Money Drop in Moscow

How the scam works:

This scam was reported to be occurring in Moscow (Russia) or Kyiv (Ukraine), but chances are you could face it in any other country.

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As you are walking through the famous Red Square, amongst many other tourists, somebody (usually a well-built guy) is running between you and another person and “accidentally” drops a wad of a few hundred-dollar bills. The person beside you sees it, as well.

He begins to pick up the money, but because he knows you noticed, offers to share it with you, 50-50. You look after the owner of the money and he is long gone. You take your share of $200 and walk away.

Three minutes later, the original owner of the money, along with another couple of big Russian guys, tap your shoulder and ask for the amount back – the full amount. As you only have half, you will need to see the closest ATM in order to get away without being hurt.

How to avoid:

Never take the cash from the other “tourist”.

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