Civil Complaint Against You

How The Scam Works:

(with scam caught on camera video below)

Your phone rings. You pick up and hear a recording that states a fax was received with a civil complaint against you (or your daughter, son, brother, etc). The message adds that they will send the documents to appear in court. In a different variation of the scam, a “private investigator” might call you saying there is a complaint against your phone number or that you are listed as an emergency contact for a person who is in trouble. Does it sound familiar?

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It may also come as a US Marshals scam call, so beware. Luckily, you can now stop calls like these easily – see HERE how.


Watch How The Scam Works:

But how does the scam work? Watch the video below to see in action the Civil Complaint scam caught on tape by a regular citizen:

In the message, they say that if you have any questions about the complaint, you are entitled to call a number (one of our readers said the given number was 515-55-2879, along with a reference case number, AUV6908).

The recording also states that you have been officially notified. “I did check the number, says our reader Diane, and it is out of central Iowa two locations, DesMoines and Jewell, also carrier 360 networks. I’ve put my number on the Do Not Call list but that doesn’t seem to stop them“. Australians also receive this message, from local networks.


Pay A Fee To Drop The Bogus Case

The way the scam works is that once you call the number, an ‘agent’ will pick up the call and start processing your claim. He might even know you have two kids or that you work for the employer that you actually do. His speech is accurate and official, including legal verbiage. He will ask for more personal information for confirmation. In the end, he will ask for a fee to drop the case.

Although this might sound too easy to recognize, scammers go the extra mile and research the victims on social media prior to their reach, just so they know more about their target. This will act as validation for victims that the case is real. Think about: how many times did you see on Facebook or Twitter the name of the employers of your friends? Or even the name of their kids?


How To Avoid The Civil Complaint Scam:

Civil complaints never come your way as a recorded message. Just ignore it, nobody will come after you. Even if you call the number provided, never pay a fee over the phone. In addition, look at the phone number as well, see if it’s a hot-line (might start with 1-800 or 1-888 or 1-866). You might be charged a premium.



How To Report The Civil Complaint Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of the Civil Complaint Against You scam by sharing it. You can also officially report the scammers’ phone numbers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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139 thoughts on “Civil Complaint Against You”

  1. I had a voice mail stating the I had been the named the receiver in a Civil Complaint and must reach out to the number ( 302) 504-6223 to submit asset and employment information or face forfeiture of my rights and be served in my Jurisdiction for the courts. I know better than to fall for this, anything legally will be in documents and sent out via mail, not over the phone. I pray that others do their research and don’t fall for victim to this.

  2. I got a call this morning from these people. They try to scam people by scaring people with court summons.
    "We are calling to obtain a physical address to avoid documentation that you sent your home or place an appointment. A complaint has been filed against you in your District Court. Please be mindful that very to comply or respond for a full recovery will be initiated without further notice, please press one to speak with a representative now."
    423-405-1315 is the number they called from.

  3. I have been getting these call on all my phone numbers home work and cell. I have been told that I have nothing to worry about. Funny thing is I live in ohio and these scammers are coming to my home and work from across the country really!!!!


    Someone from 832-501-1392 called a friend of mine yesterday and left a message on his voice mail that I was being served civil litigation paers from a courier on 5/15/19 at my personal residence or my place of employment. He called back the number and they said they were litigation attorneys and would give no further information. I called the number and a man answered. I asked him why he is calling my friends and he said he didn’t know. I asked him what it was in reference to and all he said was you have been notified . I asked him who they were and he would not answer. I told him I thought it was a scam and he hung up on me. About 15 minutes later a Crystal Burke/Krystal Burke said that a fax came across her desk and she would be serving me papers at my home or place of employmnt on 5/15/19. She said you have neen notified. She left a voice mail. It was strange because I did not hear my phone ring. I have rsearched the number and it is a landline out of Mont Belvieu, Texas. I checked the national data base for process servers. Burke is not listed nor is she listed as a server in my county or within 150 mile radius. Needless, to say, if she arrives, I will not answer my door. The only Crystal/Krystal Burkes I can find in my area have civil and or criminal records. One has an active warrant out for her arrest. The case number they gave was CV122050. I checked with Clerk of Courts. They have no record of me being served for anything. I have contacted the fraud department at the Sheriff’s office and reported this. So if anyone receives a call from this number Beware.

  5. Scammer called from 916-277-8495 7 times in 3 days but left the number 1-866-415-1176; Claiming they have right to file a civil suit and they will visit my home or place of work, SMH! Of course i ignored it

  6. Last week I received a call from a 855 number and when I answered the gentlemen told me that it was for my wife. So I started to ask him questions about what exactally his company needed with my wife. He would not give me any direct information other then it was a third party complaint about a overdrafted check from 2013. As I continue to ask questions he Said that the only way I could get anymore info was if I had my wife call and approve the company to be able to talk to me (even though my name was also on the bank acct.). At this point I was so frustrated, because they would not give me any info including the name of their company or the name of the third party. So I finally had to let them know that back in 2014 my wife passed away. That changed everything the guy said since she passed that the complaint would be dropped and that she would not be receiving any more phone calls. A couple days go by and I am talking to my mother on the phone and she lets me know that the same company called her asking question about my wife (she hangs up), then I find out that my brothers finance (which is not even part of my family yet) had a message about my wife. The way that I can think of that they where able to get these phone numbers was they where able to get them off my contact list on my phone. So I changed my pin number and my telephone number. I believe that as a citizen of the US there should be a law that makes website where all you have to do is pay a small fee to get people’s personal info ILLEGAL.

  7. I received a recorded call from a Roy Anderson who claimed to be an attorney telling me I was going to be served in a Law Suit. I know attorney’s never call and warn you they just serve you. When I called back I began asking questions he did not want to answer such as where is his office and what state is his law license. He had a So Carolina phone number 803 620 1007 which was a Magic Jack Number. After speaking to this scam artist I called the police of the county he’s phone number was listed to. They said they are looking for him also. I called all 50 states BAR association to see if he was an attorney. They have been looking for him also. This man operates out of his apartment. What his scam is .. he tells you he can stop the server if you by a money transfer cards such as a gift card, iTune , a VISA, American Express, Google Cards etc any card that has a serial scratch off number in the back. He’ll ask you for that number and he has a special program which transfers that money into a bank account he launders again. He also admitted to me he was scamming after calling me a white whore. You are not going to be served he is a liar,

  8. Yesterday I got a call from Spencer Edwards and Associates saying that I was being sued in civil court and to call some number back. Today, they called again, they also called my niece in Florida and my ex husband in Texas. Can you tell me anything about this company

  9. I received a call from an unknown number and I sent to voicemail. A guy claiming they need me to sign documents and they will send them to my job and need my supervisor to witness it. They didn’t leave a name or company name but left a number (888-345-9751) and case number. I called back and it says everyone is busy and to hold. I know I owe small loans but nothing big. They even called my sister a few months ago looking for me. I figured it’s a scam because of the way he was talking like it was from a script and he spoke perfect English. I’m so sick of these people and they need to stop it. If there was really a lawsuit against me a cop or Constance would personally bring a paper to me.

