Order Flowers Online Scam

order flowers online scam

Order Flowers Online Scam: How It Works

Most people like the convenience of ordering flowers online, particularly for occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Unlike any other day of the year, these times are universally known for generating many flowers sold worldwide. Meanwhile, there are a plethora of scams, too.

Unfortunately, criminals are taking this to their advantage. They make millions preying on victims’ naivety and lack of caution. It is reported that criminals set up fake online flower shops, promote them with advertisements all over the Internet (e.g., “offering the best prices on Valentine’s Day!”), and charge consumers who order online, attracted by the low price.

fake flower shop

As expected, no flowers will be delivered; several victims just give their credit cards without proper homework. In this article, I will show you the red flags of a bogus online flower shop and how to detect a fake store easily.

How To See If an Online Flower Shop Is Fake

If you feel a website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector validator. Click and add a domain name to verify a scam website HERE.

Red Flags of Fake Flower Shop Websites

  • Too Good to Be True Prices: Unrealistically low prices are one of the most glaring signs of a fake flower shop website. If the cost of a bouquet seems too good to be true, it probably is. Fraudulent websites lure customers in with temptingly low prices, only to deliver subpar or non-existent flowers.
  • Lack of Contact Information: Legitimate businesses pride themselves on transparency and accessibility. Fake flower shops often lack essential contact information such as a physical address or phone number. If you can’t find a way to reach the seller outside of their website, proceed with caution.
  • Poor Website Design and Functionality: Many fake flower shop websites are hastily thrown together with generic templates and shoddy design. Look out for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and poorly rendered images. Legitimate florists invest in professional web design to effectively showcase their products and services.
  • Limited Payment Options: Fake flower shops may offer little or suspicious payment options. Be wary of websites that only accept wire transfers, cryptocurrency, or unconventional payment methods. Legitimate businesses typically provide various secure payment options, including credit cards and reputable online payment platforms.
  • No Reviews or Testimonials: Genuine flower shops thrive on positive customer feedback and reviews. If you can’t find any reviews or testimonials for a particular website, it’s a major red flag. Even if a site displays reviews, take the time to verify their authenticity by searching for external sources or contacting previous customers if possible.

Tips for Buying the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

  • Research Reputable Florists: Take the time to research and choose a reputable florist with a proven track record of quality products and reliable service. Look for established businesses with positive reviews and a solid online presence.
  • Read the Fine Print: Before purchasing, carefully read the terms and conditions, including the delivery policies and refund procedures. Ensure you understand the florist’s policies regarding substitutions, delivery charges, and guarantees.
  • Order Early: Avoid the last-minute rush by placing your order well before Valentine’s Day. Ordering early ensures that you have a better selection of flowers and delivery slots, and it reduces the risk of disappointment if there are any unforeseen delays.
  • Communicate Your Preferences: Provide clear instructions and communicate specific preferences or requirements to the florist. Whether you prefer a classic bouquet of red roses or a custom arrangement with your partner’s favorite flowers, ensure the florist understands your vision.
  • Inspect Upon Delivery:
    – Inspect the flowers carefully to ensure they meet your expectations when they arrive.
    – Look for fresh, vibrant blooms with no wilting or damage.
    – If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the flowers, don’t hesitate to contact the florist and request a replacement or refund.

The Best Place To Order Flowers Online

There are also companies that take payments over the Internet, advertising small prices, but the final invoice comes with a surcharge or a shipping charge that the consumer is unaware of. These extra payments bring the total cost higher than any other regular deal.

How To Avoid Fake Flowers Online

In the first case, constantly research the seller. You are not buying flowers daily, so do your homework before paying for the cheapest price. Is it a legitimate business? If yes, look for reviews and testimonials. Don’t believe their own testimonials.

Visit a local online forum, check their Better Business Bureau rating, and research their location. The Internet will give you all you need if you do it right. Don’t fall for an eventual phone conversation either – the scammers are good at that, too.

