Wedding Photographers

How the scam works:

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life so naturally you want to commemorate it with albums of pictures and videos as remembrances. Wedding photography is not inexpensive, and many photographers require a substantial down payment with the remaining balance on the day of. However, be careful; the only memories you might wind up preserving are bad feelings.

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The ‘Wedding Photographer Scam’ is simple. The scammers are second-hand photographers who find newlyweds’ classified ads and submit their porfolios (that are not even theirs), while using a different name. Impressed by the work shown, the couple hires them on the spot and continue with the wedding preparations.

The photographer collects the money, takes the pictures but does not deliver the finished product. When you inquire about the status of the pictures, the photographer simply doesn’t answer your calls or email requests. This can leave many couples out thousands of dollars, not to mention nothing to commemorate their most special day.

How to avoid:

There are some simple steps that couples can take to avoid being ripped-off by their photographer. First, make sure to get a signed contract stating you will be receiving photos and videos upon completion of developing. Second, paying the photographer a deposit is par for the course; however, stipulate in the contract that you will not pay the remaining balance until you have received and approved the pictures and or video. Also, before choosing a photographer, ask around. Find other couples who have used the photographer you’re considering and find out the good and the bad. You can also do a computer search of the photographer’s name, along with the word “complaint” to see if they have been reported negatively by any past customers. Preserving the memories of your wedding day is important; taking these steps will help to ensure a positive outcome as well as an album of memories to enjoy for years to come.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Photographers”

  1. Wile the majority of this is sound advice, however " however, stipulate in the contract that you will not pay the remaining balance until you have received and approved the pictures and or video. " is poor advice for the photographer. Anyone could receive the images, copy them since this is almost totally a digital job nowadays and then refuse to pay the balance. Yes, get a signed contract, yes, completely vet your photographer. I would add starting the process at a The Professional Photographers of America could go a long way to starting your search with integrity in mind..

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