  10. I received a call from an unknown number and I sent to voicemail. A guy claiming they need me to sign documents and they will send them to my job and need my supervisor to witness it. They didn’t leave a name or company name but left a number (888-345-9751) and case number. I called back and it says everyone is busy and to hold. I know I owe small loans but nothing big. They even called my sister a few months ago looking for me. I figured it’s a scam because of the way he was talking like it was from a script and he spoke perfect English. I’m so sick of these people and they need to stop it. If there was really a lawsuit against me a cop or Constance would personally bring a paper to me.

  11. Parthkumar Chauhan

    The recorded message came in from +1778-734-2845 (west Vancouver) and said this "Hello, this call is from the tax department of Canada Revenue Agency. There is a lawsuit under your name. Please contact to the number. You will not be contacted again.

  12. i’ve just got a call from (226) 215-4435, from an automated voice sayin: "Hello, this call is from the tax department of Canada Revenue Agency. The reason behind this call is that there is a lawsuit that is getting filed under your name. The moment you receive this message I need you to get back to me on my department division number that is (220) 215-4435, I repeat, (220) 215-4435. Now if I don’t hear from you we will have an issue to arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested. Get back to me as soon as possible please

  13. i got several of these calls,from different numbers,and a woman and a guy new my address,and full name,and I don’t twitter,or facebook,so how did they get my info?? and yes,i get a case number and says a complaint filed.

  14. Got a call from 1 704-469-9918. I don’t answer unknown numbers and they left a voicemail. Said they have been trying to get in touch with me for the last 6 months about a debt and I comited fraud. They also said they is a lawsuit against me and I should call them. I called and an indian guy answered. I said I got a call about a lawsuit. He asked for my name and SSN so he can verify. I automatically hung up. Don’t fall for it. Do not give these people any information. They are asshole scammers.

  15. SPAM/FRAUD – Received a call from 678-952-8059, recording was a person named "Morgan Gates" claiming to be with the "Civil Processing Unit", she left a call back number of 938-238-1439.

  16. Here is i got a recorded machine saying there is a case lawsuit in my name and need to get back to them as soon as possible. The number they provided is: (289) 324-1640

  17. Look what I got from these idiots today – voicemail:

    “Contact you regarding an enforcement action executed by the Canadian treasury intending your serious attention this is the final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent call back number 855-226-6447 I repeat 855-226-6447 thank you…”

  18. Susan Outlaw Maria Sanchez Rebecca Crosby Rebecca crawley Kathy Johnson Rebecca Johnson Rebecca Morgan is Elexis Rivera She is a payday loan Collector in Jacksonville Florida that goes by national processing Corp Crosby billing but she uses other businesses so she doesn’t get complaints such as stateside billing Corp call the Federal Trade Commission or the Department financial regulation in Florida and the Florida Attorney General’s office and report her good luck her business number 904-396-3137 ????

  19. Scam call alleging a complaint against my brother, call to discuss, case number etc….restricted number but msg said to call 855-737-9351. Number identified as scam number.

  20. Received a call this morning from 630-365-7754. That there was a complaint filed against me and that I needed to file paperwork with my county. They gave a reference number. I HAVE AN UNLISTED PHONE NUMBER. Why the hell are these creeps bothering me!!! They can go to hell!!! I blocked them on my phone and also using my call blocker.

  21. i received a call this morning from (587) 883-8429 and an automated voice said is the tax department at Canada Revenue Agency and said that there is a lawsuit that is getting filed under my name. He said that they will be issue an arrest warrant if i don’t call back. Beware!

  22. Left a very aggressive voicemail about "charges & claims against you" with a case number and asked for current address.?! Didn’t mention a company or their name. Call back number was a 1800 number. Tried to call back the number on the caller id and the phone continued to ring, no voicemail. They EVEN called family members in the same day. At their jobs, home, & cell! This is ridiculous! I am not responding, just block the number.

  23. This has been happening to me for a long time now and I am so sick of it. They have called my family members, my children, their ex’s and harassed and threatened me to death. I get multiple calls a day. I block their number and they just use another phone number to call. Their number is 804-482-4021. They leave a case number, say my name robotically or with a computer. They say they received a complaint and I am being investigated for "several incidents". I dont understand why they cant be stopped from torturing people.

  24. Received a call last Friday from an "unknown" number and rellunctantly answered. The woman said she was from some legal office and had a claim with my name and full SSN. She refused to give me any information unless I verified the last 4 of my SSN, so I hung up.

    Yesterday had another "unknown" call and sent it straight to voicemail. They (said her name was Andrea Brian I think?) left me a lengthy one saying they had my full SSN in front of them, my address (which was in a state I’ve never even been to before), and that I needed to call otherwise they would be taking legal action against me. I was instructed to call 888-331-0438 to respond. So my girlfriend and I called to see where it went…a girl answered the phone and said some third party had tried calling (played dumb) but said she did have a claim in front of her with (guess what?!) my full SSN, address, current employer, etc. I told her I believed it was a scam and she proceeded to quickly ramble through a bunch of legal wording (that didn’t even pertain to what we were discussing) hoping we would give in. She said she could reveal claim information if I verified the last 4 of my SSN, because (of course!) she had the entire thing in front of her. I told her I never gave that out, especially not over the phone to a stranger, and she continued to tell me the same thing the voicemail did – if I didn’t respond to the claim (by giving my SSN) then legal action would be taken. I told her, "go for it!" They didn’t even have my address so how do you expect to find me?? They did however have my name and DOB, but none of their other info was correct.

    If you google the phone number, it takes you to some janky website (also presumed to be fake), but it does link you to what appears to be a legitimate page for Shelley P Carter, PA. I notified her office that scammer were using her information – so we will see what happens.

    Watch out for these low life scam callers. It’s sad that they spend their days trying to social engineer people. Do not fall victim to their scam! Report them to the FTC! Be vigilant people!

  25. Gf got a call from someone leaving a message saying "Dear (they knew my gf’s name) This is in reference to important legal documents that my clerk’s office is working on that will be filed today. You need to call me back at (number) and ask for extension (ext)".

    (So.. note the scam wording .. ambiguous info about situation, no info about business, legal threat and "time is of the essence".. "act now or bad stuff will happen! Oh noes!")

    I’ve worked with regulatory departments through-out my career and know enough that if somethign legal was happening then it would be sent in writing, the lawyer / gov’t agency / etc’s names would be up in lights to let you know they’re official, researchable and verifiable… you wouldn’t be getting a phone call from some no-name nobody out of the blue threatening you with the most extreme legal action for something you’ve never heard about until now unless you drop what you’re doing and give in to their demands. That’s mafia shake-down tactics.

    So, I got curious. They knew my gf’s name, so that piqued my interest. I called them back for her. Lady answers, and after her "how can I help you" I simply ask "what business is this?" (figure if it was legit, they’d be more then happy to tell me so I could confirm legitimacy). She said they were a "litigation business". (ah.. there’s the threat of something legal again). I told her "no, what is the name of your business." Instead of saying "oh, right… blah blah blah…" she decides to argue with me about it … "you asked me what businss we’re in, not the name of our business." (classic redirect of conversation to avoid answering question and change topic). I got upset at the jerking around and just flat out said "what is your company’s name?" She said "we work for various companies, which are you calling about." I told her "give me ALL of the names of the companies you work for and YOUR companies name. I’m going to document all of this." She said "well, I’m not giving you that! I don’t have to give you that! And I don’t like the way you’re speaking to me!" big surprise.. *yawn* … she told me "I’m going to put you on hold while I forward you to someoen that can deal with you." so she put me on hold.. and I honestly waited to see who I’d be speaking to next. But, after a few minutes I got the message that they just put me on hold forever.. and hung up.

