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Microsoft Tech Scam aka Free Security Check: How It Works

(with scam caught on camera video below)

The growing number of computers per household all over the world has offered scammers a variety of fraud ideas. One of the latest telephone scams reveals criminals calling house numbers, claiming to be Microsoft technicians providing “free security checks”. Once they get the victims’ trust, scammers also get remote access to their machines or their credit card number information. This is also known as the Scareware Scam.

How does the scam work? Watch the video below to see in action Microsoft Tech Scam caught on tape by a regular citizen:

Microsoft Tech Support Scam Video

According to a survey done by Microsoft, 16% of their product users have received such phone calls. You can get one too. However, beware – criminals might not necessarily use the name of Microsoft but Apple, Samsung, Yahoo, or Google. Stay safe!


Microsoft Tech Scam aka Free Security Check: How To Avoid

These companies are so busy already offering tech support. It’s probably impossible for them to call you, instead of the other way around. If you watched those videos above you will know exactly how to play with the scammers when they call.


Microsoft Tech Scam aka Free Security Check: How To report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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  1. If you’re getting the scams through Microsoft Explorer, stop using Explorer. Switch to Mozilla Firefox. That web browser won’t allow windows like that to pop up. Google chrome isn’t as good with security as well as Firefox. 100% free to download and use. Explorer is the worst browser to use.

  2. Watch out for the Microsoft Mailbox Backup Failed email. Got it today – here it is:

    From: Microsoft Corporation <>

    Sent: 16 April 2018 13:23

    Subject: Your mailbox backup failed !

    Microsoft Corporation

    [Microsoft Logo

    Mailbox Backup Failed !

    Dear user.

    You have received this email for security reasons.

    Our records show that your mailbox backup failed with your email provider, Sign Microsoft Corporation backup Agreement to avoid loss of data.

    Sign Agreement !

    Microsoft Corporation

    One Microsoft Way

    Redmond, WA 98052

    You received this email because we before you keep abreast of threat of security on your account.


  3. Do not even go to your computer nor use it at all. Questions that get these guys include asking for the complete address of the business from which they are calling; asking them to identify exactly what files are infected; making them go over detail after detail while telling them you can fix it yourself. They cannot answer a question nor do they want to. Listen as they continue to try to get back to the script. Today one gave me his complete address as "San Diego, Las Vegas, Nevada." They target women as being too stupid to know computers. They are the lowest of the low. They also resent it when a woman stands up to them. You can just hear the anger. You do not have to know anything about computers; just ask enough tech sounding questions that will quickly reveal they have no idea what they are talking about. Again do not turn on your computer. They are trying to get into your computer and will try to evade your questions.

  4. I got scammed by this people pretending they need a merchant account partner here in the united states , sounds good for the first week of transactions until they hurry up and asked me to send them their payment , and then only to find out that all the transactions they did are scammed , I end up with a lot of debt and my name seriously damaged by this criminals , they have a woman accomplished here in the united states that would let the checks clears for 60 days and complain afterwards to the bank, therefore the bank have to return the funds while I already have send the money to this crooks, their name are Ralson Raju And Aman the woman here is Diane Basht , THIS WOMAN I HAVE CALLED AND LEFT A MESSAGE FOR THE FIRST BOUNCED CHECKS , only after 60 days when she was able to get her money back she answer my call and tell me she did not know those people and now she’s working to get her money from the banks , she’s in cahoots with this people and they will do it again to another stupid person like me who want todo business so not only the consumers are being scammed by this people that includes me with good name that can provide a merchant account , and I was happy to find a job that will have a good pay , It turned out tobe my worst nightmare

  5. I went to go on my PC and it was just GONE Frozen and to call a number so I did he said he is from Microsoft I had to give him access to my PC and after 4 hours and $230 later I was able to use my PC. I feel like I have be Hacked, but I"m not sure.. any Advice

  6. Henry gilbertson

    I am getting tired of your f–g sh-t I cant get any of my files from micro soft words they all went to that piece of sh-t one drive I am not paying for it you dirty bastards I had Micro soft words before you f–rs changed every thing I want my f-ing files and documents or I’ll sue the hell out of you

  7. I streaming a movie from a website I was referred to and then a separate window opened warning me that a virus had infected my computer and information was being stolen and to call (888)537-6977. It looked pretty legit so naturally I called. A woman with an Indian accent by the name of Jennifer picked up the phone and was asking me the type of websites I had been on and what information could be compromised. After gaining remote control, she pulled up all the "errors" that needed to be fixed immediately. Being a young adult with no experience with scams, I was freaking out a bit. She had me confirm my name, email address, and billing address and told me everything could be fixed with a payment of $199.99. I told her I didn’t have the money for it and that it would be best for me to wait until I got paid (I was lying at this point because it all started to seem sketchy). She didn’t understand the concept of me not having money and began to badger me about paying. I lied and told her I was going to get my mom’s card and hung up. Still having access to my computer, she typed
    "Are you there?"
    I responded with "I can’t pay. I have no money"
    "Why don’t you have money? How about mom’s card?"
    She called me repeatedly and I didn’t answer. I closed all windows, rebooted my computer, and reset it to factory settings so my information was no longer in there. Spooky stuff.

  8. Get regular calls from 888-211-2396 EXTN 101 from Jennifer. Another # used is 518-876-5920. From the same firm is a caller named John who calls from 917-200-9244. They claim to be from Microsoft Tech Support.

  9. Just got a call from "Microsoft tech Support" offering security check since apparently my laptop/PC has been sending error messages to Microsoft from MS kernel.
    They are polite and very patient with non-technical people! So I decided to go ahead and see what happen.

    So they guide you to get a few details of your PC such as ID license number, errors in your PC and applications ( apps that they might use to connect to your PC remotely before asking you to download software, this way they look less obvious, very important: "Don’t tell the Licence ID", or any other ID that they would track). As the time passes by they get a bit confuse. So, the caller asks you to open the Event Viewer and says wow oh no ! Oh my goodness! I can see thousands of errors! Madam, I need the Event ID number of the top list which seems to be the critical error, then they add: I can’t really handle it, it needs immediate attention, I will need to transfer this call to the Tech support Expert! … I couldn’t stop laughing … So the conversation with the "Expert" was even more impressive. After a while, I got a bit bored and asked for his details and I told him I was going to get my son to call him back. I even got his phone number and a fake name.

    Anyway, just make sure you don’t fall for Microsoft tech support calls!

  10. Laurie Willhalm

    This is a very effective scam (in other words, I was just about taken in). Big screen comes up while I’m browsing: someone is trying to download everything about me from my computer, and I need to call a specific phone number. It’s very official looking (she says chagrined). First level, the Indian-sounding guy tells me my computer is f**ked up and he shows me all the files that have compromised my computer. He convinces me I need a year-long warranty for $279. Then he transfers me to a senior representative who tries to sell me even more. At this point, I am finally suspicious and hang up.

    I don’t know what kind of damage they did to my computer and am not sure how to get it fixed. Not a happy camper.

  11. I was surfing pornographic sites when I was interupted by a loud warning purporting to come from Microsoft I followed the instuctions an telephoned the number given 0-808-238 The caller gave his name as Andy Parker extension 402 He even gaveme his employee number MC00B98AP He demonstrate the man in the middle threat and shoed the 101 attacks that I had received and persuaded me to get protectio from persuaded me to make a Credit Card I was sold cover for 1o Payment Kastro logistics. He then transferred me to Roy of Kastralogistics who was to clean my system.Roy was greedy and the estimate rose to £1799. I asked foror a breadown of the costs he was unphased by my banks declining the instruction Iand asked me to telephone them to authorise th payment. He warned me about getting into discussion with bank as this would onlydelay by getting the problems sortedt out.The Bank Nat West said it would canceel our two Credit cards and isse new ones for me and my wife. I am lef a worried wreck of 82 years!

  12. Most of the scams come from: COMPANY:- LT GLOBAL PTE LTD
    ADDRESS:-J-1/ 16 EP & GP Block Sector V, Shaila Tower,6th Floor ,Salt Lake Kolkata-91,westBengal , India
    One of The Associate Name : Smriti Malakar

  13. The last time they called, I told them not to bother calling anymore, because I knew it was a scam. I haven’t heard from them since. They always have this thick Indian accent. The first few times they called, they kept insisting to me that it was not a scam. I asked one of them once why they were in the scam business and they refused to admit that they were, trying desperately to make me believe the call was legitimate. Either that, or they were in denial.

  14. I being a true citizen i would like to bring to your concern that i have somehow done a research on a scam company and traced the location and even hav been able to find out an associate of the company please look into the details with concern
    ADDRESS:-J-1/ 16 EP & GP Block Sector V, Shaila Tower,6th Floor ,Salt Lake Kolkata-91,westBengal , India
    One of The Associate Name : Smriti Malakar

    I have found her facebook account too and have even tried to add her but there scammer turn out to be clever enough facebook profile link

    But im replying with her facebook link

  15. the scumbag that called me was talking about the closing of Norton "in this region"and that they were giving full refunds to "registered customers"that purchased the Norton products over a year ago and they try to remind you of your purchase.when you ask any questions they turn on you and start dropping the f-bomb,and saying that they are going to get in to your computer and steal all your money and close your bank accounts ,and destroy your credit ,but I don’t keep any of that data on my computer.They expect you to let them have access to your machine so they can get in and steal all your personal data and turn round and use it against you. If you say anything about the F.B.I. or INTERPOL they start swearing at you then hang up on you and after five or so minutes call you back and ask why YOU hung up on THEM.P.S. how do you type the captcha properly ? i ve typed it every way possible and still it wont take it

  16. Got a call from "windows Tech Support" telling me I had unknowingly downloaded viruses, etc that threatened my computer. He told me he had the "ID" number of my computer. the number was 8542658974. I looked up Windows Tech support while he was talking and told him this was a scam and hung up. He called back but did not leave a message.

  17. 888 959 3374 this is the number I was referred to when my computer screen froze. I couldn’t get the message off my screen, It said do not shut down. It said windows had an error and i had to call the number. I did call and the guy said he could fix it. This is a scam. He wanted to get on my computer BEWARE I am calling all government entities regarding fraud to report this. The guy on the phone (of course a foreigner) wanted to know which number I called (so he could cut if off) I wouldn’t tell him. Hope they catch this scammer.

