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    Saturday 11th, May 1996 12:00 am

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    Not detected by any blacklist engine

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    Valid HTTPS Found is a business in an active ARMS sector. We have faith that it's a legitimate business. We extracted some content from the website to see what they say about themselves. Here's the conclusion:

This website is trendy, and either has extensions in many languages or login credentials on the homepage. As a result, chances are you are already familiar with it, so you can continue to use it safely.

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Domain age
28 years 1 month

Company Data

Sportsman’s Guide LLC

Sportsmans Guide, LLC

411 Farwell Avenue



Country Code

Registrant Name: Sportsmans Guide, LLC Registrant Organization: Sportsman’s Guide LLC Registrant Street: 411 Farwell Avenue Registrant City: South St. Paul Registrant State/Province: MN Registrant Postal Code: 55075-2428 Registrant Country: US Registrant Phone: +1.6514513030 Registrant Fax: +1.6515525367 Registrant Email: [email protected]


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Sportsmans Guide, LLC

Sportsman’s Guide LLC

411 Farwell Avenue



Country Code



Sportsmans Guide, LLC

Sportsman’s Guide LLC

411 Farwell Avenue



Country Code

Admin Name: Sportsmans Guide, LLC Admin Organization: Sportsman’s Guide LLC Admin Street: 411 Farwell Avenue Admin City: South St. Paul Admin State/Province: MN Admin Postal Code: 55075-2428 Admin Country: US Admin Phone: +1.6514513030 Admin Fax: +1.6515525367 Admin Email: [email protected]


Technical Contact

Sportsmans Guide, LLC

Sportsman’s Guide LLC

411 Farwell Avenue



Country Code

Tech Name: Sportsmans Guide, LLC Tech Organization: Sportsman’s Guide LLC Tech Street: 411 Farwell Avenue Tech City: South St. Paul Tech State/Province: MN Tech Postal Code: 55075-2428 Tech Country: US Tech Phone: +1.6514513030 Tech Fax: +1.6515525367 Tech Email: [email protected]



CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.


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[email protected]


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The Scam Detector website Validator gives the absolute highest trust score on the platform: 100. It signals that the business is best defined by the following tags: Safe. Secure. . We are confident about our score as we also partner with other high-tech, fraud-prevention companies that found the same issues. So, why this very high score? We came up with the 100 score based on 53 aggregated factors relevant to's industry. The algorithm detected no high-risk activity related to phishing, spamming, and other factors, as noted in the Safe. Secure. tags above. Long story short, we label this website as secure and trustworthy. We explain this in more detail below.

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While some are self-explanatory concerning, let's dive deeper into the remaining ones.

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This metric gauges the connection, scored on a scale of 1 to 100, between and websites marked as suspicious. Elevated scores point to a stronger link with these questionable online destinations. It's worth noting that website owners might not always be aware of their site's proximity to these dubious platforms or servers. However, a "Proximity to Suspicious Websites" score surpassing 80 strongly indicates a high-risk website, while a score below 30 signifies a less-threatening site.

Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators reveal the vulnerabilities and elements embedded within the HTML code of They become especially pertinent if the website has received reports from internet users who've encountered unsolicited emails, ads, or messages related to the site. In the context of, our investigation continues working to pinpoint the specific category, but we welcome your insights in the comments below. A high Malware score generally implies the presence of suspicious code that might be unknowingly disseminated. Conversely, a high Spam score hints at a possibly spam-ridden email address associated with the business. Scores under 30 in both categories are reassuring, but any score surpassing this threshold should raise concerns. is a secure website, given all the risk factors and data numbers analyzed in this in-depth review. Share your experience in the comments.

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This term indicates whether has landed on any online directories' blacklists and earned a suspicious tag.

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This section provides insight into whether boasts an 's' at the end of the 'HTTP' protocol listed in your browser's address bar. If the tab displays in green, consider it a positive sign.

