MyBenefitsKeeper Reviews and Health Insurance Innovations Scam Complaints


MyBenefitsKeeper aka Health Insurance Innovations: Scam Reports

We’ve received many complaints from consumers worrying about a potential MyBenefitsKeeper scam, aka Health Insurance Innovations. Let’s take a look and see if we should add this to the list of Medicare scams.

Do you belong to those thousands of customers who are still making monthly payments for their health insurance plans that they have bought based on what they saw on TV? Did you come across a very nasty and troublesome situation when you are not allowed to cancel those plans even though they are a fraud?

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Health Insurance Innovations, also known as MyBenefitsKeeper, is quite popular. Yet, many people on the Better Business Bureau website consider it a suspicious platform as a distributor of health insurance products. The company is not BBB accredited, and it has a ranking of 1/5 from over 200 reviews.

Below is one of the many complaints posted on the BBB website.

mybenefitskeeper reviews

What makes its products attractive are affordable prices that can meet the needs of every consumer. The company boasts that they are the best in this field, being that their main job is to assist in the growth and expansion of insurance products. However, the quality seems to be super low. But let’s look at the reviews – they are hundreds.

Thanks to an extensive network of licensed insurance agents, MyBenefitsKeeper (Health Insurance Innovations) may look like one that can be trusted. However, if you read the customers’ feedback and do more detailed research on it, you might reconsider.
Below we would like to mention the top 5 complaints based on BBB reviews and unpleasant situations.

This article aims to raise awareness of MyBenefitsKeeper, aka Health Insurance Innovations, to make people more wise and careful when choosing their health insurance plans. Meanwhile, beware of a series of insurance scams in this link.

Health Insurance Innovations Telemarketing Approach

The first reported red flag is the questionable telemarketing approach. The common conclusion from the Health Insurance Innovations reviewers is that “You should never buy health care insurance from a telemarketer.”

According to the consumers’ feedback, MyBenefitsKeeper is a scam as all you can get for your money is trouble and problems. Customers claimed that upon being hospitalized, they contacted the company to provide them with the necessary amount of money for hospital bills to find out that MyBenefitsKeeper denied their claims.

“It doesn’t matter how much you attempt to get in touch with them and contact them to find a solution to your query, you will just be left to wait on the phone before they disconnect you.”

One reviewer says that people are persistent, so they keep on calling. Finally, they got the answer, saying that their insurance policy did not cover hospitalization. Essentially, according to the victims, the company simply takes the money and gives anything in return.

False Advertising Claims For Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

When you look at this Health Insurance Innovations’ advertisements, you will not doubt their professionalism. They attract people’s attention, mostly due to very affordable prices.

However, customers say that once they get in touch with the company, MyBenefitsKeeper offer things that they cannot provide. “They promise you everything over the phone and whatever you wish may come true, but you have to know that this is not possible and that those are false promises.”, says the complaint.

There were instances when people bought medical, dental, and vision insurance from MyBenefitsKeeper. After surgery, they say they have submitted the claim to the company in hopes of getting back the hospital fees. However, it turned out that Health Insurance Innovations refused to do it. The pretext that the surgery did not belong to the category covered by the insurance.

health insurance innovations

Rude Agents Reports

Another thing that people reported in the BBB complaints was the difficulty in reaching its Health Insurance Innovations/MyBenefitsKeeper agents. The reports say that the typical answer is a customer service that “is not functioning due to the COVID-19 crisis and that you should call again in a few days.”

The disappointed clients said that when they received a callback, they talked to very rude agents who insulted them and called them liars.

People experienced situations when Health Insurance Innovations claimed the customer’s bank account denied the request for the agreed amount for the insurance policy. Despite the questionable claim, victims say the money has been deducted for 6 months before that moment.

Lies Accusations

According to the BBB reviewers, “all you can get from MyBenefitsKeeper is a huge amount of lies. When they offer you the policy, it is stated that you get major medical, vision, or dental insurance. You cannot memorize all the promises they make over the phone. Its agents are so convincing that you really believe them. But you definitely shouldn’t.”

People also reported that they had purchased plans from My Benefits Keeper, but the moment they asked for a 1095-C form as proof of insurance, they found out that they were scammed.

What the agent said about this claim is that they do not mail these forms because it was not a major medical insurance plan that this customer bought. Bear in mind that your medical emergencies would not be covered with this insurance and that you will need to pay the total cost of the care.

Useless Chasing

Once you realize that you have been a victim of a scam, it is usually too late. There is no use calling them. As reported by victims, you would get no answer. If you do, you find out that their policy does not cover your emergency.

Even though they have paid monthly premiums for months, consumers reported that Health Insurance Innovation / MyBenefitsKeeper did not pay any bills.

MyBenefitsKeeper: How To Report

Let your friends and family know about this MyBenefitsKeeper article here on social media. You can also officially report any other suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using this link:

Report To The FTC Here

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7 thoughts on “MyBenefitsKeeper Reviews and Health Insurance Innovations Scam Complaints”

  1. Well, last November I had to get insurance while I was unemployed. I was up front and honest about the situation and wanted to make sure I would be covered. I paid over $230 a month…and out of just ONE $6,000 bill…..the insurance paid only $100!!!!! They wouldn’t pay for the biopsy of the tumor and BARELY paid 3% of my medical costs. They are a SCAM, fraudulent, dishonest and completely USELESS. They’re a waste of money. You’d be better off paying your medical bills with what I paid in premiums.

  2. I have insurance through a company that uses MBK platform. I spoke with a licensed Health Insurance Agent when I got my insurance not a telemarketer. I was informed it was a private insurance and it is a Short term medical plan. They even told me they don’t have dental and vision insurance, I was told it was a discount program and it’s optional. I think people complain because they are uneducated and didn’t listen when agents informed them. I listened so I am aware it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. So people were probably denied if underwriters discovered it. Just got to pay attention to what you sign up for.

  3. My benefits keeper scammed me I can’t believe they get away with it it just goes to show you that the whole world is a scam do your homework people

    1. Me too. I was up front about my medical condition. I would have been better off using the money I paid them and adding it to my bill for the hospital. They need to be shut down!

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