    I can’t remember their phone number.. but it was a 1-844 number…typical kind you get charged for the call back to.

    So.. yeah.. scam.

    Someone telling you they’re filing paper work with their "clerk’s office" .. like they’re some kind of county courthouse .. but when you speak with them they say they’re a company.

    All of them are scams… ambiguous person, no company name, ambiguous threat, "time is of the essence!"

  26. OMG, just happened to me – beware!

    A message was left on my machine stating that a Tory Dickson compliance officer with Harris & Associates was calling myself and my husband because we had been listed as an emergency contact for a person (someone with my nick name and maiden name). The complaint had been filed in Orange County, FL and she also mentioned Felicia (?) County. Gave case #15989.

    Stated that the person named had been notified of her rights and that failure of us or her to return the call to 512-215-4968 would forfeit the person named in the suit’s rights and that they would not be able to help her and that they wished her luck in the case.

    I looked the number and it says it belongs to someone in TX. I searched on the person’s name that called and the company she was supposedly with and came up with nothing.

    Here is the funny thing: I called back from a private number and an answering machine came up – fake as hell, with a female "receptionist" saying that "you’ve reached the office of Perry Singleton [used another name, which i am sure the scammer used to alternate "officers"]. Please leave the case number and we will call you back".

    Be aware people!

  27. Got a scam call of this sort from an anonymous caller who said I had two hours to call them back at 424-666-8721. Something about "legal documents," "refusal to sign," etc. Oooooh..I is scared. Total scam, humbug, ripoff, thieves. Don’t fall for it.

  28. Just received a phone call on my cell. The caller was asking for my husband and I asked what this was regarding. I need to speak to (husband’s name here) about a legal complaint. When it became obvious I was not going to fetch my husband, the caller proceeded to say that she had been asked to call him regarding a court action against a Clayton (our last name). I said we knew of no-one with that name. She thanked me and hung-up. Call came from 269 218-1671

  29. Total Scam guys, They claim they are STEINBURG RUSSO & ASSOCIATES LLC, but with further investigation with a friend who has a legal background we found that they are a false company, they have a Name and number with No Location, we went to the location and asked the business around the location if they even heard of the place and they don’t so the location address is false, and no website just no where to be found claiming they had a "legit" location.

    They tried to pin a civil suite on me on an old credit card which vanished while I was in college, you can’t make payments to a company that does not exist anymore rspecially when you have NOT heard or gotten any documentations regarding the issue for a decade (2007), me and the legal friend dig through everything about the card Zero on where it went who had it and nothing, dig info on these People ZERO, only a name and phone number pinned to it.


  30. Okay so I get a call with the caller id J lopez… She says a complaint has been filed against me. This number is from florida and I live in Colorado. Anyways there is no way a complaint has been filed against me. But none the less she give me a number 844-389-4992 and a case number… So I call the 844 number already knowing its a scam and they totally messed up their scam!! I give them the case number and she says a complaint has been made and I need to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number but she tells me the number to verify it!! I almost died laughing!! She goes I have the last four as XXXX can you verify that for me. Amateurs!! First if I was being sued I would have received tons of mail before hand, secondly I wouldnt get a call from one place and directed to another. Third they wouldnt go through all this bull crap. They would just serve me. And they have to make significant effort to serve me. Just showing up at 2 random times is not sufficient. So I am not sure what these people want but they aint getting it from me… They need to step up their game because they are so stupid they blow it for themselves!

  31. Just got a phone call from 778-787-1739 guy pretending to be a police officer asking for money for bullying…tried to get me to say "yes" the old phone scam. Googled the number and lots of complaints…beware!

  32. My husband and I have been married for 3 and a half years. In June it will be 7 years that we have been a part of each other lives. Recently he found out about a guy I slept with when we were separated and I did not tell him about. Before we got married we both agreed to let everything out and start fresh. I didn’t tell him. I was embarrassed bc the guy and I never actually had sex…just everything that led up to it. not to mention it was my brothers best friend and a huge mistake. well it came out recently along with some lies. A friend told my husband I cheated on him and I have never cheated on my husband nor would I ever. He is convinced I am a cheater. we have 2 beautiful kids and all I have ever wanted is a happy family. my kids and my husband truly are my everything. I can not see a future where my husband is not in it. I want to do whatever I can to save my marriage but I feel my husband is already set on the divorce. I know I could have been a better wife to him….a wife he deserves but now I fee like I have realized it too late. I look at my kids and I hate myself for allowing myself to break my family apart. I know my husband is not perfect and he has hurt me tremendously these past 5 years we have been off and on but we made it through for a reason. I love him and I want to save my marriage, one day a friend of my introduce me to a spell caster online who lift me up gave me hope and with-in 2 days after his spell my husband who told me he needed a divorce, called me and take me back home to me i must say today we are happily as one big family again all thanks to Dr happy a father and a real spell caster.Contact email address [email protected] Call and Whats-App him +2348133873774 Also contact and know more about his service at

  33. Got a call from new york saying someone has filed a criminal lawsuit against me, the voice sounds computerized and nearing the end of the message it threatens me saying if I ignore this message, the situation will unfold on me.

  34. got this same scam on house phone and cell phone. i had just got the cell number and the call stated it was for somebody else. its why i knew the house call was a scam

  35. Received a phone call from an "unknown" number several times today. A "Ms. Witherspoon" asked to return call at 877-221-9013 and gave some kind of case# as a reference. She stated that there were two civil complaints that were gonna be filed against my social security number. What’s funny is that she started to give out a phone number that started with 855, then stopped and began to say the 877 number. I made the mistake of calling the number back. I encountered an automated message which said, "You have reached the compliance department". Then somebody eventually picked up, a girl named Melissa. She asked for the reference# and put me on hold. The next person that picked up said she was Miss or Mrs. Richardson. She said that I was contacted by a "locator" named Miss Witherspoon regarding a civil complaint that is about to be filed against my name and my social. First of all, I have never heard of anybody say that there is anything to be filed against anybody’s name and social. Red flag for sure!

    I asked for their company name and she said ABSOLUTE LLC and that they are a company that prepares documents to be sent out as result of a civil complaint. I asked her for her first name and she said her name was Miss Richardson. I said that if there’s really a civil complaint I wouldn’t be receiving a phone call about it and rather I would have already been sent some type of documentation/letter about it. Miss Richardson then said, "Well it hasn’t actually been filed yet." She continued and said, "I can certainly discuss this more in detail with you but I just need to confirm some information." Obviously I’m already 100% in doubt of the situation. I said, "I would like your first name since I know ‘Miss’ is probably not your first name." She still insisted that that IS in fact her name and began speaking to me unprofessionally and said, "How you gon’ tell me that that’s not my name?" She proceeded to ask to confirm my birth date. She knew my birth date but I said I don’t want to confirm any information as I would like to look up their company first. She then said, "Well we don’t have a website so you’re not gonna see anything online about us." So I continued and said, "Well any legitimate company should have some type of website especially if you handle legal work." However, during me saying all that, she talked over me and just said, "Well we’re just going to go ahead and proceed with you", then hung up. I assume she means they’re going to "proceed" with whatever the heck complaint she was talking about. At some point during the conversation she addressed me by a name that I’m no longer using. And I said, "That’s not even my last name." I had been married and have my name changed for so many years now that if any legal proceedings is to be filed against me, I’m sure they will have my real name since the state and the federal government has been sending me correspondence with my actual name since what they’re sending is actually real and legal.

