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Travel Insurance

How the scam works:

(with video below) Some travel agencies have their agents paid by commission when it comes to medical insurance. Nothing wrong with that, just like in so many other businesses. Oftentimes though, unfortunately, some of these agents trick their customers into buying insurance which they really do not need – or if they do, they could get cheaper elsewhere. They make their quota and get the commission.

According to studies by authorities, over 70% of tourists don’t have the medical insurance details properly explained to them. The fees are just added without a proper explanation and consumers just pay without full knowledge.

On the other hand, when it comes to insurers, the application form that travelers need to fill prior departure is always written in a way that is almost impossible to win the case if they get sick while abroad. While tourists think they are covered, they are actually not.

Watch the video below to see this variation of the Travel Medical Insurance trick exposed.

Travel Insurance Coverage Video

How to avoid:

Research online the name of the company and find out first if their agents work on commissions when it comes to adding travel insurance to your bill. Always go with trusted sources and organizations.

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