  18. east indian moron calls tells me my computer is defunct and outputting virus like data .when I told him he had reached INTERPOL G.D.R he started to squirm and tried to end call ,I kept him on for ten minutes and he put his "supervisor"on the line and I gave it to him as well .they disconnected

  19. I am usually good when it comes to a scam..Today they caught me off guard. I got a notice that I had a virus and someone was in my computer. I let them in, but when I was finished with the process he was going to transfer me to someone in Delaware to remove the virus because this type of virus was one that they could not take care of. I told him I have only $3 in the bank. When he transferd me to the other guy he picked up the phone he started doing something I said I have no money and he said he would do it for free. As I am watching he was going into screens but not doing anything I said to myself you stupid a–. I hope they did not do anything because when I said I only had $3 in the bank they were shocked. Can you get a credit card, I then knew then. I am usually good at catching a scam. But this one got me..At least they did not get any money from me. I do remember him saying it was $99.99. I feel they may still be on my computer..Is that possible? First was called by unknown, 2nd one was from TX and while I was telling him you all are scammers another call came in from Las Vegas NV. Called them to and told them.. I just hope they are not in my computer. Don’t fall for it. 1-888-959-3374(unknown) , 1-210-762-6768, 1-210-899-3697, from TX, 1-702-9660950 from Las Vegas

  20. Just got a call from 18006427676 saying my email was being attacked & people are trying to get into my computer…when I responded "yeah…you are!" The caller got smart with me…needless to say I told him off in a few choice words… (& if u call the number back (it’s under unknown 1800642 7676 you will get an answering machine claiming its Microsoft.THEY ARE SNEAKY!

  21. I get used to get at least a dozen calls from Windows service center per week. Ranging from 8am until 10pm at night!!!! The more you argue or flame them, the more they call you. Best way to handle it, answer the call, speak in broken words and say they called your cell phone and you need them to call your land line. Them give them the number of the local FBI field office hahahahaha!!!!

  22. just had a pop up telling me to call 1 800 414 4140 microsoft to keep a virus from shutting my computer done. Claimed it was microsoft support.

  23. yesterday when I opened my hardly used Dell Windows 7 computer I had about 100 Microsoft notices that my computer was filled with viruses and, to call 1-800-969-3163. They ended taking over my computer for many hours, said what they did would fix ll 4 of our computer and a tablet. They charges me #269.00, for 1 yer something and 5 years insurance?They called back last night to see if everything was okay, I told them that I did not have sound on the computer they worked with, nor my other Dell Windows 10, they said someone would call me by 11 am today, needless to say I haven’t heard from them. I just opened my Sell windows 10 qnd have thww following says:
    Your windows computer has been locked. Windows security Alert. System has been infected due to unexpected error! Please contact Microsoft Certified Expert 7-866-361-7747 Immediately to unlock your computer. Suspicious activity detected, your browser might have been hijacked or hacked.. There is more, but urged to call the number above immediately. We are both over 70 years years of age. Have we been duped. We did not have the extra $269. but we needed out computers. Could you please let me know if we have been scammed and what to do, Thank you so much. Cindy Watts 918-872-6523 or

  24. ROFLMAO! They called me last night, but I told them I was able to get to my PC. So, they called me this morning. I played along, pulled up the ‘Microsoft tech support’ and got this site.

    Tech guy: is your PC on?

    Me: it’s on and it says, "The growing number of computers per household all over the world has offered scammers …"

    Tech guy: disconnects phone.

  25. Harry Sam Weber

    I’m so sick and tired of all the computer hackers out there. When I googled "Microsoft Tech Support" especially against 866-285-8026, all I ever get is "the person with extension 3014 is currently on the phone" whenever I call back. It’s a working number all right, but only answers incoming calls at the time to their conveniences because of the time differences. They must leave their automated computers going day and night in order to make such automated calls possible enough to not have time to accept incoming calls.

  26. I was on my computer one night and a female voice came up and said my computer had been infected and I must call 855- 534- 5703 right away. It also stated that I was not to make any purchases until I call to get the matter fixed. is this a scam??

  27. I recently Called Charter, my email provider, to ask a question about a problem with my computer. They said it was a problem for Dell, which supports my Windows 7 system. They gave me a number to call to reach Dell support. I reached what was allegedly Dell support. A man with an Indian accent answered. He fixed the problem and sold me a year-long support through the number 877 – 790 – 3355. When I click on an icon labeled Dell support, this same man answers. The bill on my credit card is from Dell Corporation (Texas). These people did not call me. I called them at the recommendation of I have been unable to contact The right person at Dell to ask if these people are legitimate. Does anyone on this listing know if this outfit is legitimate? If it is not legitimate, what should I do now?

  28. Patricia Burton

    HAS ANYONE HAD DEALINGS with a company Brink Informattion Solutions supposedly from Grand Rapids, Michigan or that area. They are supposedly technicians for google problems. Again all with Indian accents but "english" names. Sound convincing, but I made the mistake of giving remote access, program "theme viewer" and endking up spending hours on phone and commuter while they were my solving my "problem" which was to set up new g mail. the merchant i.d. on my credit ccard showed and a phone 888-817-8702 . I submitted a call to my credit card’s dislpute team and hope to do more research to see if it is truly a scam and just shady not illegal. Hope this helps some one else.

  29. I’m sick and tired of all the scammers out there. I was fortunate to get this link to an underground hacking company.I do background checks on people especially those on the internet. I was able to hack into my partners phone to check out if he was spending our money lavishely, i found out more! He was also cheating!!

  30. I just got a call from a Mark Bharmin informing me that he was a Microsoft technician and that hackers are using my computer. He gave me the license number and told me to login in to my computer and he will guide me as to the steps I should take. I fell victim to it and my computer just shut off. What can I do to prevent my information from being stolen or to prevent this fraudster from accessing my computer.

  31. I got a call today from a man with a strong East Indian accent telling me that my computer was having some unauthorized activity on it. I asked him how did he know MY computer was having funny activity on it. He said that Microsoft gets alerts when there is strange activity on a person’s computer. He wanted to know if I was on the computer right now and I said no. I told him I have 3 computers, which one was he talking about. He wanted me to go to the computer that had Windows 7 or 10. I wanted to see how far he would go with this. He gave me his name and phone number. He said his name was Mike, Michael. I have never known an East Indian person with the name Mike. Full blown scammer!

  32. Just received phone call from a guy named "Gene", with a very strong middle eastern accent. He said he’s calling from Windows Technical Support and they have identified errors coming from my computer. He asked me to go to my computer and he would "show me". I asked how I would know he was really with Windows and he said I could call him back at 806-590-7967, ext103. (I didn’t). I told him I’ve had problems before but my Norton protection notifies me. He told me Norton wouldn’t see this error, it’s in the "back" (???). He said he could give me the license number, which no one else could give. I told him I was for sure calling him back (no way).

  33. I get calls over and over from a man with a middle east accent wanting to fix my computer so it would update my Security. It wasn’t working. I tell them I know companies don’t CALL Out Block them.

  34. On September 25,I got a call saying that my computer was being hacked. Unfortunately,I followed through with some of their instructions. During this process,I was transferred to the senior person who wanted me to pay for the new license number they were going to give me.I told her I was a senior and I didn’t have the money. Oh no problem,we can give it to you for $112 instead of $341. I said I didn’t have a credit card. She asked if I had debit. I said yes,then she took my computer to a screen to pay. I said I didn’t want my information available. She told me the only person who could see the screen was me.The screen was asking for credit card info. Once again I told her I did not have a credit card. She asked if my card began with a 4 or 5. I said no and told her I was done and hung up. All the time they were very pushy. The senior woman was pushy and short tempered. The phone number they gave me was 1-801-692-9002. I might have gone a little too far,but they didn’t get my money. When I restarted my computer,it went through a lot of error cleanup and it took a few tries to get it to start,but so far so good. These people are pretty clever,be careful. I thought I was going to have to throw my computer away.

  35. I just got the same call. "Dan" said he was from Glendale, CA. I kept him on as long as I could knowing that would be less amount of time he could scam someone else. He was actually mean and very intimidating claiming I was making his life very hard. I didn’t feel sorry for him at all!! He wanted me to press the windows button on the keyboard and the letter "r". WhT would happen if I actually did that?

  36. Have been called up 3 times now these last two days. Each time a guy with an Indian accent from "Windows" or "Microsoft" calls offering help. It’s so obviously a scam, when you tell them that, they just hang up.

    I don’t use Windows, I am a Linux user!

  37. I get these calls a lot even after asking them to remove my number, telling them I don’t have a computer, etc. They called tonight and I asked them to hold while I put my Uncle on the phone because he worked for Microsoft and would be able to understand better. Dead silence on the other end and no one there. GOTCHA’ Felt good! For once, I had the last word.

  38. I got an Indian sounding guy saying he was from "San Antino, Texas" (not San Antonio)and got him to pretend he had an American accent. Had him going on for a long time when finally I started laughing so hard I could hardly speak. When I told him he was funny he got mad and said he could speak English better than I could (while speaking with a heavy Indian accent due to his anger). Then he told me to F*** OFF. I said "thank you. I just might do that." And he hung up. Next time I think I’ll ask him to speak Mexican!!

  39. These idiots called me and tried to convince me that my computer that hasn’t been powered on in 2 months. I kindly told him "Bye Felicia" and he said M’am my name is! Microsoft doesn’t do Cold Calls!

  40. Had a call from an alleged "Windows technical support" – Caller ID on my UK landline showed the number as ‘international’ – 0011 212 187 0635 – claiming my computer was causing "server problems" which he could sort out! Clearly I didn’t given him the time of day and hung up but as the new Windows 10 update is now available, I wonder how many people will get caught by this one. The timing for UK users can’t be a coincidence.

  41. I just had a call from an Indian guy claiming to be from Microsoft and wanting an ID number from my computer. I asked for his number so I could call him back. he said it was the Australian HelpDesk number of 61 290 378526
    I checked my call log after and found his call came from a London UK number.
    When I checked on Google for the Australian number it came up as a scam.
    Beware of these guys – they got zero from me.