    It was a terrible mistake that I called this number back. They call with an unknown # or No Caller ID. It’s annoying. I hope these people get a different hobby or business.

  36. williams and morgan litigation are scams!! they were scaring my family with phonecalls about court and to pay 2200$ and until i called and they seemed not professional the guy was yelling at me and i called back told them it was a scam and he hung up never answered. hope someone catches them. they are scaring people into paying and they need to pay for it

    dont fall for these scams never did i receive a letter
    from anyone so dont get scared
    a legit company will send you a letter first

  37. Be aware, I live in Gainesville, GA and I just received a phone call that my electricity will be disconnected in 30 minutes because the last 2 payments did not go though the system due to an update and that I will have a refund for $780.00.

    The person said that I had a nitification letter 3 months ago and that I will have to send an emergency payment for $350.00.

    He said I must send a payment if I don’t want my service to be disconnected and that it needs to be done in least than 30 minutes.

    He wanted me to go send the money via money pack and that he will call me back when I have the form so he can give me instruction on how to full it up.

    I called the electricity company right away and they told me that they do not have any interruption in my service and that I do not have any refund and that I do not owe money.

    The phone number destination is 1800-578-9189 he used the name as Robert Williams and he is Spanish..

  38. Williams and Morgan Litigation and Assoc. are Scammers!! I also got a call from an unknown number asking me to call them back to 855-260-5063 that a complaint was filed against me, they gave me a file number the "firm" name is Williams and Morgan Litigation and Associates, they told me that If I didn’t pay they were going to send me to court and that i only had 24-48 hours to pay and I never received a notification by mail. Be aware everyone!

  39. 844 609 9631
    Just had a voice message from the above number. Another lawsuit scam call, asking to call back, vague details about everything, no name and inaudible company name. These people are such jerks.

  40. Eva Medicals company is scammer!!!.They say that provide several products with good prices then they got our money to proceed the order but there are not any products and after that they took money,they don’t answer their phone.They said that they have a warehouse in England and their company is in New Zeland.These are fake and they are still available and continue to swindle other people or company.Also,they have a website,this site online shopping site and they swindle people via this website.Their phone number : +441163180669 .Please be careful and don’t get in contact with EVA MEDICALS !!!

  41. I’ve received phone calls from several cities. Washington D.C., New York, California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Idaho, Georgia. When I call the phone number from caller I.D., no one answers. However, my phone gets slammed with calls from a different location. I do not Facebook, Twitter, etc., I’m at a loss, where they obtained my information. Be vigilant people. Good luck!

  42. William Jenkins

    I got 2 phone messages regarding a claim against me. I was told to call an 800 number that was not the same one that called me. I was supposed to give a claim number from the first recorded message. I hung up when the "agent" went to check the claim details. Iit seems very unlikely an official claim of any kind would be issued over the phone. BS. 4 sure!

  43. What a load of s— that call was. Nobody gets sued over the phone and the only way criminal charges are filed is when you get arrested. Transparent hogwash. When they get you on the phone ask where they live, whats their personal phone #, whats their social security # and then hang up.


    I was Contacted by Paul Rosenburg telling me that Valentine legal Mediation 727-350-9154 was looking for me for bank fraud. Paul Rosenburg was very pushy his telephone number is 855-645-8119. I was furious as this has been going on to long I called them all several times to tell them to call back as i
    would like to confront them no one of these cowards have called me back. So my advice to any one who gets these phone calls is ask for an address and a phone number. Time to fight back I am seventy Years old and this is a disgrace that these people have gotten away with it for so long The Illegal Payday loans have also gotten away with it Shame such a great country like ours is allowing this type of thing.,. A blind eye because of the almighty dollar. The payday loan scams are a 35 Billion dollar industry. These phone calls are all connected. SO MY ADVISE EITHER PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN OR DEMAND THEIR ADDRESS..

  45. I received a call on Friday (voice message) from a gentleman claiming my file just came across his desk to deliver to me. His voicemail sounded very official stating he would come to my last known home address or work address to deliver paperwork. So he calls me again today (no caller ID) and says he tried to deliver court papers to me on Friday at an old address from almost 10 years ago. He even asked if he could deliver the signed envelope to me today. He then gives me a telephone number of 844 834 4170 and a claim number and tells me to call them to find out what it is about.There are no court cases against me in any county and he couldn’t answer any questions for me except to call the number and provide them with my current address. Whatever! I am not giving out any personal information. These scammers sound so real and can make you second guess yourself but please be careful folks! And do your research!

  46. I received a phone call like this about an hour ago. The guy in the recorded message sounded "official" he spoke English and stated that they were looking for me because there is a claim flied against me and that they were sending my "case" or my "file" (I forget the exact words) to my local court. The thing is…I have been married for almost 2 years, why would they call using my maiden name? I don’t use my maiden name anymore! Secondly, if they were that desperate to look for me, why have I not been getting notices in the mail or why haven’t they contacted my family members? I called my mom immediately after I got the call and asked her if she heard anything and she said no. Anyway, the recorded message left a "855" number but I don’t plan on calling back. People in the world will go to extreme lengths to try to scare you into sending them money if you’re not careful! It’s a darn shame!

  47. There are fake legal services scammers calling threatening that a complaint will be filed against you from the number (415) 529-4502 calling themselves "state legal and filing services" 415-529-4502

  48. There are fake legal services scammers calling threatening that a complaint will be filed against you from the number (415) 529-4502 calling themselves "state legal and filing services" 415-529-4502

  49. So to make this short and straight to the point. I recieved a voice mail from Officer "Dimon Widerman" calling from ligal dep of irs. He left the suit file case number cs92371. He called from a number 2023706713 and ask to call him back at 2024584693.
    Its sounds so official that it scared the hell out of me.

    I did some reasearch and called some attorneys but i cant even answer the simple questions of the attorney for me which is what is being filed which is not given to me. Lol. Thats when i know something is off. So i told them i will call them back. When i relisten to it i know something is odd anout it and i did online resaerch of scammers and i found this article. It help me alot greatly to determined they are scammers. Out of curiousity and to kill the fear i did call them qith the number provided.

