Civil Complaint Against You

How The Scam Works:

(with scam caught on camera video below)

Your phone rings. You pick up and hear a recording that states a fax was received with a civil complaint against you (or your daughter, son, brother, etc). The message adds that they will send the documents to appear in court. In a different variation of the scam, a “private investigator” might call you saying there is a complaint against your phone number or that you are listed as an emergency contact for a person who is in trouble. Does it sound familiar?


Watch How The Scam Works:

But how does the scam work? Watch the video below to see in action the Civil Complaint scam caught on tape by a regular citizen:

Civil Complaint Message Scam Caught On Video

In the message, they say that if you have any questions about the complaint, you are entitled to call a number (one of our readers said the given number was 515-55-2879, along with a reference case number, AUV6908).

The recording also states that you have been officially notified. “I did check the number, says our reader Diane, and it is out of central Iowa two locations, DesMoines and Jewell, also carrier 360 networks. I’ve put my number on the Do Not Call list but that doesn’t seem to stop them“. Australians also receive this message, from local networks.


Pay A Fee To Drop The Bogus Case

The way the scam works is that once you call the number, an ‘agent’ will pick up the call and start processing your claim. He might even know you have two kids or that you work for the employer that you actually do. His speech is accurate and official, including legal verbiage. He will ask for more personal information for confirmation. In the end, he will ask for a fee to drop the case.

Although this might sound too easy to recognize, scammers go an extra mile and research the victims on social media prior to their reach, just so they know more about their target. This will act as validation for victims that the case is real. Think about: how many times did you see on Facebook or Twitter the name of the employers of your friends? Or even the name of their kids?


How To Avoid The Civil Complaint Scam:

Civil complaints never come your way as a recorded message. Just ignore it, nobody will come after you. Even if you call the number provided, never pay a fee over the phone. In addition, look at the phone number as well, see if it’s a hot-line (might start with 1-800 or 1-888 or 1-866). You might be charged premium.



How To Report The Civil Complaint Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of the Civil Complaint Against You scam by sharing it. You can also officially report the scammers’ phone numbers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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I’ve been receiving these calls since 2014. They stopped after I called the FTC. ( 1-877-382-4357). However, these slick guys use different phone numbers, so you have to gather names, Caller ID numbers or any numbers and information they tell you to call back. Give this information to the FTC and allow the FTC to do this investigation on behalf of your phone number. After I filed a complaint, these calls stopped for a whole year. Keep on this as diligent as you can. The more people who complain, the quicker these guys will stop.


some one called yesterday by Mark Moscato saying that he is to serve me court papers on a civil suit against me. then gave a bogus Court Case # . Then I asked who is filing this civil suit and he gave me a # to call Its 832-220-3158 her name is Summer Hayes. I went to the court house with the number and that number isnt real and the county Clerk told its a scam and so i called the number back and this summer Hayes answered i let her know that there is no civil suit against me… Read more »

Ambra Nichols

My grandmother just got the same call from a 1 – 800 number saying they are filing a civil suit against her for 25K for some jewelry she "supposedly bought" in 2010 in California. We used to live there and they knew her last 4 digits of her social security. But here is the thing they messed up on. We moved to Michigan in 2008 so how could she buy jewelry. Now they said they are going to serve her through the mail. My granny was smart with her foe though because they didn’t get anything out of it.

Brenda Apfelbeck

I have been getting these calls! They have some claim number, want to know if I will be home, say Friday to have the legal documents delivered. They will not give any information, but did give me a different number to call. I made the mistake of telling them off last week and today got a call from my daughter, who they called and left a voice message, same one they leave me, with a phone number and a claim number to call them. So annoying and interrupts my day because I work a full-time job from home! Not sure… Read more »


Got a call from 972-200-5539 saying they needed to know if I was going to be home to deliver sealed legal documents and when thelse would be delivered I had to have 2 forms of identification and my signature must match. I don’t answer calls which I don’t know who they are. This gets so frustrating when I look my name up on the court records nothing comes up. Cant these people get a valid job

Marilen estrada

Unknown number called and left a voice message saying she is Stacy Williams from the cook county and asking me to verify my address on file because someone filed a serious legal matters against me and to call the plaintiff department and gave me a reference number. They will fill out the paperworks to submit to the court.


I live in Canada and I just received the same kind of message. The guy talking had a bit of an accent and I felt he was reading a script. He called himself Ryan and claimed to be from Canada Revenue Agency. He said there is problems with my returns and I should call him back asap at (844) 385-9044, otherwise I should talk to my lawyer. When I called back was a different guy who was a bit confused about which one of the victims I am. He didn’t answered the call with his name and organization, but with… Read more »


WEll received a call on a private number.. She left a message saying I have a Law suit that will be filed the next day.. It was for a debt I owed from Capitol One Bank. The amount was $25K.. It did upset me enough to call back the (844) area code #… I then contacted my attorney – whom said most likely a scam. .. I had cleared this debt up during an escrow closing 2 years ago!! So I was upset and shocked over this call… I called back got the case # .. and told her I… Read more »


Someone has been calling my sister( whom of which we don’t live in the same city) to try to get my contact information to serve me papers for a civil suit. When asked what the suit was for they had no answers only a 1800 number to call. These people really need to get a life!


Got a call from a 404-400-5390 Atlanta GA saying legal action is being taken to clear this up call us with your ssn.

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