Music: Celebrity Visit

How the scam works:

You see online advertising for an upcoming show featuring one of your favorite singers or bands. You want to attend and call the number listed to get tickets. The scam usually has two variations.

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Scenario 1. The headliner doesn’t perform that night, as he probably never knew his name was listed on posters just to make people buy tickets.

Scenario 2. The organizers advertise an official after-party in a club where the headliner will be present for meet-and-greet sessions and photo opportunities. In most cases, the artist never shows up at the club. You go there, pay the charge, have some drinks, and wait all night to see your favorite. You are a good consumer and spend a lot of cash, which is what the scammers wanted since their original intent is to advertise the club.

Alternatively, instead of singers, the scammers use the name of famous authors who are apparently coming to your town for a lecture or conference. The event will turn into a no-show, but the victims will be told that they can hang on to their tickets, for a future rescheduling, which of course never happens.

How to avoid:

Always buy tickets for events that are organized by reputable promoters and read carefully the refund rules. You will also know it’s a scam if asked to wire the money through Western Union or Money Mart, versus paying online through Ticketmaster or other accredited websites.

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