How To Report a Fake Flower Shop

Let your family and friends know about these scams. Feel free to share the article if it was helpful. However, you can report scammers and any suspicious activity officially to the Federal Trade Commission (most important), the Office of the Inspector General, and the FBI Internet Complaint Center by using the pages below:

Report To The FTC
Submit Claim To The Office of the Inspector General
Report To The FBI Internet Complaints Center

How To Protect Yourself More

Do you want to receive alerts about the most notorious scams on a regular basis? Subscribe to our scam alerts. You will receive periodic emails from Scam Detector with exclusive tips. Those will include info on how to prevent fraud and insights about the newest tools you can use to fight crime.

Feel free to explore additional articles on related fraud. You can find them listed below this paragraph, so that you know more about online security. Last but not least, if you had any bad experiences, make sure to use the comments section below to expose other scammers.

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43 thoughts on “Order Flowers Online Scam”

  1. Here’s the quickest way to tell if a florist is the real deal or one of those scammers: Look for the ABOUT US link on their website. If they do not have such a page, they’re scammers. (Only the bad guys don’t want you to know who or where they are!) If they do have an About Us page, but do not give a legitimate street address, they’re a scammer. If they do give a physical address, check to make sure it is in the town you are sending flowers. Why would you ever want to use a “florist” in New Jersey if you’re in Florida and want to send to California?
    Another quick trick is to type in the name of the online florist with the word ‘complaints’ behind it, and let your search engine pull up the real down and dirty. These guys can type whatever fake testimonial” they want on their own websites, but for those royally ticked off people who’ve been scammed, well a lot of them will go online and voice their displeasure. Those are the reviews you really want to read. If the online florist you are looking up has nothing but bad reviews and tales of woe, avoid them at all costs.
    How to find a real florist? Also exceedingly easy. Go to Googlemaps, type in the zip code you want flowers sent, and in the dropdown to the left that says “Nearby” type in the word “Florist”. All those little red flags that pop up are legitimate brick and mortar florists. Give them a call, they’ll be thrilled to help you.

  2. BEWARE: WORLD FLORIST ASSOCIATION is a SCAM!!! I ordered flowers on Feb 13 to be delivered in Russia on Feb 14. As of Feb 16 they have not arrived. I contacted the company via email and they were quick to reply that they were investigating but they never got back to me with any update. At this point, I assume their email is a just a means to delay deflect customers. I tried to contact their payment partner (2Checkout) with no luck either. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

    1. UPDATE: I no longer believe the company is a scam. They have cancelled my order and returned my money. Roses may have been scarce and I was sending to an out of the way destination for Valentines day. They did inform me upon ordering that there might be delays. I was actually ok with the delivery being delayed as I order late. What I was not ok with was a lack of proactive communication. It left me feeling neglected. I give them points for being quick in reactive communication but that was easily interpreted as a delay tactic. THey do have what appears to be positive reviews. If all true, it seems their issue is their back office ops maybe could not keep up with the orders they received and maybe they are not well prepared when issues pop up as they inevitably do. I would suggest that if you use the company – order well in advance – especially if you are sending to an out of the way place or during a particularly busy time of year (Xmas, Valentines, Mother’s day, etc).
      International Flowers Delivery | Worldwide Flowers Delivery | Send Flowers (worldfloristassociation.com)

  3. Please call a flower shop in the area that you want your flowers delivered to. I am a flower shop owner and these 3rd party order gathers are not florists. They have no idea what we have in stock and if we can deliver the day or time in question. If you want a certain item at a certain time, google a florist in that area and call directly, we can give you up to date info and won’t charge you ridiculous fees, you will get what you pay for. Usually these companies pay to be at the top of the search, scroll down a bit and usually you will see pictures and an address of an actual shop. These companies give real flower shops a bad name, sorry for your experiences.

  4. mariafiorista / floramamma – Horrible experience!

    I ordered flower arrangement: mariafiorista: daring mix

    A completely different bouquet was delivered late, with different flowers, color palette, poor quality, and thrown together without any thought.

    I was notified late, (at 7pm), on the scheduled delivery day that they could not deliver that day. When an arrangement of flowers was finally delivered it was totally different from what the seller described in the item listing. Furthermore, there are numerous complaints against this company that describe receiving the same “alternative” arrangement. I contacted the seller and received a fast, generic response that provided no help.

    Given the speed of the response, in addition to many complaints listed online which specifically reference the same “alternative” bouquet that was sent to our recipient, it is clear that this is a common bait-and-switch. It was not simply that what was received was not what we ordered, it is not uncommon to have reasonable substitutions made due to the availability of flowers at any given season. But the bouquet that was sent was completely different with a totally different color palette and looks as though it was thrown together without any thought.

