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Do you wonder: is legit or a scam? The platform is a high-authority website but if you disagree with this statement, please write your bad experience in the comments section so we can adjust the rating. There are a few details that you need to consider about this site and its industry. Here is an in-depth review and things you need to know below.

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The maximum rating was given to for a few different reasons. In this article, we'll also show you some important info on block fraud websites so they don't open on your devices.

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    Thursday 9th, January 2020 12:00 am

  • Domain Blacklist Status

    Not detected by any blacklist engine

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    HTTPS Not Found

  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites

    8/100 is a platform in an active sector. In an attempt to determine whether it is a dynamic website and to better understand its core objectives, we tried to extract a brief paragraph from its website - see below:

This website is trendy, and either has extensions in many languages or login credentials on the homepage. As a result, chances are you are already familiar with it, so you can continue to use it safely.

Let's check out what made having a maximum rank. Again, please add your comment at the bottom if you disagree. Review

When discussing the maximum rating, there isn't much to dive into regarding Our review will be concise but to the point; however, please feel free to contribute with your experience. Given its status as a highly authoritative website with a longstanding online reputation, it comes as no surprise that our VLDTR® tool has assigned it a 100 rating. This rating indicates that the business is for the time being Safe. Secure.

However, it's essential to acknowledge that even prominent brands can face challenges and criticism, regardless of whether they belong to the same industry.'s website successfully passed all 53 factors of our algorithm, demonstrating excellence in every aspect. Nevertheless, here lies the paradox: as a business gains popularity, be it in the industry or elsewhere, it tends to attract more online complaints. Consider PayPal, your cellular network provider, or eBay – all reputable companies, yet they consistently have dissatisfied customers or individuals who feel they've encountered issues or scams. Sometimes, the problem may not lie with the platform itself but with the user's experience. This could also be the case with

Connection To Suspicious Sites

In the preceding Company Details section, you'll notice several tabs. While some of them are self-explanatory for, let's direct our attention to the one that often raises the most questions: "Proximity To Suspicious Websites."

This term quantifies the association, on a scale of 1 to 100, between and websites that have been identified as potentially malicious. Higher scores on this scale suggest a closer connection to these contentious websites. Occasionally, website owners may be unaware that their site is in close proximity to dubious ones, as these may be hosted on insecure platforms or servers. However, if the "Proximity to Suspicious Websites" score surpasses 70, it strongly indicates a high-risk website, while a score below 30 is generally considered less concerning. Scam Or Not?

You can rest assured that is a legitimate website. Nevertheless, it's your responsibility to be vigilant for potential warning signs whenever you engage in online transactions. Lastly, keep in mind that even the most reputable businesses in the world may occasionally receive complaints from dissatisfied customers.

How Do You Rank

Is worth the buzz? Have you dealt with them? How would you rank it? Do they have any flaws nobody knows of? Talk about your experience with this business by leaving a review or comment below.

5 Ways To Spot a Scam Website

There are many types of bogus websites out there but most of them have the same red flags. Watch the video below to see 5 ways to spot a scam site:

How to Report Scams

If you're seeking guidance on reporting a scams, whether they pertain to industry or not, you have official avenues at your disposal. You can take proactive steps by reaching out to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Alternatively, you can share information about suspicious businesses in the comments section below.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to looking at, we address a set of common consumer inquiries:

What to do if I've been scammed?

Whether you've suffered financial losses or not, in the case of any form of fraud (credit card, PayPal, WhatsApp, Discord, financial, or even romance scams), we're here to assist you. We've collaborated with several robust asset recovery firms and are prepared to review your case.

If you've lost more than $3,000US to any form of fraud, please share your story and complete the form on THIS PAGE. The process of recovering your funds is comprehensive and demanding, but we're eager to help you regain your money, if possible.

What are some websites similar to

While numerous platforms resemble in the sector, we choose not to endorse any particular one. However, if you encounter a platform that piques your interest, we encourage you to employ Scam Detector's website validator HERE to ensure its legitimacy.

How can I avoid scams?

