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Checking a car using a VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) is an important procedure for every person who wants to reduce the risk when buying a vehicle. What exactly does checking a car by a code reveal? The term VIN coder means the number where the entire condition of the car is encrypted. The resulting code is going to be unique for each car; one can extract a lot of information from it.

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By the code, you can find out details about a particular car (body structure, engine type, etc.). Also, a free resource like FAXVIN often allows you to determine whether the number has been changed. As a result, you'll be provided with all the necessary data relating to a particular car. Thus, checking the vehicle by the code lets you find out whether the seller is trying to sell a stolen car.

Things to Take into Account

When one thinks of buying a used car, there is no point in telling about all related risks. Consumers often pay attention to used cars. But you need to know some nuances when buying a used vehicle. Firstly, don't believe everything the seller says. If, for some reason, a car is not sold for a long time, the owner will try to sell it for higher price and as fast as possible, so that you don't notice something is wrong. Come to the car market with a friend who understands how to select the right vehicle – this will save you from any possible problems.

The most significant factors determining the price of a car are its age and mileage. These parameters are closely interlinked, so it is unlikely that a 1995 vehicle will have a mileage of 31,000 miles. If you see such numbers and the seller assures you it is okay, then most likely, the mileage counter is intentionally reduced. The mileage reader is a comprehensive indicator of the vehicle's condition; the higher the mileage, the greater the wear and tear on the car.

The Code Location

Typically, a VIN is placed on a rack near the driver's door, as well as on the left under the windshield. Along with this, the code can be seen under the hood opposite the passenger seat and on the floor next to it. Some manufacturers hide the placement of VIN decode. For instance, it can be found both under the wings and in the trunk.

VIN code's applied using coinage or laser burning on a special plate or certified tag. In this case, there should be no spaces between the characters of the same code.

As a rule, manufacturers do not hide encoded information, so it is enough to find out the decoder from the manufacturer to learn the data about a car. Besides, the code is useful for identifying a stolen car. All information about the VIN is intended to help the owner not only find all the necessary data but also protect him/herself from unwanted purchases.


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