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ProofCam Scam: How It Works

A new ProofCam scam took the United Kingdom by storm after a Twitter user posted that you can get a free dashcam brand ProofCam 107 if you use a specific discount code. Here is what the tweet looked like: “If you want a free dashcam, go to Proofcam on the interwebs. Search for the rac107 cam, £99.99. Type details in, go to the payment screen and type in DASHCAM107 into the promo, and it’s free!

Below is a screenshot of the message that quickly became viral:

proofcam free

Lots of users went straight to the ProofCam site after seeing this. And, as instructed, they typed in their names, addresses, and so on. The result? They did get notifications of their submissions being accepted! “A free ProofCam 107 is on the way!” Is it? Let’s see.

Free ProofCam 107 Mirage

The ProofCam scam is probably one of the most ingenious schemes we’ve seen so far. How can you manipulate a flock of sheep? Show them the food. Well, in the ProofCam free trick, the promo not only shows the product, but it also confirms that the recipients will get it.

While other scammers typically formulate the fake promos with phrases such as ‘Congratulations, you won a free item (whatever that might be), the ProofCam 107 does it as a product sold in the shopping cart. Much more believable, much more convincing for the flock.

Look at the screenshot below – doesn’t it look that you’ve got a great deal?

proofcam 107

ProofCam Discount Code

The ProofCam discount code was there just to validate the transaction of a purchase that never happens. This way, the Twitter users who saw the fake promo proudly displayed their new acquisition confirmation on the same conversation thread. “It worked!”, say genuine believers that think they’ll get a free dashcam in their mailbox.

Hundreds of people submitted their personal information to get the Proofcam 107 deal. Still, little do they know that their data will be most likely sold to third-party telemarketing companies ready to spam the world.

ProofCam 107 Scam: How To Avoid

People never cease to ignore the adage: “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. The same happened in the ProofCam 107 scam.

Call the company, ask them if the deal is real. Free stuff on the Internet you can find only on the Facebook Marketplace or any other specialized websites. 🙂

We assume that ProofCam will come up with a statement tomorrow, saying a glitch in the system allowed users to receive free dashcams. If you are one of the lucky “buyers” feel free to contact us to tell us how you enjoy the free Proofcam.

Free Dashboard: How To Report

Let your family and friends know about the ProofCam scam on social media. You can also officially report suspicious activities to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More Here

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