Air Miles/WestJet/Expedia Fake Points

Frequent Flyer Rewards Scam: How It Works

(with video below)

Who wouldn’t like more points and rewards with loyalty programs such as Delta SkyMiles, American AAdvantage, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Air Miles, Aeroplan, British Airways oneworld, Qantas or JetBlue TruBlue? If you are an avid traveler, you know all these and how to accumulate more to your credit.

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However, beware of the new Frequent Flyer Miles and Points scam. How does it work?

Watch the video below to see in action an actual scam (voicemail). Did you receive one like this?

Frequent Flyer Miles Scam Video

Scammers set up automated phone calls informing recipients they won 2,000 points – in the latest scam the names used are AirMiles, Expedia, WestJet and Aeroplan. Nonetheless, any of the major brands mentioned in the beginning of the article could be used by scammers, so watch out.

In order to redeem the points you are encouraged to press 1, and are then connected to an operator who will take the call live. This is followed by a series of questions asking for personal information, which unfortunately many victims are willing to share, leading to identity theft.

If you live in Canada, you might get an automated call from fake Telus offices saying you’ve been selected for a free vacation.

Frequent Flyer Rewards Scam: How To Avoid

Most of the companies listed above have made it public that they don’t have an automated call outreach, so don’t fall for it. Report it – see below.

Always do your research when you receive ‘free points’ or frequent flyer miles via phone or even social media. If you are into collecting rewards and making money online, only consider trustworthy companies such as or GlobalTestMarket, which are free so you don’t have to lose money.


Frequent Flyer Rewards Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The Federal Trade Commission Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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430 thoughts on “Air Miles/WestJet/Expedia Fake Points”

  1. Muhammad Khan

    Your mobile number has been randomly selected as a WINNER at the ongoing Aussie Airmiles promotion. For claims, Email: [email protected]
    In that first email asked me to share your name, address, identify like license etc , in second email they have sent me a prudential bank login/password and advised me to login and transfer amount into your bank. I just logged in into prudential bank and showing amount 25000 AU dollars. I didnt give my detail to transfer this amount into my bank.

  2. ?+61 451 649 773?- Your mobile number has been randomly selected as a WINNER at the ongoing Aussie Airmiles promotion. For claims, Email: [email protected]

    Obviously I did not click the link. I have been scammed and they stole $$ from my bank account. I had to report it to the police. Hopefully they catch the person/people who tried to withdrew money from my bank.

  3. Got a call from Expedia from 0399995483 advising that i qualified for a $2000 voucher towards my next holiday and $600 discount on flights. The gentleman said he did called me sometimes last year in November. He was pressing me to give my account number or credit card details to secure the promotions. All i have to pay is 10 fortnightly instalment of $49.

  4. Remember: the phone numbers posted are most likely innocent people who don’t realize their numbers have been spoofed/stolen (Kind of like proxies used to spoof i.p addresses). It’ll always be the same first 6 numbers and the last 4 random ones (say, for example, your number is (123) 456-7890, it’ll always be (123) 456-XXXX). Let the people know their number was stolen/spoofed. The more people that complain about this fraud, the bigger a chance we’ll catch these assholes.

  5. Expedia has called me for weeks now. I am on the do not call list. This week has been a spanish version.
    All numbers are 972 814 numbers, local cell numbers that are close to mine. The same number will call me 3 times in a day (I can see the 2nd and 3rd call on rejected list), but the next day they use a bew 972 823 numver.
    I called one back, it was a private mumber. In other words, they are routing the numbers through legitimate phone numbers.– spoofing. How do you stop that?

  6. Really weird, I just received a phone call from a telephone number that was only one digit different than mine telling me about a $900 travel certificate with Expedia. Like an idiot, I pressed ‘1’ to continue, but then the phone signal ended. This was obviously a scam.

  7. Just received a call from 5126082672. Same Expedia scam saying my number was selected to win a $999 vacation. I’m in US not Canada.

  8. I just got called from 571-432-5424, automated message saying "Expedia has preselected your phone number to receive a $999 travel credit towards your next vacation." I hung up before it told me any options knowing automatically that Expedia would not call me (I have Expedia set to email alerts for things only). I don’t know who these scammers are but it seems like they are spoofing innocent people’s phone numbers and using them in their robocalls.

  9. Just got a call from 514 668 4344 with an automated call saying Expedia calling, you have won $999 towards your next vacation, press one to continue or two to be removed from the call list. I did neither, just hung up and did a reverse number lookup. It is a Telus cell phone, what a surprise!

  10. They call me almost every day from numbers very similar to mine, maybe a digit or two different. I don’t know what to do anymore. I added my number to the do not call list online so we will see. I literally just got called by one of them again five minutes ago. I call the number back and it’s disconnected or the number actually belongs to a real person. What is going on?!

  11. I got a call from a 530-701-#### cell number saying I had been selected for the same $2600 vacation. I called the number back and it was an older gentleman named Chip who I don’t believe was involved with the scam. I guess it’s not too difficult to mask a phone number for caller ID.

  12. I got a call saying that my phone number was pre selected to win $2600 for my next vacation. I proceeded by pressing one and then a person asked for my first name, I said Deez. They asked for my last name, and you guessed it, I said Nuts. GOT’EM

  13. Just got an automated call from 530-575-6425 saying that my number was selected for a free vacation from Expedia. Wanted to verify my household income. Sounded like a scam, I hung up.

  14. I just got an automated phone call from the number 503-991-8446 and it also sounded fishy offering mine $999 to my new vacation. It sounded like a teenager on the line. knew it was a scam and hung up.

  15. Just received a call from 360-213-6935 with an automated call stating my phone number was selected for $999 toward my next vacation. Knew it was fishy and just hung up

  16. Just got a call from 360-589-7217, a computerized voice claiming to be Expedia and saying that I had won thousands toward my next vacation. Wanted me to press 1 to verify household income above $50,000 and age between 30 and 70. I didn’t press anything and instead stated "I find it odd that Expedia would be calling me from a 360-589 number" and they hung up.

  17. I got a expidea call from 971-409-6343 was a robo and I hung up before ot went to end. Said my number quailified me for $ 600 credit but had to have a household income of … Ihungnup so dont know the rest.

  18. I received a call from from 416-857-2370 saying I’m entitled to a credit of 995 and then ask if I am over 30 then was connected to another and when I told if he’s from air Canada, he just hang up

  19. Constantly receiving a message "Thank you for choosing Air Canada you have been chosen to receive $995.00 just press 1" from phone #604.684.7984

  20. Today I received a call saying that Expedia has chosen my phone number for a credit of $2600 towards my next vacation and to press "1" oh how I wish someone was really that generous to care that much about our next vacation 🙂

  21. Today, July 3rd, 11:50 AM 2015 PST, I received a unsolicited call from a voice message saying Air Canada– Telling me I’ve won a prize and asking me to press “1”

    604-465-4544 showed on call display – (name, address) and Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2K7

    The male caller Claimed to be from Air Canada, with a big cash prize. He wanted my personal information, starting with my age. I replied that this appeared irregular, and said I would report this to the police… He told me he had been doing this for four years and to "F—-" off.. and disconnected.

    I have reported this by email to a phone scam authority listed on the internet and the local RCMP.

    Good luck with this…

    Bill H.

  22. Thank you for belonging to airmiles Canada… automated message from 519-870 8162 – the exchange of cell phones in the London area – of course fake – be warned..

  23. These spammers are driving me crazy. When I hit "1" for more information, some person answers (not clear English) and when I say I want to be removed from their list, they hang up. I don’t usually answer these calls, but I have answered 2 and both of them did the same thing!!!! STOP CALLING!!! I can’t even file a complaint anywhere. I don’t want to have fun with these people. They are rude and inconsiderate. I don’t fall for their crap, but I feel for those who do!!

  24. I’ve received numerous calls from Telus, Expedia offering free points 1800 463 3339 or 416 668 8578. There must be some sort of personal information security breach from these companies or elsewhere, as I’m not sure how the scammers are getting phone numbers

  25. Just received an automated phone call from (322) 163-8716. It says that in order to get "my package", I should call back. They also gave a reference number lol

  26. These calls are so annoying all you can do is have a little fun with it.

    I received a call from West Jet saying I won a free trip. Keep in mind I was at work at the time, so everyone could here me while I took the call. Of course I pressed 1 to receive my prize! Through out the entire call I kept saying over and over again how excited my grandma is going to be when I tell her I can take her back to the old country for her 90th birthday and how I have never had a holiday. I was obnoxiously excited. OVER THE TOP ANNOYING EXCITED. I did this for a solid 5 minutes until the lady HUNG UP ON ME! hahaha

    The best line after was my co-worker who said.. "You are so annoying, even tele-marketers hang up on you!" It was so funny, You gotta have fun with those morons who think its ok to scam people.

    Have fun!