  42. September 16th. Just had a call from one of these indians who was telling me my computer was full of problems. I asked him which one – my laptop or my desktop also saying that I mostly used my laptop. Got him to go through his routine turning it on and pressing the microsoft key and the letter "R". When he asked me what was being displayed I told him nothing had happened. He went through it several times before I told him it was not running microsoft – I was on Linux which he didn’t seem to understand.Even that did’nt seem to get through to him. I asked him was he in India but claimed he was ringing from Microsoft House Level five in Auckland (that’s easy to find out). Said his name was Ricky and on phone 5185800. He denied he was a scammer and said "why would I do that"? I said I would ring him back – he said I may get someone else answering and hung up. Tried the number adding a 09 Auckland prefix but not surprisingly it gave number unobtainable signal.Interesting to note that the last four digits corespond to the real Microsoft number. Won’t give you my normal email as don’t want to invite trouble

  43. I just received a phone call as well stating he was from Windows Technical Support and my computer was downloading something to somewhere and he wanted to help me out. I couldn’t understand the Indian guy very well but I was at work and didn’t have my home computer in front of me so I asked if I could call him back when I got home. He said his name was Michael Dell and the number was 1-844-438-6243.

  44. I got a call from an Indian guy today, he told me my computer was being watched and they could remote control my computer, i said i was not sure how to react to it, and he said i was being hacked right this moment, then i said my computer was not on.
    Then he said they could do it anyways.
    Should i get my computer checked for spyware ?
    I hope to get a quick response, im pretty concerned.

  45. Charles Wilson-Watkins

    Had a call last night, all Indians, with English names. Spoke to the first bloke, and he to.d me that a problem and I was a valued windows customer, then he put me through to another bloke. He then went through what problems. All the time it was free. Then he passed me to the next person, a woman senior to him. She went through the problems, then told it was going to cost me. Then I told her that I had no money, then she asked me to put it on my credit card. Today I have found that my laptop doesn’t work anymore. Had to buy a new one today. Not pleased.

  46. have had several phone calls reporting hackers on my computer, haven’t responded but have a phone no 0161 768 0388 as I said I would call back; is this a correct Microsoft number?


  48. Being pestered by these as people. Quite a few calls trying to get me to log onto my computer with and use a new customer I’d number they gave me. Steve got pretty upset when I wouldn’t log on and do what he said. Told him I was too busy and couldnt. 15109624561 was the number he used.

  49. I got a call too from Microsoft saying it was cryus speaking form Microsoft and he was having information about my place and he took my debit card details and told me they will charge 10$ for Microsoft Certified to be renewed and he told they would deduct 10$ after two days
    When I came to know about scam in morning I deactivated my card and told bank offer to not allow any online transactions .
    Is the any chance they may still able to get money from my account.
    Can someone help me?

  50. Just got a phone call when I mentioned the police he hung up the # he gave me was 1
    8005706782 his name was Smith????

  51. On Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015 I received a call from an Indian man, who said his name was Paul. He told me he was calling from Microsoft Tech Support and my computer was being hacked with viruses that I needed to remove right away. I told him that I wouldn’t open my computer to anyone that I didn’t know and he told me that he’d walk me through the process, if I would go to my computer and follow his instructions. I didn’t do it but I had his phone number and told him I’d call back later. When I called the number that he called from, I received a recorded message saying this number is not in service. This the third time an Indian man has called and this is the first time I recorded the inbound phone number.
    Will a Microsoft Tech EVER call my house and tell me that my computer is infected with viruses?? I have Windows Defender installed on both of my computers, should I disregard ALL phone calls that pertain to my computers?

  52. Hello, I had a call from a Indian lady first then passed to a man called Kevin. I recently set up a new Microsoft account and wasn’t 100% sure but they were very convincing.
    I did fall the scam until the payment stage. when asked for payment for life time cover said no that’s ok I will call Microsoft back later. Kevin became very mad and started saying things like don’t you understand English (this coming from a Indian to a English person lol) my husband was on the other line to the company where the computer was purchased and advised to pull the computer plug out the wall and end the call now. I then called him a scammer and told him I will call the police. Just before I did, I received a message on my notepad saying "mam are you there??? Mam is your husband there??? F**k you, thank you and f**k your police. Getting computer checked and fixed tomorrow. I never parted we card information but not sure what has been done to the computer as they had a bit of time on there! Anyone know what might have been done? Horrible people I hope they rot in hell.

  53. Michael Cantrall

    Lots of scam indications:
    1. Microsoft does not call users in this manner.
    2. Caller does not recognize simple IT terms such as regedit.
    3. Asks you to perform simple actions to bring up event viewer incorrectly.
    4. Asks you to type a URL into the start run menu
    5. If like me you enter said URL into your search engine SCAM is prominently displayed in the results.
    6. Ask "Are you affiliated with microsoft?" They hung up at that point but it was fun making him report everything multiple times and waste 40 minutes.
    Scare tactics as usual they were due it been almost 3 years since they tried this on me.

  54. I’ve received many of these calls. Usually I just say I use Apple & hang up. On one of these, the caller asked me how many Apples I had. I asked him what he meant, he replied "on your body." When I said I didn’t understand, he said "your boobies," At that point I hung up! But the calls keep coming.

  55. at 10.11 am this morning, received a call from an Indian man called George who said that there were a lot of error messages on my computer and he said he was from Windows, which I know was false. I started to get all the information about where he was based, what was the name of the company he was ringing from which I did not have an answer to and he was mumbling away. I finally got a number which is non existent which was02565550117. I checked this number and it looks like it could be either Pakistani or Indian origin. Please, Please, do not enter into anything with these rogues as I have been scammed once before and never again. I don’t know how much damage it caused and was very costly to put right again.
    When I questioned the named George to ask him if I had a desktop or laptop he got very angry. Thank goodness he swore at me and ended the call knowing full well that he wasn’t going to scam me.

  56. Had a call from "Mark" with a very thick Indian accent, gave me his "Microsoft" employee number and said that my computer was running slowly and that he could detect error and warning messages coming from my computer. Wanted me to sit down at my computer and push the Windows key & "R" and enter some information. As I had my computer tech here installing a new computer I said I could not access my computer at the moment and he volunteered to ring back in a couple of hours. The computer tech said it was a scam and not to do anything!. When he rang back, I just hung up.

  57. "I’m calling about a problem with your Windows. How are you today?" The number was 1-646-801-6543 Man with a thick Indian accent. When I told him to take me off his list and never call me again, he said, "I want to dance with you." I swore at him and hung up.

  58. Last week I received one of these calls. Yesterday I received three. The fellow was quite rude and I told him that I knew it was a scam. Today I received another. Just hanging up doesn’t seem to work because they keep calling back! Is there some way to report them so that it stops?

  59. my computer came up with a message saying my computer driver were all shut down. the message said i would lose all my operating gave a phone number to call,say not to do anything,just call 855-837-9965 to get tech support. they led me to believe it was microsoft support i was working with. latter my boy told me about scams. i fix pc 247 said they were working for microsoft. i called them back and told them to return my computer back to norm and not try to get money from my account i informed my bank of my mistake

  60. Brendan Taggy Marples

    Latest scam telephone number 0019858530769 used by so called microsoft tech support. Its a scam and they get so annoyed when you dont comply to their instructions. Be warned nasty people.

  61. t also happened to me. I knew it was from an illegitimate company, After much deliberation with a chap called "George" (of course of an Indian origin) I managed to get their telephone number – +44 (0) 203 608 3047. These sort of companies must be reported to relevant authorities and dealt by the law. I don’t know how they can obtain peoples contact details.

  62. solange scherer

    (*) Hello Twise in a row i got a phone call they said they are from Microsoft and they said i am under attacki got a Viruse ,I looked after what number it was but it was anonymous
    I was asking where they calling from ,he said from Los Angeles California ,I knew right away it was fraud ,

  63. Just received a call (caller ID said Ohio 567-432-7541). Heavy Indian accent. Allegedly calling from Micro Soft Corp claiming my computer was under attack and that I needed to change a bunch of configuration settings. I hung up on him.

  64. yh they jst called a friend an sed that they were goin to block her computer
    my son took the fone an told them that microsoft does not call anyone an theres nothing wrong with her computer
    he called them a scam an fake the person put the fone down
    there number is 02031988109

  65. My friend got a call from an IT tech but he couldn’t understand the Indian accent so he gave it to me saying they’re helping with my computer. I listened to what they were saying until they gave me options to purchase some protection plan for 299! I said nope, I don’t have it. And he started yelling at me saying I need to buy it or my computer will be vulnerable. I told him I don’t know what to tell you because I don’t have money and he screamed out I KNOW YOU HAVE! Excuse me?! Are yelling at me sir?! At this point I was just still on the phone to see what this guy was going to say. I kept telling him I don’t have money because I’m dying from a hemmroroid and he gave the phone to another Indian guy saying we need you to buy this plan so we can meet our quota. I just hung up after that and gave the phone back to my friend. They kept calling him back lol.

  66. 1148pm my phone rings I answer to a male say "I’m calling from Windows technical support is this ok" I said no and hung up seriously it’s midnight! I have no internet in my home

  67. I fell for them a long time ago and after 2-3 hrs on the phone and paying them $125.00 they told me to just revert my computer back to an earlier time….Geesh…Who can’t do that for free???
    I still get phone calls from these people and wonder if they still have access to my computer??

  68. I got the Indian Windows tech on this morning when he mentioned windows I asked if they were double glazed and made out that we would like all the windows renewing he told to f off and hung up lol

  69. Got the call today, from Raj at "Windows tech support". Told him we were busy at the moment. Phone call came in on my home phone – a 907-895-…. number.

  70. Got a Call from Rosie at "Windows Technical Support". She told me my computer was sending out errors and was about to crash. I asked her for a number when I could call her back (She gave a BS number, which I expected) but continued to play along. She walked me through opening the event viewer but called it the Windows Error Logger and asked told me that the errors shown were proof that my computer was going to crash without even wanting to know what the errors were. She then directed me to and wanted me to execute the teamviewer.exe, I assume so she could take remote control of my system. This is the point where I informed her that I was an IT professional and was going to report her company to authorities for committing computer fraud. The next sound I heard was the "click" of the disconnect Next time I will try to get a legit call back number and record the phone call.