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We want our trust scores and reviews to be as accurate as possible so that you can protect yourself from online fraud. Our algorithm aggregates factors that efficiently analyze a company's website, in this case,

Online Reviews of

  • Trustpilot
  • Score: 1.8
Their deals SUCK. The marked off price is usually 20 bucks above retail. The only good deal I was going to purchase went out of stock right I was checking it out with an error which was really disappointing. They are also super unreliable with their shipping.
Watch the shipping charges. My order ended up being more than double and there was nothing stated about the extra charges. Shady!
Will sign you up for annual fees without permission and draw $ without notice. Never use them
Classic Bait and Switch Time for class action suit. Paid for item December 2023 and still fighting to receive. Have to constantly accept their terms to keep item they want to cancel every month. They refuse to fix the problem or refund price paid. CAUTION DO NOT BUY FROM THEM CON ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ordered a Minn Kota 80lb thrust Trolling motor and a 55 lb thrust arrived. Their website is very misleading and showed the 80lb was what I ordered. When speaking with customer service I was told that was what I had ordered and what was shipped was correct. I pointed out that the website information was wrong, and they agreed to make the corrections. I also was told that I have to take it to a Fed X site to return. What they should have said was I realize the mistake and will get the correct Trolling motor out and we will pick up the other when the new one is delivered. This is exactly why Amazon does so well, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I will not visit this site and place an order again.
I had a great experience with Sportsman Guide. At first I was a little hesitant, because there are some negative reviews online, although most are associated with the club membership. I avoided that, and thank you all for the fair warning.It was easy to shop for and find what I wanted. It was clear what was in stock or not. My purchase was shipped out right away, with excellent communication throughout the process and easy ability to track every step. It arrived in mint condition, faster than expected, and having been packaged well. Overall, thorough and professional. This comment is not meant to be contentious. I just wanted to report a good experience to compare with some negative ones. Again, I did not join the club membership, which admittedly looks suspicious.Lastly, I should mention the price was very good. But price is never my first concern with firearms. I will always pay a little more for great service and reliability.I recommend the site and will continue to buy from them myself.
I had only received half of the bed frame, as the order should have contained two boxes for the entire frame. After some discussion with customer service, they sent the missing package to me, free of charge. The bed is of excellent quality and the customer service team stands behind their company. They deserve your business and will make the problem right if you contact them.
I ordered military airborn bunny boots. I waited a month and received knock offs with broken and missing grommets. No response from sportsmans. This is just another company that built its company model around malfeasance. Caveat Emptor!!
I ordered product ,paid extra for quick shipping and still haven't received product or acknowledgement of delay. No matter which delivery systems most companies are using -- don't pay for expensive Express shipping. They all say COVID - I've tracked 70% of my goods and USPS, FedEx, or UPS -- all are terrible!!! And companies ordered from don't give money back for Express failures. Might as well buy locally and pay a little more but have it sooner. Some things ordered have taken reroute to same states 3 times and returned to shipper before ever making destination. Not cost effective or good business practice.
This is a predatory business. On the one hand they ask in emails if you want to renew your membership. You say no, but at the same time they charge your credit card number anyway! Never again will I buy from them.
