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Amazon Login Attempt

How the scam works:

Amazon is one of the most widely used online retailers, with close to hundreds of million visitors each month. The main reason for Amazon’s overwhelming popularity is its ease of use for consumers. However, with this popularity comes a down side; scams aimed at bilking customers of the online retail giant.

The latest in phishing scams is centered on Amazon's login process (see pic), involving scammers sending you an email informing you that they received multiple failed login attempts to your accout. "As a result, they say, access to your account has been temporarily locked".  The subject title of the email is: Action Required".

The victim is then required to click a link in the email ("Sign In to My Amazon Account") to correct the information; when the link is clicked malware is released onto the computer or device that captures passwords or private information.

In a different variation of the scam, criminals claim to be from well-known shipment services such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx, in which they include terms such as 'tracking notification', tracking number', 'pickup date' or 'Processing completed successfully'. Just as in the above Amazon example, the zip file attached to the message contains malware.

Keep in mind that the 'failed login attempt' scam could come your way with scammers using not just the Amazon brand, but all the other major websites and social media platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, the name of your bank, etc.

How to avoid:

If you receive one of these order verifications look at it closely. Are there misspellings? If not, these are good indicators that the email is fraudulent. Also, even if the the domain name seems to be belonging to Amazon (i.e., this could be easily done by scammers by using proxy servers.

To protect yourself, if you are in any way concerned about the validity of email verification from any online retailer, contact their customer service department; they will be able to verify if the communication came from them. Shopping online is a convenient way to do business; however, make sure to take the proper precautions to protect your identity while doing so.

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