Milk for Baby

How the scam works:

This is a scam that is particularly pulled in poor countries like India or Cuba. Let’s say you are in Mumbai, in the vicinity of the Gateway of India monument (photo above).

A young person will start a conversation with you and advise you in a friendly way on what to look out for and what to avoid. A few smiles and a couple of jokes later, you really appreciate his useful information and try to give him 100 Rupees as tip (about $2US). He says “No money, thanks, I am your friend. But if you want, you can buy milk for my baby sister”.

That impresses a lot of travelers, but what they don’t know is that the kid will “find” a convenient kiosk/ mobile cart with milk bottles just 20 yards away. The vendor is the scammer, as he will sell you the milk for 600 Rupees, which is close to $15US. Looking into the kid’s eyes, many tourists just avoid the embarrassment by paying for it.

After they leave, the kid gets his share and goes to look for another victim.

How to avoid:

Just give him the initial small tip. If he doesn’t want to take it, too bad.

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