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Let's look further into why we gave this fairly low score. After you've reviewed our findings, tell us if you've had a bad experience with this site in the comments section.

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What Is Company Overview

  • Domain Creation Date

    Wednesday 30th, October 2019 12:00 am

  • Domain Blacklist Status

    Not detected by any blacklist engine

  • HTTPS Connection

    Valid HTTPS Found

  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites


We evaluated's connection to its listed and found a few areas of concern. We tried to extract some content from the website to see what they say about themselves. Here's the conclusion:

This website is poorly designed and doesn't contain elements in the metadata that could help its online presence. As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable momentarily. As soon as they improve their back-end, we will update this information.

We dive deeper into below. Technical Analysis

Key Facts

Domain age
4 years 7 months

Company Data


UAB Ekomlita

Gedimino 45 - 7



Country Code

Registrant Name: UAB Ekomlita Registrant Organization: UAB EKOMLITA Registrant Street: Gedimino 45 - 7 Registrant City: Kaunas Registrant State/Province: Kaunas Registrant Postal Code: 44239 Registrant Country: LT Registrant Phone: +370.69165454 Registrant Email: [email protected]


Website Data


SSL certificate valid

WHOIS registration date

WHOIS last update date

WHOIS renew date


UAB Ekomlita


Gedimino 45 - 7



Country Code



UAB Ekomlita


Gedimino 45 - 7



Country Code

Admin Name: UAB Ekomlita Admin Organization: UAB EKOMLITA Admin Street: Gedimino 45 - 7 Admin City: Kaunas Admin State/Province: Kaunas Admin Postal Code: 44239 Admin Country: LT Admin Phone: +370.69165454 Admin Email: [email protected]


Technical Contact

UAB Ekomlita


Gedimino 45 - 7



Country Code

Tech Name: UAB Ekomlita Tech Organization: UAB EKOMLITA Tech Street: Gedimino 45 - 7 Tech City: Kaunas Tech State/Province: Kaunas Tech Postal Code: 44239 Tech Country: LT Tech Phone: +370.69165454 Tech Email: [email protected]



Name, LLC


Register website

[email protected]


Server Name



The Scam Detector website Validator gives a pretty low trust score on the platform: 34.4. It signals that the business could be defined by the following tags: Medium Risk. Standard. Warning.. We are confident about our score as we also partner with other high-tech, fraud-prevention companies that found the same issues. So, why this low score? We came up with the 34.4 score based on 53 aggregated factors relevant to's industry. The algorithm detected fairly high-risk activity related to phishing, spamming, and other factors noted in the Medium Risk. Standard. Warning. tags above. Long story short, we recommend staying away from this website. But let's explain in more detail.

Explaining Our Analytical Approach

We've displayed some important information within the Company Details section above, each deserving more explanation:

  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites
  • Threat Profile
  • Phishing Profile
  • Malware Score
  • Spam Score
  • Domain Blacklist Status
  • HTTPS connection
  • Domain Creation Date

While some are self-explanatory concerning, let's dive deeper into the remaining ones.

Proximity to Potentially Harmful Websites

This metric gauges the connection, scored on a scale of 1 to 100, between and websites marked as suspicious. Elevated scores point to a stronger link with these questionable online destinations. It's worth noting that website owners might not always be aware of their site's proximity to these dubious platforms or servers. However, a "Proximity to Suspicious Websites" score surpassing 80 strongly indicates a high-risk website, while a score below 30 signifies a less-threatening site.

Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators reveal the vulnerabilities and elements embedded within the HTML code of They become especially pertinent if the website has received reports from internet users who've encountered unsolicited emails, ads, or messages related to the site. In the context of, our investigation continues working to pinpoint the specific category, but we welcome your insights in the comments below. A high Malware score generally implies the presence of suspicious code that might be unknowingly disseminated. Conversely, a high Spam score hints at a possibly spam-ridden email address associated with the business. Scores under 30 in both categories are reassuring, but any score surpassing this threshold should raise concerns. is a questionable website, given all the risk factors and data numbers analyzed in this in-depth review. Share your experience in the comments.

Domain Blacklisting Status

This term indicates whether has landed on any online directories' blacklists and earned a suspicious tag.

