How To Quit Smoking

How the scam works:

(with demonstration video below)

If you wonder how to quit smoking, be aware of the newest scam out there. A miracle product apparently works, only… it doesn't. If you smoke or know someone who does, you know what it’s like to quit: there are several attempts to do it, but no success.

What if there is a product that does work? It promises you that within two weeks you smoke half as much as now and within three months you won’t smoke at all.

Let's say you come across this product at the street market, where a couple of friendly guys run a little booth with their product.

The experiment? It’s very simple, you light up your cigarette, they spray a product in your mouth and then you pick up your cigarette and smoke again. This time, the cigarette tastes so disgusting, that you put it out immediately. It must work! Does it? The answer is no! How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the How To Quit Smoking scam exposed:

How To Quit Smoking Scam Video

What happened? The product you got is a simple little bottle of water! The first question you ask “how can water make the taste of a cigarette so bad?” It's very simple. When you put your cigarette down so the seller can spray the product in your mouth, the other seller dips his finger in the product we all know as a product to stop biting your nails. Then he quickly touches the filter of your cigarette with that finger.

Of course, you’ll get the disgusting taste of the product in your mouth when you smoke again. You will think it’s only because of the spray. You put out your cigarette immediately; you are convinced it works, after all, you’ve experienced that it works. It’s only logical that you buy the product. "The best way to quit smoking," they say. Here it goes your $20.

How to avoid the How To Quit Smoking scam:

Always hold your cigarette in your hand so no one can do something with it. Because someone is spraying the product in your mouth, the attention is drawn off your cigarette. This trick gives the other seller a chance to rub the nail product on your cigarette. Next time you ask yourself "How do I quit smoking?" remember this: the best way to quit smoking is to prepare mentally, first. Then everything follows.

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However, if you're interested in quit smoking, one of the best guides with information out there is the ACS (American Cancer Society), at Here are some of the topics they can help you find answers:

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

How does smoking affect your health?

Why quit smoking now?

When smokers quit – what are the benefits over time?

What are the immediate rewards of quitting smoking?

Getting help with the mental part of addiction

Getting help with the physical part of addiction

Nicotine replacement therapy

What are the types of nicotine replacement therapy?

Choosing and using nicotine replacement therapy

Prescription drugs to help you quit smoking

Other methods of quitting smoking

A word about success rates for quitting smoking

Steps for long-term success

Making the decision to quit smoking

Setting a quit smoking date and making a plan

Dealing with smoking withdrawal

Staying smoke-free

Special concerns after quitting smoking

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