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Wallet Drop Trick: How It Works

This trick is a very calculated scam, and it could happen to you in your city or while traveling. Let's say you are waiting for a bus, taxi or train, sitting on a bench. Your bag (suitcase, bigger purse, etc.) is just beside you. Somebody passes by you and accidentally drops his wallet. You may try to be a good person and yell: "Hey, you dropped your wallet." He can't hear you as some other trains/buses might pass by.

The kind human being you are, you jump off the bench and run 8-10 yards to catch up with him. He picks up the wallet, says thank you, and leaves in a hurry. You are back at your bench 10 seconds later, but your purse/bags are gone.

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You've been a mark since the moment you sat down. They looked at the bag, premeditated all the moves, and knew exactly where to get you walking – enough for both of them to disappear at the perfect moment.

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Wallet Drop: How To Avoid

The biggest mistake people do is think that these kind of traps can't happen to them. If you decide to go after the person, grab your bag, especially in busy places. However, now that you know somebody might drop a wallet in front of you while sitting down in a train station, you might even consider not bothering to stand up. 

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