Stranger’s Hug Scam

How the scam works:

You and your family are having a blast on your trip. So far it has been great and now you might want to see the outside of the resort. The real city. So you decide to leave your all-inclusive hotel for a few hours.

As you pass the resort's entrance a local person approaches you warmly, welcoming you to the country and giving each of you a big hug. “Such warm people”, you might think. You talk for a moment and then start to walk away, saying thank you for his welcome and maybe for his advise about what to do in the city.

Three meters later, the guy shouts: “Hey! Where's my money?' As you might have heard this before, you probably say: “I don't have change, sorry man”. But then he replies: “All I know is MY drugs are in YOUR pocket, so someone better pay me or I'll tell the cops! I bet you don't want the whole resort to know about you and your drugs, do you?”

What happened was that while he was hugging you he slipped a small bag of powder looking like cocaine into one of your pockets. He knew exactly which person and pocket to choose the second he saw your family coming out of the resort. All he needs to do now is to ask for a few bucks for himself.

How to avoid:

You can definitely be friendly while abroad, so don't be paranoid about hugs. Accept them with caution. If this happens to you, just call his bluff, counter attacking. Tell him you will call the Police and go back to the reception. Do it, as well.

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