Assessing HTTPS Connectivity

This section provides insight into whether boasts an 's' at the end of the 'HTTP' protocol listed in your browser's address bar. If the tab displays in green, consider it a positive sign.

Safe Check

We want our trust scores and reviews to be as accurate as possible so that you can protect yourself from online fraud. Our algorithm aggregates factors that efficiently analyze a company's website, in this case,

Online Reviews of

  • Trustpilot
  • Score: 3.1
The ordering process was very straightforward, product was out of stock so it took a bit longer. Haven’t really tested the product yet since i have data coverage all over Europe through my network provider.
Website claims up to 150 MBPS, it never ran even close to that. Do not buy this. The website says 30 days satisfaction but in the terms of services (which you cannot access until you open the product), it says it must be unopened and unused to return it. You must determine your satisfaction with the product before you open it and use it. TOTAL SCAM DO NOT BUY!
Trying to find out why the package that I ordered in June/9 hadn't arrived when it was set to be delivered by June/20 and spent 2 hours and 30 minutes with customer service but didn't solve the problem. Only copy-pasting answers and not willing to reach out to the shipping company they used to find out the status.Looks like a scam, and I guess something is on me because I didn't check reviews before ordering and also explains why they offer 70% off, looks like nobody is buying.Also, they tried to give me great news by trying to apologize and offering me online cookbooks! Seriously?Find other product WORST Customer Service ever!When I asked to talk to her supervisor, she said that she would put a ticket and I would get an email between 24-72 hours, again seriously?
I was going through the process to create an order. I wanted to check what the shipping options are, as we are leaving in four days. I had to input my payment info before I could get to the shipping page. There was no where to confirm purchase after the information was already in and my card was charged, without confirming order. I immediately contacted them to cancel the order, but I was told the order has been processed. I contacted them with 15 minutes of placing the order. I've tried to look up the provided tracking number and it is not even in the system. I just want the ordered canceled!
I ordered one unit and got four. I realized the mistake immediately but the customer service told me I couldn't cancel the order once it was placed. I tried a return but the return address was in Lithuania which is cost prohibitive to return. I then took the company offer of 20% discount in order to keep them. This is a total scam and I don't recommend any one to buy this item.
At first I thought it was a scam. I had huge issues in the beginning during my order, the system of ordering is faulty and needs to be looked at. I felt was not being heard when I contacted them through the chatbot and I was quite angry hahaha as what I paid for was NOT what I ordered . Though when the message did get through to them using alternative methods, I did sense that they really wanted to help and sort the problems out which they did at a very very fast rate.I would say if you are having issues be patient, they will get back to you. Call it teething problems. I have recieved my Ryoko now and am now happy and eager to try it out. Watch this space.......
So far not bad my employer has the worst internet in history and I am able to gain access to the internet via my ryoko. It does use a lot of data relatively fast but I haven't figured out if this resets every month.
It's good for laptop's, but untill your able to have better upgrades on in I would not reconmend having your phone on it
dont ever ever buy Ryoko. it doesnot work sim card does not work (invalid) support never answer....its a scam.....arnaque .
Tried to make contact through the website to obtain information about the cost of extra data. A very pleasant welcome message from Morgan but no response. Leads me to believe data is expensive that they do not respond
After 300+ minutes on the phone with techs?, and 28 emails (tickets) my RYOKO never worked a single minute. When I finally received RMA form to return I packaged everything up and the price to return to LITHUANIA was $62.00. Obviously I didn't send the piece of JUNK back.In my opinion this company has the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever encountered!! Buyer Beware you,ve been warned.UPDATE UPDATE 6-25-2024This morning I received a phone call from a very polished customer service RYOKO representative named JOAN. She was calling from a Birmingham, AL number.we talked about the whole experience and she expressed sincere apologies regarding my experience and how it will be useful in training their staff at Ryoko. Joan also has assured me that a COMPLETE refund has been initiated and will be reflected on my credit card. As a suggestion, I would think it would be useful to establish a return location in the U.S. so that any future faulty devices could be scrutinized and eliminate troubleshooting failures. In the end I'm VERY satisfied with the end result but it shouldn't have taken this long and we never did find out what was wrong. Thank you Joan- great skills.
Live in the bush ,Queensland, tried other devices over time all failed,this product seems to be doing its thing,speed time has increased ,Netflix doesnot crash halfway through the movie,still feeling my way around with other devices 👍😎
I was having trouble accessing certain apps when away or some distance away from my home router. Now no problem accessing those site and not waiting endless time refreshing.
The monthly charges are not explained clearly in the advertisement but the monthly charges are rather expensive and it’s not free to return
This is a scam in it's true sense, do not pay for any monthly subscriptions, they are very quick to take your money but don't try to contact them or register the 5GB sim card once you pay for it is the end your $45, all you get is 500MB free data and the sim number on the card you try to register it always comes back as a non valid card no matter how many times you try, as a new client or otherwise. their state of the art scamming business is working perfectly they will never answer any queries simply because there are no forms any where to make a query. you always get back to the home screen, an you will be wasting hours up on hours of your time for nothing, this is my personal experience with this mob, stay way from them and forget your money and cancel you auto debit account with you bank
this is a great idea for wi-fi service when you are not at home, traveling the country
waste of moneybought this to travel with and paid $160 australia dollars and I used it once and as I purchased 2 weeks before travel it expired. The charges are $49.99 per month for 10gbI decide to stick with vodafone daily rate $5 much cheaper and more effective. It will be going in the bin
I like that fact that I am able to use this to help me get internet in the middle of nowhere and I plan to use it a lot. I hope you get the same and enjoy it to the fullest.
The RYOKO product itself is fantastic! We’re all now living in the day & age of: “The Internet of Things.” It is becoming more and more difficult these days to do anything without it; especially in areas with little or no Internet connectivity. In terms of marketing, yes! RYOKO has certainly found a home with people who are always on—the—go (working, traveling, vacationing, etc.). Yes. I will personally recommend this product to anyone looking to: “Take the Internet along with them,” on their travels/journeys.
First try with 500mb that was included at purchase, but it did not work, Ryoko added another 500 mb same issue, So I had to purchase 3 GB to experience the reliability and connection signal to assess the service.It's not bad for traveling. On the other hand, what is frustrating is that Ryoko does not have an app where we can check data balance with option to top up and see expiration date if any. Need to work on this seriously. When we travel we have no time or a number to call you to top up. Thank you for creating this app.
  • Sitejabber
  • Score: 4.5 stars