    I started interigating them "im like hi i recieve a call from dimon wideman and im returning the call" and this chinesse women started talking. She sound like a trainee with thick accent and everything rehersing what this dimon left in the voice mail. When i did ask ehats this all about? She rehearse the same thing over again. Lol. Seriously?? She then said that there’s a data file that’s against me. And i repeat the question to her "what data file?" and then she upfront said that i owe the irs of $5767.67. Because she said theyve bewn investigating it since 08 till present day that i ("marrilu" that’s) what she called me) owe them that much. I then repeat every single thing she told me to make sure it’s not me and she agreed to all the things i repeated base upon what she said and i then said. "You sound like a chinnese women to me, are you sure you are an US Citizen?" that trows her off and she’s like "umm im sorry sir i didnt quite catch that, what did you said?" i said "i don’t know any marrilu, please take me off of your call list and never call me back again!" and she’s like " im so sorry sir, i appologies about that it wont happen again" and she hang up the phone." lol. She did that like in a hurry like she got caught. Lol. Because she did got caught.

    Careful guys there’s alot of scammers out there. Stay safe. God Bless.

  50. Someone from "Litigation Services" called our family business yesterday looking for me about a legal matter. The phone was forwarded to my sister’s cell phone and she got the message and called me. They left the number 844-750-7080 to call back and a case #. The phone traces to Kansas.
    The message said that they had traced me to my work address which was correct up until 2012.
    I called the number and talked to a very nice, very young woman who couldn’t answer any questions because she was "just admin and answered the phone when the lines were busy."
    Today I got a call from a blocked number. "Denise" talked really fast and mumbled everything, but tried to sound official. "They needed my address to serve me with legal papers from the courts."
    So I started asking her questions. I had to ask 3 times before she told me the business name, then her name.
    When she started talking about "the courts" again I asked her what courts and made her repeat her answer 3 times.
    3 times she mispronounced the county I live in!
    I told her that I had already reported the scam to the FTC (which I had and thanked her for providing more information to give to them, which I did.)
    I’m not sure if she was after money because what she wanted was my address which I never give to anyone over the phone.

    I have been asked for my address from Jim in Jamaica claiming he was with UPS.
    I have been harassed for my address from someone claiming I won a contest.

    I have never used a payday loan place and own no credit cards.

    Be careful people!

  51. I am receiving phone calls from 559-869-4894 stating they are from the IRS and I have 4 allegations against me. Very strong Indian accent and stated they live in California. They threatened me stating that is I did not comply and buy their legal protection I would be arrested by the local "cops" in 1 hour. I have requested to be taken off their call lest but they are still calling.

  52. I received a call from Bruce of Civil Procedures (347-382-7983) who stated that they tried to deliver a civil court document to me on Monday but i was unavailable. I asked what the matter was regarding and he could not say. He gave me a file number and a telephone number to get further information. I called (855-474-9428) and a lady answered took my case file number and transfered me to Cory Ellis. Cory informed me that i had a outstanding payday loan from 2012 and a judgement has been placed against me. They were calling to find out if i would be home to get served. I said no i work. I then proceded to ask him details about the loan, where did they go to serve me on Monday, etc… That is when he explained they went to the address on the case file in the Bronx which is an old address but a letter was mailed to my current address regarding this matter 45 days ago. (First lightbulb that went off was why would you intentionally go to an address that you know i don’t live at.) I said, i never received the letter. He said well since you didn’t i will give you an opportunity to settle this matter. The amount is $400 +$49 fee, we will give you 5 months to completely pay that off. I said okay. He said you have to pay $89 today, i said i can’t, he said can you at least do $50. I said yes. I said before i pay anything i would like to call my bank to verify that i actually received money from a payday loan in 2012. He said okay, please make sure you call back today by 5pm

  53. Gary Wellings

    This scam is still on going. Requesting a call to this number 1-844-553-1070 in regards to relatively the same as described in the comments below.Will disregard and treat this as telephone abuse thru a public utility.
    Please fix this problem soon,as it is quite abusive.

  54. I received a unknown number called three times in 10 min, left 3 voice mail.

    "This message is intended for Stefan Long. File number 2014 dash 6005. I’m calling with process verification in regards to a complaint that has been forwarded to my office for processing. It’s urgent that you contact our office today the phone number is 888-252-0049. If you fail to contact our office within 48 hours a decision can be made without your consent. Again the number is 888-252-0049. Reference to file number 20146005."

    My brother also received a call that some law office want to delivery sealed document to me and left the same number to call them asap. He spelled the name and they found me on file.

    The case number is the same number they sent to me by letter last year that said some legitation notice.

    The address on it is the same from year before when they tried to scam me with some credit card debit I didn’t own.

  55. Received a call at my place of employment telling them they needed to get in touch with me immediately because they had papers/warrant to serve me. Called back the # and they stated they represent US Bank. They had a lot of info on me. They wanted me to settle over the phone asking for my debit card. I told them I needed to look them up. Gave them my email. Yet to receive anything. This had red flags all over it!!! No info about Kleinman and Berg and Associates on the internet anywhere. BEWARE

  56. Received my place of employment telling them they needed to get in touch with me immediately because they had papers/warrant to serve me. Called back the # and they stated they represent US Bank. They had a lot of info on me. They wanted me to settle over the phone asking for my debit card. I told them I needed to look them up. Gave them my email. Yet to receive anything. This had red flags all over it!!! No info about Kleinman and Berg and Associates on the internet anywhere. BEWARE

  57. I have a person saying there from the civil division has papers to deliver to my wife and also says my wife’s real name but phone number starts with a 717 number in Carlisle pa area and then asked to call them back on a 1-866 number and I do think that this is a scam

  58. Just received a call from a restricted number stating there was a civil complaint against my mom in Dallas County. They gave me a docket# and a 323-786-2878 number to call back. I called the number from a different phone and the person on the other end knew my name. I gave him know information and told him if there was a civil suit I’ll call Dallas County and find out. He said it may not be in there system yet. Obvious fishing scam.

  59. today i had it saying that there is a Lawsuit against me and to call this number for more information, #is from Illinois 6305325073. was left on my voices mail.

  60. Same thing as everyone else. They call me asking for my husband stating name is Lisa Bennet and that a case is filed and will be public record. They leave the number 844-521-0687. I receive these calls at least once a month. They are so annoying.

  61. Hello earlier today my mother got a call saying that there was some kind of lawsuit against me and that I needed to call (877)789-4432 and that I needed to verify my SS# Im not sure what to do.Ive called and called with no intention of giving out my personal info, but it keeps ringing and then they say they are away from office and will get back to me at their earliest convience. They do not even state what kind of office they are just that its the office of Rob Johnson, Everyone keeps telling me its a scam, and im pretty sure it is. as I have not recieved any letter in the mail, and because of the fact they called my mother.

  62. 4076030831 called me saying I had charges against me and to call 8775201574 to process my claim. The woman says she is Debbie Frank and needs to verify my address for service of process. Next day she calls again yelling saying she has verified my address and call the #. They wanted me to verify my date of birth and last four of my social and said there is a lawsuit against me. No names of companies are given and won’t give me any info until I verify my personal info. No one answers and no voicemail for the 407 # and they hang up if you answer when they call so they call back and leave a voicemail. I’ve never heard of getting sued or charges against you over the phone or in a voicemail without having been served in person or sheriff calling and asking you to contact them regarding something.

  63. I just received a voicemail from a Shawnee at accurate location info(ph: 323.952.8032) saying there was a civil complaint against me and to call 855.999.8042.
    yep – definitely not calling.

