Infamous Person’s Fortune

How the scam works:

Every so often we hear about the killing or the arrest of an infamous person – from Osama Bin Laden and Gaddafi to Bernard Madoff.

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Scammers use this to their advantage and pose as former partners of the infamous character (someone from the Madoff’s Board of Directors) or soldiers who found and confiscated Osama’s fortune after they killed him (and need help hiding the money or cashing it out safe).

Either way, they claim the money was sent to a security box outside the country and – just like in the Inheritance/Next-of-Kin scam – you are promised a good percentage of it if you help out. You are connected to an attorney who has all the details. Thinking that in the end they’ll get hundreds of thousands of dollars, victims don’t mind paying a few in lawyer fees.

How to avoid:

Delete the message. These “lucky” guys have their own friends and families, why would they contact you?

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8 thoughts on “Infamous Person’s Fortune”

  1. I just got this scam email from a guys called Frank Dunhill:

    "My names are Frank Bruce Dunhill, I’m 58 yrs old and a Protocol / Operational officer assigned to the United Nation, a job I have handled for over 13 yrs till date. In my capacity, I am designated to over-see and investigate every operation that is out of line.

    But Three (3) weeks ago, I took a personal initiative to run a check through the six security vaults, which keeps the custody of most valuable,treasures and delicate items. Four out of the six passed without much interest until I discovered in the 5th and sixth over $10.5 Million United State Dollars respectively.

    It became even more interestingly to realize that your details are tagged on it and to my greatest surprise, it has been a long time pending package which was supposed to have been delivered to you.

    However, I want to inform you that after much deliberation with other officials of the United Nations, it has been agreed that your Consignment will be delivered to you with immediate effect.

    Meanwhile, before I proceed, I want you to re-confirm the information stated below to be very sure am in contact with the right person

    Full name:

    Residential Address:

    Telephone / Cell Number:


    Email Address:

    I shall give you further details as soon as I re-confirm the above information.


    Frank Bruce Dunhill"

  2. Here is a scam email I just received, coming from "ISAF Deputy Commander", with the subject line: "Soldiers in Afghanistan"

    Good Day [first part of my email address],

    It took me time to think properly, before resolving to give you this information because of the state of things here at the moment. I’m General Joseph F. Dunford, ISAF commander and US National contingent commander Afghanistan. You may have seen on the news, the predicament of Gen David Petraeus. This is a very important information, so I do not want you let anybody know about this please.

    Three weeks ago, I and my troops were on a raid in the northern part of Afghanistan. It happened that in one of the buildings that were occupied by the Taliban which we stormed, we found huge raw cash hidden under the ground. At first we thought it was a dream, but when I touched the money, believe me, they were real U.S. dollars hidden in boxes.

    The money is believed to be made from drug deals, which were intended to be used for financing terrorist attacks. I knew this is a blessing from God. I am very happy my friend, because I know that this treasure of our lives is to change us for better, for ever and ever. I am repeating this again. No one has to know about this please. The money was shared among all officers that witnessed the operation that day, so there is no problem at all.

    My share of the money ($8,500,000.00 USD) is now safely hidden in my base, but I am afraid that, if I should take off now, people will become suspicious.I want to trust you blindly, otherwise I would not have told you about this money. I have therefore come to the conclusion that, I want to send the money out of here enclosed in a secured metal box. This is because there is no way i can transfer this money to you by bank from Afghanistan, without calling into questioning, how i got this money.

    We are sending some soldiers to assist the Kenya Soldiers in Nairobi to help in the security of President Barrack Obama on his arrival to Kenya next month June. the box of money will be carried by the soldiers to Kenya where i have already made an arrangement with a UN Diplomat who will deliver the box directly from Kenya to your country at your door step .

    The money will be put inside a metal box which will be delivered to you by a diplomat from Nairobi Kenya .I am willing to give you 30% of the entire money if you can help me with this, then I will invest the balance 70% on a business in your country which you will manage on my behalf .

    Upon your reply i will attach a prove to you where the money where been shared among all the officers who took part on the operation and together with my working ID card to your email for confirmation .I think this is a great opportunity for us, and please please please, I always want this very confidential. Don’t tell anyone for security reasons and for my safety. I want to trust you with the hope that you will never betray me. I will be waiting to hear from you, so that I can know what to do next.

    General Joseph F. Dunford,
    ISAF deputy commander

  3. Heres another..


    I am Staff Sgt. Sean Pabey, An American soldier serving in Afghanistan. I have a proposition for you. Please email me at [email protected] for details.

    Thank you,

    Sean Pabey"

    Have fun!

  4. I got one from a guy who claims is a soldier. Here:

    "I am Staff Sgt. Sean Pabey, An American soldier serving in Afghanistan. I have a proposition for you. Please email me at [email protected] for details."

    I got no time to play with him, so feel free to do it for me.

  5. Well, I received an email from scammer David Ablo – tel: (+228)97329355 from Togo, saying that he has access to Ex-Libya president Muhammar El Ghaddafi’s fortune. Apparently worth $40.4M and 500 kilos of gold…LOL… He asked me to connect with agent Dr. Kodjo Soviepe, tel : (+228) 98925095,e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected].

    Beware of these clowns – don’t believe them!

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