Cell Phones Sale Scam

How the scam works:

The smartphone became such a hot commodity nowadays that almost everybody owns one. Needless to say, this opens a lot of opportunities for scammers, especially since it comes to the newer models.

Let's say you want to purchase an iPhone 6, a Samsung Galaxy S3, or a Blackberry 10 and want to get rid of your old cell phone. While looking to get a good price for your used phone, you come across tempting offers online. Advertisments such as “We buy cell phones for good cash” might catch your eye on websites like Craigslist, Oodle, or Kijiji.

The scam occurs when you are required to send them the phone via regular mail.Be advised that if you have to send your phone to a 'company' 15 states away, you’ll never receive any money. Criminals just bank of the fact that people don't really care much about the old cell phones, since they don't use them anymore. Not to mention that the crooks are also soft spoken, since they do this all day, every day. They have an answer for pretty much every concern.  

How to avoid:

Don’t believe these companies’ testimonials unless you can research the client in detail. Always try to sell it to people you can actually meet and don’t have to mail it to, regardless of how good the offer is

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  1. Mr. Dahoe says:

    Attention everybody:

    Do not to buiseness with Fred Burton. I have gone in buiseness with him and i wanted to buy 2 iphone 5’s from for a total of 900$ transacted with Western Union.
    I did not close the MTCN number to him but still he managed to WithDraw the money without having the MTCN Number! I did not recieve my order and my 900$ was GONE!
    This is a warning DO NOT GO IN BUISENESS WITH HIM OR ELSE YOU WILL BE SCAMMED! He does not reply to my mails anymore and he refuses to give back the money!
    If you do net believe me i can send you the mail history i had with this scammer!

    This are his Details!!!!

    Compar Services USA
    Jefferson Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48207 map
    Phone: (313) 915 0786
    Website: comparservices.miiduu.com/
    skype: worldstoresinc
    Tel: +1-313-915-0786
    : +1-248-562-0158
    Name: Qing XU
    Street: 501 Silverside Road, suite 105
    City: Wilmington, Delaware 19809
    Country: United States
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC
    Web : http://registrar.godaddy.com
    Registrar Country: United States

    Website: comparservices.miiduu.com
    Title: Compar Gadgets

    Domain Age: 3 Years, 97 Days

    Owner: Qing XU
    Owner Address: 501 Silverside Road, suite 105
    Owner City: Wilmington, Delaware 19809
    Owner Country: United States
    Website Location: United States
    Notes:western union has started and investigation agains these guys.

    he says Please make payment to:

    Receivers First Name : Gerran
    Receivers Last Name : Moore
    City: Valdosta
    State: Georgia
    ZIP CODE: 36010
    Country: U.S.A
    Amt : $900

    You will hold on to the MTCN until you get delivery of the items and inspect them

  2. John says:

    Hello, this goes to Mr. Dahoe, there could be a way he can get the MTCN number without you telling him, by him calling western union and he tells them he is expecting money from you and you forgot to give him the MTCN and when he tried to call you back he could not get hold of you, and maybe western union just might give him the number or money cuz it’s already been sent by you. You may want to look into that and see if western union did that or does do it that way.

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