How to Collect and Use Customer Data Correctly

There have been a lot of discussions lately about the personal information that’s being collected online, identity theft risks and all the necessary info that companies really need when launching a campaign. What does the seller need to know about his buyer? Age, gender, what he does, location, marital status? All this information can be useful, or maybe just a load on the system. Experienced companies advise you to collect only the information that you are sure to use.

It is noteworthy that for each business the list of useful information can be strictly individual. Some companies are not asking for age, but for the date of birth to make personal suggestions.

As an idea, you can collect information not only about those who have already made a purchase but also about those who have dropped the case halfway, with Custom Order Number extension for Magento 2. Such visitors are especially important in terms of increasing sales, improving service, interface optimization, etc. And not someday, and already tomorrow.

How is the Information Collected?

Many tools are used to collect information. To relatively inexpensive and simple methods include questionnaires, registration, telephone calls. Very detailed information about clients gives binding profiles of social networks. A more detailed collection of information can provide an analysis of behavior on the site and other modern analytical tools (analyzers, trackers, counters) – they will demonstrate how the visitor moved on the site, how carefully he looked through the goods and on what page he left the site.

Try to get the list of users who have visited your site twice, opened more than one letter from your company and scattered at least one post in social networks.

Not all tools are equally useful – some methods of information collection seem to be absolutely ineffective, some – very intrusive, once – ineffective. So what to pay attention to, and what can not be considered?

We hold the view that the most effective way to collect data about users is one that does not distract him from buying and wandering around the site. At the same time, questionnaires and surveys quite effectively cope with a number of tasks.


Company executives are of the opinion that potential customers who are really interested in your product, with interest and pleasure will fill in even the longest and most complex questionnaires. And those who are not very interested in you, at the first attempt to get some data, will run away. So do not hesitate to ask the client to tell about themselves. If he likes you, he will be happy to answer your questions.

The specific way the data is collected depends on the task that the shop has set itself. What is the priority – quality of information or quantity?

A bag of information about visitors and customers does not increase sales by itself. Therefore, you immediately need to start taking active action – to form a personalized proposal, timely show advertising, remind the visitor of an interesting product, improve the quality of service, optimize ordering or do something else. Depending on what conclusion you have come across the analysis of the information received and which of the ways you can implement them.

Gathering users in groups with similar behavior, you can make individual proposals that will be beneficial to the seller and will interest the buyer. Remove clicking ads that are not effective. The main thing is to make the right conclusions from the information and see in the combination of numbers of patterns, and not everyone can.

In addition, without possession of information about your client, you can not build a full and quality communication with him. Absolutely all communications are tied to the knowledge of the visitor. In addition, information about existing customers should be used to expand the audience.

Artificial Intelligence

Most companies have long been using customer databases, which contain such data as unique customer ID, year of birth, gender, shopping list, etc. All this information is of great importance, as it allows us to form an individual approach to the client.

But there is a problem: a specialist who analyzes this data, can not identify all the important factors, much remains hidden. But artificial intelligence is able to do the same job much faster, identifying the interests of customers, their preferences, the period of maximum buying activity, etc.

In the end, when a person who has already bought something, comes to the store, sellers know what to offer. The client is called by his name, he is congratulated on his birthday and offered to buy, for example, the right things for children who go to school the day after tomorrow. The individual approach increases customer loyalty and satisfaction with the service provided.

The user should know what information you collect and how you use it. It is not necessary to acquaint all visitors with this, but for the most inquisitive should be given the opportunity to get acquainted with this information. And information protection will be provided by competent IT specialists. In some ways.


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