Teeth Whitening

How the scam works:

You come across an ad that catches your eye, as someone whose teeth have yellowed from years of smoking: “Read this before you think of cleaning your teeth again”. You click the banner and it takes you to a site filled with testimonials and “before and after” shots. You have been thinking about getting rid of your yellowish tinge so you sign up.

Don't get us wrong. There are legitimate companies out there that provide great service and have their marketing campaigns set along the same lines. This is why scammers get away being trusted by the victims, when creating similar but unorthodox offers. So how does the scam work?

Similar to the Acai Berry Scam, you'll be offered a “free trial” which isn't really free at all. Way down the page, in size four font, it tells you that if you don't call and cancel, you'll face an $80/a month charge. Roughly 90% of the people who sign up for this deal end up paying at least one month of late charges.

How to avoid:

Always read the fine print and act accordingly.

Make your friends and family aware of this scam by sharing it, using the buttons provided.

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