3 Simple Ways To Be Trustworthy Online


How To Stand Out And Look Legitimate: 3 Tips To Show Respect

As technology grows more advanced, unfortunately, so do scammers. Around every digital corner, some unsavory character is waiting to take advantage of an unsuspecting victim. Consumers are becoming increasingly vigilant online, but as it grows more laborious for them to know who to trust, brands like yours have to go the extra mile to reassure them.

This might sound easier said than done – you know you're legit, of course, but how do you prove it? 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can use your online presence to demonstrate to potential customers that you're the real deal. Here are just three key ways that you can build trust with wary customers from the start.


1. Web Design 

Question: how long does it take a potential customer to judge your website? 

Answer: 50 milliseconds.

Under any circumstances, first impressions are crucial, and too many businesses ruin theirs with cluttered website designs that are confusing and outdated. 

And as is often the case with first impressions, if your website fails, it won't get a second chance. 

To secure customer's trust and interest immediately, your site design needs to be clear, contemporary, and professional.

And while there's no need to go into information overload, a little detail can go a long way – from basics like company contact info, to a brief 'About Us' page; these small finishing touches will reassure the customers that they're in safe hands.

2. Content

The content featured on your website can also make a massive difference to the way a potential customer perceives your brand. 

A regular blog is one relatively low maintenance way to ensure that your site is frequently updated with fresh and relevant content. At the same time, “visuals such as photos and videos also contribute towards an overall appearance of professionalism and credibility. Quality visual content can be challenging to get right, but you need to rely on those who do it right”, advice the industry veterans at SNS Group, company specialized in creating images and videos that are perfect for branding. 

These types of content are not just ideal for inspiring customer engagement, but when done right, the investment into high-quality, well-produced content also improves the perceptions of a dubious customer.


3. Social Media 

Anyone running a business in the 21st century knows that social media profiles are a must for any brand looking to appeal to consumers. Brands looking to build trust with their audience can do this in a number of ways.

Social media is a fantastic platform for advertising your brand and products, but it's also a perfect opportunity to encourage customer interaction. It can even be a transparent method of providing customer service too. As well as assuring your existing customers that you're actively engaging with their needs, it also demonstrates to new customers your dedication to providing quality customer service on all available platforms. 

These are our tips for building trust with your customers online. Please share your tips with us in the comments below!

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  1. Do not order from Suneefay. I ordered boots but never received them. They give you a tracking number for your order which is not legit. I e-mailed their supposedly 24/7 Customer Service Dept. but they never responded.

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