  27. Frank Cameron

    During the past week I have been called by some guy from India who barely spoke English asking if I wanted a free trip on West Jet. All he wanted was my credit card number. I swore very heavily at him and called him a lot of obscene names. He hung up. The second call came from a local number and it was supposedly Air Miles. I didn’t press one. I just hung up. Most of the fraud is coming now from India, the most lawless and corrupt country in the world. When you get calls like this, call your local phone company and complain vigorously about the use of local numbers and renting these scammers the equipment to call their customers and try to rip them off. The phone companies will say there’s nothing they can do, but that’s a lie. Demand action and they’ll give you a lot of baloney, but don’t give up.

  28. I received this automated scam call today. I usually don’t answer numbers that I don’t recognize, but they had spoofed a local number, so I picked up. I listened to the robot lady tell me that because I had recently traveled with Expedia, I was selected to receive a little over 2000 travel dollars, and for more information I should press one. I hung up. I did travel with Expedia recently, though, so I am wondering who Expedia is sharing information with? Maybe it’s time to change travel sites.

  29. This one also shows up as "You’ve won a $999 WestJet travel voucher". Same Scam, different airline, but a Scam nonetheless. Not much that you can do to stop them as the "local" number that shows up on your call display is spoofed and the caller is actually somewhere overseas. You can report the callers number in Canada if you’ve registered your number with the Do Not Call Registry and I believe there’s a similar system in other countries; it6 won’t do much good because the call originated overseas. More satisfying: We have cordless phones so I grab another handset, turn it on, press "1" to talk to a real person, then place the phones against each other ("mouth end" of one against the "ear end of the other) to produce a nice loud SCREECH.

  30. Look out for number 201.824.8044…they offered Expedia credit towards my next trip $2100 to be exact..don’t fall for it

  31. I also received a phone call about this and I press 1 but it just hanged up on me after I press one. It stated that it needs my credit card number in order to process this winning. But it never went through to a live person. I called that number back and some person picked up but told me they never called me ?? Did I get scam for pressing 1??

  32. On March 31 at 6:15, I received a call from (917) 617-3989 calling me with a prerecorded message claiming to be Expedia an wanting to give me travel dollars.

  33. I just received a call just like this from 323-485-8595 with this exact automated script and just hung up on them. I am unsure how to report it…

  34. I also just received such a call (again, from a local number, but in this case near Sacramento, CA). How does someone go about "reporting" them, and to whom? Is there a way one might go about setting up a sting operation to catch these SOB’s?

  35. have received this call from 541-227-6876 and 541-227-2185 with in the last week. Both numbers share my area code and prefix numbers.

  36. 503-863-7663 keeps calling me with a prerecorded message claiming to be Expedia an wanting to give me travel dollars. Obvious phishing scam.

  37. We recieved a check in the mail with 72 hrs to claim our 1382.00 in free air faire. we didnt do anything with it. The week after we both my husband and my self recieved automated calls from the numbers 501-545-5596 and 501-467-5052 which are local numbers from our area. We did not give any info just hung up on the automated service. These are both local numbers for our area. We have also never booked anything through expedia for almost a year.

  38. I just got a call that I received $2,500 travel dollars, and to press 1 to find out more information. I hung up. 609-975-9726 was the number they called from.

  39. I just received a call saying my last purchase I collected airmiles with had been selected for Airmiles to award me $900 towards my next trip, and to press 1 for further info…

  40. Got a call "from Expedia" too. The number on this one was 817-240-4599. The prefix matches my cell number, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the scammer is an AT&T Wireless customer.

  41. Got a call saying I traveled with expedia .com and I won trip to Mexico, and said i would need a credit card and to press 1 and and that my phone number was logged and someone would be calling. I’ve gotten this call a couple of times and I have never
    Travelled ever!

  42. I received the WestJet call only a couple of days after booking with WestJet via Expedia. Don’t know if this is just coincidence, but considering it was on my mobile # which I don’t generally provide, but did book the flight with, there is potentially a way these bookings are leaking out to the scammers.

  43. I received a call, which interrupted a call I was making to WestJet at the usual 1-888-9378538. The voice declared that I could win a free trip/holiday on WestJet if I would answer a few questions which asked me whether I was younger or older than 21; the second one I think was when did I want to travel: soon or later. After the third question (I think!) I was told that I had just won a free trip, with the exception of a few incidental expenses. At this point I decided it was a scam and hung up.

  44. Just received the automated voice telling me that Expedia credited me 2,600 travel miles and to press 1 for more information. The number was 541-505-6515

  45. I’m on the WestJet Advisory Panel and received this in WJ’s latest newsletter:

    "As many of you know, there has been ongoing phone scam that has been frustrating both WestJet and our guests. We wanted to provide some additional information about these scams.

    Here is the information from our website about the scams and what to do when you get a call:

    Telephone scammers are impersonating WestJet in an attempt to steal your personal information. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests’ personal information. If you receive a call indicating that you’ve won "WestJet points/miles" or are a "preferred customer" please hang up. Visit for more info on this and other types of scams.

    Also, here is link to a recent WestJet press release providing additional information about these scams:"

  46. I received a call from 613-325-3088 saying I had travelled with Expedia which I hadn’t, and saying that I was eligible for a $999.00 credit.

  47. I got the scam call today from 714 273 7356, claiming to be from Expedia and saying I had won $2500 in travel. I hung up.

    There is no limit to the creativity of scammers.

  48. Just received the automated call from 619-379-9186. The automated voice said "you recently traveled using Expedia and are now eligible for $2,600 travel dollars". It sounded like a scam so I went online and found this message board & website.

  49. they called me from "Westjet" 403-397-5812… a guy called Fol…
    I told him I will report him to police and he hanged up the phone.

  50. Got a call from (909) 636-8917 stating I had recently travelled with Expedia… which is a lie! I wanted to be placed on the do not call list, so I pressed 1 since that was the only option they gave me. Then a message came up and said, "someone will contact you shortly" and then hung up. I called the number back, and it’s some lady’s voicemail that says she ony answers that phone for emergency.

  51. I received another call on behalf of west jet (apparently) if you actually go through the process they will ask if you are 30+ and own a credit card. So I waited on hold as soon as I spoke to someone I told them I was put on a do not call list a month ago, and proceeded to ask for the companies name. they immediately hung up and I haven’t received a call since. I hope this phone silence continues its been over a week fingers crossed.

  52. On October 20, 2014 at 10:29 EST I received a call from 714-873-6506 stating that I’d recently won because I’d recently travelled with Expedia. It mentioned something about being able to redeem my winnings by pressing one. I didnt press anything and the call just ended. I’m not sure if anyone else’s scenario is the same but the area code and prefix are identical to my phone number. I didnt call the number back.

  53. I received a automated call from 510-415-4621, "because you recently traveled using Expedia". I pressed 1 and the call disconnected. Since it seemed like a scam to me I called the number and a woman picked up the call. Upon inquiring that I received a call from her number she said she had I had the wrong number.

  54. Computerized voice calling from edmonton aree number 780-641-2178 read out the following script ‘As a frequent westjet flyer, you have won 909 dollars towards your next flight, to accept this award, press 1 now’ – This is a common way to trigger pay-per-minute charges to your line, so I hung up.

  55. at work we get DAILY robo calls. some days dozens, I kid you not, dozens, and on a slow day just four or so.
    I won’t lie, it is super frustrating, and, call blocking doesn’t help.
    while I know WesJet isn’t doing this, it is hard to not be sick of hearing the name, WesJet…

  56. The following text scam have been reported to the Department of Internal Affairs. If you receive one, or any text like them, do not reply. Text scams are now the second-most commonly reported kind, behind email scams. There were 38 recorded in the most recent monthly statistics, most from New Zealand numbers.

    • CONGRATS Your mobile number has won. For claims, Email: kevinsmith @ or call:+447024051401.reply strictly by email

  57. This is now happening in Australia they are calling saying your last flight with Virgin Australia has been selected to win $999 in free travel vouchers

  58. Just got a phone call, only they told me I had won a free westjet vacation. I obviously didn’t hit 1 as I’ve had the "airmile" scam happen a few times.

  59. I got the same call from 306-737-6930. After which I file a report with phonebusters and call the number back to ask the guy for his name to add to the report. He gave it to me. Ha

  60. April 30, 2014. I got a call from a guy claiming to be associated with WestJet but not working for WestJet. Apparently the automated call said I was 1 of 100 people who had won $999 towards my next WestJet vacation. Guy asked me if I was over 30 and had a credit card number. After 1.5 minutes of listening I said, let’s cut to the chase. How much more money on top of $999 do I need to receive this Mexican vacation? He said that everything was included except for "incidentals"… which included 3 or 4 items which incidentally also included the plane ticket itself 😉 … at which point I said "I’m not interested, have a good day!", and hung up.

  61. Just received a call with a voice recording telling me "thanks for flying with Air Canada, you’ve been selected to have won $999. Press 1 for further details". Having not flown with Air Canada I knew it was a scam and hung up. I noticed it was a local number and decided to call back and give them a tongue thrashing but a young girl answered the phone and said she didn call me and had no idea how her number showed up on my phone, but also said it wasn’t the first time someone called her stating the same thing. She said her provider was Rogers and that she would have then look into it. How is it legal these people can falsify their caller ID and get away with it? I hope they call back so I can press 1 and scare the crap outta them!