    I contacted the seller and received a fast, generic response that provided no help. I submitted a complaint with PayPal and they did not do due diligence in investigating, they didn’t even contact me for details of what had been ordered vs. received.

  5. Never ever order from floramamma.com !! Never got the flowers, could not get a hold of them either afterwards. This site is a total scam.

  6. Stay well away from pickupflowers.com.
    They tried to charge my CC twice for items which they didn’t deliver or attempt to deliver.
    This site needs taking down.
    The site is hosted by GoDaddy.com, so please do as I’m doing and reporting this site by sending an email to legal@godaddy.com

  7. Beware of pickupflowers.com company! This is pure scam and fraud service. I’ve paid money to them, flowers were never delivered and they lie to me about refund. So this site’s made just for thievery. Avoid them!

  8. David Phillips

    Watch out Canada! Be aware that this company advertises as "serving XXXXXX City" and, in small print, they says "all prices in USD". Problem is, this is at very bottom of their page of flowers so unless you scroll all the way down, you would not know this. On their receipt, there is nothing to indicate USD. They do not have an outlet in Canada other than local flower shops who, I presume, pay them a fee for lining up these orders. While not a true "scam" I cannot get a refund on the U.S. dollar charge since their website does say this – again at the very bottom. So, Canadians – be aware!

  9. Kim’s outright announced "serving Greenfield for years" listed in Greenfield, Massachusetts flower directory. When my girlfriend received her flowers, she took a picture of them and they were NOT in any way close to what I ordered!!!!! And, the vase wasn’t glass now, and was some kind of painted cardboard. i spent $112.00 dollars for the upgrade, and now I see ‘Kims" stole this entire deal. I got all my docs ready for BBB, but our BBB isn’t doing much to help consumers I am seeing . . .

  10. Absolute SCAM! Ordered flowers for my daughters graduation was in a hurry did not see the Hundreds of terrible reviews. Same story from everyone. Never got flowers called over 20 times was put on hold, never came back to speak with me, could not speak English if I did get anyone, or hung up on. Confirmation emails saying they were en route. All was a JOKE, these low life scam needs to be put OUT OF BUSINESS! I cancelled my credit card, disputed, and got all my $$$ back. Thank goodness. Do not waste your time, money, or energy on these low life idiots.

  11. Avas Flowers they advertise as same day delivery. Took 7 days. Charged extra they didn’t tell me about. Never use them. Flowers were not what was ordered and wilted. Took pictures and sent to better business Bureau.

  12. I bought flowers for my granddaughter from flowerdeliveryexpress.com, to be delivered that evening at 6 p m to her hospital room. A couple of hours later, i received an email from them informing me that there was a problem with my delivery and to please call. I did so, and the rep researched the order, and assured me everything was fine, and sent an email confirming such. Six o’clock came and went, as did the next morning. I called the hospital nurses station just to be sure the flowers weren’t misplaced because my granddaughter was in isolation. They had not. No delivery person had snowed up. Finally I received an email that they had attempted to deliver the flowers but no one was there by that name! After much calling, talking to everyone involved and the a letter to the BBB and our bank to dispute the charges, i received an apology in the form of an email addressed to none other than (Sold Name!), apologizing and assuring me i would receive a full refund, plus a fifty dollar credit towards my next purchase. The refund was credited to our debit card 3 days later. The credit was increased to 100 but that was for two orders. I then place an order using the $50 credit, but the website is deceptive, on many levels, and my $50 credit turned into a SO-CALLED savings of $90, that cost me $83 on a bouquet of $39 flowers!!! How is that possible? You cannot tell what the final total will be until you enter your credit card number. I did initially ask for the 4-hour delivery, a simple greeting/signature card, and expected that to cost maybe $15. WEll, when i clicked submit order, and the total popped up on my screen, i couldn’t believe what i read. So i called the toll free number, and let me tell you what. I told the rep what happened and said, i want simply, to cancel the order. She tried to give me a 10 dollar discount, a 20 dollar discount a 30 dollar discount. FINALLY after speaking to a manager, he agreed to refund 30 dollars, and give me another bogus 50 dollar credit towards my next order. The only reason I received my money back on the first order that never made it to my granddaughter, was because the BBB and my bank became involved. AND receiving only a partial refund on the second order that i attempted to cancel, was not a satisfactory resolution. Between the horrible service on the first order, the partial refund on the second, and the oh-so sincere apology to SOLDNAME, i will not be using this company in the future.