“Five stars for this”

Giving this 5 stars. I am a frequent traveler and realized I'd be more comfortable having my internet route through my home network rather than being completely visible to every hotel I stay at. I bought this device specifically to connect to my laptop and mobile and it works great. Service Value Shipping Quality


This company is in Lithuania and they don't tell you if you return their product you have to pay the shipping cost that are very high because its in another country. They also won't let you return if the package was opened even if you didn't use it. Now if you do these things you will spend another hour trying to get a return label and that's after you finally get through to them. Don't buy from this company. Products used:I didn't even open the package Service Returns

“A fine option”

There was no wifi in the apartment I rented for a month. This works great in areas with difficult access to the internet, thankful that we have this option. Quality's great, highly recommended. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Best decision I've made for my travel needs”

Buying RYOKO is the best decision I've made for my travel needs. Whenever I am with my friends, this is the star of the show. Everyone gets to enjoy its fast and reliable internet connection. So small and handy yet works well for many. Best deals for this were: huge discount and free shipping. This is by far, the best alternative I have when mobile phone data and internet at home fail to work.

“Good experiences with its quality and performance”

Works as spare in case my mobile data fails. This has saved me a couple of times already. So far I have nothing to share but good experiences with its quality and performance. And I am pleased to share that yes, it is highly recommendable. Service Value Shipping Quality

“Dream come true. No fuss.”

What can I say? Well it worked like a dream! We recently took a 12-hour road trip and it was excellent. My wife watched her stories all the way over, except in the mountains where no one gets a signal. It allowed me to drive in peace and listen to some YouTube videos I wanted to catch up on. Service Value Shipping Quality

“Great backup”

I use this as a backup for my daughter's online school specially when we are on the road and she has to attend her class while on mobile. Very effective and useful. Service Value Shipping Quality

“Connectivity that works”

Very small but very helpful. I was really amazed at the strength of its signal. Having Ryoko as a back-up source for internet. You can also connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“This company should be outlawed”