  62. 604 932 4861
    Asked if I was over thirty and had a credit card. Offered me and my family a weeks stay at a Mexican all inclusive as well as a 5 night cruise. I played along knowing it was totally fishy. I let him do his spiel as I had him on speaker phone as was busy at my desk. When he asked me for,my credit card to pay formate balance owing I told him in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t going to purchase anything from him he instantly hung up. It was sold under the pretence of being an offer from West Jet. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  63. Fight Caller ID scams!

    These Mexican telemarketing outfits are really annoying. They call phone numbers at random, replace the last four digits with a random four digits so you think the call originates locally and have the robocall saying "Thank you for using Westjet", You have been selected…" After pressing 1, I am asked if I am over 30 with a valid credit card and I said yes (should have said no).

    The problem is that with digital lines, it’s trivial (and LEGAL!!!) to forge your caller ID with ill-intent. I’m about to start conferencing in my member of parliament on these calls so they can start putting in laws that forbids forging caller IDs for anyone that does now own those phone numbers!!!!!!!!

  64. Same here… a computer voice called and said I’m going to receive $999 from WestJet towards my next vacation. I was then transferred to a hotel resort in Mexico.

    He didn’t know what a "WestJet" was.

  65. 08451297936

    I had a call from this number today at 3.16, a young male verified my name and number, went on to say that he understood that I was getting a lot of nuisance calls, I confirmed this and asked the name of his company He told me he was calling from donotcalluk and they guaranteed to eradicate all nuisance calls, I was very skeptical and asked how much it would cost, "1.90 per month for the first 3 months" I didn’t bother finding out any more, told him I wasn’t interested and hung up.
    It is very worrying to think that there must be thousands of people, both young and old, who will be taken in by this.

  66. Westjet just called saying I was chosen to get like $900 in travel credits. For more info press 1.

    I hung up!

    Phone #778-397-4698

  67. Westjet $999 scam

    I’m going to get the guy all excited and give him a credit card number I’ve made up.
    I’d like to know how they can program their phones with a phone number that doesn’t belong to the.

  68. Just got a call from 905.481.42xx number regarding Air Miles.

    I did push one….and I did give them name etc info.

    Bill Gates
    500 Fifth Avenue North
    Seattle, WA

    Took them almost 70 seconds before then hung up on


    I figure, why not take up some of their time, they are taken up mine 🙂

  69. David in Ottawa

    I got a scam call like this from 613-295-7912. The auto-attendant said it was calling from Air Canada or something like that. They also asked if I was over 30 years old which is really weird / freaky. As soon as I asked if they were from Air Canada, he blurted something out and hung up.

  70. call from 778-990-5269
    automated message claiming i won $900 in WestJet dollars, press 1 for more information (no I didn’t)

  71. Just got a call for ‘westjet’ you’ve won free westjet dollars. Press one for more information. It was from 778-990-5269
    I just hung up assuming it’s a scam and add soon as you press anything it charges you

  72. Just received a call from 905-474-9819 came up as International. Auto message say I’ve won 26,000 Air Canada Points. We all knwo Air Canada does not have points it’s under Aeroplan.
    Pressed 1 as asked just for the fun of it and you can tell it an overseas call. Hung Up.

  73. gregory knowles

    7068684884 is another number that has called me a couple times.
    I phoned back and a young lady answered. Hung up and a ok lady phoned me from that number. When I asked her about it. She said she hasn’t been calling. That she is old. That she was just texting a minute ago.

  74. sebastien poulin

    I just got an automatic message from number 514 247-7842 saying a won a bunch of Air Miles. I talk to a guy, but felt something was wrong. Guess I was right. Be carefull.


  76. I’ve been getting phone calls on my cell from a number that’s displayed on my phone. Today I missed the call and decided to call back and the women said she never dialed my number. Last week same thing told me I won air miles and press 1. I hung up and called the number back again the person had no idea and didn’t call my number. I called my cell phone provider thinking because the number that calls me have the same first 6 digits as my number.
    All very frustrating and I hope that there is someone that will be stopping this scam.

  77. I keep getting the same calls every now and then, sometimes 2-3 times a week, sometimes once a month, but regularly. I receive the call to either my cellphone or my office (I have a direct number at work with no extension)…

    The worst part is that when they call, it is my area code (780) and the first 3 digits are the same as the phone number they’re calling, so when they call my cellphone the number is 780-994-xxxx (different xxxx each time)

    So what I started doing is press 1 to accept, when the guy says "are you over 25?" I answer "Yes", then he says if I have a credit card, I also say yes…
    Then he/she transfers me to another number where I’m asked the same questions and this is where my responses vary.
    Usually I’ll say yes to both and listen to him talk until he asks my credit card number and when he does, I tell him that I just wanted to waste his time or tell him that I’m 12 or something…
    Might as well have some fun, right?

    But then he tells me that this was a collect call and the moment I press 1 to "accept" I am being charged long distance fees.
    I believe they legally have to notify you of a collect call (usually for a collect call, it is an operator that notifies and if accepted connects both parties). I never received a long distance bill for any of these calls, but who knows…

    Good luck.

  78. Just got one ‘because I am a special customer of WesteJet’ :))) Number is (780) 938.3524 and the name showing was Edward Worry. Not sure if they stole his line or not.

  79. Just received a phone call from 519-822-5678 stating that I have won 2630000 airmiles. I did not accept/press 1.

    When I called the number, I got an automated message stating that it isn’t in service.

  80. I have been receiving these calls for a few weeks now, and have just got another call from some random guy saying that MY cell phone number has been calling him with this Air Miles promotion. I do not work for Air Miles and I never "pressed 1" to accept the offer, so I’m confused how someone got hold of my number. My phone number has clearly been scammed as I’m sure other numbers have been scammed to call out from. I phoned my cell service provider and the "Tech specialist" was a moron and very unhelpful…. I’m not sure how to fix it or how to make my number stop calling random people (these calls do NOT appear in my outgoing call list). help!




  82. I just received a phone call saying that I have been selected to receive 260,000 Airmiles as well.
    The phone number is 514-570-9757. Call display indicated the number belongs to a "Manon Lacroix".

  83. i have received the same call about winning 250,000 points. Of course it is a scam. and this comment:

    "On Tuesday, February 04, 2014, Aguebe wrote:

    i recibe this call 2 months ago about i was a valium west jet customer press 1 to hear the details and it was for a vacation package to cancun Mexico for 2 adults and 2 kids in one of the sandos resorts so u buy it i pay 999 usd and guess what i just come back from my vacatios such a good vacations by the way, so people dont be IGNORANT !! and listen to the people this is not a scam! Allan from Toronto canada"

    is also part of a scam – can not even spell correctly.

  84. I just received a call from 613-302-7315 from an automated message saying that I have been selected to receive 260,000 Airmiles, and to press 1 to accept them. I hung up. I had a similar call a couple of weeks ago. When I pressed 1, I was asked if I was over 30. I hung up. I did a reverse search on the number and it says the number is a cell phone in Ottawa.

  85. I just received a call from 416-999-8643 from an automated message saying that I have been selected to receive 260,000 Aeroplan miles. And to press 1 to accept them. I hung up. I actually got a similar call a couple of weeks before, and also just hung up. I did a reverse search on the number and it says the number belongs to a Mini Mart in Toronto.

  86. Just got a call from 905-228-7482, Automated voice saying I’d won 260000 Air Miles, just press "1"…not on your life!

  87. Just got a call stating that I won 260,000 air miles and press 1 to proceed. I thought it was a scam but wanted to have a little fun so I pressed one. the person asked if I was over 30, I said no he then hung up. They use an IP phone and they can change the number that appears on your caller ID.

  88. Just received a call from 647-468-9089 saying i won 263 000 airmiles and to press one to accept.. I figured this was a scam but was curious where it would take me. I pressed 1 and spoke to a man who wanted me to confirm I was above 30. I asked him where he was from – he said he didn’t have any details of the promotion. I asked again where he was calling from. He replied "Oh, right here in Quebec!" (calling from a Toronto number) I told him he had a heavy American accent and he replied "I grew up in Seattle-is that okay??" I said ya.

    I was then transferred to a man who tried to pitch his Mexican Resort trial offer to me.. I declined and hung up.

  89. Just got one from 416-898-1391 in Toronto, claiming that I’d won 260,000 Air Miles points. The phone number is VERY similar to mine and my husband’s cell numbers.

  90. I just got a call from a local number so when I called back it was someone I know. They must be using some trick to change the call display number.

  91. same story : just got called for 250000 free Air Miles points. they ask to press 1 and then rush you to give info. I you reply to them they hang upthe number that called was phone number 514-706-3042

  92. Just got the same scam… 250,000 points is like spending 5 millions to get that in bonus points…

    number was: 514-717-….