I've been buying from SG for over two decades. If I want hunting stuff, I look on their site first. If I have any issues with an item, I am immediately provided a shipping label to return it. They don't have a tiny 30 day return window like some other online retailers (which isn't even 30 days when they base it off the date of purchase and it takes a week or two to arrive). I've even written poor reviews for products I wasn't happy with and a return label was sent to me without asking. That tells me they value their customers. The only explanation for so many negative reviews on here is that people are much more willing to write a review for the one time they're unhappy with something than they are for all the times things go right. That and SG doesn't pay people to write 5-star reviews, unlike other previously mentioned online sites.
took down a legitimate product review. I ordered an item only to find out it was a cheap chi-com knock off. I wrote my review as such and they wouldn't publish it. SG used to be good, but a lot of their products now are chi-com. I won't support communist china knowingly.
Looking for 9mm Ammo, went online, found Sportsman's Guide had Magtech, 9mm, FMJ, 115 Grain, 250 Rounds Item # WX2-620528IN STOCK Quantity1 Price$169.99. After completing the purchase, giving them my personal info & Credit Card info, the purchase WAS COMPLETED - OR SO I THOUGHT! When I got the Email Receipt, come to find out THEY NEVER HAD THE PRODUCT IN THE FIRST PLACE - THEY PUT ME ON BACKORDER!!! Deceptive & Unethical! Never Again! FALSE ADVERTISING!
All these negative reviews are ridiculous. Ive ordered a ton of military surplus from them and it always ships by the next day. The quality is usually as described and if it isn’t they’ll take it back no questions asked. If you’re trying to get ammo go somewhere else. They don’t have the cheapest prices on ammo anyways. Use ammoseek and find the 4 and 5 star online retailers. You’ll save quite a bit over what sportsman’s guide is charging for ammo.
*DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH SPORTMENS GUIDE* Unintrested in conducting business in any meaningful capacity. Website acts like it was programmed by substance abusers. I tried over ten times useing different browsers and restarting my phone ect, to make my purchase and each time I received a message saying my card had "expired". How does a debit card expires four years ahead of schedule? Sportsmen Guide is ran by amateurs who have not even the most basic business sense. Costumers must be allowed to make purchases to actually have a functing business.
Unscrupulous at Best!!! I paid my 'Membership Fee' to join and ordered several hundred rounds of ammunition on June 22nd of 2020. I've been waiting on ammo ever since. continues to claim the ammo is on continuous backorder, however, they have raised the price of the same exact ammo on their website to reflect current market pricing. They simply don't want to honor the price sold to me while they can get three times the price currently. What a bait-and-switch scam they're running!!!
Instead of raising prices to match inflation they are now adding a "fuel" surcharge. This makes no sense as they do not deliver anything. This is a problem because now they show up in searches as the best deal around until you go to check out and find an additional "fuel" surcharge. I canceled my membership and will never shop there again what a crock of s**t
Ordered using their 4 pay plan was hospitalized due to illness then received an email saying my payment was late and just happened to notice they’d cc’d the person I bought my house from. I can only assume that they also were a customer and since we had the same physical address they’d let them know that my payment was late. After contacting them they offered to remove the 3rd party’s email address from my account. Unacceptable Sportsman’s Guide.
I ordered a pack of underwear. It is two months later and a couple hours of my time, plus gas and an international call to hopefully finally have them out of my life. They took it upon themselves to include a watch in my original purchase that I didn't order, and then a buyer's club membership I never asked for. This company is criminal. Period. Don't ignore the unanimous reviews. If someone ends up suing, I will support you fully.
I ordered quite a few items from the site totalling several hundred dollars but, had 3 packs of wool sweaters back ordered. I was generally satisfied with what I received but, nearly a month after receiving all of my other merchandise I was sent 4 two packs instead of 4 three packs. When I called I was told I could ship them all back at my expense for a refund or accept the new 8 for the price of 12 arrangement. I had another $400 in my cart when customer service proved to be trash. Needless to say I'm not making that order.
  • Sitejabber
  • Score: 1.4 stars