  64. I just got a call today and one yesterday from (703)882-4378 I did not answer it and they left me a message saying I had a complaint filed against me and they had document to prove it and I was suppose to call them back so they could send me the documents, but I found it fishy because they never said it was for me. I know its a scam and im warning everyone I know about it. Plus it is a real person but they said in the message they were only going to do to attempts but they have called 6 time in a month!!!

  65. Today sept 28th 2015 i got a phone call from a 760-718-3341 it was a guy who stated i had a complaint filed against me and i was to be served papers at my address he knew my address and all when i asked who is complaining on me he got mad i would not give up any information on my self and told him to send the papers cause no one had a reason to sue me he said glad you sound so confident then hung up i was at work so soon as i called back home no info was given to me as far as who why when where and for what is this number a scam?

  66. cartier copia bracciale love

    Got a call from 571-210-5961. Jonathon Wright (heavy foreign accent) call to say that it looks like I have created fraud with the IRS and left a number I could call back (which I did not do). I’m truly getting sick of these kind of calls.

  67. I got a call from a 407 area code claiming they were from Allied Credit Consultants. It is really scary that they know so much information. They sent an invoice to my email. When I looked at it, it did not have the companies name who was filing a claim only "card services" in the original creditors blank. Can I assume this is also a fraud? Everything else you all have said is similar to the conversation I had with Charles Sullivan but when I google the number and look up the company a legitimate looking website comes up for the company and no real warnings for the phone number.

  68. I have gotten repeated phone calls from this same phone scanner even though my Cell Number is on the DO NOT CALL List!Same story, they claim their is a complaint filed against me, they were going to come to my house, have the money taken out of my account.
    I informed them I have turned this over to the Police Department, they informed me it was a SCAM and that you would never ever have a legit complaint filed over the phone, it would be sent by certified letter or thru a notification in the mail. The phone number these scammers are using is (720)445-8319.

  69. My wife received a call from this same scam. I asked for their credit card number because they owe me money for wasting our time. The agent actually rattled off 8 numbers before she hung up. I had a good laugh. I called again to tell them I would like to meet them at Starbucks so that they could personally serve me. Called again (I was having fun) and they told me the conversation was being recorded. I then said make sure to constantly play back what I am about to say…"GET A REAL JOB!!"

  70. Received a call from an unknown number. I didn’t answer, let it go to voice mail. I checked the voice mail and it was supposedly a guy from my county stating that a civil suit was being filed in mu county; and to call this number 8448807975. I called it today they had my name and last 4 digits of my ssn. The rep. Michelle answered to a office of Ally. I asked the rep what company I owed and I never received any letter from the company I supposedly owed regarding a summons for a civil suit. She stated that my file was red flagged and they sent out another summons request to my county. I asked her again who is the company that is owed she just stating she couldn’t see it. And they were trying to locate me to issue a summons. They also called my grandmother the day prior stating the ssme thing. I told the rep it sounded like a bunch of B.S. she got agitated and stated I was babbling. So I hung up and called my local county the county clerk checked and found no such summons for me. Please beware. I believe most of those 844 numbers are scammers.

  71. I have received several calls from 866-322-3245. Of course I did not answer these calls because I do not recognize this phone number. These people then called my husband, my mother, and even my mother’s husband claiming that there is a civil suit against me. I finally called the 866 number and spoke to a Nichole Brooks who asked me to verify my last 4 digits of my social security number. I refused and hung-up. I did check my credit report to check if there were any pending civil litigation against me…happily, none. I wish these people would get caught and face severe consequences. How do they sleep at night?

  72. Recieved a call from (800) 991-5016 on 8/21/15.

    Got a call this morning from a Steven Collins saying he was with the DCA. He left a voicemail saying he had requested me to give him my attorneys information because there are 2 complaints that are filed against me.
    I call back and he exclaims that there was a lady trying to get my information to send me something in the mail to my old apartment that I lived in over 4 years ago on July 3rd. Says that an old wiring transfer from my account wasn’t paid off in 2010, yet I did not take out any kind of loan (for school purposes) until 2011-2012. Says that my account was closed out in 2010 (also false), and that the complaints could be taken as criminal charges because closing an account out after getting a loan is looked at as criminal activity.
    I call shenanigans on this because the information that he was giving to me was false, so I wouldn’t take this call too seriously.

  73. I got a call from 866-536-9402 and 202-734-7692 claiming there was a claim filed against with a complaint number, they knew where I banked and the last four of my social. They called my sister and father. I told them it was a scam and to ignore it and I hung up on the person once I realized it is a scam. I blocked both numbers so they will be hung up on next time.

  74. 602 726 3751 I called and they had my name and asked for the last 4 of my social security number and I said no. They said they would send papers to my address and when I said that’s not my address, he said you have been served and hung up. These people are idiots and they are getting more clever.

  75. We got this call from a live person saying he has legal documents for us to sign. Asking if we will be home to sign for them. Also provided a number to call with a case number. He called back at least 5 times to get us to commit to being home. I knew it was a scam.

  76. I have received numerous calls from this same entity, claiming that I am a respondent in a civil complaint. Supposedly this is coming from one of those payday companies (Kensington is supposedly the complainant). So far, I think 5 different numbers have been used. This last time, I decided to pursue this with an agent, who assured me that I would be served papers. I told them to go ahead and send someone over. I will have someone waiting to arrest them for trespassing.

  77. I just received the call today it was on my voice mail….it scared the crap out of me until I listened to the call a few times and realized it was a scam….

  78. Same call today from(937)303-4810 threatening to serve me papers and " I’ve been served" blah blah blah.. Also called my sister and brother in – law from a different #419-491-4295

  79. 1 (971) 248-2072 Is also a scam call. Sara Thomas claims to be handling a ‘civil complaint’. When I told her I am a NYS law enforcement officer, she hung up on me.

  80. Adale Richards

    I received a call today from a lady named Sabrina Brooks, and that there is a civil complaint against me. It was from the recovering processing center of IDC fraud investigation. the phone number is 1-573-866-8965, any information on if this is a scam or not, told me I have 72 hours to respond? I looked my name, myself up on case net, and found nothing.

  81. Anyone received a call from a 5152125000 number located out of Boone ia? They keep calling and harassing me! Saying they have a summons for me and that they will come to my work.! Is this real?!

  82. Merry A Graham

    For the last 10 days receiving calls about the same time from 501 291 1947 and now 202 930 5562 half human speaks and then the other half is in a robot voice staying 2 fraudulent claims filed in my county against my name and ss# and I will be served at my home or place of work and all my rights will be revoked. I continually block them and have put my numbers on the do not call registry but it still continues. The 2nd number days it’s "IncTel?" I also received a call from a PI 6 months ago on my mom’s BFS house line. Not registered to me in any manner for these people and they have all my private info dob ss# …but had a bank account and address from 8 years ago. I asked them to send me the supposed bill and never received anything took this started. Add of this moment, I have had no problems with my credit or anything otherwise. I would like this stopped though. 🙁

  83. I have been getting the calls as well 207-710 0712. The first call I was nervous but had the common sense to tell them to put it in writing and send to me. I was told they didn’t have time for it.
    Then searched and relized it was a scam. these people are relentless. I blocked the number and they somehow got my husbands number and called him stating the same. that I took out a payday loan and used a bank (that I had closed for over 5 years).
    and I defaulted and now civil charges are agaist me and will be serving me at my home or work.
    hope no one falls for this.