  93. just got called for 250000 free Air Miles points. they ask to press 1 and then rush you to give info. I you reply to them they hang upthe number that called was 514-865-7379.

  94. I also just received a call, on my cell phone, saying that I was selected to receive 260,000 air miles which was automated, then an actual person came on the line and asked if I was over the age of 30 and said to hold the line. I hung up right away. The phone number came from 514-944-8728 which is a cell phone number in my area.

  95. Just got the call from Montreal. Looked up the number, and found it listed in a Kijiji ad by someone selling their swimming pool. I’d like to know how these scammers use cell phone numbers like this to call out.

  96. I received a call from someone saying I won 260000 Air Miles (I don’t even have an Air Miles account) so I waited to see what would happen. someone came on the line and asked me if I was over 18, I responded yes. He then asked me if I had a valid credit card, I responded No (because I knew it was a scam) then he said I didn’t qualify and hung up on me. Biggest Scam.

  97. I got the same fake Airmiles call from a local number 587-223-1133 but I hung up and called back and got someone’s personal voicemail. I’m not convinced that was the origional caller, it was probably retrouted to avoid being traced. Second one within a month.
    Why don’t these people get a real job instead of scamming people out of their hard earned $

  98. I just received a call saying that I was selected to receive 260,000 air miles which was automated, then an actual person came on the line and asked if I was over the age of 30 and said to hold the line. I hung up right away. The phone number came from 902-277-1082 which is a cell phone number in my area. I’m about to check it out on 411.

  99. I operate a phone company in Canada and have seen the impact of these calls on our subscribers. We actively block scam calls when they have static phone numbers but this particular scam uses spoofed CallerID, where they spoof the NPA-NXX portion of your phone number and 4 random digits. Example, if your phone number is 123-555-1234, then their CallerID appears as 123-555-(random 4 digits).

    Further investigation traced these calls to Mexico via a drug cartel owned ring of fake companies that change their name daily, offering vacation packages to southern destinations. Nothing that they offer is legitimate – not the vacation or the rewards points. They just want your credit card number. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

  100. I get these calls all the time and I just hang up. Today however I got a phone call from someone saying "Why did you just call me about winning airmiles?" I hadn’t called anyone. So now somehow, these scammers are using regular phone numbers for someone to call out. Not sure how this is being done. Does anyone know how to stop this type of activity?

  101. These calls are from mayanbay resorts. You can phone them back at 1-888-435-8428 or email them at [email protected]

    If you call, ask for operations and scream at them!

    If enough people complain by phone and email, they will stop forging caller IDs for their timeshare scams.

  102. I just received a call saying I won 260,000 airmile reward points and please press 1 to collect the points. Thought it was a scam right away so I hung up. the number was 226-783-3043 I hope no one else falls for this scam.

  103. I too received a call from Air miles saying I had won 260,000 points, and to press 1. Had a real person who asked me if I had a credit card, when I said no, he hung up. duh!!! his number 587 982 2591. not in service.I live in Alberta, and received this on my cell phone.

  104. I just got the same call here in Mississauga at an unlisted travel companies office number, this is the second in about two months. I followed through last time and was offered a vacation in Cancun, Mexico at (un-named luxury resort). They offered a huge discount off an inflated price, so the actual cost would be the same as a retail travel agency. I asked about the offer for the free 260K airmiles and was told that I have to book the trip to get the points. I argued that the offer on the phone was that I was chosen to get the points, so I asked to speak with a manager. After wasting much of the managers time and listening to him speak in circles I simply hung up. I knew this was a scam but I was interested in wasting their time.

  105. I just got a call here at work with the computer recorded voice telling me I’d won 260K "points". Hung up before pressing "1" but phoned the number back and it’s actually a fax number. The number is 604-940-8079.

  106. I received a call today (14 Jan 2014) at 12.59 pm from a local number (613-796-3192) with a recorded messaged that I had been randomly selected to receive 260,000 Air Miles points. Hung up and called back and got someone’s voicemail.

  107. I also just received a call on my work cell phone. However, the reception was very bad, and the person’s voice sounded very automated. I was told my air miles card had been randomly selected to receive 30,000 points, but when i kept saying that I was sorry, I could barely hear them, and to repeat, he said he’d transfer me, and then hung-up.

  108. I just recieved a call…same scam…you have been chosen to receive 260,000 airmiles. When I press one, i am connected to a person asking for information to prove I qualify. I ask (as always) On who’s behalf are you calling?" They won’t answer and want to trnsfer me…i refuse and hang up. This is the second call in 2 years…since Airmiles had their website hacked a few seasons ago, i assume these unscrupulous people have sat on a bunch of info. and are putting it into play again.

  109. I live in Alberta and got a call from and Alberta # 780-443-8090 and that we were randomly selected by Air miles to receive 260,000 free miles. I was to respond by choosing #1. I did to see what would come next. Only elevator music. I hung up and tried the number. The number was not in use.

  110. I just phoned the number back. It did connect and the person that answered the phone had not made the call to me. Similar to some of the other reports below, the first 6 digits of the number was the same as mine.

  111. I’m in Saskatchewan and received one today from 9-306-975-7841. It was the same automated message seen here, that I’d receive 260,000 free airmiles and to press 1. I hung up. It’s realy annoying though. I get these calls all the time at home, at work and on my cell phone!!!

  112. I received a call today (3 Jan 2014) at 3:08 pm from a local number (613-256-7460) with a recorded messaged that I had been randomly selected to receive 260,000 Air Miles points. The phone number is "not in service". Hung up in less than one minute.

    Who do we report these scam calls to?

  113. I got a call from Air miles and I did cancel the call in middle as they were telling me I won something but soon after some time I am getting call from another person that he received call from my number about Air Miles scam

  114. Gillian Stanway

    I just got a call in Southwestern Ontario from 226-229-6874. It was the same automated message seen here, that I’d received 260,000 free airmiles and to press 1. I didn’t press anything and it disconnected after 30 secs or so.

  115. I just got a call saying I was selected to receive 26000 bonus air miles and to press 1 when I did it hung up .. It was from a locale number almost like mine 587 335 6535 after the call hung up I thought to myself it has been year since I have had my air miles card and they couldn’t know my phone number still it has been changed several times … What happens ?

  116. marilyn.hodgins

    Just got a call from "Airmiles" saying I’d been awarded 260 000 pts if I pressed 1 to accept. Hung up…

  117. Just happened to me too, exact same message:

    Vancouver, BC

    I don’t have an Air Miles card, but I was at my computer when I got the call so I immediately searched if there was a scam going on. The line disconnected just as I found this page.

  118. It’s December 30th, I got the Air Miles "2356 free points" call from what looks like a local (here in Nova Scotia) Telus cell phone number: – 902 -371-1750

  119. I got a call from 647 289 8447
    I called Air miles they confirmed they do not offer points over automated phone messages.

    Sad people out there have nothing better to do than disrupt other peoples’ lives. Life is bad enough as it is with sick family members fighting for their lives then you get a call like this.

  120. If they call me again, I will press "1" and inform the person that I’m reporting them, then I’ll hang up. I do not want to be called another 3 or 4 times.

  121. Just got a call in Southern Alberta on my cell. I was expecting a call from a guide. When the phone rang it was a local number so I thought it was my call. The recording came on and I thought I would push 1 as instructed so that I could talk to someone and ask to be removed from their list, tell them it is a private business number etc. All I got was some weird musical sequence so I hung up right away. Called the number back from the office land line and it said "6UC2 the number you have reached is not in service" Weird. Just who do we report this to Telus?

  122. I got another call today at 6:40 Dec 27th. I’m from Regina, Sk with the same air miles recording saying that I have won so many air miles etc. and to press one. I just hang up the phone. interesting enough the number comes from a local number. Today was 306-536-3936. This is likely the 4th or 5th time they have called.

  123. I live in Toronto (Canada) Just got a call from 647 713 1718, an automated message said ”Congratulations, you have just won 250,000 Air Miles points, press1 to continue” I pressed 1 but the line went all weird, music mixed into some strange sounds, then it disconnected. I don’t have any Air Miles related card….. Most likely this is one of those scams!! Good thing it didn’t connect properly but it wouldn’t have fooled me anyway

  124. I got one of these calls today, think I’ve had them before but I’ve missed them. Shows up as a local number but when you try to return the call it says the number is not in service!!!

    I did let the "customer service" rep do his talk then I told him that I would like a package mailed to me. (if I won they should have my address) and he kinda ignored that and went on. I repeated that I like a package to look over the details, he said "OK" but immediately hung up!


  125. Just got the 250,000 points call from this number:
    +1 (902) 371-9521
    Nova Scotia

    Found this site when I searched for info on the scam.

