Buying Land for Investment Purposes


Investing in Land Scam: How it Works

(with video below)  Thinking of investing in land? Beware of criminals. Read this article to see the How To Invest in Land scam exposed. Just as everyone wants to become a real estate guru by buying land for investment purposes, crooks are also in the game.

One day you come across an online ad selling a course on how to become a real estate property millionaire. You might also get a fancy high-end printed brochure in your mail featuring a great land investment opportunity. Everybody is talking about real estate and you decide to take the course, paying a good amount of money to register. The investment might pay off, so you don't mind. So where is the scam?

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buying land for investment purposes


After finishing the course, you are introduced to your first great opportunity: an unbelievably cheap price for several acres of land, located either in your region or just a few states away (in Colorado there used to be 1-acre lots that were sold for $1,000US).

It looks really good. You are psyched. Then you decide to invest all your life-savings into this investment. The land really does exist, and yes, that's the price it will sell for – $1,000 an acre at most! Then what's the catch?

What the scammers didn't tell you is that the land is derelict, unsuitable for development or has already had planning permissions refused. Either way, you can't do anything with it and you are now landed with it – you may even find you are liable for charges related to the property. You've just lost not only the money for the course, but all your hard-earned savings and the scammers have done nothing illegal.

Sometimes, they don't even go to the trouble of organizing a course. They just post the land for sale as it is, because there is a good chance that somebody will fall for it.

Watch the video below to see 3 fatal mistakes people make when investing in land:

3 Mistakes In Land Investment Video


Land Investment Opportunities Scam: How to Avoid

If you consider investing in land, always research the prospect for the above-mentioned characteristics. Any land and property investment should not be done without due diligence. No real estate property millionaire would buy land without either going himself or sending an agent to inspect it thoroughly first. That's why they are millionaires. Also, make sure you do a proper research of the company that advertises it.

Talk to an investment advisor, but only after you do your diligence about him/her, too. There are a ton of legitimate land investment companies out there, so if you match the right advisor with the right organization, you could definitely score big. However, remember that like any other investment, profit is not guaranteed 100%. Last, but not least, don't be afraid to buy Investing for Dummies from a book store near you.

Buying Land for Investment Opportunities Scam: How to Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Land Investment Opportunity Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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  1. Long story short, my husband was involved in a real estate scam with a person who promised to get lines of credit for him so he could invest in real estate. My spouse signed papers for the lines of credit. What he did not realize was that the lines of credit were real but he also signed for a student loan in the name of the scammer’s son. The scammer cleaned out our lines of credit and got the money from the student loan. We had to declare bankruptcy. The scammer was later convicted of the crime but no reparations were made. We are now paying on a student loan every month to keep it from further tarnishing our credit record. We are in our 60s so this is a big deal. My husband tried to have it taken care of due to fraud but since his authentic signature in on the application, we are liable for it. Please help.

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