Dropping Coins in Philippines

How the scam works:

If you are traveling to the Philippines and use the transit system, you might witness somebody dropping coins “by mistake”. As the bus is moving and coins are spread all over the place, good citizens are trying to help pick them up and hand them back to the owner.

If this happens in front of you, be very careful with your belongings. Once you are distracted helping, criminals slash your bag or purse, stealing the contents.

Some victims even put down their bags while helping, which makes it easier for the crooks to steal the whole thing.

How to avoid:

Since they are doing this regularly, criminals have a very smooth yet fast way of operating. Hold your bag tight, especially if it’s busy. Meanwhile, protect your pockets, too. If coins are dropped right in front of you, it’s a good signal that you’ve been spotted as a potential victim.

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This is 100 percent true. Me and my Filipina wife fell victims to this just a few weeks ago on a jeepney in Olongapo City. They got my wife’s wallet out of her purse. She never felt a thing. She had it on her shoulder, never put down or anything. They are good. They kept trying to get the coin under our seat, forcing her to move closer to another passenger. We lost a great deal of money. The police made a report, but no follow up at all. I now keep an almost empty wallet in a plastic bag… Read more »


This Fuckin happen to me, just yesterday, i loose all my money and my ID’s and my bag was slash by this Fuckin Criminals, I hope Philippine Police will do some action with this matters, why we should come over PI if this is what they are doin to us?

John Bekman

Funny thing when l was in the philippines back in 2009, l was very careful cause l alway had my wallet in my front pocket and always always look at my surrounding when l myself had travel on the bus

Very excellant advice

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