  126. I got this same call, with an automated voice telling me I had selected to win 200,000 Air Miles, and to press 1 to claim my prize. It connected me to a live person who asked if I was over the age of 30 and if I had a valid credit card. When I answered yes to both, I was connected to a 2nd person who went into his spiel about a great Mexico vacation offer, and on top of that a trip to Orlando, FL, as well. In the middle of it all, I asked him if this had anything to do with the Airmiles program, and he said that it was related (which, judging from the other entries at this site, is in fact a total lie). He got through his spiel, and then asked me for my credit card number which would be charged $999, and at that point I said, there was no way I was giving my personal info to him over the phone, he tried to push once, but since I was quite firm about it, he thanked me for my time and we hung up. I hope I don’t get repeat calls now because I pressed "1" this time…

  127. Display Name: CHOW YUEEN FATT (isn’t this an actor lol)
    Toronto/Canada local # (usually provided to cell phone subscribers)
    Neglected to select option 1, and hung up
    but realized that I should of to give em a piece of my mind.
    Scumbag Crooks will get whats coming to em

  128. I recieved a call on my cell from an automated machine claiming that I won airmiles points, press 1 if you want to accept. I hung up, called the number from a landline. No one answered, it went to a voicemail with a womans voice saying " You have reached Tyler, leave a message".. The number was local 780-614-4274

  129. just received the same scam about 2 seconds ago claiming to award me with 250 000 miles.. it said it was from a local number i knew better right away so i obviously hung up.. number was5193302735.

  130. I just received a call saying I won 250,000 Air Miles and to press 1. I did out of curiosity and it went to an operator who asked if I had a credit card and over 25 yrs of age. He immediately transferred me to a Sandals Resort and when they answered I hung up.

  131. Received an automated call Dec 6th from a "local" # informing me that I had won 200k air miles and to press 1 to redeem. I did and was transferred to a live agent asking if I was 30 years or older, and did I have a valid credit card. At this point I knew it was a scam.

  132. I called the number back (3063143658)and it was the cell of some teenage girl who didn’t know what I was talking about.

  133. Just got a call here in Moose Jaw to my cell from 306-690-6947. I just hung up, always question anything to good to be true!

  134. I also just got an automated call saying it was Air Miles and I’d won 260k air miles. I didn’t press ‘1’ as asked since the scammers can then claim you’ve made contact with them and repeatedly call you legally (Canadian CRTC law)

  135. I was surprised to get this call AirMiles Canada from my work number! So I listened to most of the spiel. The offer sounded great until they informed me we had to pay for the flight and also wanted $999 up front. Did I really win anything if I have to pay for it? I think if you win anything in Canada of any value, you have to solve a skill testing question anyway.

  136. Got the same call, "You won 260K Air Miles". Pressed one, an Operator says I have been selected for a "vacation offer", and asks if I’m over 30. I asked what does a vacation offer have to do with my winning 260K Air Miles. Guess I took him by surprise, silence for a second or two, then he just asks agin if i’m over 30.
    I just said bye-bye, and hung up.

  137. Dec 2, in Guelph from 519-780-7244, received a taped message announcing I won 250000 Airmiles points and was told to press 1. Never pressed 1 and it eventually hung up.

  138. I got called at work today, with the 260K reward miles and asking me if I was over 30. I eventually hung up without giving any details. What made me suspicious was calling me at work, since I haven’t given out that number to Airmiles.

  139. Just got a call from (204) 979-8956 saying i won 260K air miles. asked me if i was Over 30, i said no, and he hung up …

  140. Got a call from 613.591.8972 saying I had won thousands of Air Miles. It looks like a local number in Ottawa. I hung up.

  141. Same Deal… must be on a binge calling lately.. had it happen a few times now. First time I pressed the 1 and nothing happened but dead air. Second, just now, i noticed it was a local number 613 228 3911, Got the *you have been selected to receive 260,000 air miles* press 1.* I just hung up. Idiots waisting our time and not bright enough to earn a real living without scamming or robbing people.. Lazy Man’s income. Real Productive.

  142. Nov. 22, in Saskatoon, received taped message announcing I have won 250000 Air Miles, and was told to press 1 to collect prize. I hung up. Caller # was 306 649 1060

  143. I got a call from 647 248 9792. I let them go through the details.. and he then said "which credit card will you be using to secure your vacation"… apparently I had to pay 99$!!! my response to him was "why do i need to pay for something that I have won? what happened next? he hung up! be careful!

  144. I also received a call saying I had won air miles. The number was 506-871-4513
    I also googled it and came up with this site. The number was not on canada 411 but looks like a cell number

  145. Rec’d automated call Nov 22nd offering 260,000 air miles. If interested press 1. Oprator came on and asked if I was over 30 yrs old. Yes. Do I hv a valid credit card in my
    name? I said yes and hung up. I don’t have call display but live in Warren, Man. Another scam?

  146. Just got the call that I had won 260,000 air miles. What tipped me off was that it was a local number and I live in a small village. I was prompted to press 1 but suspected a scam, so hung up and googled it and came to this site.

  147. I just recieved a call that showed up from a local number which is assigned to a local person from my area. Same bullshit scam

  148. Number used 21-280-8487 (San Antonio, TX). Said I was selected by AirMiles Canada for 260,000 Air Miles. Press 1 to accept. I disconnected.

  149. I just got this message today. It was reporting I won something over 100,000 free airmiles and to press 1 if I’d like to accept it. I did, but it kept playing filler music so I hung up unsure of what was going on. I called the number back, which was local to Winnipeg, and it was a woman’s private cell line, which makes me think they’ve found a way to route their calls through hijacked numbers. Tricky bastards.

  150. I just got this call a few minutes ago. When I told the agent that I thought the offer sounded fishy. He told me "That’s okay, because it turns out you don’t actually qualify because you’re a f***ing dumb a**." Charming. :p

  151. Same story! Scam scam scam 647-621-7073. Got a phone call saying i won
    26,000 reward air miles. Yea right! Automated phone call wanted me to press "1".
    When i did, it disconnected autimatically!

  152. I too just received a call less than 10 minutes ago with an Air Miles 260,000 points offer. Not too enticed because it sounded too good to be true, i decided to continue listening to the gentleman speak very fast about all the ‘advantages’ and ‘great offers’ i would benefit from, out of straight curiosity. I really wanted to see how they intended on reeling me in before they’d tell me the cost and ask me for my credit card information. I don’t care how good the deal SOUNDS , there was no way I’m flinging out my credit card info for an over the phone deal..that crap needs to at least be on paper and give me the opportunity to look over a contract.

  153. Just got a call from 905-712-2147 advising I have been selected to get bonus Air Miles reward points. I knew in advance it as a fraud. I pressed 1 to be connected to a caller and ask him first to represent himself. He didn’t and repeated that "You have been selected … blah-blah-blah …". I asked again – who is calling?
    He hung up.
    Be aware!!!

  154. I just got the same call, I don’t know where to report this. The number they called from was 416-809-7094, when I called back it is a Brittany Scott’s voice mail.

  155. Received call from +1 647 746 1888. Automated voice asked me to press 1 and connect me to lady. She asked my age and transfer call to guy. He told me I won 2500 points Air miles as a promotion in my area and confirm my telephone number and postal code. I asked him back "Can you borrow me 1000 dollar". Phone disconnected. I do not why phone get disconnected.

  156. Received a similar call today for 260,000 airmiles. Hung up. Call was routed through a local number as it appeared on call display.

    Received the identical call a few weeks back on my cell as well.

  157. I got the same 260,000 points airmiles offer call, an automated attendant asks if I wanted to be considered for this promotion, and asks you to press "1" for yes.
    Then I was routed to a company offering a greatly reduced trip to their Riviera Maya resorts, and as I asked questions I was elevated two more times to find out the company offering the trips is "" offering trips to their client’s resorts, Sandos Resorts and Hotels. The two companies seem to check out, with minimal information about though. This was a definite high pressure sell, with experienced call centre people with great scripts and skilled at overcoming objections. The part that remains really sketch is the opening gambit, the offer of 260,000 airmiles, that when I received the call a month ago, and asked about the 260,000 airmiles, they hung up pretty quickly, but this time I asked about the offer instead, and got the full monte. Waiting for the next call…if it is the same company ( then I will have to assume they are the ones with the airmiles Canada hook.

  158. I have received several calls stating I have won some airmiles and to "press 1" which I have never done as I do not even collect airmiles (no card/number)! Didn’t note first few numbers, but one came from (587)784-1147, then (587)784-9071 today. These numbers are very similar to my cell number. I just add them to my contacts list – with NO RINGER selected, so they can’t bother me again. I am sure there will be a new (587)784-____ soon. *sigh*

  159. I just received one last night, and another this morning. Both were local numbers, but this morning I called one back and I woke up some guy. He had no idea what was going on. I tried calling the second number and it says the person is not available please try again later. It’s in NS

  160. just got the call offering me 260,000 free rewards airmiles and to press 1 . where did they get my cell number?

  161. I received the same call as listed here. 260,000 points. Asked if I was 25 and had a credit card. I was connected to the next person. I asked if I would have to pay for anything and he said, of course! The number was 902-832-9926

  162. I live in Windsor, ON and just got the same "you won 260000 air miles" call, but it came in at 10:15 pm waikimg up my school age children. Really pissed me off!!!

