Hospital Bracelet

How Your Hospital Bracelet Leads To Identity Theft

Depending on the state, province, or country you live in when you are hospitalized you receive a paper (or plastic) bracelet on your wrist. The bracelet is used to identify patients, but it also contains some personal info, such as name and birth date.

Unfortunately after getting discharged, most patients throw the bracelets in the garbage boxes outside their hospital rooms. What usually happens is that drug addicts go through hospitals, pretend they are visitors, and look specifically for those bracelets in the garbage.

Then they go to a medical clinic with a minor ailment and get a prescription for medicine. Next, they go home, use wipeout to delete their name, the name of the medicine, and the doctor’s signature. Then they photocopy the blank prescription form several times.

Addicts then write your name and your hospitalization number on it and add the name of the drug they really want, e.g. Ritalin. They successfully present these prescriptions at several different drugstores, which are able to check the hospitalization number.

How to avoid:

Always shred everything that has your personal information on it, including these insignificant-looking bracelets.

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Another thing to consider with these hospital bracelets is that you can be in danger even when you DON’T take them off right away. Many of us wander out of the hospital or ER still groggy or a little bit sick, still wearing the bracelet, and then stop by the pharmacy or store on the way home. Because they have your name, birth date, and in some cases social security or insurance number on them, you’re basically wearing a sign that says "Here’s my personal info, scammers." All it would take would be for someone to approach you with an… Read more »


Why do you specify drugs addicts? I know if many people who are not drug addicts who do similar crimes. And secondly, if these people weren’t doing this crime before, then they definitely are now, thanx to your very detailed description.????
Never lump humans into defined categories. Everyone is unique, and yes, some are bad, but some are not. And while your busy lumping everyone into categories, the ones you aren’t looking at are the ones that sneak up behind you and…..well…ya.

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