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Financing Credit Score Scam

Credit Score At Dealership Scam: How It Works

(with video below) Are you considering purchasing a new car? When you buy a new car you have to go through a credit score check at every dealership, unless you pay cash. Because 9 out of 10 people don't know their credit score, they just rely on the dealer to tell them what they qualify for.

Dealers will give customers lower credit scores than they actually have. This way they can increase the amount of the monthly payments. Simple, yet effective for them.

Watch the video below to see how dealers also use credit to trick customers.

Sub-Prime Auto Financing Scam Video


Credit Score At Dealership Scam: How To Avoid

Be smart; go to the dealership with a copy of your credit report. On the other hand, if you are looking for online sources for a car loan use only reputable companies such as Web2Carz. According to online reviews they are one of the best agency out there, with services in the United States and Canada. You can get a quote or find out more about loans and financing options on their website HERE.


Credit Score At Dealership Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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