  163. I just received a call from 1-902-316-4205, which would be a local number….saying it was Airmiles Canada offering 260 thousand free airmiles, press 1….. I hung up.

  164. Just received a call from 705-327-5690 for 260,000 free reward miles and they asked if I was 25. Should have said yes, but I didn’t and they hung up right away.

  165. I got the same call as the others. The number is local and they found me in a government office. What is the police doing about this? Anyone know?

  166. Call from a local number 705-223-6034 that when called back is not in service. Interesting since this exchange is only offered through a local ISP. Offered 260,000 Air Miles. I hung up. Similar call a few months ago stating that I won a Shopper’s Drug Mart prize. An agent at Shopper’s said they are able to hack into a phone number similar to your own number. Technology!

  167. they have called me like five times now. while I’m in class… not fun. I’d like to know how to get off the call list.

  168. I have been getting calls that I have won 260,000 air miles and to press 1. The number appearing on the phone is a local number. I called it back and an older gentleman answered. I’m sure he wasn’t the source of the call. The other day it was a different local number. How can they use a local number as a display number?

  169. We are suddenly getting calls with a local cell phone number as the caller display number. When we call the the person back they have no idea who we are and are claiming they did not call. we have heard this is airmiles. Does anyone else have information about these calls?

  170. Just had a call from 905 404-1498 saying that I have been selected to receive 260 000 air miles. 1st there was a woman whom asked if I was over 25 and if I had a valid credit card in my name then transferred me to a man with an English accent at some travel place I was searching for it on the net found it was a scam and hung up

  171. I got one today for the points as well. So I answered and press 1.He asks me "Are you 25 years or older" I say yes. And then he asks me if I have a credit card. I say no and he says its one of the requirements and hung up.

  172. Received a what seemed like a fraudulent call from someone calling from air miles in conjugation with sandos resort on my cell phone. Claim was that I had to pay $999 for a 5 day package to cancan.

  173. I was called and told I won 260,000 air miles. I pressed 1 and I was then told that I won TWO vacations (1 in Maxico and 1 in Orlando). All I had to do was reserve the vacations with a $99.99 fee. I said this sounds like a sacam and I was promptly connnected with somebody who could ease my concerns. He said they recieved my information from Air Miles and that my concerns were unfounded. "how often do you get a chance to buy 2 vacations for just $99.99?". I just hung up but wonder if they really did get my information from Air Miles…

  174. Just got a call from so called air miles that picked me to receive 10 000 airmiles points, it was an automated call from 1 705 618 1193, asking me to confirm by pushing 1, then proceeded to direct me to someone that I hung up on

  175. Air miles automated call received just now from (306) 380-5766 (called back and this Sasktel number is not in service).

    I did "Press 1" just to see what they attempted. They first asked if I was 25 or older. I replied, "You called me, should you not know that?" He replied, "Yes sir, but we need to verify your ID? Are you 25 or older?" I asked, "If you have my personal information, ask me something directly as a True or False Question, and I will answer". He said, "That’s OK and hung up". Whole call lasted 30 seconds.

    I don’t think reporting this to anyone is useful, because I have no reference to the ID of the perpetrator.

    RCMP ought be snooping out these calls and compelling local phone records to see if they can trace the source. Also, the automated dialing service has to be commercially offered by some company and surely that telemarket is not so unlimited as to make it impossible to investigate.

    These problems can only be solved by determination of the RCMP. Call and complain there. Or post your complaint here about these unsolved attempts at crime.

  176. Just got a call from "George" representing Air Miles. I won a free vacation but had to pay $999. Call was from a local number and George had a very thick accent.

  177. From the Air Miles website:
    If I suspect a phone call or email is fraudulent, what can I do to verify it and/or report it?

    Should you receive a phone call or email requesting any AIR MILES® Collector information, PIN (Personal Identification Number), credit, bank or other personal information, do not respond. Instead, immediately call the AIR MILES Reward Program at 1-888-AIR MILES and we will contact the appropriate authorities.

  178. I just received this scam call today, October 10, 2013 at 18:02 on my cell phone; an automated message indicating I’ve won points. I hung up once it began to play back how many points I had won. The number that came up is: 204-720-6339.

  179. I’ve gotten these calls before. Sometimes it’s fun to play with them on the phone (press 1, when you get a live person, just sit there meowing like a cat). One thing people … it’s kind of useless to list the phone numbers that were on the call display because they are FAKED … they may be actual phone numbers (as some have found out) but they are NOT where the call is coming from. It’s all part of the deception these nefarious characters employ.

  180. Just got a call from 647-238-6601. pressed 1 not knowing but think I waited too long as I recalled something about a scam. They hung up.

  181. I just got the call right now I won 260,000 air mile points. Press 1….. I hung up.
    I am sadden to think how many people would press 1.
    Please catch these people and stop scammers.

  182. 204-944-3552 was an automated call for free 260,000 airmiles points from a cellphone in downtown Winnipeg in the Centennial Concert Hall according to and Google Maps.
    I just hung up. It would be nice if these people were caught and compelled to work a legal job, instead of scamming.

  183. I just got a call on my cell phone from 647-298-3759 saying I have been chosen to receive 260,000 air miles points. Asked me to select 1 to accept. I just let the call hang and it disconnected.

  184. I just got a call on my cell phone 780-264-4693 saying I have been chosen to receive 260,000 air miles points. Hung up! Call the number back and got some poor suspecting lady answering her phone. Will report to the RCMP.

  185. Just received a call from 613-371-9468 saying that I was selected to win 260000 Air Miles which would get me a trip to all inclusive Sandos resort in Mexico.

  186. I just received a call from airmiles saying that I won 260000 free airmiles. . . Ya right . . The number was 403-506-4628. Alberta

  187. Just received a call from 1-506-260-8302
    By pressing 1 you are then eligible to receive 260,000 airmiles rewards points.
    I pressed 1 and then they proceed to ask if you are over the age of 19, and are a current holder of the airmiles card.
    I have received a call like this before from both "Airmiles Canada" and "Shoppers Optimum".

  188. Today I received 2 phone calls from 306 area codes where I live telling me I won free air miles and to push 1 to accept. I hung up and called both numbers back and they were actual registered cell phone numbers to people.. This scam is taking peoples cell phone numbers and using them as a cover for their fraudulent telemarketing number. Makes me think I hope mine isn’t being used for the same thing!!

  189. I’ve gotten a couple calls, leaving voicemails saying I’ve won free rewards. From different phone numbers, but I actually called one back today to tell them to remove me from their call list, when a man answered the phone and had no idea what I was talking about, he said he had his phone in his hand and didn’t call me. WTF. SO ANNOYED. I’m from Mississauga, ON.

  190. Just received the third Automated Call saying I was selected to win 260,000 airmiles. I hung up before the message went any further. From 403-281-7455 which is from the Calgary area of Alberta Canada

  191. Just received a call 807-620-4475, northern Ontario area code with the same scam.
    tried to call back, but ‘are unable to take your call’

  192. On Monday September 39th 2013 received automated call from 905-633-4427 informing me that I had been selected to win 260000 air miles and to press one to

  193. Just received an Automated Call saying that I was selected to win 260,000 Airmiles Press 1 to accept …… From 613 324 – 9539 that number is from the Ottawa area of Ontario Canada .

  194. got a call from 613-327-4144 on my cell phone saying I won 260,000 airmiles..Pressed 1 and had loads of fun giving the operator fake information.. She hung up on me after she figured out I was yanking her chain!

  195. Received a call today from 604-805-7162 saying they were from AirMiles and that I had won 250,000 points. They asked me to press 1 for further information.

  196. I just recieved the same "You have won 260,000 airmiles" in Winnipeg. I wish I had time to play around with them but then again why waste my time.

  197. Got an automated call that said: Hello. This is an important message from Air Miles Canada. You have been selected to receive 260,000 free points. Press 1 to accept this now. Call was from 613 314 3999

  198. Just got a call saying "This is a message from Airmiles. You have been selected to receive 260,000 reward points. Please press 1." I hung up. Number was from 204-977-7615.

  199. Just was told I won 260,000 air miles from 6132935123
    In a voice that sounded like SIRI. I pressed 1 just too see what would happen and a live person came on and asked me if I was 25. I hung up

  200. The scam has hit Winnipeg; two of us had same call that 260,000air miles …. And both seemed like local numbers 2043381774 and 3393524. Called back after hanging up part way thru; neither number was accessible.

  201. Abdulmajeed Elshawa

    I just received a call from this number +1 519 702 6433.
    They first claimed that I won aircanda miles and then started talking about a free vacation in mexico..
    When I told him that I am sceptical of his offer, he hung up immediatly.
    I hope u can do something about these crooks.

  202. I have been getting irate calls from people after they have received a call stating they won 250K airmiles points. My real name and real cell phone number is showing up in their caller ID. I, however, have not been calling anyone and my cell phone has been with me at all times. I’ve called my service provider to report the issue and they said that this has happened in the past. They were able to verify that I had not used my phone all day and will get back to me with more info as soon as they can. I do not know how the scammers got my info, but the only explanation that I can come up with is they got it from the airmiles database.