  84. 602-726-3751
    Ignorant as can be, same story regarding case number and civil complaints.
    A true lawfirm wouldn’t have such uneducated, rude people working. One actually referred to me as a b&tch.
    Scum of the earth.

  85. I received messages from "Investigator Watson" at 844-743-8739, but the name that was left on the message is not my name, maybe someone who had my phone number before I got it. Saying there would be legal documents delivered on Monday, June 22nd between 9am010am and that they could be delivered to either home or place of employment. It said there was a fee for Investigator Watson’s time, and alternate arrangements for delivering the documents would have to be made. Also provided a case number and said specifically, "you have been notified". WTF is this sh!t? Investigator Watson?? KMA!!!

  86. Been getting several phone calls from different area codes 972 is one says there is legal documents going to be served within 24hrs with my name an ss just ignorned these phone calls anybody else receiving from this area code

  87. I just got a call from a woman name Abigial Chaves she called from a private number so I told her that I was not available and would take a message for her. She told me that she is calling from Division One legal services case number 707753alu5. She stated she will be serving me some papers on 6/19/2015 between 3-7 pm she will be uniformed officers so let me know that I would not be arrested that day. There is a complaint suit against me from PR Solutions and gave me this number 844-743-8739 to call for more information. She also gave me my address and what she thinks is my last work place but I have not work there in over 5 years.

  88. Debbye Madison

    Got a call from 206 456-0184, over and over again today. They said that the IRS was filing a case against me tomorrow and I needed to let them help me get the funds paid today. Said his mane was officer Ray Alexander and gave me the case number.

  89. My husband and i are receiving automated calls from Bayonne in Bayonne,NJ 201-285-8501 AND Huntington in Shelton,CT203-242-7454. Message states a complaint has been filed against me…using a last name I haven’t had since 1989. Hung up on woman when she got nasty and asked me to verify my SS# AND date of birth.

  90. Got it too. Scam! The ‘private investigator’ actually called my wife’s cell phone number as well as my dad’s to get in contact with me & left a voice message for me to call the 844-743-8739 concerning a case & gave the case number!!!

  91. I have just received a phone called today via blocked number stating I have a case against me. He said my whole name and Social Security number and asked if that was me. I said yes, and he said you sound young just making sure. It didn’t take me that long to find out its a scam or identity theft because nobody will fully mention your whole social number not even any company. I told him he sounds not legitimate and he got furious saying he wants me to call a number to find out what it was. I said NO they can call me themselves and or mail me a notice stating there is an open case filed against me. I asked him what it is for he didn’t want to tell me and kept insisting to call a certain number or he will have to come to my job. I got so pissed off and said to call me without the unblock number and I will report him to the police. I hung the phone up and he kept calling private number 23 times. People reading this be careful and don’t feed in to these threats they are ALL scams! IRS, or anyone claiming they are or someone filing a case against you is a scam to have you pay them some kind of money to drop it. If there is a so called law suit or IRS fake calls they will not call you. Legally they have to mail you a notice and document stating anything against you. Other then that it’s fake!!

  92. There is a new scam number with the same recorded message saying that someone has filed legal complaint papers against you and in order to find out call this number 877-976-4537. when I did this a male answered with and mumbled something when I aske him again who he was he did the same then when I asked him to speak clearly he became hostile and screaming at me and started saying my name and said they were filing papers against me. I told him he was nothing more than a scammer. They called again with the same recording and different number 41-237-2049. Also the other number they used was 859-279-371 from two different states. Beware of these scammers.

  93. 716 332 7027 gave the name brandon lake . same thing, used the name of one of my kids friends on fb saying they are filing a civil suit against me. he wasn’t very convincing. maybe still in training at scam school

  94. I received a call today… In PA. They left a message regarding being sued…. But no name or phone number appeared on my caller ID. It just said Incoming Call. That was my first clue and I never answer those anyway. I also never call the number back! Scammers are SCUM! Beware if you ever call and I do answer!

  95. I received a similar call today 855-311-2683. When questioning about who I owed they got nasty, wouldn’t say and hung up

  96. I got two calls from 2 different states saying I was being charged with fraud and to call or have my lawyer call. I called and told them they had the wrong person. I got a nasty woman saying that my name was removed but I think it is a scam

  97. Add this number to the scammer list.
    214-628-3610 Person claimed to be from Accurate Location services. Her name is Nancy Cook.
    She gave me a phone number and a case # for a civil complaint against me.
    And why would a Texas number be calling out of state for a local civil case???

  98. Lately, I was getting call from this Numbers +1 (816) 984-2819,+1 (713) 460-1091,1 (929) 800-2006,1 (239) 384-7132, my area code is 818 and the proble was that I got confused with the first Number above, thinking is was local, I Accepted the call, the a girl Gave call by my name and provided me a case number, after that she gave me a 1844 number to call, where she said they will tell me the situation before this civil complaint could go to court..blabla bla..I just ignored these people..scammers,,a serious court issue will get to your house and be served by a another person or aware..!!..

  99. Victoria Hollis

    I recieved a call from an 1-803-619-1368 number saying there was a lawsuit against me but he could not tell me who was suing me so I was wondering how can I tell if it is a scam or not?

  100. I received a call today sayingthat a complai nt had been filed againstmy na m . I was given a phone number and a reference number. I called and they stated I had a bill with Sprint and if I didn’t pay now I would be served with court papers from my local law enforcement. When disputing this with them they becameangry and hung up. Scam!!

  101. Recieved a call from "unavailable" saying a legal complaint had been filed against my husband and he needed to call the arbitrator Karen Sheehan at (855) 668-4465, and gave me a case number. I called Karen and she won’t speak to me, says it could be civil or criminal complaint. I told her my husband will not call her becaude th is sounds like a scam, and she said that a process server will contact him. Scam?

  102. I received a call from a Robert hick telling me there’s a suit against me in Georgia, where he was calling from and gave me a case number.he stated it is imperative I call him back which is exactly what I did and left a "sweet" message for him. I then added him to my reject list. He called from 404 724 5711 if anyone else has received a call from this number leave feedback too.

  103. I received a phone call from 888-503-1687 and they said they had a complaint ( civic ) against me and I told them that this was a business phone and what kind of complaint was it again and who are you? The lady then said if you at work and this is a work number call me tomorrow then we will have time to talk… this is a scam!

  104. I have a call yesterday from 1 866 830 9454 somebody told me I have a legal complain I worry at the moment and all the way home. He give a case number. I call back to a # they give me and it sound like music around nobody answer I callback this time was a woman like Chinese. She hangs on me. I start searching on the internet. Then I learn it was a scam. I hope so. 866 is a toll free # Thank you for all your help full information

  105. I received a call today stating there has been a complaint filed against me from 06/1999. They wanted me to pay $105 to close the case so it doesn’t go to civil court. The three phone numbers are: (701) 353-1151, (888) 503-1687, & (425) 209-1661. I was given a complaint # as well. I feel it is a scam but how do I know for sure? Please help! Thank you.

    [email protected]

  106. I just received a call on my cell from, Legistic Locating Service. 214.628.3966 stating that I had a civil complaint against me & action would be taken if I didn’t contact 844.257.0960 with the given case #. The woman didn’t know anything else or who the company was that I was suppose to contact.