  71. On July 7, 2015 while on my computer a warning came up on my computer screen alerting me that I had a virus and to call the telephone number on the screen immediately. I was unsure and tried to exit out of the screen by a couple of different options but to no avail. I finally called the number of the screen because I through oh my Microsoft must have really detected a problem. An man from India got into my computer and said he could fix the problem with the purchase of his protection software. I said Ok, bill me and I will send a check. He became upset and said you must give me a credit care to do this or your computer will crash. Of course by then I figured this can’t be right and hung up. Got my computer fixed and its has happened again. I am now receiving phone calls telling me if I don’t turn on my computer so that they can fix the problem then they will permanently turn off my computer. They call from Tel. #1-513-478-5471. I tried to call them back but call could not be completed. Frustrated

  72. Received a call from Jacob Worchwich w/Microsoft ID # MS1031 from number 1-844-375-6061. Want me to turn on any computer in my house because there was a problem with my computer that was causing a problem with Microsoft’s Servers. He stated that he would guide me through fixing the problem.

    Sorry, didn’t by it.

  73. TuesJuly 4th 2015. Just had yet another ‘ Microsoft’ indian technician called Albert Wilson telling me my computer has malware problems and asked me to switch it on and he would instruct me how to find the license ID number which he would verify to prove he was genuine. I said "You give me the number and if its correct I will call you back". It seems it is only accessible by microsoft!!! I explaind I knew of scams and was trying to be careful. I kept asking him questions do you know I have a computer? Answer… I dont, but you have a microsoft a/c. "Which computer has the problem?…give m.soft number in uk so I can verify. Why hasnt msoft informed me by email? Hewas so persistent he was genuine I was almost believing him. Then after other ???s he wanted to know why I was being rude to him!!!! I apologised that i wasnt being rude but extra careful. Then he really turned the pressure on so I hung up and damn me he rings bak wanted to know why I had hung up. He tried to persuade me not to call my daughter who is an IT whizz.
    she assured me to hang up so I said "sorry Albert I will contact Msoft and call you back. He had said He would give a number (3152940229) and they would verify his ID MS2270. He was bullying me. I told him I was going to hang up now and check with the police that he was genuine. Immediately he rang back n I just hung up and didnt speak. Then it rang again with a different number 01603616409. Guess what. My new friend Albert was most upset. ‘WHY DID YOU HANG UP ON ME. Why are you bring so stupid!’ I told him to call back Friday when my daughter is here. He was so mad I guess he will. Gee I hope his company havent convinced him he really is working for microsoft. He was so desperate to get me to do what he asked maybe he’s now getting 40 lashes for failing. I recommend Sudocreme.

  74. I have a several calls on my cell phone in the last few months, from a number with 404 as the area code stating that I have a problem with Microsoft and if I didn’t fix the problem my computer would crash in 2 hours, the latest of these calls was today and the man told me I was rude and if I didn’t accept his help my computer would crash within 2 hours, funny thing my computer was stuck by lighting last week and is not even hooked up. He continued to tell me my computer would crash within 2 hours. I got one yesterday and told them it was a scam and he got really angry so I just hung up. I would love to know who I can report these phone numbers to. If anyone can help please post.

  75. The number given to me to call in my scam case is 866 214 8749. The person, also with an Indian accent, claimed to be from Microsoft and told me my computer was sending out all sorts of problem messages to Microsoft, and if it was not taken care of that moment I would have major problems. I acted very concerned and told him to hold on while I retrieved the information he needed.I wonder if he is still waiting. LOL

  76. I get these calls saying my computer needs cleaned for viruses and a problem can be fixed by turning on my computer. It just so happened they called two days after my computer had been cleaned by iYogi that I have used since I got my computer in 2009 and contracted with them for another year. Suddenly this guy says well he doesn’t have any evidence that it was done and needed my information again so they could make sure it was on file and seemed to be pretending to be from iYogi. The flags went up as soon as I gave them my credit card number and I was sick. We started a very heated discussion and I asked if we were being recorded and I said "GOOD". They billed my card with the co. name TechNina.Look them up on-line for the fraudulent way they cover themselves to not give refunds. My bank has been disputing with them and have gotten it taken care of.

  77. Every day I get a call from 9934 some days it’s another number every time it’s a Indian guy my dad answered my phone and pranked them he said he was typing it in but he wasn’t he just sat down then said sir I know this is a scam they lie to you so u lie to them next time they call I’m going to say I’m do not have a Windows I have a Mac even though I really have a windows


  79. I was called this morning by some very authentic and professional sounding Microsoft technicians, who told me I had a number of viruses and Malware on my PC. I asked them how I could be sure they were Microsoft and they went through a somewhat elaborate process of what seemed to be proof.
    At the end of all the chat and passing me onto other senior technicians they told me I needed a bundle of Microsoft software including a Windows 7 to 8.1 upgrade, wanted to be connected to my PC for two hours and charge me the princely sum of £300 on a very officious looking Microsoft electronic form.
    I told them I would call them back, but they were adamant I had to go ahead there and then.
    I put the phone down on them and called my work’s tech support who did some sifting and informed me it was a scam.
    I didn’t think it sounded right, so was lucky the alarm bells sounded within me.

  80. I received one call a month over the past 6 months claiming the person was from Microsoft and that my computer was infected. The number on my caller ID was: 119769642877
    I always tell them I’m not interested and hang up. I called Microsoft and they said they never call about viruses, etc. Be wary everyone!

  81. I have just received two calls from them. He was so rude,he told me I was stupid. When I told him I am not interested, he said "why was I so stupid, I am going to shut down your computer". I said beg your pardon, you cannot shut down my computer. He again said why was I so stupid. I said I have spoken to Microsoft and reported it to them. He once again called me stupid, so I hung up.

  82. I got a call from someone with a heavy accent claiming to be with Microsoft from a number in Utah. He said my computer was infected and that the computer had sent a message to Microsoft warning of a problem. I told him I would have to call back and I was offered a call back number 888 636-7293. I called back and it sounded like a big call center. They have a script they follow and the first thing they want you to do is holding the windows key and then the letter r, taking me to the "run" command. He asked me to type in "inf unwanted files". Then asked me to run "iexplore goo.g and that’s when I knew I was getting scammed. I’m not sure what they would have gotten, but I hung up and he called right back.I called him a scammer and he said he loved me. Ha!

  83. Patricia Frampton

    I have had these calls for the past 6 months ., One today 11/6/2015 asking me to put on my Lap top as their is a Problem with I said I hadnt a Lap top and they hung up….sometimes they say its windows problem always I dont go to my Lap top ever as it is morning calls and sometimes I am not even up .I know it is a scam but a nuisance and I always receive on my Landline which I have had the same Number for 30 years and it is like this I never except my Doctors and all family and local Goverment give out my Landline and am ex directory so somewhere they have got my Number .Today I dialed 1471 and retrieved the Number the caller was sending from somewhere in India……My calls annoy me and I get and I get and I get and angry but I wont turn a lap top on and in anycase I before I brought a laptop used the library so how do these People presume we have Lap tops at home……..and how do they get the Telephone numbers…it makes me wonder …….They will never get into my Lap top., I know for sure it is a scam…..Microsft and windows would never ring up and also they dont have my Landline number….

  84. I get these calls allllll the time and I’m trying to think of a clever reply to them. Once I said "you’re a scam" and hung up on them. Another time I said "we don’t have a computer" and they hung up on me. I’m about to pray in tongues and try to let them interpret!!!

  85. 27th may had a phone call from windows tech support saying they keep getting error messages and they can sort it out if i get to the computer but i told her she has to phone back as my husband uses it not me. I guess its a scam but obviously dont know for definate as didnt get very far as she is phoning bk at 6 pm,.

  86. Hezekiah hayes


    If anyone receive any call’s regarding Refund/pop-up/ virus calls kindly speak to the Satisfied Help desk 3212348573 and report him about the problem and be secured by getting in touch


  87. I got the blue screen with the message and could not exit out. I did call the number. I can’t believe I fell for this. I know better! They did have access to my computer for awhile, but I did not fall for their software scheme, so they don’t have my credit card information. Can they still steal things because they were connected? Should I have my computer checked?

  88. I got the Microsoft call her last night ,I did fall for the scam for a while with these guys I open my computer and they had access to it although I never use my computer for bank accounts or anything like that they have now entered my computer , does anybody know Willy have complete access to get in anytime they want now ,does anybody have any tips or any clues about what I can thank you Buddy

  89. just recieved a call supposedly from microsoft who said
    I was due a refund of £784. They had my name and email address. Said money had not been taken and they wanted to stop it. They then sent a dodgy email supposedly from microsoft email address from a Stephen Styris, refund dept, microsoft, united states. Guy I spoke to said he was called Charlie and gave me a us number 6265510832. Has anyone had a call like this?

  90. I got a pop up on my computer saying I needed support and it wouldn’t let me exit out of it. It game me a phone number to call so I did. After him asking me what was on my screen he asked me to click on a couple things than after that he was able to move around the mouse and stuff.
    He showed me what was "wrong’ with my laptop and then offered a virus software.. I said I didn’t have time and that I needed to go to work. He asked for my name and number and that’s all he got. Im not sure if they will be able to get in my computer and email and bank account. If theres anything I can do pleaseee let me kneo

  91. I received the Microsoft scam calls last Fall in Massachusetts…repeated calls, even at my work.
    Just received two more today in SC…untraceable calls, tho last year I tracked one to a Boston exchange and another to Miami…
    Same Indians, male and female, same story, open computer and they will "show me" what us wrong….when you play along, they get very annoyed….wasting money and time…..finally told the second caller I knew it was a scam, that I had already reported them to the Attorney General and got an immediate disconnect….
    Someone must be falling for this; they keep at it!
    Today the male identified himself as from the "Satisfied Tech Desk"….
    When my sister was called last year and told them she did not have a computer….(the truth) their reply was:
    "Are you sure?"

  92. 3479604787 called me 4/30/2015. Offensive caller tried to gain access to my computer and scam money for repair. Number tracked to Electronic World Support Service, EWSS.US, website hosted by GoDaddy .com. See also CYBERNATICS.US, hosted by These are fronts for ZNOME CONSULTANCY based in India, whose website is also hosted by The people directing this are…
    ABIR MONDAL, 5, Sastriji Colony, Dakshindari Road, Vidhan Nagar, Opp – Cpm Party Office, 3rd Floor, Kolkata, 700048
    BABUN MUNSHI, Bhabanipur, 2 No Gopalpur, Haroya, North Twenty Four Parganas, 743445, West Bengal, India
    TRIDIP GHOSH, 575/1, Basu Nagar, Udayrajpur, Madhyamgram, Near Ivy Abasan, Kolkata, 700129, West Bengal, India

  93. I’ve been harassed for quite sometime with these calls. I have now started asked for a return phone # as the calls read on the phone as "out of area." The last time an Indian human asked me if I wanted the number to put in my p***y? I FLIPPED! I told him to go fuck himself and lose my #. It’s out of control. Is there NO way to stop these calls??? It’s a sexual assault as far as I’m concerned.