  203. Got one on Friday from 905-348-2560. That’s a FIDO number so it seems the scammers are buying disposable phones and using them for phishing.

  204. I received a call today from someone who advised that my phone number showed up on their call display offering this air miles scam. The gentleman calling obviously didn’t believe me when I said it was not me who called. These scammers are spoofing real people’s phone numbers so don’t let that fool you.

  205. I received the call tonight from 1 (506) 260-7432
    New Brunswick, Canada for the same thing, I won 260,000 Air Miles, press 1 to collect, I choose to hang up… Seriously!!! Most calls I get are for stupid scams!!!

  206. Just received a call from 403-809-2167 informing me I won 16,000 Airmiles, press 1 to connect, right away someone answers saying I have been selected to win a trip to… and I hung up. I know the deal. Airmiles wouldn’t call like that.

  207. Just recevied a similar call re: 260K Air Miles from (416) 200-6752. Pressed 1 and was put on a music hold. It gave me enough time to search up this site and get informed. Thanks Scam Detector!!

  208. hi guys,

    I got this kind of Call just now!some number of miles and had to
    Press 1. The number called was 403 891 5420
    The guy appeared to be from mexico or somewhere And i asked him,are you in a bus station or something? Too much background noice!
    Asked about age,credit card,what do you do on vacation.. And then I kind of looked it up the "promotion" and found this website..
    Told him that I won’t be able to travel and hung up.
    These people sound very persuasive and it’s easy to believe that you are the chosen one!
    Be careful everyone!!!!

  209. Received the automated call with a ridiculous offer of collecting 260 thousand air miles points. I was asked to press 1 to redeem the miles and that’s exactly what I did. And guess what? I ended up collecting the 260000 air miles points as promised!!

    Haha.. Wish we all lived in a fairyland! In reality however it sounded like a scam from the start and I hung up right away.

    FYI the call came from 905 966 1897 and I am from Hamilton, ON.

  210. I just got called with this scam and almost fell for it. I have just moved over here from the UK and signed up for the airmiles Canada scheme so thought it was an awesome gift but after a quick Google whilst the man was telling me how amazing Mexico is, I found this page and hung up phew!!!

  211. I’ve just received the call 5 minutes ago. Automated message informing me I was selected to receive 260,000 Air Miles reward points, press 1 to redeem. I hung up but the call came from 519 215-2992 and my call display said "ROBERT LITZ"
    Nice try, pigs….not this time.

  212. immediately after I redeemed Airmiles to book a flight to a destination within Alberta I received a call stating I had been selected to receive 260000 miles! Ridiculous amount, of course I was suspicious. I did not press 1 but was requested to do so to receive the miles.

    the number which the call came from is local 403-952-5045
    When I called back it went directly to voicemail for "Aura"

    Can local numbers be hacked into to send the calls from?

  213. Air miles has selected you to win 250,000 air miles points press 1 to accept, from the number


    LaSalle Ontario is where I’m from

  214. I just got a call on my cell and it was automated, saying "Hello !! You have been selected to receive 260,000 Air Miles , Press 1" The number showed up as Ontario – 705-559-1309

  215. "hello. you have been selected by air miles canada to receive 260,000 rewards points. To accept, press 1 now"

    Ottawa,ON Canada
    call received from 613-240-2347

  216. I have been getting the same calls but it is from a local number. Even the person’s name showed up on my caller ID; so I called them to see what the scam was. It was teenage boy who said that he knew nothing of it. Can these scammers hijack people’s phone numbers?

  217. I got the call with the sketchy automated voice saying I won the chance for "260,000 free air miles points – to accept please press 1". Tempted, I touched nothing and while thinking it automatically hung up on me after a few seconds. No harm, but glad I didn’t press 1!

    My Location: Regina, SK, Canada
    Call Origin/Number : a Regina Cell number: 1-306-550-3796

  218. 2048998285 automated call to cell phone in Manitoba. Number not in service when retailed. Told to press "1" for 260, 000 AirMiles. But they don’t have an automated call service.

  219. On Thursday, Sept 12, 2013 IDENTICAL SITUATION as this happened to me from this number: 778-892-1762. (BC, Canada) "they were offering me the same thing: 260 000 air miles, and then they transfered me to someone else, who then transferred me to someone else. But during the call, I was googling them and found this. When I said no thanks, he dropped the call scamdetect_like it was hot"

    Definitely a scam, I called back and the same guy picked it up, denying it was him (but he has the same voice I am 100% sure it is him, and it was his phone number.

  220. Just got a call from caller ID : Jacques LEMIRE
    they were offering me the same thing: 260 000 air miles, and then they transfered me to someone else, who then transferred me to someone else. But during the call, I was googling them and found this. When I said no thanks, he dropped the call scamdetect_like it was hot

  221. Used a local number that I called back to see if I could get a person and I did a very confused man that said that he is just a local resident who has no points to give me and I said no I was calling back to get off the list! 250-245-#### last name Fisher

  222. Received a call today offering 260K miles and the area code and prefix were the same as mine. Glad I was at my computer when they called.

  223. I just received a call stating: "Hello, This is an important message. You have been selected to earn 250,000 points with air miles Canada. To accept this press one". I was quite surprised, so I did not press anything and the call got disconnected. I’m glad I didn’t press 1.

    Going with my fortunes so far in my life, My number should be selected for 250,000 dollar penalty but I would never believe if I was selected for any prize.

    Anyways, I received this call from 647-710-6097 at 02:15 pm on Wed 11th September, 2013 EST.

    What I find interesting about this number is that it has the same area code and first 6 digits as my cell number. Awesome.

  224. Just received this, caller ID showed: WALLTRAUD SCHAF@ (647) 282-5671
    Ontario, Canada. Very odd since my number is also 647 282 XXXX.

  225. Sept 9, received a local call from 403 932-5186 on my call display, which was an automated one saying it was from air miles and I was eligible to receive 250,000 air miles points. Press 1 to accept.
    Of course I did not do any such thing but I hung up.

  226. Same type of call automated message stating I had been selected to receive large number of airmiles. Then asked to press one.
    Number was local 705 394 2786

  227. Just got this call on my cell phone saying I’d been selected to receive 260,000 Air Miles points. The number shown was 647-215-2246, which I’m sure is a mask for wherever the call was actually coming from. Use your head: no company is going to make an automated call to give you huge amounts of reward points for no reason.

  228. Just received an automated phonecall, saint john nb, stating I was selected to win up o 260000 free airmiles rewards points and to press one…i did and a foriegn voice said congratulations and started to ramble on and i interrupted him and asked him for the name and number of the company he is calling from and he hung up. i reported this spam to the police.

  229. I just received a call on my cell phone from, what appeared to be, a local cell phone number (1-306-371-8187). I was told, by an automated recording, I won 260,000 air miles and to stay on line – I was then connected to a live person who then tried to ask me questions. When I refused to answer – he hung up. I called the local cell number back and a woman answered. She never uses her phone unless it’s an emergency. I advised her that her number was displayed on my phone for this scam.

  230. Thusday, September 5, 2013

    Was tempted to press one but decided not to and check online and found this site.

  231. Received automated call on Wednesday September 4th in Moncton NB. Said I had won 260000 air miles points and to press 1. I hung up. Call was from a local number 506-204-2146.

  232. +1 647-706-3421 called with an automated message offering 260,000 air miles.

    I looked it up and the only hot I got was some guy named Sabir who sells tablets etc on kijiji.

  233. Answered a similar automated call offering thousands of Air Miles Sept. 3(2013) and was asked to press ‘1’. I did nothing and the call disconnected. The call display showed a local mobile number (604-849-6648). Later I called it and was told the number was not yet active, so these scammers have a way of disguising the originating number wih a fake display number.

  234. September 3,2013 in Moose Jaw,SK. I received a phone call saying I had won 260,000 air miles and to press #1. Lady came on and was asking lots of questions. The number was 306 631-4106. Another scam. Hung up.

  235. got a call from number 647-773-8773 saying i was selected to recieve 260,000 free points and to press 1. I did not and then the call cut off

  236. I received a call September 2 2013 the call went to the message machine and said I was selected for a special gift of 260,000 air miles , press 1 to claim.

    Just another scam they don’t give air miles out like that, they barely give you a few air miles for buying one item let alone 260,000 for nothing??????

    The phone # was 416-255-2410 local call Toronto,Ontario

    I am very cautious about giving out info to anyone especially my phone number or anything else.

  237. Recieved a call from 1(506)227-5751 saying I won like 9000 air miles (was hardly paying attention) told me to claim press 1, I hung up.

  238. latest variation is "Shoppers Drug Mart"

    call with faked caller id 250 360 7439 received at 10:18 am August 21

  239. I just received a call stating: "Hello, you have been selected to earn 250,000 points with airmiles canada to accept this press one" …something along these lines… I was very sceptic so I did not press anything and the call got disconnected… I’m glad I didn’t press 1.