  13. DO NOT USE THIS LOW CLASS COMPANY! I REPEAT, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVERRRR. They will quote you a price for flowers, then add about $35- $40 worth of “hidden” charges.
    Vase/Service Fee $4.99
    Service Charge: $19.99
    Sales Fee: $9.00
    You don’t see these charges until after you have giving you cc number. I immidatly called and had the order cancelled. And was promised a full refund. I have yet to see that refund. As you can see customer service is just giving me the run a round!!!!
    You submitted the following review to flowerdeliveryexpress.com. They would like to help you with your order and have responded to your concerns below.

    Amber B 16 Apr 2015
    Adding end price with fees that were not shown in till CC and had already been input and charged is a very LOW CLASS tactic. No need to follow up, I am expecting a full refund (per Michelle) within the next 3-5 business days.
    Recommend this Company

    Would Buy Again

    29 Apr 2015 07:38 AM – Amber Baker
    There is NO REFUND on my bank card. My bank is asking for a conformation number or transaction number of the refunded money that was "completed" to my debit/credit card
    29 Apr 2015 06:06 AM – flowerdeliveryexpress.com
    Your refund was completed. I do apologize with any inconvenience of this order
    28 Apr 2015 09:50 AM – Amber Baker

    no-reply (deliveryconfirmation@flowerdeliveryexpress.com) 4/16/15 Keep this message at the top of your inbox Newsletters
    To: Flower Delivery Express
    Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety.
    Show content|I trust deliveryconfirmation@flowerdeliveryexpress.com. Always show content.

    Item Ordered: FD-3602: Glorious Garden
    Price: $59.99
    Vase/Service Fee $4.99
    Same Day Rush Service $4.99
    Savings: -$34.00
    Service Charge: $19.99
    Sales Fee: $9.00
    Transaction Total: $64.96

    Rebate on next order: $50.00
    After rebate: $14.96
    Total savings: $84.00
    United States of America
    Delivery date 04/16/2015

    Message Thank you for all that you do! Amber

    Substitution Policy In the event your selection is unavailable, a substitution of comparable quality and value will be delivered.

    Transaction Total: $64.96

    We sincerely appreciate your trust in us and would like to reward you with a $50 rebate to use on your next order. To redeem it, simply enter 15305 in the Promo field at checkout. This $50.00 rebate cannot be used on the original purchase that earned the rebate. Thank you for using FLOWER DELIVERY EXPRESS!

    My email is sassc@hotmail.com
    my phone number is 903-806-4929
    28 Apr 2015 06:48 AM – flowerdeliveryexpress.com
    I am sorry for any issues associated with your floral order. I want to help in any way that I can. In order for me to be able to assist you further, please provide additional information such as an order number, or email address. This will enable me to look up your order. You may send your information toceo.assistant@800wesleys.com. Once again, I apologize for any issues regarding your order.
    27 Apr 2015 08:34 AM – Amber Baker
    I still have not received my refund on my account. It has been more than 5 days. please let me know a status. Thank you
    17 Apr 2015 03:01 PM – flowerdeliveryexpress.com
    I did follow up with your order and your refund was completed 4/16 yesterday. Expect it to show on your card within 3-5 business days. I do apologize for any inconvenience on your order. This is not the experience we want you to have with our company.
    17 Apr 2015 10:16 AM – Amber Baker
    The flowers were delivered today????? The original delivery date (before I canceled the order) was for 04-16-2015!!! I called and spoke to Michelle 15 min. after I ordered the flowers to cancel. She assured me that it would me cancelled and my cc would be refunded $64.96 in 3-5 business days!! I need a call back to get this mess worked out!!! 903-806-4929
    16 Apr 2015 12:24 PM – flowerdeliveryexpress.com
    I do apologize for any inconvenience.

