NEW ALERT: Beware of the Driver’s License Verification Scam


Driver's License Verification Scam: How It Works

The Driver's License Verification scam targets victims through a link in their email and asks them to verify their license for an annual verification. Depending on the country you live in, the scammer who contacts you pretends to be part of one of the following: AAA (American Automobile Association in the United States), DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the United Kingdom), CAA (Canada Automobile Association), or Australian Automobile Association.

This scam is intended to trick drivers into providing personal details. Victims are informed that their driver's license needs to be updated this year, as a result of a new change in legislation.

Criminals provide a link which opens a page that resembles the website of the government automotive regulation agency from your state/province. The page features a fill-in form where victims are invited to put all their personal information. Beware!


Driver's License Verification Scam: How To Avoid

Delete the email and go ahead with your day. Do not believe any email that claims to be an official voice of a government source without checking with the real organization. Go on their official website (not the one provided in the email) and see if there is any news related to the content of the email.

If in doubt, send them a message and validate the information you have. Do not give out personal information unless you are absolutely certain that it is a safe source.


Driver's License Verification Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the Driver's License Annual Verification Scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the email addresses and links/domain names to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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Larry Russ

Also beware of the California DMV. The union liberals control the state government. Any thing you say contradicting the government and you will become a targeted individual. I have been rear ended 6 times in. 10 months from these road rage idiots. Now the DMV is going to take away my drivers license. The scams that the liberals extend beyond the government. Their members and unions are integral in everyday business. They obstruct, is , cheat, extort, vandalize and steal. From banking to parking, those in positions of power discriminate and punish their ppposition. Yhey have been breaking the law… Read more »

Grebo Guru

Also beware of Larry Russ, who is a conspiracy theorist who will lead you astray with Alt-Right propaganda.

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