  94. I received a phone call from Microsoft the other day . Saturday April 18 2015. It was a very heavy Indian accent man saying to please get to my computer at once it’s infected. I kept going along with him going "oh no" . Then after about 5 minutes I go wait how can my computer be infected if I don’t have one? There was a pause then all of a sudden his accent was gone and he says " do you have pu**y for me?" I FLIPPED and said wtf did you just say? And he repeated it again with no accent. I CANNOT wait for a call back .

  95. I got a call from an unknown number. It was a lady with a very thick Indian accent, swearing that we hadn’t updated our "Microsoft Security" and at that point I knew it was a scam, mostly because 1. I check for updates daily and 2. If Microsoft was calling, would it not come up on the caller ID as Microsoft… and oh yeah most importantly… 3. I have a Mac… I haven’t owned a Microsoft based system in about 9 years. Please be warned unless you have directly contacted Microsoft for phone assistance(online through their site) IT IS A SCAM, DO NOT GIVE THEM PASSWORDS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, IP ADDRESSES, AND DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OPEN COMMAND(CMD) PROMPT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BECAUSE YOU CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR PC. So it is a scam if you haven’t called Microsoft or any other company directly… or requested phone assistance, through the official websites, within a few minutes of getting the call…

  96. I had recieved a mail that i had won 5000000 pounds an a car from the cheverlet company,they asked me to give my details like phone number,address etc. I mailed these details to them on 27/2/15 at that time there was no balance in my sim card.
    There was no reply from them for many days. but on 4/3/15 bought 100 rupees balance for my sim card. And after 2 hrs i recieved a phone call from 44701285432 this number.the man said that you are the winner of cheverlet lottery. And just this thing i got understood but after this he spoked in a very difficult axcent which i was not able to understand. After 1 minute he disconnected the phone. And then i checked my account balance , i was shoked , he had stollen by all acount balance. And when i called back to that number the server was idicating that this is a wrong number.

  97. I had recieved a mail that i had won 5000000 pounds an a car from the cheverlet company,they asked me to give my details like phone number,address etc. I mailed these details to them on 27/2/15 at that time there was no balance in my sim card.
    There was no reply from them for many days. but on 4/3/15 bought 100 rupees balance for my sim card. And after 2 hrs i recieved a phone call from 44701285432 this number.the man said that you are the winner of cheverlet lottery. And just this thing i got understood but after this he spoked in a very difficult axcent which i was not able to understand. After 1 minute he disconnected the phone. And then i checked my account balance , i was shoked , he had stollen by all acount balance. And when i called back to that number the server was idicating that this is a wrong number.

  98. So today I received my second phone call from ‘Microsoft Support’ claiming I had issues with my PC and that it had malware and viruses. The guy was heavily Indian and it was obviously a scam from the start, but, to see where this was going my boyfriend and I played along for a while.
    They told us to open run on our PC and then open the control document from there, the one that lets you type in commands. After that they asked questions like the username that was showing and such. We did not tell them and, in fact, my boyfriend hung up on him. Less than a minute later he phones back saying ‘we must have been disconnected’ to which I replied, ‘no we hung up’ and hung up again.
    How do I know it was a scam I hear you ask? Well gather around children and I’ll tell you a tale. I have two Microsoft systems running in my house, a desktop and a laptop, neither have been registered to our current phone number as we have recently moved house. How would Microsoft have our correct phone number?
    I feel sorry for anyone who falls for something so blatant. Next time I’m going to keep them on the line and casually say I have a Mac.

  99. I’ve gotten four calls in three days. Each from a different phone number. The first time I looked them up, saw it was a scam and hung up. The second time I let them take me to the place where they’d do damage (command window) and then told him i had to put him on hold, and to please wait. I was able to keep them on hold for 15 mins. The next time, a woman called. Right after she said it was the Microsoft Support Center. I asked what company that was and she said they don’t have a company. I asked well then what company’s name is on your paycheck. She yelled Moth*r F*****! and hung up. The fourth time I got called, it was a guy. I asked him what he was wearing. He was confused so I made it clear what I was asking. There was a long pause and he hung up. I can’t wait for the next call!

  100. The number 888-252-5733 is a number that comes up in Google Chrome when you open it and disables Chrome. The message reads "Serious security threats MIGHT have been detected on nn/nn/nnn date and time, photos, credit-card and passwords information might have been compromised. Don’t use your computer until you’ve contacted an official technician.

    Federal Trade Commission website lists this as a scam selling virus protection and other software. An "Official Technician" might ask to be let into your computer to fix it, then you are in big trouble..

  101. While working on my laptop, my screens and all tabs froze and new tab popped up saying that "Dear ‘cable/internet subscriber’ at ‘my street name’ (both were correct) a security problem with your computer has been brought to attention. Call customer service 888-252-5733. Called, no answer, but immediate call back from 650-396-2375. Clearly a call center from all the voices in the back. Said he was calling from Microsoft Windows support and wanted my cable provider name. Also wanted me to run a program giving access to my computer through Ha. Offered to call him back because I had another call to take and he responded with "Well, if your security isn’t important….." I informed him that if he wasn’t a scammer, he would have no problem providing me call back info. He hung up on me.

  102. Was called today by a woman with an accent. She told me they detected computer issues. I have had these calls before probably for the last 6-9 months. Before it has been the same man that has called. I should have kept the numbers called from before, but have not. The number called from today was 347-960-4787. When you call the number, it is a mailbox that is full. Sa

  103. Your employee named Taylor Reed working from Pakistan seem to have two different voices and can be unnerving to talk to. I know now that this is a scam. I told them (both) Taylor Reeds that I did not have the money to pay for their service and the next day my wife received a call from them. She handed me the phone I ask if I was talking with Taylor Reed the voices changed and when I ask if everyone in the office was named Taylor Reed they cut me off.

  104. Had a call from an Indian sounding gentleman this morning at 07:10, from 001718377918, just as I was leaving for work.
    He introduced himself as "Raj" from Microsoft and asked if I was having trouble with my computer. I knew straight away it was a scam so I told him that I was having problems with the computer. He said he could help so I held him on the line for a few minutes while I "booted up". After a few minutes I told him I was ready to go but that I had a blue screen with a message showing. He asked what the message was so I told him. It says "F**K Off" I said and he promptly hung up! How rude of him.

  105. Your employee, Victor at phone # 201-399-6208 doesn’t return phone call when promised and hasn’t fix my Computer problems. I’m tired of the run around. I want a supervisor to call me ASAP.
    Roger Serrano Contract date: 9-14-14

  106. Just had a call, told me to go to and download program, run it so they can access my machine. This is a scam and once I told them I was recording their message and pinging their location they quickly hung up. They also tried to get me to run "eventvwr" . This is a well known scan that has been running from India since 2009. They also say they are based in Melbourne.

  107. I was getting several of these calls a week until I quit hanging up and stayed on the line. My record was wasting 14 minutes of their time by playing dumb, always answering their question with a question, telling them we had a bad phone line and couldn’t understand them, etc. before ending the call with, "So, why is my Mac sending you these error messages?" Haven’t heard from them in over 2 months…

    FYI, This also works with "Heather from Card Services" and the offer of "a lower interest rate".

  108. I WAS THE SCAMMER AND NOW JOBLESS. How to say it.. I am feeling sorry for me and all of you too. It is really hard to get a job in India until you don’t speak English good and have much wealth from your father and his recommendation to get a job. So when a youth doesn’t find a Job, gets no option but to work in this so called Windows Support etc.

    I tell you how this works… all the numbers are dialed up by the dial-er and the sales guy (Scammer you could say) has the work to make the other person(US CITIZEN) believe that is genuinely from Microsoft (whatever they are told to speak like Windows, Norton, McAfee etc) and try to take the other person’s Machine remote and showing them false things(Fake virus, some red things, some so called Trojan etc) and telling you that you will get rid of all this by paying the some bucks. Which you won’t.

    Do you think this is easy for them(Scammers? No, they have to wake up all night long and have target to achieve. If they don’t achieve, they will not get paid even after working 30 days all night.

    Who’s the bad guy in it? A scammer who doesn’t have job but this or the other person who is giving them an opportunity to do all this bad stuff.

    You know the best thing about it??? The person or owner of this scamming who is? The rich Indian according to me, residing in US, living an awesome life, forcing us to speak English to get a job and making money through scamming even after living in US after cheating the Indians.

    I am sorry for myself that I have done so such bad stuff to the good people whom I did not know. I am trying to find a job and just wish me luck. I AM SORRY. I WILL DIE IF I DON’T THE JOB IN NEXT FEW DAYS. I AM SORRY AGAIN.


  109. I had a call today at 8:25 from a man with a heavy Indian accent telling me there was a problem with my computer. the number on my cid was 929-232-2808

  110. I have had many calls usually with Indian accents claiming to be from Windows Department (ridiculous) and suggesting my computer was causing problems on the internet. Ha. Also had friends who don’t own Microsoft based computers with same spiel.
    My advice is to just hang up or tell them they are wrong and then hang up. No good arguing and certainly don’t let them remotely log into your computer.
    AS Scam-Detector always recommends DO NOT give out personal info to anyone unless you are 100% gold plated sure you know they are in legitimate need of your info. If it seems too good to be true it probably isn’t, if you are scared about unsolicited calls suggesting something is wrong with your computer enquire of someone you know who is reputable. Also on other scams NEVER EVER send money unless YOU have implemented the conversation.
    Grrrr Grr thanks for letting me vent

  111. Being retired I have time on my hands, when get a call from any scammer I keep them for along as I can, by not understanding what they say, when I have had enough I say to then “Hold on I have some one at the door, put the phone on my deck leaving on line, till they ring off

  112. Had the same as everyone with the calls but they new my talktalk id and account number.
    I was having problems with the service and knew someone from talk talk was calling so thought nothing of it until they wanted to give a refund of £185 to my bank account for the fault being theirs as the router had damaged files.,
    they even put it on the screen.
    nice of them wasn’t it.
    they then locked my computer as I could not turn it of quick enough.
    if it wont start again it’not a loss really as I need a new one.