  14. cheryl woodhouse

    I ordered flowers from amyflorist on 13 Feb 2015, my parents never received the flowers, sent email left phone messages, this is a scam I believe, I will call my bank and have that transaction cancelled.

  15. Flowerdelivertexpress.com
    Took $69 from my paypal
    For same day delivery and never delivered anything. It is impossible to contact the company by tel or email and their address is a fake. PayPal is not helping me to return my money
    Are you able to assist
    Perhaps by contacting paypal?
    Laurel Zucker

  16. Do not order from amyflorist. They did not deliver my flowers. I will dispute it on my card. I have not received my credit on my card yet.did not check reviews they are a scam. I report them.

  17. Sharon Winchester

    On Friday October 31, 2014, Sharon Winchester wrote:
    I Ordered flowers from amyflorist.com on 10/30/2014 early morning to be delivered by 5:00 pm same day to Stockdale funeral home in Rogers Arkansas. After I ordered I received an email a receipt that my credit card was charged. After that I tried to confirm by emailed and I called several times, left several messages; Nobody returned my calls or answered my emails regarding my order.Today is 10/31/2014 still no reply from Amy Florist. They NEVER delivered my flowers, they only took my money! THIS IS A FRAUDULENT SITE.

  18. Ordered flowers from Flowers by Amy on 3/19/14, I shouldn’t have! Never received the flowers! This place is nothing but a credit card scam! Thought I was ordering from a local company, but come to find out they are from Tustin, California. Took my credit card, the flowers never arrived…EVER!….you try calling the number listed and they never answer, and it states that the "voicemail is full"…probably from unhappy customers….they list an address of 2312 Park Ave. #412 in Tustin, CA….so I did some investigating, it’s a UPS store at that location, and they are using a rented PO Box #412 at the UPS store!…that is their only "location"….everything on their website is a total fraud! It is NOT a family run business…they do NOT have a storefront….they do NOT deliver the flowers, but they WILL take your money!


  19. Ordered flowers from amyflorist.com on 2/13/14. Today is 3/11/14. STILL NO FLOWERS. credit card was charged, no response from email, and phne #’s voicemailbox is full.

  20. I ordered flowers on line from Flowers by Amy at 8:45am, my wife’s place of business was open till 6pm. She never received the flowers and yet the company said the order was complete to avoid giving me a refund. They pretty much ruined my 21st Anniversary and now disputing the charge with my Bank. Nobody returned my calls or answered emails regarding my order, and could not leave a message on phone because the mailbox was full, the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

  21. Do not use pickupflowers. no service. prescripted responses which dont answer the questions being asked.
    First time I have ever complained online but had to do it for these clowns. I should of searched for reviews first but was in a rush.
    repeat DO NOT USE.


  23. I ordered flowers from Wesley berry flower delivery express on 12/26 for my aunts funeral. The flowers were to be delivered 12/27 and on 12/28 10 minutes before the funeral they sent me an email and said was a problem with the delivery. They never sent the flowers and they charged my credit card 62.28. You go to voicemail and they never call or email back when you call. You have to say you are calling for a new order to get through and they never call or email you back. I put in a complaint with BBB and a dispute with my credit card company.

  24. Definitely a scam, I ordered flowers for my mother’s birthday two days ago from flowers delivery express, they still didn’t deliver them and I’ve called their customer support 4 times and they don’t answer your call and claim they will call back or email back but they don’t and I’ve checked my spam folder. I also contacted "shopper approved" which they claim a 5 star rating with and they didn’t get back to me either so they are a part of the scam. I buy online regularly and have never had an issue with any other transaction. I am opening a dispute with visa, and going to report both companies to the better business bureau.

  25. Flowers delivery Express ripped me off! 🙁 I ordered flowers for my moms birthday and thought it was strange that I never received a confirmation email or anything. When I called to check on the delivery status it was some lame recording and I never got anyone to help me. My mom never got her flowers and now I’m out fifty bucks. I’m sooo mad because it looked like a secure, legitamate website.