Made my first order with them last week. Paid for overnight shipping and it's been sitting with a shipping label in the warehouse for a week. Won't cancel it because "it shipped" which is a lie because it's still sitting right in front of the warehouse guy where it's been for 6 days. Now I know why they spam everyone to death, "word of mouth" and reputation won't sell with these guys. They have to make money on only new customers with the old bait and switch like me unfortunately. Tip for consumers:Awful experience! I wish I researched them first. Products used:A backpack but I haven't used it because they won't ship it. I have already filed a return if they ever get it shipped. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Boss Buck Deer Feeder Junk”

I bought two Boss Buck deer feeders. I have had them a very short time. The deer ate from them fine but if they ever go empty the squirrel's will jump in the feeder and chew holes in the feeding tubes. Then you throw the feeder away. Hundred's of dollar's gone No refund or any help from the company. Tip for consumers:Just wish they would work with me so my kid's can watch the deer in the yard. Products used:Boss Buck deer feeder's Value Returns Quality

“Sizes are often way off. Prices are ok but postage and handling are too the chart and s.i. Doerefunp”

Prices would be ok if postage and handling were reasonable. Sized are often way off. This company made sense when there was lots of NATO products for sale.

“Poor customer service.”

I found this company yesterday to make an order of ammo, I will send the confirmation about my order and the pricing was $500 higher than it was supposed to be. The company fix that and gave me the price that was stated on their website. That afternoon I made a login and I signed up as a member. When I went to look at my order there was two of them both with their own cancellation button. So I cancel one of the orders and this morning I noticed both were canceled so after 45 minutes of talking to Representatives and being hung up on twice they told me that I cannot get my order because it is back ordered and all the back orders are filled. They need to work on their customer service and their site. I just canceled my subscription and asked for a refund of my membership money. I will shop somewheres out from now on. Products used:None of their products I cancel my subscription because of bad service. Service


I ordered a Bubba Fish Scale for Christmas that was on sale. I received the scale and the screen is peeling off. I contacted them and I may as well have been talking to a wall. I was told they wont exchange it and i could only get a refund. I kindly explained it would cost me an additional $35 if I were to reorder and I would prefer an exchange but she didnt care and had a attitude about it like I was the problem. Customer service is non existent at the sportsman guide and I would suggest shopping somewhere else. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Poor quality”

10 years ago I bought a large capacity back pack for a bug out bag. I recently took it out to inspect it and ALL of the nylon straps have disintegrated, the pack is now useless. Who would have thought this could happen?, cheap Chinese garbage!

“I wish they would honor discount codes”

I have never been able to use a discount code sent to me from They don't tell you that the code can't be used with gun purchases, they just say "use this code for your next purchase over a certain amount". And when I make a purchase over the "certain amount", I'm not able to use the discount code. Other than that, I probably would have given them 5 stars. Tip for consumers:You can't beat their 4 pay. Products used:Everything. Service Value Shipping Quality

“Bad customer service”

Bought a blind for hunting set it up and within a day it was broke. Contacted sportsman guide. All they would say and to ship it back and they would see what they could do. Terrible service Products used:Hunting blind Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Flush your money down the toilet and save time”

They sent me a child's size jacket instead of a man's XL as ordered and payed 102.19 for. Then, they make me pay for return shipping, etc. They keep at least $22.20, if they even refund the rest at all. Tip for consumers:They make you pay for THEIR incompetence! They make me pay 22.20 return shipping, when they sent me the wrong size. Products used:none of the above Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Radial IQ ozone chamber”

Be careful ordering from sportsman guide, orded a ozone gear chamber-400 dollars, they sent me something completely different from what was in the picture, even sent them pictures, there customer service is worse than McDonald's service, I want ever buy from them again. Don't trust what you order from them, and they might argue and try to call you a liar. 00 stars. Tip for consumers:Probably the worst service including customer service I have ever encountered, I want what I pay for, I don’t order the junk you sent me. Work on getting the right orders out. Products used:Had to order another ozone generator Service

“Buyer Beware of "Return and Refunds"”

Ordered a two pack of surplus work gloves. Received 3 right hands and 1 left hand. Contacted for replacement. They only do return/refunds then I could reorder. Plus ordered a couple hats that said one size fits most...most children I guess. Size was clearly marked as "M" inside. They only partially refunded the order due to the value of the items vs shipping it back to them. I wrote a couple reviews for the items on their site that posted for a day then mysteriously disappeared. They lost a customer. Tip for consumers:Beware of their return policy. Products used:Gloves and hats were sent back. Service Value Returns Quality

“Decent price just wish they had accepted my 10 dollars off promo code”

Ordered two boxes of ammo. Got charged a membership fee when I declined the membership request. Also my 10 dollars off promo code did not work. That's the only 2 complaints I have Products used:Ammo. Hopefully its on the way.