    I looked up the number for, Legistic & found them in Texas but nothing else. It was a landline as well. With all the scamming going on I’m not calling. They can mail me something if its legit. Just saying.

  107. I received a phone call that said I was being sued for fraud. They claimed to be a law office and gave me a fake case number. They said if I paid such amount of money as a settlement the case would be dropped. They wanted my full name social security number credit card number address and mothers maiden name.

    I knew I never comitted fraud. Still the call made me uneasy. I hung up and did some digging. First I called the number they gave me of the supposed lawyers office. A recording came on asking for a case number. I’ve had enough unfortunate experience with real attorneys to know that is not how they answer phones. Then I google searched the number and found many people claiming they also received calls from this number telling them they were being sued as well. I also know enough about the law to know you are not warned before being sued you are Served with court papers.

    This is a SCAM to invoke FEAR into good people and scare them into giving away their most private information. I blocked the phone number from fu ture calls. Be aware this is a scam. Do NOT let them scare you into giving your information! ! These kinds of people need to be stopped. They try to scare you into giving your information. DO NOT DO IT. I hope this helps others who may be getting calls like this. Hang up and block their number. I hope this helps someone else.

  108. I received a call from 352-277-5636, this time it was a Martin Riley, says he is an investigator with Capital Provident or Providence with a message, saying that there is a "civil matter" pending against me tied to my drivers license and social security number, and if I or my attorney wist to make a statement to the plaintiff, to call their legal department immediately, or press any key to be connected. I called back and a message said that if I my call is regarding a pending court appearance to contact my jurisdiction or if I was called and knew the extension number to dial it now. The original message left did not leave an ext. # to dial.

  109. I live in california. I received a phone call of this exact nature. I was in a room full of people when I took the call and at first my heart sunk, I felt so scared. Then I started to think about what happens when you are really being sued. They sure don’t give you a present warning. You will get officially served by a process server. I knew that had not happened. Still the call left me uneasy. I did a search on the number and found out they were not who they represented themselves to be (a lawyers office). I further searched and the number came up as a scam.that very number has called other people and told them they were being g sued as well. I wish there was something that could be done about these calls. Although we figure out they are a scam, at first it still causes a person undue stress and fear. And that’s what these callers count on. Be sure if your really being sued ,you won’t be getting a before hand warning phone call. Rest assured it’s just a scam.

  110. I have been getting these phone calls and emails for about 2 years all with different case numbers. Yhey even send in the emails offical looking arrest warrants with my name on them. Once asked me for my address so I could be served with warrant. That really sounded fishy. I do not respond to either emails or phone calls. Have placed their numbers on call block on my cell phone.

  111. Got a call from 202 239 8615 telling me call them because there is a legal case filed against me and they can "protect" me. I looked up number and it traced back to a guy who wanted my real name etc.

    Told him it’s a scam and go away. I can see some people being intimated by this. I gave him a fake name and he had our real name and street address. Hmm…irritating.

  112. Got a call from a 404-400-5390 Atlanta GA saying legal action is being taken to clear this up call us with your ssn.

  113. Someone has been calling my sister( whom of which we don’t live in the same city) to try to get my contact information to serve me papers for a civil suit. When asked what the suit was for they had no answers only a 1800 number to call. These people really need to get a life!

  114. WEll received a call on a private number.. She left a message saying I have a Law suit that will be filed the next day.. It was for a debt I owed from Capitol One Bank. The amount was $25K.. It did upset me enough to call back the (844) area code #… I then contacted my attorney – whom said most likely a scam. .. I had cleared this debt up during an escrow closing 2 years ago!!
    So I was upset and shocked over this call… I called back got the case # .. and told her I think it’s a scam.. she said you have officially been served. And the conversation was being recorded.. Well She did have my Bday and asked to confirm my last 4 of Social.. These Scumbags really piss me off.. HOw dare they try to con people like this.. I am glad as I read here how many have had the same experience! Really sick of these kind of people.. She sounded incredibly intelligent and professional. Very sharp… That pisses me off more!!

  115. I live in Canada and I just received the same kind of message. The guy talking had a bit of an accent and I felt he was reading a script. He called himself Ryan and claimed to be from Canada Revenue Agency. He said there is problems with my returns and I should call him back asap at (844) 385-9044, otherwise I should talk to my lawyer. When I called back was a different guy who was a bit confused about which one of the victims I am. He didn’t answered the call with his name and organization, but with a simply "yes, what, who are you? Oh, what number you’re calling from? He was trying to find me on the list of people called.

    Thank you Scam detector!

  116. Marilen estrada

    Unknown number called and left a voice message saying she is Stacy Williams from the cook county and asking me to verify my address on file because someone filed a serious legal matters against me and to call the plaintiff department and gave me a reference number. They will fill out the paperworks to submit to the court.

  117. Got a call from 972-200-5539 saying they needed to know if I was going to be home to deliver sealed legal documents and when thelse would be delivered I had to have 2 forms of identification and my signature must match. I don’t answer calls which I don’t know who they are. This gets so frustrating when I look my name up on the court records nothing comes up. Cant these people get a valid job

  118. Brenda Apfelbeck

    I have been getting these calls! They have some claim number, want to know if I will be home, say Friday to have the legal documents delivered. They will not give any information, but did give me a different number to call. I made the mistake of telling them off last week and today got a call from my daughter, who they called and left a voice message, same one they leave me, with a phone number and a claim number to call them. So annoying and interrupts my day because I work a full-time job from home! Not sure where they got my number, hard to say, but wondering if somebody sells them lists of phone numbers or what. Crafty people, I will give them that, but that’s about all I will give them.

  119. My grandmother just got the same call from a 1 – 800 number saying they are filing a civil suit against her for 25K for some jewelry she "supposedly bought" in 2010 in California. We used to live there and they knew her last 4 digits of her social security. But here is the thing they messed up on. We moved to Michigan in 2008 so how could she buy jewelry. Now they said they are going to serve her through the mail. My granny was smart with her foe though because they didn’t get anything out of it.

  120. some one called yesterday by Mark Moscato saying that he is to serve me court papers on a civil suit against me. then gave a bogus Court Case # . Then I asked who is filing this civil suit and he gave me a # to call Its 832-220-3158 her name is Summer Hayes. I went to the court house with the number and that number isnt real and the county Clerk told its a scam and so i called the number back and this summer Hayes answered i let her know that there is no civil suit against me and that court case # is bogus. and she said hold on and puts me on hold for 3 minutes and hung up on me… now try calling her back it goes straight to voicemail.. i swear these Scum Bags are unbelievable!!!! My advice to everyone when ever you get calls like these ask for the Court Case File # or Docket number and go to your nearest court house and find out first! PLEASE!!!! and never give any information to them….

  121. I’ve been receiving these calls since 2014. They stopped after I called the FTC. ( 1-877-382-4357). However, these slick guys use different phone numbers, so you have to gather names, Caller ID numbers or any numbers and information they tell you to call back. Give this information to the FTC and allow the FTC to do this investigation on behalf of your phone number. After I filed a complaint, these calls stopped for a whole year. Keep on this as diligent as you can. The more people who complain, the quicker these guys will stop.

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