Service Canada Scam Calls

Service Canada Scam Calls

Service Canada Scam Calls: How They Work

Many Service Canada scam calls are targeting consumers across the country these days. Most of them are automated messages from criminals claiming to be from the Government. These phone scams inform you that your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is suspended or your name has been reported. Let’s take a look at the fraud dynamics and see how these Service Canada scam calls sound like. Here is a scenario:

The phone rings. You pick up. An automated audio system goes like this:

service canada call

“Hello, this call is from Service Canada. We have an order to suspend your Social Insurance Number immediately as your social has been found suspicious for illegal and criminal activity. This is a time-sensitive matter. It is urgent to hear back from you before we proceed with the suspension of your Social Insurance Number. Press 1 to speak with our Service Canada officer now”.

Please listen to the audio document below to hear a criminal who called our Scam Detector number:


Criminals change the phone numbers they are using almost every day. It happens as soon as they are exposed. If you have experienced any of these Service Canada scam calls feel free to post the phone number in the comment section

So, how does the Service Canada scam works? Let’s take an in-depth look.

Service Canada Scam Exposed

First, the criminals use Caller ID spoofing technology so that the smartphone shows “Service Canada” on its display. Consumers get intimidated easily. Scared by the fact that their SIN (Social Insurance Number) might be suspended, many Canadians press key 1 – as requested by the caller. The question is, what happens if you do?

In that case, a real person – the crook – takes over the conversation. He uses official terms. After an introduction of some sort, he proceeds to require your personal information, “just to prove your identity”. As you can imagine, they will use this info for identity theft. You might be smart, but there are a lot of people who fall for these Service Canada scam calls.

How To Avoid The Service Canada Scam Calls

This scam has been going around for a long time. It is similar to other Social Insurance Number scams that happen across the country. Don’t get scared. Hung up the phone and report the call. It is very easy to do that, see below.

Meanwhile, beware of a similar Canada Border Services scam call.

Phone scams are very prevalent these days, so here is what to do:

Service Canada Scam: How To Report

Please let your family and online friends know about these Service Canada scam calls. You could share this article on social media using the buttons provided. Alternatively, you could also officially report the criminals and any other suspicious activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the links below:

Report To The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Here

Report to the FTC Here

You can also call (888) 495-8501.

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to receive by email the newest scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You will receive periodic messages and emails, while we promise not to spam. Last but not least, please use the Comments section below to expose other Canadian scammers.

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72 thoughts on “Service Canada Scam Calls”

  1. I received a call from 416.249.5654 this am. The exact script from the top of this article. Beware of these scammers. I feel sorry for ppl who fall prey to these criminals.

  2. I was called three times today by theses scam scum. Here are the numbers they used: 1-888-244-4265 ,1-925-248-5558 and 1-905-596-9906.

  3. Call this morning at 1141 hours from 757-348-3907. They claimed there was fraudulent usage of my SIN. I blocked the number. I now have more than 40 blocked number from scam artists.

  4. Richard Hensen

    three calls this afternoon. the fellow does know my first initial and last name.
    V41212273500005 905-319-9384
    V41209585100005 905-319-3538
    V41209263500005 905-319-5650

  5. Got 7 calls today, I picked it up after the 7th time, hit 1, and a got a person on the other side. As loud as I could I spoke in german; “SPRECHE SIE DEUTCH?!” and I heard nothing, so I repeated myself louder this time and they hung up after 10 seconds, didn’t get a call afterwards anymore. Just harass them back in an unknown language. Posting the numbers now;
    905-327-1532 / 905-327-4412 / 905-327-1374 / 905-327-2445 / 905-327-3265 / 905-327-4713 / 905-327-4799

  6. I receive calls on a regular basis from an automated voice caller saying that my SIN number has been suspended, etc. The latest phone number is: 905-354-1468.

  7. I have been receiving 2 – 6 phone calls a day regarding either my SIN being suspended or excessive charges on my Amazon Prime for about a month now. Each one has a different phone number. Most recent as of 5 minutes ago: 1-778-358-1149

  8. I have been receiving a fake phone calls almost every next day from a fake caller claiming to be from “Service Canada”. Those are fraud calls many I have been receiving from USA. The telephone number calling me is (343) 887-9660 although this number could be fake number which belongs to an innocent party, innocent from those fraud activities.
    Be aware of those fraud calls. Visit this site with the link below for details about such fraud calls and how to deal with them.

  9. 902-302-5696 called my cell, telling me my SIN# was suspended. Hung up, but I’m sure lots of people fall for this cr@p. Very annoying.

  10. 519-457-7471…”VISA” saying two charges on my Visa card today (1) $400.00 on eBay and (2) $1300.00 on Visa Gift Card, then they asked for a number to be ‘pushed’ on the phone. I hung up at this point. Reason: I do not own a Visa, so I knew it was a SCAM

  11. 613-216-2406 I received today the phone call and they wanted my full name, but when I mentioned ”How do I know that this is the Government of Canada calling” than, they hang up. The guy that responded had an Indian accent.

  12. received a call with automated voice message which starts with ” hello this is service canada…” this exactly matches with the above mentioned scam calls. Received from V12910273300033.

  13. I have received the following calls today stating my SIN has been used for illegal activities. I realize it’s a total scam however these persistent calls on a daily basis are disruptive and annoying,
    V1208382200028 Nov 29 10:38 AM
    V12909563500042 Nov 29 11:56 AM
    V12910151400028 Nov 29 12:15 AM
    V12911190300029 Nov 29 1:19 PM

  14. 2111171230 15196548708
    9 minutes apart. Service Canada
    same voice used as in the example demonstrated on this site. Just hang up
    2111171239 15196413158

  15. I have received 19 calls within the last three days – all start with the number 1-289- etc.
    I have blocked all the numbers so far, however they are now calling me every hour. Quite frankly, I consider myself to be smart and able to detect these fraudulent calls. However, I think of all the people that receive these calls and literally get extremely upset, panic and don’t know what to do when they are threatened with the terrible fraudulent CRIMES that they have supposedly committed.
    I am now at my wits end with this CRAP and I want someone, anyone to stop this !!!!!!

  16. Just got one of the Service Canada scam calls re my SIN being suspended due to suspicious activity and to press 1 (which I did not bother doing). The spoofed (I’m assuming) number was 519-578-4207 which made it appear as a local call to me.

  17. 905-717-2885 an Aurora number called with this SIN scam and audio clip is identical with the one I got.

  18. Service Canada called two days now first call was local no area code I’m in 807 area #345-8879 and today 1-647-280-3541

  19. Charlotte Druer

    I have 14 calls all record all 14 calls are from from different numbers I’m so peed from them calling and the 14 calls are all in the same day starting at 9.00 am

  20. Received similar “Service Canada” scam call from Winnipeg number 204-453-3277 today. Call threatens criminal arrest unless you press 1.

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