  113. I received a called this morning from a supposed Microsoft tech stating that my computer had been comprised and insisted that I go my windows screen so he could prove it..I denied his request and he call back three times after I hung up on him…The number was 302-409-0997..His name was supposedly Vivian.

  114. today I rec. a call from "microsoft tech. His number is
    206 414 0562 ext.121 (Roger Samuels. He wanted me tolog into He said he wanted to refund the $199.that was charged to my cc. for tech work that they will be unable to do.I needed to log in so he could e-mail a form, in order to get this refunded. I am not sure if I trust this even being from Microsoft.
    Thank you

  115. Instant (Toll-Free) Support1-800-904-139. Is this really a support number because having received a call I contacted that number and the person on the line tried to sell me anti hacker software. It has been reported to the Guards

  116. Received a call yesterday from someone with an Indian accent saying he was from Microsoft. He asked if he could speak to the person I. Charge of the PC in the household. The number came up as "Unavailable" on my caller ID. He said I had some bad files and malware on my home PC. I hung up on him figuring it was a scam. Glad I did!

  117. Received several calls from 327-416-5409, a man claiming his name is Victor. Heavy indian accent, as with all of these complaints. Same story about helping me with Windows problems. Called me at 7am, and I told him it was too early. He said he was calling so early because it was so important. He asked for my computer ID since I had a virus that Norton couldn’t detect. Told him my brother is head of computer securities at an international company. He kept saying, "No, no, no,…,so I hung up. He kept trying to call me until I finally blocked his number. This has been going on for months.

  118. I just had a lovely discussion with an "Adam Clark" calling from 327 416 5409 with the Windows phone scam. He was a lovely gentleman who wanted to help me with my windows computer, which was sending out error messages. There were a few scary moments, such as when he knew the name of a family member not listed on the phone record.
    I didn’t fall for the scam as I knew about it, but I could hear so many busy voices in the back, which made me cringe at the thought of someone falling for it. So, alert your family members, your friends, our co-workers – maybe get this on the news? I don’t know.
    He stayed on the line with me for a while chatting about cricket. A polite young man, though it’s unlikely he’s from New Castle, DE as he claimed.

  119. September 26, 2014, got called from four different numbers in two days 207, 216, 219 and 979 area codes, all indian background, all claiming they are from microsoft and all stating there is a problem with our computer. There is no problem with any of our computers they just want access. When I tried to call back, all phones had either been disconnected or discontinued. This is a scam without a doubt and it appears they are using burn phones so they cannot get caught.

  120. I unfortunately fell victim to this Friday 18 2014 got a call around 4:00 from a man named George with an indian accent. He told me that i had problems with my computer and that he would fix it. somehow at some point he had full control of my pc and was running what looked to be a virus scanner. Which took over an hour after an hour of being on the phone he then told me that I had to pay $200.00 to update my windows. When I said I wasn’t going to pay $200 he said I had no choice that he would make my life hell and that my computer will be garbage. I freaked out and shut down my computer and hung up on him. When i turned my computer back on it required me to put in a password. The same time my phone is ringing i pick up and he continues to threaten me calling me a bi**h and that i have only 10mins to decide, Ihung up. He called back 15 times. Eventually my computer turned back on and he stopped calling. UNTIL today I just received another call from the same people this time Richard… Ive gone through and deleted everything that was added finding that they add a remote controller to control your computer. Hoping theres nothing else i need to worry about now.

  121. I got a scam call today. It came in on my cell phone from at 0000000000 number. Said his name was Larsen and that he was calling to help get ride f some malware. I asked him how much was it going to cost? He said nothing for the diagnostics. He told me to just sit back and relax. He had my name. I told him I was not at my computer at the moment and can I call him back. He gave me the number 1-866-251-5010. I could hear a guy in the background giving him the number. Needless to say I am not calling back, but creepy he knew my name.

  122. 0019543458990 – just called to say there was something wrong with our computer..needless to say the person as the end of the line sounded as if she was from India

  123. Received a call from 521-862-7051. They said they were from Microsoft and that I had an issue with my computer and I had asked for assistance. I said I did not and asked how they got my cell number. He just kept saying I called. I asked him to hold which he politely said sure and I hung up on him. Then a few seconds later I got a call from this number 918-282-3935 but I did not answer and they did not leave a message. I promptly reported it to the FTC and also registered my number on the do not call registry.

  124. I got a call today from "Stella Wilson" (Indian accent of course). she said that she worked at Microsoft and they were receiving reports that my computer had some sort of issues and was in jeopardy of crashing. I asked for her number and she gave me 832-426-2475. The phone died, but she called me back. She told me to check the licence number by hitting the Microsoft flag and "R". I said no – I would take my computer into Staples and have them check it out.

  125. I just received a call from a male with broken English. He said Microsoft was receiving messages that there was something wrong with my computer. He said to hit and hold the CRTL button and then the flag next to it. I Knew it was a scam and I told him so, then hung up. He then repeatedly called back several times, but I let the answering machine pick up. This was at 8:15 AM.

  126. Ok so we too had a scam call, my son didn’t realise, so did as they asked him to do. Anyone know what that would have been and how to get rid of it ?

  127. I just got a call in Indian Accent and his name was "Peter Parker". Caller ID was 505-349-4654. I confused him so much that finally he got angry on me and hung up in an abusive Indian bad word . I happen to understand that word cause I am Indian too. Please be aware. These kind of caller can make your family, spouses , kids or parents their victims. Please make them aware that first ask caller’s identity and insist on calling him back , talk to his supervisor and verify identity. The best is never accept any help. Please go to someone you know for help. Don’t trust some one calling you..

  128. I received a call from 905-260-6390 to my cell at 11:23 a.m., EDT. The caller also sounded like he was from India. I said how would you know there is any issue with my home computer when I’m work. What bull crap. I’m reporting to the FTC as well.

  129. Got that today. Indian accent, kept saying I asked for assistance. Geeze, no matter how many times I told him there was nothing wrong with my computer, he kept saying he could help me and go to some website. Finally called him an a**hole and said I would report him for trying to scam me. I hung up and blocked the number. Which by the way showed up as 764-767.

  130. Caller Unknown had Indian Accent
    He called from phone number 1-925-263-6171 on September 13 at 12:48 PM. Identified that he worked for Microsoft. He said my computer was sending messages to Microsoft that it was infected with a virus. He was calling to identifit the virus and remove it from my computer. He wanted me to get my computer. I then asked him for a phone number so I could call him back. I did not hesitate when he gave the phone number 1-925-263-6989. I hung up and dialed the number. I got a recording "Welcome to Jims AutoBody". I looked callers number up using caller Id 1-925-236-6171. The response to my phone call was this is not a working number.

  131. Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Same thing here. It’s 9/11/14 @ 9:18 PM EDT, & I just hung up with him, pretending I couldn’t hear him. Name is John Rosewell at 917-200-9423.

  132. Received today (2014-09-11) a call from "Jason Parker" with an Indian accent who said he was from Windows. 201-399-6208. Caller ID said 152-314-8455. Said he had reports my computer was receiving viruses. Claimed he had my computer
    ID and asked me to punch Ctrl, Windows key, and R. I declined.

  133. Got first call from number 956-279-7836 of Texas. Indian accented male said he was was from Microsoft. Said no your not, this is a scam, take me off the call list. Called right back but different number, same guy. 195-627-9783 unavailable. Guy was quite persistent and rude. Said we’d purchased a computer from such town. Note, guess again lol. Told him again, not interested take us off call list. I hang up and just start telling boyfriend. Phone rings again! He answers and asks for guys supervisor, Sprouse, none he allowed him to speak too

  134. I got a call last night here in San Diego, CA on my GVOICE phone #. The caller had an obvious thick accent.

    He said: Hello is this [my name]?
    I said: yes, who calling?
    He said: I’m calling from Microsoft.
    I said: YOu don’t sound like you’re calling from Seattle, Washington!
    We repeated this this about three times.
    He then called me a Stupid M.F-er and hung up!

    I’m so glad I already knew about this scam beforehand, I’m laughing at this call today!

  135. Phony "microsoft’ scammers on the ramapge again in NZ. They know your name even,so don’t fall for the spiel they give. As soon as they realise you are on to them they hang up. The phone number this time was 069988769- and the caller was of Indian accent.

  136. I received a message that popped up on my computer Microsoft detected security error due to suspicious activity found on your computer contact Microsoft certified live technicians 1-877578-3274, I called like a dummy and the whole conversation they wanted to access my computer showed me a bunch of error codes, a fast talker and kept trying to get me to pay to get my computer serviced for $250 I finally hung up on him after I realized what was going on.

  137. I just got off the phone with a "tech" who said my computer was very badly infected with viruses and hackings that were destroying my hard drive. He was in control of my computer and said the computer could be cleaned up,anti virus and anti hacking installed and I could by a 2 year warranty for $200. I am not that computer literate and I don’t know if it was legit or not. He was from India, it was obvious, but aren’t they all? I finally hung up as I was not going to give them my credit card or check number. My computer is XP and he said since microsoft no longer updated, they wanted to be sure I could get my computer up to snuff. Since when has any company cared about consumer service. Was I almost had?

  138. I got two of these calls in a week, that I reported to the FTC. Both times an Indian man told me he was from Windows and my computer was infected with a virus. The first time my phone said Unknown Caller and I hung up. The next day, I got the same pitch, but from a different phone number. I asked his name and he said Frank Smith. I asked what city he was calling from and he hung up on me.

  139. I’ve had several calls from people with an Indian accent for probaly three years now and claim their business is "PC Care." Beware! They don’t give up, they may stop for 2-3 months but call again. I have called them scammers,I have screamed at them, I have told them to F*** O**,I have told them that I don’t have a computer, I have told them never to call my number again, but they continue and are very persistant to get me on my computer to give them remote access.