This company should be outlawed. I can't believe they allow this kind of companies to operate without any regard to us the customers. This little Wi-Fi machine that they have is a piece of s*** it didn't work anywhere there was no service anywhere when I travel throughout Europe and Asia battery life is very very short and I had no service and no internet service ever do not buy this it's a scam if you don't believe me throw away your money...! It is made by a little company in Lithuania and when you want to return the item the shipping cost more than twice the price of the device so they give you 50% and let you keep the product the product is not worth 0.5% Date of experience: March 24,2024 Tip for consumers:Mauma Ryoko Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Fake claims fake everything”

Saying greedy wifi companies are trying to ban this when no ones heard of this and its made up its really dumb don't even try it

“Wspaniała rekomendacja”

Więc poleciłem to mojemu klientowi. Szczerze mówiąc, to była pierwsza rzecz, która wyskoczyła, kiedy zrobiłem wyszukiwanie. Tydzień później, mój klient zadzwonił do mnie i podziękował mi obficie za poinformowanie ich o tej pozycji. Powiedzieli, że działa doskonale. Zaciekawiony, zamówiłem jeden dla siebie. Getryoko dotarło na czas i było bardzo ładnie zapakowane. Service Value Quality

“Quite a big help to us”

Very handy and works as advertised. We use Ryoko almost every week whenever we travel out of town with the family. Quite a big help to us. Thanks! Service Value Quality

“Over Priced Hotspot”

Do not be fooled. Most of these Five Star reviews are from one post robots. Oh the shame, since they advertize on Site Jabber... shame... shame. The 4G Hotspot device is over priced next to Net10 Moxee at about $35. Plus you will appear as a nerd... pic as proof.

“Happy with my transaction!”

Happy with my transaction! I received it in 11 days! Amazing considering the order was shipped from abroad and cleared customs with record speed. Very well packaged and thus far I am very impressed with the wifi router's performance. Thanks for a great customer experience! Service Value Shipping

“Impressive translator”

This little tool has us very impressed. We had no experience with a language translator before, so we were unsure what to expect. Once spending a few minutes with the instruction booklet, the operation was straight forward. We gave it try using French and Japanese, it performed well. Poliglu's an impressive pocket-sized machine. Service Value Shipping Quality

“Slow speed”

I had it and cancelled it and they still charged my account, i had two devices on att and this ran real slow and dropped the conecton Products used:t-moble home internet Service Value Shipping Quality

“Highly recommended!”

The router that works almost everywhere in our area. Great quality internet on the go service. Highly recommended! Service Value

“Very practical”

Very practical. This ryoko portable wifi router is the perfect device to travel with whenever internet is necessary on tablet, computer, tv. Easy configuration and perfect size. Value Shipping Quality

“Need to be online”

The wifi router device is a good concept. I looked for something that would work as a back up. I gave it a try, and it's remarkable! I appreciate its quality and mobility whilst using it anywhere since I need to be connected with my boss most of the time. Recommend this! Service Value Shipping Quality

“Not trustworthy”

Ordered a muamba ryoko almost two weeks ago. Paid for express shipping which was 3-5 days but as soon as they took my money, right below it it changed to 7-10 for Canada. Which means they knew it wouldn't get to me in time before I paid for express.Haven't received the product as of this review so cant review the actual product. Says it arrived in vancouver last sunday at the airport. No.ore updates were provided. NOT HAPPY! Tip for consumers:Really think twice about buying from overseas. Once they have your money there's really no recourse to get your money back. Products used:Never received the product Service Shipping

“An excellent buy”

Ryoko is an excellent buy. They were very fast in sending the merchandise. I hope to continue counting on your service. Very professional, highly recommended. Value Shipping Quality

“Poor lousy unresponsive”

Bought 4 units for family. Doesn't work. No one responds to help request. Plan to return. All I get is more crappy items. Tip for consumers:Is this real? Products used:Router Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Great to have this on standby wherever you go”

Great to have this on standby wherever you go. Works well once you get the right plan set up. Fast service anywhere. Service Value Quality

“Easy to use and very practical”

I didn't have to do anything but plug it into my laptop and voila! So easy to connect. And connectivity is fair enough for a wireless. It's totally worth it, especially on those days when I need to be on the go. Big help, Ryoko! Service Value Quality


Need this portable wifi router for my kids especially when we do out-of-town long drives. So far, it is great at providing the internet connection we need. Reliable. Service Value Quality

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