International Driving License

How the scam works:

This is a scam aimed at newcomers, international students, or foreign workers in the United States. Crooks meet victims in pubs or at working centers and pose as representatives of any “vehicle registration office”.

They will tell the newcomers they need an international driving license to be able to drive in the United States and that they have “connections” for that. They charge the immigrants "$80 instead $150”, but the victims will never see anything.

The scammers take the money right away and mention some names along with a fake way to follow-up if there are any problems receiving the license.

They might even confuse the victims deliberately with providing many links and telephone numbers which immigrants have no use for, or are just the right/legitimate websites and telephone numbers; but have nothing to do with the scammers. The victims will still be out $80.

How to avoid:

If you are a newcomer in the USA and are reading this, be aware that you can drive in this country with your own national driving license for a full year.

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