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Microsoft Tech Scam aka Free Security Check: How It Works

(with scam caught on camera video below)

The growing number of computers per household all over the world has offered scammers a variety of fraud ideas. One of the latest telephone scams reveals criminals calling house numbers, claiming to be Microsoft technicians providing “free security checks”. Once they get the victims’ trust, scammers also get remote access to their machines or their credit card number information. This is also known as the Scareware Scam.

How does the scam work? Watch the video below to see in action Microsoft Tech Scam caught on tape by a regular citizen:

Microsoft Tech Support Scam Video

According to a survey done by Microsoft, 16% of their product users have received such phone calls. You can get one too. However, beware – criminals might not necessarily use the name of Microsoft but Apple, Samsung, Yahoo, or Google. Stay safe!


Microsoft Tech Scam aka Free Security Check: How To Avoid

These companies are so busy already offering tech support. It’s probably impossible for them to call you, instead of the other way around. If you watched those videos above you will know exactly how to play with the scammers when they call.


Microsoft Tech Scam aka Free Security Check: How To report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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Nina Booth

They don’t generally claim to be Microsoft technicians per se in my experience – they usually claim to be from the "Technical department of Windows". The way to spot them easily is to tell them that none of your computers actually run on Windows (even if they do) and if they persist in talking anyway just hang up.


He claimed to be from Windows Tech Department. And said an Microsoft Certified technicial would fix my problen only minutes. Can you imagine? –He actually congratulated me for being skeptical about who was calling and told me to look on their website to see that there really was problem with windows. Said I had Telus security protection and that I would contact them about any problems. He kept saying the problem was originating from my computer not from the internet so that Telus wouldn’t be able to help. I did let him know my computer was on–was that a mistake?… Read more »


I just got a call (showed anonymous on my phone), on 1/17/13, from a man with an accent saying there have been a lot of virus infections on computers in my area. He wanted me to get in my computer. He was very pushy. I told him Microsoft does not have people call like this and this is a scam. He said if you think it is a scam, you can hang up. I told him to take me off their list and never call again and I hung up. He called right back. I repeated it again and he… Read more »


I have had several similar calls, in the end I decided to play these people at their own game, next call I had I said I would put them through to our "technical support team" (Me!) and then proceeded to "misunderstand" their call as being a request to me to assist THEM with a virus on THEIR PC. It is quite fun seeing how long you can confuse them for before they eventually hang up.


The call me from (235) 683-4810.
When they call it takes them a few minutes to say anything then they tell me that they need to help me set up a update on my computer. When I pushed back and asked more questions they hang up. Now I’ve been receiving about 10 calls a day from this number and I don’t answer it.
Also I get calls from 111 numbers I answered it once and there isn’t anyone there.


An amusing way to deal with these calls is to tell them you need to turn on the computer, but tell them that it’s doing a disk check when you do so.

Feed them a percentage completion number every few minutes whilst saying that you hope their fix will speed up rebooting. Do other things around the house whilst talking to them e.g. make a cup of tea.

My record is 27 minutes so far.


Yes they get you to open your computer and go to your event history where all your errors on your machine are recorded with red flags,they tell you these are faults on your computer that they can fix,getting you to agree that it’s best that they are fixed. Well as anyone who knows computers these red flagged warnings of errors are not errors in themselves and is just a report an error had occurred and more than likely all is working fine now. Try saying what I said,say…I work with computers,I fix computers for a living so I have no… Read more »


The number 235-683-4810 called me and a man with an accent said he was calling because there where threats detected on my internet downloads and my computer sent them a notice. I asked how he got my number and he said it was attached to the threat detection… this is impossible because my internet connection is not attached to my phone number, in fact its not even in my name. I asked him 3 or 4 times how he got my number and he continued with the same answer. I asked his name and number, he said his name was… Read more »

Brittany Brady

To the lady below me, they called my husband 3 times today. My husband tried to call the number back but it keep saying your call cannot be completed at this time. Thanks for the warning. He was worried it was a bill collector. Same number, 235-683-4810. I’m suggesting that my husband changes his number and I would encourage you all to do the same.


The best way to stop them is to tell them that you have a Mac (if they say they are calling from Microsoft or support for Windows). Even if you have a Windows computer, telling them you have a Mac will shut them up and they will either politely say goodbye or just hang up on you. Conversely, if they say they’re calling about your Apple or Mac, tell them you have Windows.

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