microwave, dishwasher, etc.… We are Building a kitchen around the appliances and need them installed. However the promised December 9 install date came and they called and said it would be pushed back until January. 15th! I called and told them that was in acceptable and then they assured me it would be delivered December 30. So, I rescheduled my kitchen build. Again. Two days before that delivery date, I received another message stating it was going to be delayed until January 30th!? I called and went to a local store and was livid. They told me it was the range that was on backorder, and Samsung will not ship anything but the entire order even though everything else is in stock. I told him that was unacceptable, I'm literally wasting hundreds of dollars in labor every time they don't show up. So, again they assured me it would be delivered January 9th. Again, I rescheduled my kitchen install and guess what!? Today I receive an email stating it will be February 13th! I even cancelled the range from the order so they would actually ship it but nope. Still can't meet their commitment. Now They of course promise it will be next Tuesday. I doubt it. In fact; I will pay double for the whole package if they actually make that date, but they won't. They keep passing the buck to Samsung but I didn't buy anything from Samsung, I bought from Home Depot and they are acting totally unaccountable for this debacle. Do not buy from Home Depot. This was a Tremendously frustrating and expensive mistake. I will be demanding a refund and going elsewhere. I can literally swim to South Korea faster than they can ship me a refrigerator!? 3 months of empty promises and wasting my time is enough. I'm done with this dump. Tip for consumers:This is a pathetic example of customer service, honoring commitments and general contempt for the consumer of your overpriced goods Products used:Nothing Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Horrible customer service”

Was told someone would call me the day before my dryer was supposed to be delivered to pick a good time. That never happened at all and all I got was a text stating a time they would show up. Customer service was horrible and they said they can't change the time at all and more or less I was crap out of luck.

“Contractor will not return to home depot”

I literally spent twelve thousand dollars with these people went a tornado. At the end of my job, I need to do a return on things that I bought that I didn't use and all they want to do is fight with me and not take care of me. I will not return to home depot I will spend my money with lowe's Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Home Depot customer service”

I ordered through online order 4 shower hoses on February 29. I have had a promise order will be ready in 5 days. Now, after almost 2 weeks, still have items in transit for delivery to the store. Tip for consumers:No Products used:Shower hoses Service Value Shipping

“Home depot Seeds program germinates frustration”

This is my second review of the Home Depot Seeds program. Why two? In my opinion, folks need to be warned about this program. I received an invitation to participate in a program where Home Depot would send me products to use and then write a review on. In return, I could keep the product. Normally, I would not look twice at such a program, but given the excellent reputation of Home Depot, I decided to give it a try. Bad decision! Some two weeks after selecting the product I would review, brown rubber mulch, the product had not arrived, but emails from the Home Depot seeds program filled my inbox, reminding me that I owed them a review. I replied several times, telling them that the product had never arrived. Finally, it did show up, and I tested it and wrote my review with before and after photos. The review went live the next day. BUT I kept getting emails saying my review was due. And they continued; this morning, I got another one warning me that I was about to lose my affiliation with the Seeds program if the review was not written. Really, Home Depot? So, unless you are ready for this type of experience, my advice is to delete their offer as soon as you see it. These seeds produce nothing but frustration. Service Shipping

“Delivery issued”

Order placed AT pro-desk yesterday. Delivery scheduled for today. 1230 pm, delivery made. With missing items- identified by driver and myself. Called store, Pro-desk would not schedule delivery of missing items. ASM Jessica said re-delivery in 2 days, I pay ANOTHER delivery fee, reimbursable. It is 70 miles round-trip to this store. I refused and escalated complaint to Customer Care. Lowes is 37 miles from me...guess where I am shopping in the future.

“What happened?”

I was in home depot for 30 min before someone could help me. No one on the isles anymore, and it's all self checkout. What happened? It has gone so far down hill. Plants are SO over priced. Guess I'm moving over to Lowes. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Promotional coupons”

I used a home depot credit card powered by Citibank to make a purchase with a promotional coupon that would allow me to make the purchase interest free for a certain number of months based on the amount of the purchase. On October 16,2023 I called in to Home Depot because I could no longer see my payment allocations online and they needed to adjust some of the purchases as a wrong time frame was assigned to them. Thereafter I could not see the payment allocation page on the promotional balances nor the actual line items for the promotional balances online. I knew I had payments that needed to be made before March 16,2024, so I called on March 15,2024 to do this over the phone as I had no way to do this online and make sure it would be done. I spoke to someone (in India I presume based on their accent) I made the payment over the phone in the amount of $772.08. I had the representative read out to me on a recorded line each line item that the payment was going to. I then confirmed what would happen with payments going forward because again I could not see or allocate anything online. He confirmed it would go to the next balance due starting with May 16,2024 line item. When I received my next statement it showed that all of the deferred interest had been charged even though I made the payment. I called Home Depot (today 11:00am EST) spoke to the first person in India, who told me they could do nothing for me, asked to speak to someone above her, spoke to another person in India, she wouldn't do anything about this. Spoke to the next higher up who told me they were in TN but would not give me a town or her last name or a confirmation number for the call her name was Lisa, she removed the deferred interest charge of $584.71 (which was correct) but informed me that unless I made an additional payment of $254+ that that amount would be apart of my revolving balance and would now accrue interest monthly in the amount of 25.99% apr. I was given no recourse to fix this problem, I asked to speak to someone higher and I got to Ms. Giles out of Idaho, she told me she could not do anymore for me now was there another higher person to speak to. She directed me to Fax or mail a letter to Executive Response Unit Home Depot Team at *******858 or P.O. Box 9058, Gray, TN *******. Of which I plan to do. I do not care how they manage this on their end only that I will not be charged 25.99% apr on the additional revolving balance of $254+. I asked how I would make this payment in the future if I had the funds to do so and she said to do that I would need to remove the existing payment allocation plan (because i cannot do this myself online any longer for this card, which would mean trusting them to actually do what they say they will do and not make any further mistakes which I do not) make the payment and then reset up the payment allocation plan. They offered no other recourse. Service Value

“Home Depot ignored my window warranty”

I have had several windows installed by Home Depot and I went for the more expensive ones because there was a lifetime warranty. The top of the arch of the window developed a big gap - this is not a caulking issue. Rain comes in! I have called and called and called and I get promises but NO ONE EVER COMES TO EVEN LOOK AT THE WINDOW MUCH LESS FIX IT! I began contacting Home Depot in November 2023 and as I write this, it is the end of February 2024 and they still haven't even LOOKED at it. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Do not buy windows from this company! Tip for consumers:They give lots of promises that they do not fulfill. Products used:Window installation Service Value Quality

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How To Recognize Red Flags Online

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