    Anyways, I received this call from 289-887-6596 at 8:15pm

    What I find interesting about this number is that it has the same area code and first 3 digits as my cell number.

  240. Very frustrating, these. I get them at home and at work — different numbers all the time, so very hard to do much about really. Today’s was from 250 590-6022

  241. I just answered one of these because the caller id said that it was my partner’s cellphone. So apparently they’re not only spoofing the caller id, but they have a way to get at numbers that you’re likely to answer…

  242. Just got an automated call from "Air Miles" saying I’ve won 260,000 reward miles and to press 1 to accept. From number 519-365-2567

  243. I just got a call from "Air Miles Canada", you have been selected to receive 260,000 free rewards points, to receive your points, press 1 now. The call was from 250-863-5734.

  244. I just got a call from "Air Miles Canada", you have been selected to receive 260,000 free rewards points, to receive your points, press 1 now. The call was from 604-726-1676. Total scam, avoid this number.

  245. I just got a call from the same number
    Saying i won a contest for 260000 airmiles the it put me on hold and when I asked the man who this is he hang up..

  246. Tuesday July 23rd, just got a call from 604-304-2118 saying i’d been selected to get 260,000 extra reward miles and to press 1 to claim them.

  247. Friday July 19th, just got a call from 1-403-701-4131 saying i’d been selected to get 260,000 extra reward miles and to press 1 to claim them. Didn’t stay on the line long enough to even consider claiming them.

  248. I just received a call from 778-877-4507. It was a recorded call saying that I had won 260000 airmiles. They have been calling both my home and cell phone. I always hang up because I know that this is a scam.

  249. Just got contacted by a London Ontario number, I called the number back and it went to some girls voice mail. So they must be using other peoples real numbers to call others.

  250. Just Got a call From 1-403-435-8333 Saying i won a contest for 260000 airmiles.

    July 17th called a 4:43 P.m. Hope this helps anyone else gettin scammed dont fall for the crap

  251. 416-888-9977…scam call purporting to be from AirMiles Canada, saying that I won 250,000 Air Miles (DAMN!!) and to press the vaunted "1" key to continue.

    I didn’t go through to see how far it went.

  252. I have been getting these calls for a few months now, each time it is from a cell phone number that has the same first three digits as my cell number and the area code is the same. I have called back many of times and the person on the other end claims they didn’t call me and have never seen my number before.

  253. these scammers actually "phished" a working cell line = I use Fido so they called (or made it seem that they called from another Fido line in the same area code, I called the person back and he seemed unaware that they used his number, the person I spoke to after pressing one was likley in a mexican call centre, there was no way he called me from a cell phone ( after working in a call centre I have heard * seen everything but this

  254. I often receive these scam calls for bonus Airmiles. Usually I can recognise the type of number on my call display, and not answer them. One day though, the name that came up on my call display said, "Ben Moss Jewelers", a local jewelry establishment. I answered the call, thinking my wife had ordered something, and then the automatic message saying that I had been selected to receive 250,000 bonus airmiles points started. Of course I hung-up. But it got me a little angry, that now these scammers are using legitimate business names to circumvent normal call screening.

  255. Thursday July 11 @ 12:30
    Call from 306-974-4519
    Same style phone call saying I won 2694 airmiles
    Can’t believe people actually give out their info … Thought I’d post about this phone number too

  256. just got a call from 306-229-2194 and said to press one to receive airmiles points and when I pressed one they hung up (scam oviously) but my plan was to tell them off. Now I am wondering how do they scam you by doing this?

  257. I am sick of these calls from these numbers: 780-418-9475, 780-221-7608 and 780-221-3086. I am continuous receiving this voice message now at work, on my cell phone and at home. This is harassement and I want someone to talk to about this matter. This is unacceptable to all of us who have to deal with these calls on a daily basis. What can a person do?

  258. 1-604-354-6632 called and also said I had won 260 000 air miles and to push 1. My spidey senses tingled so I just hung up.

  259. I just received a call that I had won 260 000 air miles; the person at the other end asked whether I was at least 35 and I said that I would not say until she identified herself and she hung up on me…a switch I usually hang up on those kinds of calls!

  260. I have been getting these calls to my house and my cell. I pressed 1 and got put on hold. When a call center in India finally answered, I told them I don’t want to be called and to take me off the list. They hung up on me.

  261. Staycation Expert

    Just got a call from (250)818-2390 which is a local number with an automated voice saying I just won 260,000 Airmiles,then got transferred to ‘Maya Vacations’ in Mexico. After I asked for the person’s physical location he admitted he was calling from Mexico and I hung up immediately coz I didn’t want long distance charges.
    When I tried calling the above number back, it was not in service.

  262. 1-250-640-9258. Had a call on my cell phone this morning saying, "you have been selected to receive 2,000 air miles rewards points." And considering i don’t even have air miles, its safe to say this is another one of the scam numbers.

  263. I received the call from a local number so answered. I heard the first bit of the large amount of free airmiles and hung up. I then called the local number back and a young mother picked up and she had not made the call. She had no idea and not sure how her number was coming up.

  264. Fight Scammers

    Received an automated phone call on my cell from what is clearly a cellular phone number, from a fake cellular # of 1-306-222-3678, saying "Because you are a special Air Miles customer you just received a special prize. Press 1 now". I hung up.

    Authorities and our Telephone Providers SHOULD BE checking these scams and shutting them down for good! The number that showed up on my call display came from (306) 222-3678 – Unknown Caller.

  265. Just received an automated phone call saying "Because you are a special Air Miles customer you just received a special prize. Press 1 now".

    Similar to Mariana’s case below, the number shown on my phone display comes from person, not robot. I hope they didn’t jack his phone line. However, authorities should check this. Number is (780) 938.7247 – name is Ebiu Dalbudak.

  266. Just got a call from (709) 754-9186. As per common sense and what Air Miles stresses on the front page of their website, I hung up immediately before any prompts were given. Protect your Air Miles and your personal info at all times!

  267. I Had a call this morning on my Cell. it also claimed that I was a valued customer of Westjet and to hear the benenfits to push 1 – which i did NOT do. It appears on my recents as a local number of someone in my town! it’s not them.

  268. I just got a call from 604-641-2274 advising of 2000 free points from Air Miles. I hung up before prompted to press a button.

  269. Well, I just got a similar automated call claiming to be from Rogers (I live in Canada). It says that I qualify for some points and then I should click ‘1’. The funny thing is that the display on my phone shown the name of a woman – Doris Schmidt.

    Her number is (780) 938.1131, but I am pretty sure the scammers just hijacked her line. I don’t think they are that stupid to use their own.

  270. Just got a call from 604-314-1672 stating if I would like to have free air mile points to press 1. I only pick up the call because it was a local number. I chose to hang up and not press 1. I knew that there was no way air miles would give free points especially 10000 points. I just wondering now how they get our cell numbers.


  272. Got the same call, but the line went dead when I pressed 1. The call display indicated the number for a business close by so I called it but they claim to have no knowledge of the scam, thus the scam calls seem to be getting routed through innocent lines somehow.

  273. Ya i got to West Jet, i did the "1" thing waited on Hold, then i came to this website as i was being on hold, I thought hey Ill do a little research first. I was really nice. I said " Hey buddy, im concerned about you wasting your time because i think this is all bullshit and ur scamming people" I think that was really nice way to put it, and he said I was stupid for thinking so, i said I dont need to be smart to know the truth, I have the internet.

  274. 647-847-4837

    same scenario as described by those below, except that their ‘site’ was given as

    i played along for about 30 minutes until they revealed their goal: to get my credit card number and expiration date. instead, i asked the scammer a few candid questions about how she can do this to people. she quickly ended the conversation – but not before assuring me that i didn’t waste her time and that she is able to sleep at night.

  275. Kristina McIlroy

    I just got an automated message claiming to be from Air Miles and saying that Air Miles was giving loyal customers $2500 toward a trip. To take advantage of this I just needed to press one. I hung up.

  276. Hazel McBrine

    I also have had several of these calls. I didn’t press 1 but then I got press 9 to have your name removed. I am worried that I made a mistake.

  277. I’ve had the same automated call from "Air Miles" several times in the last month or two. I usually just hang up but today I decided to see what happened if I pressed 1.

    As Wayne noted above, an operator picked up the call, said she works for "Newport Vacations" and that as a valued Air Miles collector I had won 2500 points to use on a Florida vacation.

    She said she had an opening for someone "from my area" and that she could only hold it until the end of the call. I asked her where I was and as she repeated my phone number I could sense she was googling my area code to find out where I was.

    When I told her I would need to talk to my wife before committing and couldn’t do it on the call, the line went dead.

  278. After receiving the third call from these con-artisits, I presses 1. "Christine" said she represented Vacation ByNewport and was pushing Westjet and south Florida.

    As soon as I indicated that I would not be able to decide on the phone of my intentions, she faded away, like a bad dream.

  279. I just got a call from 7(809)715-65-6
    Its a scam of course however i pressed 1 and then the call ended…. guess they better get a better system for scamming people! LOL

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