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How the scam works:

The scammer lists a car that is not his on a well-known vehicle listings website. He uses stolen pictures and offers a fantastic deal.

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Once contacted by interested potential buyers, the crook will come up with different convincing stories (including saying that he is afraid of being scammed) and ask to move the transaction to a different listing party.

At first glance, the alternate listing website includes guarantees that are backed by reputable companies and promises the return of funds if the car is not delivered.

Most of the time, the fraudulent website looks similar to Kelley Blue Book, one of the most trusted online resources for values and consumer reviews on any kind of vehicle. The scammer then instructs the buyer to wire a partial or full payment to this third-party (the fake Kelley Blue Book) and fax the seller proof of payment. The cloning of reputable websites such as Kelley Blue Book will make the victims let their guards down and purchase cars that will never come.

How to avoid:

Never accept a transfer to a different website. The reputable listing sites are well-known because they are effective and work well – there is no need to transfer somewhere else, whatever the reason. The majority of the fraudulent sites are often poorly written and have multiple spelling errors. Always check the domain name in the browser, as well as research online for reviews about the “transfer to a different website” offer.

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