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Fountain Blue Pools USPS Scam: How It Works

We’ve been getting emails these days regarding a potential Fountain Blue Pools USPS Text Message Scam. It’s also known as the “w6fvc info” scam. Let’s explain. Our readers have been getting notifications claiming to be from the United States Postal Office and informing about a USPS scheduled delivery for a parcel. The text message sender asks the victim to agree on a fake Fountain Blue Pools USPS arranged delivery. To get the package successfully, the recipients have to visit a certain website, where they need to fill out a bogus survey.

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The nefarious domain name proposed by crooks is Do not access it, it is not from the United States Postal Service Office. Here is a screenshot below with a scam message:

usps arrange delivery

The content shows: “USPS: the arranged delivery for the package 1z53654 has been changed. Please confirm here.

Beware of the Site w6fvc info

The Fountain Blue Pools USPS Scam is just another phishing tactic. It follows the same pattern as the regular USPS Text Message Scam. These links and pages contain a USPS tracking link –  in this case, the tracking number is us9514901185421. As an alternative, the message informs the victim that the United States Postal Office has difficulties delivering the package.

The hook varies in every case. The point is, clicking the link takes you to a form that asks for personal information, surveys filling (which creates affiliate money to scammers) or to a site that downloads malware onto your device.

If you get one of these texts requesting to visit sites like, ignore them. Please don’t click the link. Delete the message and go ahead with your day.

Fountain Blue Pools is a real swimming pool contractor in Florida and has nothing to do with this scam. Criminals just impersonate the company and sent USPS tracking texts. Be also aware of many phishing scams prevalent these days.

USPS Arrange Delivery Text: How To Report a Scammer

Let your family and online friends about the USPS Arrange Delivery Text Scam by sharing this article on your social media platforms. If you are also wondering how to report phone scams, you can also officially do it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Fountain Blue Pools: How To Prevent Yourself More

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