Credit Report Order

How the scam works:

Here is a scam occurring when ordering a simple credit report. It takes place during the hiring process for a job where the employer asks for a credit report copy for their consideration, although a credit report really shouldn’t have anything to do with your ability to do a job to start with.

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What they do is likely give you a link to a legitimate site but they receive a commission for every victim that clicks the link. Very sneaky and tough to nail.

How to avoid:

The only way around this one is to do your own research, perhaps attaining your credit report through another means. Of course, if you figure out this is what’s happening, ensure you get the word out, post it online, report it to authorities and warn others to stay away from this company. Alternatively, if you have problems with your credit, you can always use reputable companies such as Credit Repair or Equifax Small Business to improve it. You can see below how they can help you and how you can access their websites.

Credit Repair

Credit Repair assists consumers in finding effective and credible solutions to their credit report problems. Throughout the past 15 years they identified, reviewed and worked with several credit report repair processes and now they’ve bundled the best of them into one powerful service. In addition, two of the largest credit bureaus in the world, TransUnion and Equifax, have elected to join Credit Repair in a strategic alliance to ensure that what’s being reported about you on your credit reports is substantiated, fair and accurate. You can access Credit Repair’s website HERE.

Equifax Small Business

Get Peace of Mind with Business Credit Monitoring!


The Equifax Small Business web site allows customers the ability to easily and immediately buy small business credit reports or subscribe to monitoring services on businesses in the United States. Customers can register and purchase within seconds using a major credit card. Unlike traditional business credit reporting services, Equifax Small Business goes beyond payables and trade account information and eliminates the bias of self-reported financial information and selective provisioning of business references. You can access their website HERE.

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  1. For this one, companies typically use legit companies to do background checks and would never send YOU the link, they would do it on their end. Also steer clear of random credit reporting agencies or companies, just use experian and keep an eye on it regularly.

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