How to Determine if You’re Visiting a Fake Psychic


Beware of Bogus Psychics Using These Tips

Visiting a psychic should be an experience you can look forward to, and one that you find helpful, and insightful. You should walk away feeling that the information given, and messages received from loved ones, were both accurate and genuine. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

There are people out there who are fake, some of them do mean well, but they simply do not have enough psychic ability to provide a meaningful reading, others are scammers plain and simple. Sadly there are people out there looking to exploit ordinary men and women who simply want a chance to connect to loved ones who have passed on.

If at all possible it's worth checking out psychics before you commit to a reading, as this may eliminate the obvious fakesters. However, even during a session it's worth watching for these typical signs that indicate a psychic is faking it.

The Psychic Only Makes Vague Comments

This is quite easy to do as many people who choose to have a psychic reading are both open to the concept of communicating with spirits, and hopeful they will hear from someone they know. So statements such as 'I have an elderly man/woman here' are very likely to make sense, and automatically identified as 'Mom', 'Grandpa', or whoever fits. A fake also speaks more slowly than is normal to allow time for you to fill the gaps. They take cues from your face, behavior and comments to flesh out their general statements.

So if you are teary when you guess that grandma is coming through the psychic can jump in with a comment about your closeness, which adds authenticity to the unsuspecting victim of this con.

The Information Given Is Not Accurate

Fake psychics fish for clues and hope to get a positive response they can feed off. Sometimes they will make a completely inaccurate statement, but if challenged will twist information to make it fit. Here's an example: a fake psychic claims she has a message from your dead father. When told he is actually very much alive they claim it must be someone who was close to the father.


There Is No Set Fee For The Reading

A genuine psychic will have a clearly defined pricing system so you pay for the type and length of reading you want in a face to face setting. Online psychics are more likely to charge by the minute, usually with a few minutes free to start you off. That isn't a con unless there is a minimum call time which you must pay for regardless.

The Psychic Makes a Lot of Predictions About Your Future

This is something a fake psychic will do with confidence because they can't be proved wrong! Ironically, genuine psychics are the opposite, unless they are using tarot cards to deliver a past-present-future reading, so watch out for this, as it is perhaps the easiest way to spot a fake.


Fake Psychics: How To Report Them

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