  140. Have had a few calls from these guys saying they were Microsoft windows support usually just hang up. Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided I’d play along and by the end of it make him wish he never bothered calling. I was extremely difficult annoying and down right rude plus i pulled him up on everything, his constant repetition his lack of vocabulary when I steered him off his "script" I threw in a few things about my computer not being used and I’d had it given to me so wasn’t technically registered in my name, and he continued to babble on about my gateway being under threat or my families blah blah blah I eventually gave in and told him I know he’s trying to scam me and he kept saying no mam I’m trying to help – yes help yourself to my details! So I kindly told him where to go and that I was calling the police because I’d been recording the whole conversation (I hadn’t but hey!) Not enough is done about these things it needs to stop!

  141. I’ve received 4 calls like this, one of the so called techs,,, said my husband called them for support the day before, I asked him if he was clairvoyant as my husband passed away 7 years previous, needless to say he couldn’t get off the phone quick enough.
    I’m grateful for this alert.

  142. I received a call today August 6th 2014 from a Windows tech saying my computer was sending them alerts and to turn on my laptop. I said my laptop hasn’t been connected to the internet in over 6 months and that I felt this was a scam.

  143. I received a call today from a Windows tech saying my computer was sending them alerts and to turn on my laptop. I said my laptop hasn’t been connected to the internet in over 6 months and that I felt this was a scam.

  144. 001162985576
    called twice today.
    said they are Windows Technicians my licence has expired and their database is reporting errors from my laptop. They asked me to boot my laptop to fix it. I asked them to hold, called my brother who is an electrician and pc whizz he said No!!! SCAM!!!! Hung up immediately! Beware all.

  145. A man have called my husband 3 or 4 times the past three weeks and told him our Microsoft windows licence has expired already and he has to sit in front of the computer and log in. Fortunately my husband isn’t very computer literate and told the man he would ask his wife. I told him I suspect this is a scam and he must put the phone down when this person calls again.

  146. I have received this call two days in a row on my home phone. The first day it was they were from microsoft and today it was from the windows co. Which if you know anything you know microsoft makes the windows program. SMH! There number shows up on my caller id as Unknown Name 000-000-0000. I informed them today that I know for a fact that they do not work for microsoft as I reported them yesterday to microsoft when they tried to get access to my computer. The guy then proceeded to ask me if I was stupid and I said no but you all must be if you all think anyone would actually fall for this scam. Then he hung up on my oh well I hope i didnt hurt his feelings lol! I do hope they call me tomorrow so I can get more information from them to turn over to the police 😀

  147. Received phone call from caller ID "Dir Asst CA" from Indian man saying he was from Microsoft. Said there were security issues with my computer. Told me to press Control key plus some others. I hung up on him and he called back, this time ID "Dir Asst AR" –same guy. I told him I had no idea who he was or why he was calling and if Microsoft wanted me they should send an email. I hung up. So far, no further calls.

  148. I have had 3 call like this, one at home & 2 on my cell. All Indian accents, say they are from Microsoft, 1 was a lady saying she was from Windows support. One of the area codes was a Washington State code, but if you try to call it back it doesn’t do anything. Changed passwords & did a scan right away.
    Just hand up on them.

  149. Area code 305 390 2287 They call and say they are Jim Smith can’t hardly under stand them . Said from Mircosoft wanted control of computer. No dice with me. Beware !

  150. 002030264051 they said they where from windows tech team soon as i see this number my reply is short and sweet starts with F nad end in F

  151. I was just called by an group of Indian guys who each said they were from Apple security and within minutes accessed my computer. I fell for it as they told me all about my computer and then had access to it by remote via Teamviewer. They rang off when I said the months of warranty they said I had was wrong and that I needed to check with the Apple storte. One guy called himself Mike (it could have been Mark…his accent was so thick) Xaaivior.

  152. I have had a few of these calls and twice yesterday and as with everyone else was from an Indian called Mark. This was what first made me suspicious but he continued to ask me to switch on my computer and instructions of how to access the information he required. I continued to go along with him without giving information. I questioned him about where he was calling from and he would only say Microsoft. I asked him for a telephone number to call back and he said he didn’t have one I then asked him to put me through to a manager , he asked me to hold and came back a few minutes later pretending to be a manager, when I asked what his name was he would only say that he was the manager and continued to badger me to give information. At this stage I’d had enough and told him to get off the line. After the call I contacted Microsoft who confirmed that this was a scam. The two calls I had yesterday one was again from Mark and another from a female also with an Indian accent I told them both that I knew they were scamming and they promptly hung up. Interested to know if they try again as they obviously don’t give up

  153. I just got one. I live in rural Wisconsin & made the guy give me his name & # to call him back.
    Very thick Indian accent & couldn’t really explain clearly why I needed to do anything.
    Said my computer had contracted a virus from social media.

  154. Geraldine Stubbs

    I just go a call from 002030264051 they said they where from windows tech team and would I put my computer on as there has been a download on my computer,I just said no to many scammers out there then put the phone down. She was an Indian. Lady

  155. Haha! I just received another one of these calls. This time I told the guy I didn’t have a computer and he said, really? Then he said I had such a sweet voice and asked me how old I was. Wth? I told him he was a %+#€ idiot and hung up. Last time they called I played along like I was doing what they asked on the computer and they finally got mad and hung up.

  156. I am getting these calls at least 3 times a month. I seem to get a ‘dead’ call early in the day, then a real one around dinner time. So I tell them that I am recording and tracing their call for the Police. Duhhhhhhhhhh! They hang up instantly!

  157. I’m South African, and just had a call now from a certain "Eddy" (also sounds like an Indian), claiming to be calling from Microsoft. The exact same scenario….’worms’ etc. had been detected on my PC, also that my licence has expired. Am I at my computer, because he will quickly assist me to clear all problems. I did not touch my computer while talking to him, then I asked him for their help-desk number to confirm that this service is legit, to which he became very annoyed with me: "I am now getting tired of all your questions. You will face the consequences within 17 hours from now when you will no longer have any access to your internet." I thanked him and hung up. This is scary – so many people are not aware!!!!!

  158. I have had the same issue. The number 540-951-1092 calls everyday even after I told him I reported him to the police. I have quit answering but he still calls at least once a day sometimes twice.

  159. I just received a call from the same phone number of 540-951-1092 and he could not tell me which of my many computers it was that had the issue. I then advised him that I was not interested in anything he had to say and hung up on him. Crazy scammers cant get me!!

  160. Just been called by a woman with an Indian accent from number 002 000 000 000 telling me she was from Microsoft and that my computer was giving them a signal telling them it had been accessed from a foreign country. I thanked her very kindly for the information and hung up…. idiots!!!!

  161. Received a call yesterday afternoon. Indian sounding gentleman. Said that I had a virus on my computer and asked me to turn my computer on. I told him that I have Symantec EndPoint Protection on my computer and that I do not have any viruses. He said that this program wasn’t any good and that I indeed had a virus, and asked me again to turn my computer on. I then informed him that my undergraduate degree is in computer science — he wasn’t impressed. And he asked me to turn my computer on again. I asked him which version of Windows I was running. He said "you are running the Windows operating system, and we represent Microsoft in helping you get rid of your virus". I said, thanks… but which VERSION of Windows am I running. If you know I have a virus, then you certainly should be able to tell me which version I am running. He said you are running Windows 7. I politely informed him that he was incorrect and said "thanks for playing" and hung up… Unbelievable.

  162. I was just called by the same guy, named Mark with an Indian accent as well. I tried to get him to explain to me what computer of mine had the virus (since I own several), and he said he wasn’t sure but it shouldn’t matter since they are all using the same ISP address. When I mentioned that no they don’t all use the same, he was like well it still shouldn’t matter. I then asked him what my name was and he knew that (but who wouldn’t know that by looking up my number). I eventually just hung up on the idiot. I didn’t take me longer than 2 and half minutes to know the guy was a complete moron and a scam. Definitely need to watch out for this guy. Those that don’t know much about computers will probably fall for his "story".

  163. 5.21.14: Just got a call from 540-951-1092 from an Indian accent male named "Mark Smith" who reports that he is from Microsoft and is a technical engineer. He tells me that my computer has been sending out an error message to them/Microsoft and he was calling to help me get rid of it. He claimed to have gotten my info from when I registered my computer. (I had not registered my computer). He tells me the error msg has been sent out in the last 5-6 weeks (he couldn’t give me an exact time/date, although I have been under the impression that with tech these days, everything is date/time stamped). He asked me to turn my computer on; he ask me to open the "RUN" (Windows flag pic + R) which then ask to ‘open’ a program, folder, document, or internet resource. "Mark" tells me to type in: "eventvwr" and I ask him why. "To help me with my error problems so that scammers can’t get to my computer." When I asked again when he received the error msg, he became frustrated and said that it didn’t matter. I told him it did as I haven’t turned on my computer since Jan and he’s telling me my computer has been sending an error msg since April. I then asked if HE was the scammer? He hung up. I called back the # that showed up on my caller ID & it was a # that did not have a voicemail set up yet & to try to call later.

  164. I’m in Australia. I’ve had quite a few of these calls over the years. They always have Indian accents and anglo names and say they are from Windows tech support, or Microsoft tech support. In the past I’ve sometimes played along for a short while but the last few times they’ve rung I just say, "I’m sorry there must be some mistake, I don’t have a computer." They ask if I have a laptop, I say no. They ask if my SON has a computer. I don’t have a son and tell them so. Then they confirm my full name, address and phone number,(the worry is how they got that information) and ask again if I have any kind of computer in the house to which I reply "no". Twice they just hung up at this point but once the man asked if he could speak to my son (what the?) and then said, "Ma’am I think you are lying to me". I just got a chance to say "Excuse me?" when he hung up. Damn cheek.

  165. I have been contacted several times by an African sounding man who calls himself Victor claiming that he is from Microsoft and that I have some security issues with my computer. Normally I just tell him to go away but as he has been persistent I let him talk for a bit and he asked me to turn my computer on so ,although I hadn’t, I told him that I was at my computer already, he then asked me to read the message on my screen so I said "It says Microsoft never ring their users for any reason !" after which I asked him how he had got hold of my phone number at which point he rang off. The phone numbers appear to originate in Alexandria, Egypt and are 002030264051 and 002037578731.

  166. I was scammed today from a person claiming to be from Microsoft. A thick Indian accent. They wanted to join my computer. They even called back to try and convince me something had been downloaded on my computer and they needed access. I said do not call back you scammer or I’ll call the police.