“Beware of Falsely Documented return policy”

So I purchased some Merrell shoes as a gift for my father and once I received I had him try them. They ran too wide for his feet, so I elected to return them. Their site boasts free and easy shipping and returns for items over $49 (purchase came to $94). When inquiring about why i only received $75 back a snarky representative remarked that because I returned the shoes I was charged a whopping $17.94 for shipping! Why advertise free returns and you not honor your own policy. NEVER AGAIN! Tip for consumers:Don't make purchases from this shady company who does not stand behind their own policies documented on their website! Products used:Shoes Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Guide Gear lifetime warranty is a JOKE!”

If you buy any of that guide gear crap beware! They say lifetime warranty on it but after 2 years and it goes to crap like my boots did they will not refund you unless you have saved that original invoice. The e-mail invoice with the order number will not work with these cheating a#s h*L@s! I will pass the word of your great customer service everywhere I can! Here is a copy of my e-mail with Rachel that fine gal in Customer Service!... Customer Service 12:02 PM (1 hour ago) To me Dear Donald, Thank you for contacting us. The order, or shipping, confirmation emails is not considered an invoice. You do need to have the original invoice that was included with the shipment of the purged order(s) when wanting to make a return. The original invoice will need to be sent with the return on purged orders. The return on purged orders is unable to be accepted without the original invoice that was included with the shipment(s). Please retain your Customer ID Number ######## for account reference. Available Self Service Options: Order Status Manage Buyer's Club Email Preferences Returns Made Easy If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us. Please be on the lookout for a survey request from Sportsman's Guide rating your experience. Enjoy the Outdoors! Rachel Sportsman's Guide Customer Experience Team Products used:Guide Gear Hunting Boots Service Value Returns Quality

“Know how to buy from SG”

So SG sells a lot of cheap jack outdoor stuff, and have a bad rep for lousy service and censoring reviews. DO NOT buy big ticket items from them! Or ammo, since its non returnable. But, they have a lot of good European military surplus, cheap. Great deals can be had if you know what to look for and what to avoid, since there is a lot of cheap Chinese stuff mixed in with the actual military surplus. The real stuff will have the name of a country ("Swiss Army Work overalls" etc). A lot of this stuff is well made and rugged, and as long as its not tactical looking or camo its cheap, cheap, cheap. Swedish CD surplus shirts, 4 for $8, Swiss made work pants 5 for $15, etc. Stick to the real surplus!

“Poor customer service”

I've spent most of the morning trying to get help on a problem using their chat option. It's a waste of time. I've called their 800 number and the lady seemed to care unlike chat people. I'll be spending my money elsewhere. There are plenty of other options Products used:Have not as I don’t have this resolved. My bill on this is north of $500.00 Service

“I'd give them a 0 star if I could!”

Bought a pair of boots from these idiots on Amazon, they canceled my order when I asked why they hadn't shipped the boots out yet. AFTER, yes AFTER they canceled my order, they took the money for the boots from my account and now I'm being told by Amazon I have to wait 3 days before there's any chance to get my money back! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SCAM COMPANY! If I had seen all the negative reviews beforehand I wouldn't have made the purchase but figured I'd be ok since I was going through Amazon, guess not Service Value Shipping

“Totally bad experience. Do not buy from SG.”

I placed my first (and last!) order with SG last month. Three big issues with this order/company. 1) It took almost 2 weeks for my order to arrive, even though their website says 3-7 days. 2) One item ordered was described as "U.S. Military issue, made in USA", "Country of Origin: USA", "Condition: New, never issued". When I received my order this item had a tag on it "Made in Korea" and the buckles all had rust on them. 3) I returned this item that cost $19.99 plus tax and was refunded only $1.39 because they said I used a $20 coupon. This was on an order of $140, so why wasn't the coupon prorated across the entire order, not just the returned item. Their customer service response was totally unacceptable. Don't waste your money ordering from this company. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Fuel surcharge”

So I'm paying a member ship fee to get free shipping so they charge a 2.99 fuel surcharge and a.24 cent shipping tax for free shipping. The deserve their low rating Service Value Shipping

“Now I remember!”

