Auto Scams

The Auto category deals with fraud that you could be a victim of when dealing with cars, other than buying-selling. That means car rental scams, vehicle repair scams, shady mechanics, fake traffic tickets, ride-sharing tricks (Uber scams and Lyft scams) and so on.

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Gas Station Fills

How the scam works: You need gas and stop at a full service station. You tell them how much you want, waiting in the car. A couple of minutes later the service is done. You have a look at the pump and pay the amount displayed. If you're nice, you might even give the attendant a tip. … Gas Station Fills Read More »

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Gas Station Client

You Won't Believe How Much Gas Station Panhandlers Make Per Day (with video below) Imagine this: you fill your tank and a man who seems very agitated approaches you, holding an empty plastic canister. "I really apologize. I just ran out of gas two blocks away. Just by that 7-eleven back there". Has that … Gas Station Client Read More »

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