Top 6 YouTube Channels On Cybersecurity To Follow This Year

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Cybersecurity has become an issue that affects us all in terms of our home devices and the tech we use in our professional lives. If you’re a professional in the cybersecurity field or a digital security novice keen to expand your knowledge and skills, YouTube is a great place to get the information or advice you need.

Since we assume you already follow our own Scam Detector YouTube channel, below you can find the top 6 YouTube accounts dedicated to cybersecurity.

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1. The PC Security Channel

Currently boasting 400k subscribers and quickly rising, the PC Security Channel is one of the most well-known and best-respected YouTube channels dedicated to cybersecurity. The channel focuses on testing security products and creating high-quality, accessible educational content about threat analysis, malware, and other infosec subjects.

Some of the most popular videos on The PC Security Channel cover antivirus tests, threat demonstrations and analysis, and cybersecurity news and events. You’ll also find a wide range of how-to guides and basic tutorials here, all with a very ‘beginner-friendly’ vibe.

2. Infosec

Since this YouTube channel was founded in 2010, its videos have enjoyed over five million views. Infosec aims to assist security and IT professionals in advancing their careers, and to this end, the organization offers certifications and skills development while also providing phishing and security awareness training to employees.

Some of Infosec’s most recent videos have included Crafting a Basic Disaster Recovery Plan, Strategies to Improve Safety and Security on the Social Internet, and The Importance of Assets in Cybersecurity.

3. All Things Secured

This famous channel offers many tutorials and easy-to-follow tips to help even the most un-tech-savvy viewers enhance their digital security and enjoy better online privacy. It aims to give viewers all the skills they need to get to grips with security best practices regarding their home networks, email, and mobile devices.

For example, you’ll find videos on using a password manager, locking down a social profile, using identity monitoring services, and connecting to a VPN (virtual private network).

As well as posting regular video content, the All Things Secured channel frequently live streams episodes. They are engaging videos with guests, fun sound effects, and a focus on making cybersecurity an accessible subject for all.

4. Seytonic

The Seytonic YouTube channel launched in 2016, and its videos on cybersecurity-related tech news and events continue to draw huge numbers of viewers. Recent videos have included Free VPN is Really DDoS Botnet in Disguise, Fake Crypto App Exposed, and The Fake Flipper Zero Scam.

Plus, there are playlists available on topics such as Wifi deuthing. BadUSB DIY and Self Destructing SSD. There is also lots of exciting content on crypto mining, spam bots, and more.

Seytonic was initially created to showcase the founder’s hardware hacking projects. Now has expanded to cover a wide range of cybersecurity issues and news.

5. The Cyber Mentor

Describing himself as an ‘ethical hacker,’ the founder of The Cyber Mentor is committed to providing easy-to-understand lessons aimed at helping ordinary folk beef up their cybersecurity at home and work.

On this channel, you’ll find videos and how-to guides on various subjects. That includes email security, computer science, web application penetration testing, pursuing a career in cybersecurity, the dark web, and more. The Teaching My Wife series is engaging, funny, and worth watching.

6. UnixGuy

This YouTube channel is a must for anyone who’d like a career in the cybersecurity industry. It offers lots of videos with practical advice and tips to help viewers do just that. UnixGuy has over twenty years of experience as a cybersecurity professional, so he knows his stuff – which is why his subscriber base has grown to over 40K.

As well as video content that provides a general roadmap to getting your foot in the door of the cybersecurity world, you’ll also find playlists that cover cybersecurity specializations, including the qualifications required for each role and what a day-in-the-life of each looks like.

There are plenty of high-quality YouTube channels out there that focus on cybersecurity. They have videos posted in a range of styles and on a variety of subjects. So whether you’re a complete beginner wanting to learn how to secure your network and devices or a professional looking to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity news and issues, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for on the platform.

How To Report a YouTube Scam

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