IRS Call Survey

How the scam works:

Scammers call households pretending to be IRS (Internal Revenue Service in US) employees conducting telephone surveys. Alternatively, they may use a flyer, an e-mail, a text message or even a tweet to make contact with the victims.

All they need first is to gain trust, sometimes using some information they may already have about people they call. Indeed, they are using this approach to con people into providing their private information or sending money.

The email version of the scam comes as an e-Service page that the IRS has on its website, which is only meant to be provided to tax preparers, not to the general public.

How to avoid:

The IRS does not conduct telephone surveys nor uses e-mail, text messages or social media to ask for personal or financial information. If you are suspicious, you can call the IRS at 1 (800) 829.1040 to find out if they were trying to contact you. You can also send the fraudulent information to the IRS via email, at

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10 thoughts on “IRS Call Survey”

  1. I received a call from a man claiming to be an IRS agent by the name of William Johnson also. The agent claimed to be from NY, NY. The first call, o received showed up on my phone as NY, NY and claimed that I had a case filed against me from the IRS. Since, I am fully aware of the scams, I looked up the information here at this site and low and behold, this man’s name shows up here. The man had spoke broken English as well, definitely not an American. So, I called the number back and a woman answers the phone and asks who am I calling for and does not forward the me right to the man’s phone. Instead she proceeds to tell me that he will call you back. She didn’t even answer the phone with an official IRS greeting. When this man called me back, the number came in as a phone number from Spain, yet when I look back at missed calls, it shows up as NY, NY. I did not even give the man the time of day and blocked the number. I recall his message referring to a case filed against my name, social, and physical address. I went on to tell the man that I am aware this is a scam, why didn’t the IRS not send me a letter if they have my address then? I cut the man off as soon as he tells me alth at a letter was sent. I told the man, have a nice day, don’t call me back and I would be blocking his number. I then attempted to call the ORS office an undisclosed location and immediately, an official message shows up! If you get this message, it’s a scam!!! Do not give them any information.

  2. an individual just called and told me he was from the irs he has some of my information. he must have gotten a hold of my irs form he knew my address and the app now afraid for idenity theft how does he get my 1040 he even told me I owed 5,000 his no is 1 360 200 6820. Beware!

  3. This man (William Johnson) called twice. He has an British Accent. He stated that he is with the IRS and a warrant (for tax evasion) will be issued for my arrest in 2 hours unless I pay a fine. I immediately began to challenge him. I asked for his badge number (253618) and his supervisor’s name (Eva Adams). I asked him where his office is located and he mispronounced Florida. I told him that I did not believe him and asked when did the IRS send a letter to me because I never received one. He stated that they sent a letter in March. I explained that’s impossible because I’ve never received one. Then I asked how much do I owe and how does he propose I pay? He said that I’m being combative and he will issue the warrant for my arrest and the police will come within 2 hours.

  4. Got a call today from this number. A man with a middle eastern accent informed me that he is with the IRS and Department of Homeland Security and that I’m under investigation for serious crimes. I told him that those agencies do not operate this way and that he is obviously a scammer and criminal. After I hung up he called back until I answered. He then informed me that my crime is eating his excrement. Then he hung up on me. I assume impersonating an IRS and DHS agent is a crime. I hope this fool is brought to justice, but those agencies probably have bigger fish to fry.

  5. I got a phone call this morning at 10:38 from Officer Kevin Peterson from the IRS, stating that we were being investigated for tax fraud. I was instructed to call 347-637-4192 immediately in order to avoid arrest. He had a very thick Pakistani / Indian accent, so calling himself Keven Peterson was probably not the brightest idea in the world.

    I hung up on the guy.

  6. I received this voicemail on January 16, 2015. The voice was a computer generated one, and not very clear. I was already aware that the IRS would not call you, but would send a letter in the mail if you had a tax issue. The language is humorous, but it still makes me upset because I know there are some people who would believe this is a true IRS employee.

    "My name is Officer Rosemary and I’m calling to you from the tax crime investigation unit at the Internal Revenue Service. The hotline to my division is 347-949-6921. Now if I do not hear from you or your attorney either, the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you. If you want to save yourself, return my call. Thank you. Have a great day."

  7. I also received a call from Kevin Peterson telling me I had a warrant out for my arrest for tax evasion for back taxes owed from the year 2010. He got $2500 out of me in Green Dot Money Paks. I reported him to the police and he had the nerve to call back this morning (the morning after 10/14) to get the remaining $1000. When I told him I did not have the money, he cursed me out then told me the officers were coming to arrest me. The police told me once a warrant is issued, it cannot be put on hold or cancelled and must completely run its course. So this Kevin Peterson who claimed he could stop the warrant if I paid the back taxes in full can go pound sand. He has an accent like the computer guys who fix computers or run diagnostics on your computers (may be an Indian accent). He is very convinging so beware.

  8. Darlene Lachance

    About 10:00 AM on Friday, August 1, Kevin Peterson from the Department of Legal Affairs left a voice mail message for me on my home phone. The individual’s accent was so thick it was difficult to decipher and I could not determine the nature of the call. I was instructed to call 213 928 6683. I called, Kevin Peterson answered, gave his badge number as 11538 when asked, then told me a warrant had been issued for me for non-payment of taxes. I told him he was mistaken, that I believed he was part of the IRS scam and I told him to f–k off. He asked me to call back when I was more reasonable. He told me to call back when I was more reasonable.

  9. Not leaving my name

    Similar to the message above from Pattie Kaiser, received 2 calls today with the same exact message. So must be a recording. "This message is intended to [NAME]. The very second your receive the message, I need you or your attorney to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is Sheldon Grum (???bad accent, not quite sure of the name???) from the IRS, call back 415.251.3754. Don’t write or disregard this message and return this call asap…….(something about income tax). Thank You and Good Bye."

  10. I wanted to let you know about this. I received a phone call this morning at 11:02am from “Officer Kevin Peterson from the IRS”. He stated that he has an “affidavit” against my name and SS# for “taxation fraud” and he wants to speak with either me or my lawyer within 45 minutes of his phone call or a warrant would be issued for me in my state! He sounded foreign and threatening, so I thought I would drop a line to the REAL IRS and report this call to you. The phone number he called from was 347-637-4192, which was also the number he told me to use as a reference when I called back (which I have NO intention of doing!)
    I know if there’s any problem with the IRS that I would get papers in the US Mail and not a phone call! I just wanted you to be aware of this (what I believe to be a) new phone SCAM!

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