Counterfeit Airbag


Counterfeit Airbag: How It Works

(with video below) We all know about the presence of an airbag in our vehicle and most importantly the importance of it. The airbag is a security gadget fitted in a vehicle, comprising of a pad designed to inflate quickly in the case of a collision. It is meant to shield travelers from being flung against the vehicle's structure.

Unfortunately, a counterfeit airbag places your life and your passengers in peril in case you are in an accident, so beware. How do you recognize an original from a fake airbag?

Watch the video below to see a great guidance in spotting a fake airbag or just read on.


Counterfeit Airbag Educational Video

Without careful examination it's virtually impossible for the normal customer to tell just by taking a gander at an utilized auto on the off chance that it has fraud airbags. That's in spite of the fact that there are diverse approaches to perceive the original and the fake airbags.


Counterfeit Airbag: How To Avoid

In the event that you purchased an utilized vehicle of which you are not certain about its history, take it to your mechanic and let him evaluate the airbag to see if it's unique. Additionally, one of the most ideal methods for maintaining a strategic distance from cars with fake airbags is purchasing through respectable dealers.

A vehicle history report can likewise incorporate mishap pointers like airbag arrangement and casing harm. This report outlines the history of a particular vehicle since it left the factory.


Another suggestion is to turn the ignition on and look at the airbag pointer – see if the light goes on quickly and afterwards goes out. If it stays on or flashes it can indicate a problem.

In the event that an airbag on-off switch is installed, solicit to see duplicates from the NHTSA letter approving the switch. Also, check the airbag cover to csee whether they fit legitimately. Finally, make sure to test how rapidly the safety belts withdraw.

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