Tailor Touts in Asia

How the scam works:

Tourists are often taken advantage of in Thailand, India, China and Hong Kong, by a different kind of “marketing”. Tailor touts will hang out wherever fresh tourists are arriving and aggressivelly try to get them to visit shady shops, to a point where it is almost harassment. They are paid to do this, also getting a commission from the sale.

Taxi drivers will also detour their passengers and deliver them to these shops. The driver always gets a commission from the sale that's added to the taxi fare.

Once in the shop the owners are skilled in making the hard sell, getting a hold of a credit card and knowingly overcharging. Of course the victim won't figure this out until they're home.

How to avoid:

Unless you really want to buy, always be firm in rejecting the “invite” of going to the shop. Don't let yourself be pressured into buying things. Reject any offer that would lead you “now” to a tailor store. Refuse any “little stop to show you something”. Just tell them to go ahead to your destination.

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