  26. Sarah Mitchell

    I made the mistake of going through http://www.troysflorist.com I thought I was actually dealing with a local florist in the town my Sister in Law lives in. So I ordered a beautiful bouquet called "how sweet it is" filled with beautiful vibrant orange roses, orange sprays, some lime green foliage and pink accents. Gorgeous. A bouquet was delivered to my sister in law however they had very few pale insipid roses and then a bunch of other flowers that were not in the picture. I identified one flower that was in the original the rest where completely different. It was not what I ordered. I cannot get troysflorist.com to return my emails and they have so far ignored my phone message. I was beyond disappointed. I would strongly recommend not using troysflorist.com In the past I have successfully used proflowers and I will use them again in the future. I really thought I was using a local in town business.

  27. Flower delivery express are the worst scammers around..they take credit cards but flowers are never delivered and they continue to lie and say they are working to resolve the issue….I NEVER RECEIVED THE MOTHERSVDAY FLOWERS MY SON ORDERED,AND THEY DID NOT CREDIT HIS VISA…NOR RESPOND TO HIS EMAILS ,OR ANS.HIS PHONE CALLS…

  28. Dear all,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Customer satisfaction is one of our most valued principal. Kindly know that we have a 100% customer satisfaction policy, whereby we offer a refund or replacement for your order.

    We will check the issue with the concerned department and get back to you within 24 hours after receiving reply from your end. Please provide us your order number.You can reach us any time at: betty@pickupflowers.com or 011-4153159697. We’ll surely take a action on your complaints and as per your request & as our policy we’ll try for replacement or refund.

    Please be assured that the solution would be to your satisfaction. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience once again.

    Warm Regards
    Customer Service Manager,

  29. Jaro from Seattle

    I researched online cause I am planning to send flowers to my wife and according to many reviews there are some companies that are just pure scammers. There is a list, I hope it helps:

    Flowers Fast. com (review says: "They never even delivered the flowers, not even after 3 days. still trying to get a refund. their phone is to a unmanned phone that constantly rings and never gets answered. ive called for 2 hours on redial….. and their email doesnt respond either. great…. well its a good thing i used paypal you scammers")

    Just Flowers. com (review says: "Fraudulent company. Do not order. No flowers were delivered. You cannot get a refund, actually they will charge you $15 additional for non delivery. They will tell you they attempted delivery and called. You cannot understand them with their thick accents. Called 8 times with no resolution. They need investigated and shut down!")

    Blooms Today (review says: "I wouldn’t even give them ONE star. They are a total SCAM!!! I ordered a flower bouquet for my sister on the 8th to be delivered on the 10th. That order wasn’t delivered and I had to call my sister to see (Blooms Today never called me) and she said nothing was delivered. So I had to call them to see what was going on. They said that they wouldn’t be able to deliver until the 15th (her birthday was on the 9th, so a little frustrating) but I still kept the order. Then on the 15th I called her to see if she got it, and she never did. So I had to call the company back and ask what was going on. They said the order was cancelled because the florist didn’t have the flowers I wanted. So I reordered (third order) a different bouquet of flowers, to be delivered asap (the soonest was the 20th, now almost 2 weeks after her birthday). So they finally called me yesterday (the 20th), but I was unable to answer, so i called them that night and they were closed.")

    Pickup Flowers (review says: "Absolutely terrible! It doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Everyone, DO NOT order from this lousy company. I ordered flowers for my girlfriend’s birthday that was supposed to arrive during the day on her birthday. She heard nothing until 9pm that night, all along assuring me it is on its way")

    Flower Delivery Express (over 35 complaints)

    Beyond Blossoms (review: "I ordered flowers to be delivered for Mother’s Day. I paid extra for shipping and delivery on a Sunday. The order never arrived, nor was I contacted by the company that it never arrived. On top of that, I sent several emails to their customer service department to complain and get a refund but nobody ever responded (even though the website states that someone will respond within the hour.) When I tried calling the phone number, the phone just rang and rang. THIS IS A SCAM. This is the worst service and I would not recommend using this website ever!"

    The following companies are not necessarily scammers, but have a TON of bad reviews as the flowers are crappy, dead, or nothing like the ones they show on their website:

    From You Flowers
    Organic Bouquet
    1st in Flowers

    Do your own research!

  30. And beware of "add ons" and "surveys" at the end of the ordering process, too. One well-known online florist offers you the opportunity at the end of each order to take a short "survey" in order to receive $10 off your next purchase. If you complete the survey, you are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription club, and charged through the same credit card you used for your order. Always read the fine print!

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