Dealership Add-ons

Car Dealership Add-ons Scam: How It Works

Many car dealerships use deceptive practices to pull in clients and rip them off using specific techniques that are borderline illegal. Of course, not all dealerships are the same, but we are referring to the ones that don’t hesitate to take advantage of consumers‘ lack of industry knowledge. If you went through such an experience, feel free to leave a comment at the end of the article. Let’s dive into some situations that expose car dealership tricks that you should look for.

Let’s imagine this scenario: You’ve shopped around for months and have finally found your new car – the perfect combination of stylish and affordable. The salesperson at the dealership is helpful, and you’re ready to move from the showroom into the office to make it official.

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After preparing the contract, you are handed the final invoice – which it turns out, is a little more than you expected.

You ask about the several charges. For example: underneath paint sealant, seats – fabric spraying with protective silicon, rust-proof spraying, necessary new alarm. You are told these are must purchases and that it would be silly to buy a car without rust-proofing. Besides, the vehicles arrive at the dealership like this. Before you know it, your car is almost a thousand dollars more than expected and your salesperson is driving home from the dealership in their new car, courtesy of your commission.

Watch the video below to see in action many other car dealership deceptive practices:

Car Dealership Scams Exposed Video


Car Dealership Add-ons Scam: How To Avoid

Adding certain things may seem like a necessary part of the sale so many people just accept the charges. Most of them are not mandatory, so stand up for yourself and call their bluff!


Car Dealership Add-ons Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Car Dealership Add-on Scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report scammers and questionable auto dealerships to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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Dealership Add-ons Scam

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2 thoughts on “Dealership Add-ons”

  1. I need to report Tri County Truck of Pompano Beach Fl. First of all they took 5 MONTHS to do a 3-5 day repair. During this 5 month time I tried giving tri county truck a 1000.00 payment. These scum bags REFUSED to take my 1000.00 said NO ALL MONEY UP FRONT WHEN DONE. Having my truck 5 months put me in very bad financial problems. My mortgage bills etc. How in the heck can I make money UP FRONT when these scammers had my truck 5 months. They knew I couldn’t pay yet insisted I do. They gave me no options. My wife texted many times. Never an intelligent answer. They said they’d drop. The price to 5400.00 give or take. Instead of the rip off price of 7 or 8 thousand UP FRONT. We are not stupid. These jerks knew we didnt have the 7 or 8 thousand, so duh, we didn’t have the 5400.00 or whatever price the scammers wanted UP FRONT. Bottom line they still, i think, have my livelihood/ truck over a year now. No written contract or estimate was ever given. Verbally they just stated different prices. BUT they Never told us or put it in writing that we couldn’t make payments. Id have towed my truck out of their immediately had I been told this. Now these scammers put MY truck title in their name!!! Is that legal when my wife tried so many times texting the jerk that we could make payments IF we had our truck to do so. I’m going to the courts and fight this. Hes stealing my truck. I never received a signed rcpt letter from them that they were stealing/ putting MY truck in their name. They haven’t got a single piece of paper and obviously neither do I. Can i win in court? Liars and thieves. Now saying charging more and storage. I feel like I’m being ripped off. They are making up rules as they go along. Look at their reviews. Scum bag lying thieves. Any advice? Or please report them. Suing them in broward courts.

  2. Joann Pelliccia

    I have been scammed by Napleton Hyundai, WPB,Fla.
    I brought my 2003 Accent into service dept due to the check engine light on. I requested to see a car salesman, while, I wait for my car, because I was sent via US Mail a flyer stating "Lease a new 2014 Accent for only $88 a month." I just wanted to know what that was all about (military only)which was not mentioned on the flyer. "I was not a buyer and had no intention of purchasing a new car", I kept telling this car salesman, "I can’t afford a new car" "I can’t afford anything but repairs on my car." When I asked to leave the desk to see what the status of my car was, to escape and get away from this high pressure salesmen, he told me that he spoke with service and he will (Brian Mays) stop by his desk. He never did show and hours later, I was driving away in a lease car that I didn’t want. In tears I went to Napleton the next day to get my car back and return theirs, they said "my car was gone!" and the paperwork was in already. I spoke to the sales mgr and he was not nice either, and Brian Watkins was no longer in there employ! Please help! I can’t afford to make these payments. No regular groceries anymore and I can’t afford to turn on my AC. It is very hot in here, 90 degrees and I am hungry and have just basic items. Milk, bread, eggs, water and lemon drink for kidney stone prevention. I have had several attacks for the past 6 years. Stress is a killer. Please help. what Napleton Hyndai did was criminal and cruel.

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