  167. On 1-31-2014 I got the call on my cell phone claiming they were from Microsoft Tech support — strong Indian accent. Right off I asked the person’s name, phone number and address. He gave his name as William Henry at 303-731-3398. After more prodding he gave his address as South Rifle Way, Aurora, CO 80013. He asked why I wanted his address. I said it would be easier for me to bring my computer to his office, since I only lived a mile away. That’s when he hung up abruptly. I called back and got his supervisor who refused to give their address. I think I’ll use that phone number when any other scammer asks me for mine.

  168. Just got a call from 1-303-731-3398 "Windows technichal support" saying that my computer was hacked and they wanted to help. I knew right away it was a scam. I played along with it for a while. ha ha

  169. BE AWARE – these scammers are now using VoIP to make their calls so your call display will simply say "unknown caller" or "unknown number". This means you cannot report the number or have these cretins traced and/or shut down. Solution? DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE if "unknown" displays. After a few attempts, they log your phone number as inactive.

    I got woke up with a call from these *&!($!! at 6 am (REALLY???!!) this morning – from some woman with a thick Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft Support and telling me that they had just detected errors on my computer. (Said computer wasn’t even powered up . . . *eye roll* )

    I promptly told her that I WORK in IT, I knew it was a scam and then I hung up. May the fleas of a million diseased camels infest these Scammers, forever unto the seventh generation. 😛

  170. Leesburg, Va. On Dec 7, 2013 at 4:30 PM I received a call from 780.3536. It was an Indian man with a thick accent and American name saying that my computer had been hacked with the rnndll32.exe virus and he was there to prevent further damage. He said something about Microsoft Windows and his company Tech Solutions,

    The phone call dropped about 3-4 times during our conversation. No matter what he said he did not gain my confidence. In the background I could hear that he was in a "boiler room." I asked for their website and to speak with his boss.

    His boss, Rick Allen, also had thick Indian accent and could be reached at 303-731-3398. He warned me that my entire computer could be destroyed by this rnndll32.exe virus unless I signed up for their tech service. 5 years for $200 or 8 years for $ 250.00.

    I told them I did not have the funds for their service and that I did not trust them as they could be the hackers. They persisted and I just told them to get out of my computer. The boss said if I changed my mind call them back.

  171. I just had a call from them and they don’t like it when you blow a whisle down the phone. I bet she was deaf when she got of the phone hahahahahaha

  172. Just had a call then from a woman (Indian accent) claiming to be from Microsoft South Melbourne. I asked about the weather and she just stuck to her script. I ended up saying are you sure you’re not calling from South India? Then she hung up. I thought this scam had been broken?

  173. this bum just called me. He talked Pakistani. He said his name was Mike Dawson. I said he’s got a strange accent. I had fun screwing with him. He finally got pissed and hung up.

  174. I receive this call at least 3 times a week & love to play along with them, last night the kind gentleman said he was from Melbourne .I asked what the weather was like and he said yeah good, I said is it sunny in Melbourne and he replied yeah not bad,I said it’s dark the time was about 9pm.After another 5 mins of fun with him he said to me ‘You have just wasted 30 mins of my time’, I replied ‘you called me dopey with that he said you are a white C..t,I said thankyou is that what your taught in your indian call centre and he said I am going to ring you after 10pm and just keep ringing, he rang 3 times and I just picked up the phone and listened to him say hello, hello and hang up. Hopefully my phone rings today.

  175. Kill The Scam

    Operating from Jodhpur, Jaipur etc these scammers are operating right under the nose of the Indian Goverment and they should be caught my the police and telecom authorities.

    A few website names are, etc

  176. I have had these scumbag scammers phone me a lot.I string them along by playing a bit ‘slow on the uptake’.I pretend there is someone at the door or I need to use the toilet just to waste their time(and not scam someone else).Sometimes I have just started swearing at them if I’ve had a tough day and their call is not welcome.They usually stop phoning for a few months after a verbal outburst! If you want a laugh search ‘scamming the scammers’.

  177. "Support for Windows" call from:
    "Carogapark, CA"
    818 878 8199
    Stevhen, with an extremely heavy Indian accent, called to tell me that he was calling from the technical department of Microsoft to tell me my computer had all kinds of bad stuff on my computer. He called 5 times after I asked him to stop calling me.

  178. Lucinda Tucker

    Got phone call from so called Rescue Dept of Microsoft. Said they were able to see from their office that I have multiple infections. They had me to down load a free program ammyy to check my computer. At one point they were able move around in my computer, supposedly checking my computer system. I COULD SEE THE ARROW MOVING AND ALL KIND OF STUFF HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES. They said they were from security defense. Daren Smith and Justin Stuart are fictitious names. They said they are from Microsoft engineers from rescue dept. They said that there had been a back door access to my internet. rundll32.exe showed up on computer when they were able to move around on my screen. They sounded totally professional and legit and THEN CAME THE CATCH. MY COMPUTER IS SUPPOSEDLY 96 PERCENT CORRUPTED ALREADY BUT THEY CAN DO A COMPLETE CLEAN UP ON SYSTEM FOR A YEAR ($) OR LIFETIME($). CRAZY. I TOOK THE BATTERY OUT OF MY COMPUTER. PLS STOP THESE GUYS. These guys had already moved all around in my computer I think. I know all is a scam to get my credit card no. They said my computer has been damaged and all information has been compromised. Yikes. 912 604 5084, Lucinda Tucker

  179. Tonight my dad had a phone call on our house line statting that his name was alex and was calling in regards to our mac stating that we had over 5500 hacker files, 80 malware and over 451 viruses on the computer. Asked to download a program and follow the prompts and insited that for 2 yrs for 99 dollars it protects 1 computer for 8yrs of 99 dollars it would protect 3 computers and for a life time of unlimited protection it would cost 149. I inisted on a phone number to contact them back because I wasent comfortable paying over the phone and idiot on the line kept trying to pursuade me into paying for the protection I basically told him he has 10 seconds to give me a number and he hung up on me. That was a total scam so now having my dad bring his laptop in to make sure it wasent hacked.

  180. I keep getting these phone calls.. i have told them i have a mac, i am a I.t specialist, and even told them i will call the police but they keep ringing me. I dont know what to do.

  181. helen pasquariello

    they call me and tell me they are from micrsoft snd my computer has beencomprmised i ased what computer do i have he said he did not now said he was from india

  182. The best way to stop them is to tell them that you have a Mac (if they say they are calling from Microsoft or support for Windows). Even if you have a Windows computer, telling them you have a Mac will shut them up and they will either politely say goodbye or just hang up on you. Conversely, if they say they’re calling about your Apple or Mac, tell them you have Windows.

  183. Brittany Brady

    To the lady below me, they called my husband 3 times today. My husband tried to call the number back but it keep saying your call cannot be completed at this time. Thanks for the warning. He was worried it was a bill collector. Same number, 235-683-4810. I’m suggesting that my husband changes his number and I would encourage you all to do the same.

  184. The number 235-683-4810 called me and a man with an accent said he was calling because there where threats detected on my internet downloads and my computer sent them a notice. I asked how he got my number and he said it was attached to the threat detection… this is impossible because my internet connection is not attached to my phone number, in fact its not even in my name. I asked him 3 or 4 times how he got my number and he continued with the same answer. I asked his name and number, he said his name was Mike Dawson and did not give me a number just continued telling me this was a courtesy call regarding downloads on my computer. I said I was turning him into police because I know this was a scam. He continued with his spiel of have a good day, sorry to bother, you, this was a courtesy call… at this point I was yelling and said to take my number off the call list and never call me again.. he hung up.

  185. Yes they get you to open your computer and go to your event history where all your errors on your machine are recorded with red flags,they tell you these are faults on your computer that they can fix,getting you to agree that it’s best that they are fixed.

    Well as anyone who knows computers these red flagged warnings of errors are not errors in themselves and is just a report an error had occurred and more than likely all is working fine now.
    Try saying what I said,say…I work with computers,I fix computers for a living so I have no need of your assistance thank you very much,and hang up.I have not had a return call since.

  186. An amusing way to deal with these calls is to tell them you need to turn on the computer, but tell them that it’s doing a disk check when you do so.

    Feed them a percentage completion number every few minutes whilst saying that you hope their fix will speed up rebooting. Do other things around the house whilst talking to them e.g. make a cup of tea.

    My record is 27 minutes so far.

  187. The call me from (235) 683-4810.
    When they call it takes them a few minutes to say anything then they tell me that they need to help me set up a update on my computer. When I pushed back and asked more questions they hang up. Now I’ve been receiving about 10 calls a day from this number and I don’t answer it.
    Also I get calls from 111 numbers I answered it once and there isn’t anyone there.

  188. I have had several similar calls, in the end I decided to play these people at their own game, next call I had I said I would put them through to our "technical support team" (Me!) and then proceeded to "misunderstand" their call as being a request to me to assist THEM with a virus on THEIR PC. It is quite fun seeing how long you can confuse them for before they eventually hang up.

  189. I just got a call (showed anonymous on my phone), on 1/17/13, from a man with an accent saying there have been a lot of virus infections on computers in my area. He wanted me to get in my computer. He was very pushy. I told him Microsoft does not have people call like this and this is a scam. He said if you think it is a scam, you can hang up. I told him to take me off their list and never call again and I hung up. He called right back. I repeated it again and he said again that I could hang up. I told him that "I did hang up and you called right back!" He tried to talk about infections again and I asked for his number. He gave "866-96-67-466" and stated that is their helpline. On request, he gave company name of Cistron, in Carson City, Nevada. When I pressed for his specific address, he hesitated and tried to talk about computer infections again. I said that he would give a proper address and zip if this was not a scam. He hung up and has not called back. This was very unnerving and scary and made me quite angry.

  190. He claimed to be from Windows Tech Department. And said an Microsoft Certified technicial would fix my problen only minutes. Can you imagine? –He actually congratulated me for being skeptical about who was calling and told me to look on their website to see that there really was problem with windows. Said I had Telus security protection and that I would contact them about any problems. He kept saying the problem was originating from my computer not from the internet so that Telus wouldn’t be able to help. I did let him know my computer was on–was that a mistake? I hung up when he wouldn’t stop talking.

  191. They don’t generally claim to be Microsoft technicians per se in my experience – they usually claim to be from the "Technical department of Windows". The way to spot them easily is to tell them that none of your computers actually run on Windows (even if they do) and if they persist in talking anyway just hang up.

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