5 Online Dating Scams You Need To Avoid

common online dating scams

The Most Common Online Dating Scams And How To Dodge Them

Are you one of those persons using online dating apps to find a perfect life partner? As millions of people worldwide are nowadays using such apps or sites, bigger scams have been happening daily! Despite all the success stories of companionship and finding soulmates on the Internet, these five common online dating scams are something everyone needs to be wary of.

With this significant concern in mind, we have amassed the top online dating red flags and the way you can avoid those. Such online red flags will help discover if the site is inauthentic or if the person’s profile is fake.

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Therefore, by following this list, you must be well informed to judge a person’s credibility and understand how to conquer online dating scams wisely. Let’s get started, not before saying that if you are looking for a soulmate, join legitimate services like Ashley Madison or Searching For Singles.

1. The Dating App Demands Enormous Personal Details

Every online dating site needs a few basic personal details to get started. They need all such information to show you the perfect match for your interest. But if that dating site asks you to provide your financial details or something to swipe your identity, then it is unarguably worrisome.

Check this list of 10 best dating sites, which are authentic and rated by genuine users only. However, if a dating app asks you to provide these details, steer clear!


You need to use only credible dating sites and chat through their private messaging service. Stop providing too many personal details while creating an online dating profile. The fraudsters can exploit this information, such as your name and workplace, to commit identity menaces.

2. Code Verification Scams

This is the most usual online dating scam involving a text or an email asking you to make sure it’s your dating account. The message might contain that the dating site needs to verify your account to update its records.

Therefore, the fraudsters manipulate you to hit any third-party link for account verification in such cases. After you click through the site, you need to provide personal credentials, such as name, phone number, address, email, SSN, birthday, and even credit card information.


Avoid hitting the links or downloads in the user bios. For extra safety, while using online dating sites, you should avoid texts that seem non-associated with the conversation.

3. Online Dating Sites Should Contain Professional Images Only

A fake profile can look like an actual one with a portfolio matched with you on a dating app. The non-reliable profiles are mainly used to dig information from unsuspicious singles or manipulate you to download malware that can snatch your data and jeopardize your online identity.


You can quickly perform a reverse image search to check if that profile image has been used in other social media platforms. Never send your personal photos to online strangers as they could be used for blackmail. That’s how most of the romance scams work.

4. Malware Infused Conversations

Malware is one of the usual threats online, even on dating sites. On any dating site, your “so-called” ideal match might have numerous exchanges with you and provide you details on their personal website or even fake social channels, such as Instagram and Facebook IDs.

After clicking on the link, these pages are not real; you will be redirected to a web page that contains spam and malware. Now, this lets the scammers quickly steal your credentials, leading to financial fraud or identity theft.

Hence, whenever a person on the online dating site tries to persuade you to click through the links, be sure about the malware scams.


The best way to avoid this malware threat is by installing a comprehensive antivirus solution. It safeguards you from viruses and malware.

5. Your Date Wants You To Meet Somewhere Alone

It’s a potential threat when someone from the online dating site asks you to meet somewhere secluded. If they keep compelling you to meet at their place alone, they don’t have much respect for your security. Several cases have been reported that men are enticed into situations where they got robbed. So, be careful.


Always remember to execute your first date in a public place. If you need to meet a partner, tell your selective friends and family members about the location you’re going.

When you suspect someone who seems too good to be true, stop contact quickly! These are the top 5 red flags of online dating scams and the solutions to stay safe. If you’ve ever been cheated from a dating scam, complaining about the case with the FBI is essential.

How To Report an Online Dating Scammer

Let your family and friends know about these common online dating scams article on social media. You can also officially report crooks and any other suspicious online activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using this link, below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to be amongst the first to find out the most prevalent scams on a regular basis, subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You’ll receive periodic emails – we promise not to spam.

On the same token, educate yourself with some other online dating-related articles right under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe. Last but not least, feel free to use the comments section below to expose other online scammers.

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