With the surge in online fraud, we frequently receive inquiries about effective measures for staying secure on the internet. Here are 4 insightful recommendations:

1. Block Instantly All Malicious Sites

Install the browser extension known as Guardio. It surpasses competitors by automatically blocking 100 times more harmful websites and 10 times more malicious downloads. Our team has tested it with exceptional results.

Guardio caters to over 1 million users, covering up to five family members or five different email addresses associated with your accounts.

As a special offer for Scam Detector readers, Guardio provides a 20% discount only today (Cyber Monday, November 27). You can acquire yours HERE or by clicking the button below.

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2. Learn How To Spot Scams

Here is another must-watch video that you should check out right now before you continue:

3. Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet

Whether you accept it or not, the Internet harbors all your personal details. Why? Each time you visit a website, accept cookies, provide consent, or download an app, unscrupulous data brokers collect not only your name but also your address and phone number, subsequently selling this information to third parties. It's a vast industry shrouded in secrecy. Your harvested personal data becomes fodder for spam emails, targeted yet unwelcome ads, and pesky telemarketing calls. Scammers and identity thieves exploit it without remorse.

The good news is that you can entirely erase your personal information from the Internet. If you desire complete removal, contact Incogni immediately. This reputable data privacy tool formally requests the removal of your data from nearly a hundred brokers on your behalf, with a proven track record of success.

To initiate the removal of your data from the Internet, click HERE. Our Scam Detector team has verified this service as legitimate. For the cost of a monthly coffee, it's unquestionably worthwhile. Available for residents of the US, UK, EU, Switzerland, and Canada.

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4. Get Notified When Your Data Is Leaked

Scammers nowadays can easily track your laptop and smartphone. To counter this, Surfshark is an indispensable tool that should be an integral part of your device. It's 86% off now and you can even get up to 5 months for free. Here are the features:

  1. It hides your online searches, ensuring purely organic search results free from ads and tracking. No more price hikes when you revisit a search, such as flights, as Surfshark prevents this.
  2. A standout feature: It alerts you whenever your personal information leaks online, enabling you to remove your private data from the Internet through these steps.
  3. Foremost, it prevents third parties from tracking your device. It includes a highly efficient antivirus program offering protection from viruses and zero-day threats, a clean and user-friendly app, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

As mentioned, Surfshark offers Scam Detector readers a 86% discount plus up to five months free. Avail of this offer only today (Cyber Monday, November 27) HERE or by clicking the button below.
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8 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. Placed an order on 7/27/2022 for a suspension drop kit. never got order tracking or conformation. tried to call the posted number 530-778-4797 and never got an answer. Also emailed on more than one occasion with no reply. They got me for $161.10.

  2. Placed my order in March, cancelled in April after they couldn’t tell me a delivery date. The phone number on their site is never answered and you get a generic email response each time you question your refund. Definitely fraud site. Got me for $450.

  3. Stole 600$ from me from a carb that was never shipped and is in stock. Please don’t purchase from this clown. I tried to get order cancelled and they sent a fake email.

  4. Jeannie Reyno has stolen $2600.00 from me and refuses to refund my money and never sent me any product!! Please please save yourself from this scam of a company! I am contacting the authorities as this is Grand Theft in Florida.

  5. #mbgram – Consumer Beware!! Despite MBGram’s promise to issue requested refunds in 7-10 days, this is simply not true. In January 2022 I placed an order for an item that was on back order. After waiting nearly 3 months for the item to come in, I cancelled the order on March 8, 2022 and requested a full refund, despite being told I’d have a full refund of my $1,000+ dollars within 7-10 days it’s now April 2nd and still no refund. All I’ve gotten from them is email after email, “Thank you for your patience, someone from accounting will contact you shortly with an update”. I’ve yet to anyone from mbgram contact me directly. Completely irresponsible and terrible customer service, makes me wonder if they are a scam after all!

  6. I ordered two Holley LFRB135 headlights on 12/25/2021, and my credit card was charged then. As of 3/10/2022, not only had they not shipped, I was told that the parts were “still on special order nationwide”, and “and your [sic] on the list due to ship in 2-3 weeks”. Then I checked; the headlights were in stock at Holley, Summit Racing, Jegs, and other sellers. So I asked “why 2-3 more weeks?”, and the answer was “we can’t control that” – which does not answer the question. I cancelled my order and wrote a review here.