Now I remember why I never order from Sportsmans Guide! So went to order a small wood stove. Shipping said $14.99. Used a $20 off coupon. Then finished my check out. I never saw the total for the order until I finished my purchase. The shipping jumped to $24.99 with a $2.99 fuel surcharge. Then tax was added Then tax of $2.99 was added for shipping? And finally just to make sure they get all they can out of you.99 for purchase protection. I called and canceled the order. I will never order from them again! Went to Amazon cost more initially and tax again was added but with free shipping. In the end I saved $5.00 over purchasing from Sportsmans Guide.

“Boat seat”

SG refused to honor the price I paid for a boat seat thru Amazon, A SG boat seat. Went to Amazon to buy two more it was discontinued, so I went directly to SG Products used:Boat seat Service Value Shipping Quality

“Sportsman's gouge”

Sportsman's gouge. I am still wondering why i tried them again. Moth to an enticing flame with amnesia of the last misadventure i'd had with them. It took forever to get the detailed invoice will all charges itemized; after you order is is not online, but a paper copt is in the box. Inspect your online order carefully should you, in a weak moment be tempted to do biz with these pirates. There were two line items that made no sense: a california shipping tax and a fuel surcharge. California has no such tax and i called the the shipper, fedex and they had no fuel sucharges. And unless you uncheck the box, they will charge a buck for shipping insurance. Against what? Their own incompetence? Sheesh. They are liars, cheats and fraudsters! Do not support them! Stay away! Tip for consumers:don't Products used:the refund came only after i threatened legal action. free shipping if you join their club and make 100$ purchase Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Don't fall for the credit card deals”

You will never get your gift card!it's a scam to get you to open a cc! Nobody speaks good English at the cc company and they hang up on you! I'm done with sportsman's guide! Tip for consumers:Don’t fall for the credit card scams

“Avoid them at all costs!”

Worst experience ever. I ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm from these guys when it was.13¢ a round. This was right before Ammo skyrocketed in 2020 during Covid. When I ordered the ammo, it was listed as "in stock", which is why I bought it. Keep in mind other sites had it for the same price or relatively close, but this website (Sportsman's Guide) SEEMED reputable. As I ordered it from them, I did not order it from anywhere else as again, it showed as "in stock". After ordering it from Sportsman's Guide, the price of ammo shot up to.25¢ a round at EVERY website, and then up to.50¢ a round. This happened within 2 weeks. I contacted them and asked when the order would ship, but received no response. I received an automatic email after this, where they said that the ammo was back-ordered. I emailed them to ask why would an "in-stock" item, that continued to show in stock after I ordered it, be back-ordered. I received no response from them, even after several new customer service requests directly from their website. Despite continued phone calls and emails, they never responded. With ammo prices now through the roof, I had no choice but to wait for the ammo to arrive whenever it came back in stock. Approximately 3 months later, I received an email from them saying, "your order is ready to ship. Do you still want it?" But, they already charged me for it, why wouldn't I want it? I didn't see the email for 2 days, but I immediately responded and said "of course, I want the ammo that I already paid for". Well, then I received another email that said, "your order has been canceled." Why would they want to cancel my order you'd ask? Why sell me 1000 rounds of ammo for.13¢ a round when ammo is now.50¢ a round? I believe they probably did this to everyone that ordered during that time, saving themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars. I will share this review on review sites for the rest of my life or until they go out of business. I continually emailed and called them for 6 months after this and I NEVER received a response or compensation from them. Avoid this company like the plague. EDIT: I was able to get a hold of the company after sending them multiple emails telling them that I had been reviewing my experience with their company at any website I could share it on. They finally emailed me, apologized, and offered to sell me any in-stock item. I asked them if they were going to honor the original price. They emailed back and stated that I could buy ammo at the price that is listed on their webpage... for those of you following along, that price is much more than.13¢ a round. I say again, avoid at all costs. Tip for consumers:Only use this website if you enjoy losing money. Products used:9mm Ammo


They $#*!IN SUCK must be ran by democrats, they ran me around for a return that did not work for my gun

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  4. Check this: They hide your online searches, which means you will get only organic search results without tracking and follow-up ads. For example, when you search for a flight, and the next time you look at the same search, the prices are higher. With Surfshark, this doesn't happen.

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