Best Solutions to Protect Your Anonymity Online

Fraud may track any activity on the Internet. Searching information, sending emails, visiting websites, online shopping, and social networking – all these activities leave traces through which it is easy to find out most of the user’s confidential data. Moreover, there is no opportunity to hide the fact of your presence on the Internet completely. Before attempting to “anonymize” your online activity, you should clearly define why you need such secrecy. Thus, you will be able to choose a security tool to protect your anonymity on the network.


When choosing between proxy and VPN services, you have to start with the second one: they better encrypt users’ data and perform them normally. Besides, they support all the possible platforms: Windows, macOS, mobile OS, and browser extensions. There are also paid and free VPN services available.

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According to Cooltechzone, the list of free solutions is accomplished by Turbo VPN, X-VPN, and VPN 360. As for the paid versions – they are considered to be more reliable and multitasking. Check the opportunities of NordVPN or CyberGhost or use the trial version to make sure about your choice.

Proxy Servers

If you do not want to download anything, you can try a proxy server. They are cheap and convenient. The advantage of using a proxy is that you do not have to install additional programs on your computer. However, sometimes proxy servers display sites incorrectly, so their use can be difficult. You can select ProxFree and Proxyweb if you want to try this tool.


VPN technology is incorporated into the Opera browser, which allows users to visit sites from the IP address of another country. The service is free; the traffic is unlimited. You can switch on the privacy mode in the “Security” tab to make sure that you have the latest browser version installed. For these purposes, you can use special applications from Opera on smartphones – there is a client for both Android and iOS.


Tor is an anonymous browser that uses several levels of encryption and thus completely hides data about a person. It also continually changes the client’s IP. Therefore, access to blocked sites remains open. Tor also has options available for Mac OS and Windows.

Mobile Applications

No matter what the smartphone user wants to do – look for work on LinkedIn, watch Netflix, or read political news – he may be interested in online privacy. Mobile apps are slowly replacing traditional tools as anonymous browsers or VPN. For example, the Orbot mobile app is a follower of Tor for Android smartphones. However, if you got used to Tor – it already offers a version for iOS.

In order  to secure your confidential info from frauds and become anonymous for large corporations, government, and suspicious eyes, there is no need to be removed from the network. It is enough to use one of the tools by which experienced Internet users hide their presence online.

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