    Within minutes, my phone started ringing. In the span of 8 minutes, they called me 9 times, seven from *******797, then twice from *******373. The 20-minute “conversation” that happened when I answered was quite remarkable. “Unprofessional” doesn’t even come close; it was threatening, profane, and 100% unapologetic. Specifically, the guy said he had my address, that he was going to “put Legal on me”, and that bad things were going to happen to me (several times). He also called me an a**h***; in fairness, I called him a p**** after the second time I asked for his name and he still would not identify himself. (It was 15 minutes into the call and I was not a happy camper.) He said they would come after me for “slander” and “defamation”. I challenged him – repeatedly – to tell me even one word that I had written that was false, and he had nothing except claiming (inaccurately) that I said it was a scam website. He also said that I was “putting 50 people out of a job”. I don’t have that kind of power; I share my own experiences – accurately – to help inform others. Period. And I WILL NOT be intimidated out of doing so.

    At this point, I have received a full refund, and I thank MBenzGram for that. However, it’s not proof of legitimacy, as Mr. I-Won’t-Indentify-Myself seemed to think it was.
    FACT: Bernie Madoff would cheerfully give you your money at any time – until his Ponzi scheme ended.
    FACT: The “God Wants You To Roll” guys would quickly give you a refund if you asked.
    FACT: Classic Industries, a legitimate parts website, does not charge you for back-ordered items until they ship.
    FACT: gives a Trustscore of 36 out of 100.

    I do not want to put 50 people out of a job. I do not want to hurt legitimate small businesses. But anybody who had my experience would have to wonder. I can prove everything I have written, even about the call, which I recorded. So, MBenzGram, let’s see if you will carry out your threat to go after me legally. You will end up paying your legal fees, my legal fees, and a big bill for harrassing me. Will you also go after the other reviewers who described similar experiences? And And other similar sites? Will you take on the whole world?

    1. I feel MBenzGram is very shady company, and not truthful when doing business with them. I placed an order for a cold air intake and paid for it at the time of the order. when I placed my order on the phone, I was told my order would be shipped, and received within 5-7 days. I called them back after day10 to check on my order. I was told, they had a work order to ship my part .This went on for another 3 weeks with nothing shipped. I called them 6 time by now. Now they tell me, it will take 2 weeks for the vendor to ship it to them. Now this went on for another several more weeks and still no part or answer, it was just a continue run around with no truthful answers. Then I was told, the part was on the counter, and ready for shipment. This story went on for another 3 more weeks, and nothing shipped yet. Now this time I was told the part was on back order. Every time I called them, it was another lie, and false promise. They would never tell me their name, or give me the managers name or contact information. There attitude was horrible and sarcastic every time. I Started emailing them, and they would answer with no solid answer or helpful information. Every time I would contact them by email, the emailed person would only say the part would be shipped in 2 weeks, it’s on order. Through this whole ordeal with MBenzGram, they never once email me about anything about my order. except, only when I contacted them first about my parts status. There customer service is horrible. This went on for over 5 months. I believe, they didn’t want to sell me the part at the original low advertised price. Because, the part price went up extremely higher in price after. I never seen a company like this. After I contacted them for the last time to get an answer. I told them I was contacting BBB, the State of California Business affaires. I was contacted back by them and was told, I was threatening them. Because I was reporting them to BBB and The State of California business affair. They were totally trying to intimidate me because I was reporting them for there business practice. Now, I was told to only contact them through email to there legal department, and they were refunding my money. My Lawyer is contacted and ready. I’m the one being threaten by them. after I told them I was reporting them for there business ethics. I will never buy anything from MBenzGram again. I have told all my friends, what they had put me through, and advised them to not do business with them. They charged me for a part knowing they didn’t have it in stock or when they would get it. Made no effort to expedite the handling, shipping, or customer satisfaction. There website has no place to leave a comment. when you try to leave one it does nothing. Please beware of doing business with them. Look at other companies to buy from.

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Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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