Towing Old Cars

How the scam works:

Crooks drive around neighborhoods and look specifically for cars that are 20-30 years old and haven’t been used in a while (have some vegetation growth around them).

After monitoring the activity in the area, scammers come the next day dressed in coveralls when they are sure the owners are not home and tow the car, using a stolen pick-up truck and a tow dolly.

If asked by neighbors, they say they were sent by the owners to pick up the vehicle. Alternatively, they lie saying it’s a new government regulation that very old unused cars are subject to removal from the streets, invoking pollution and “new green approaches”.

What they actually do is take the vehicles to a private auto salvage yard to have it crushed for the value of the metal, as they are paid based on the weight.

How to avoid:

If you really want to keep your car for that long without moving it, store it in the garage.

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