DHHS Grant Program On Facebook

DHHS grant program scam facebook

DHHS Grant Program Scam on Facebook: How It Works

The recent DHHS Grant Program Scam on Facebook has at least two variations. The first one is a private message from established connections on the platform regarding a DHHS financial program (Department of Health and Human Services); the other one is from random people that contact you and claim to have high authority positions within the organization.

Let’s expose how the scam works, show you how to avoid it, and how to see if a profile on Facebook is fake or not. Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments section if you feel anything is suspicious in your inbox.

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Let’s start.

DHHS financial program

The DHHS Grant Program Scam on Facebook promotes a website that is incredibly realistic-looking that got thousands of victims to submit their personal data. Don’t be one of them. We have a complete review of the DHHSGrant.us on our website validator. But first, let’s see how the scam works (by the way, beware of Telegram scams as well).

To operate the scheme, random people send you Facebook messages informing you that a new federal program done through the Department of Health and Human Services allows you to receive money that you don’t have to return. Essentially, a grant is offered to all those affected by COVID-19 and the pandemic – or so they say.

The message reads, “the funds are available for the special crisis – the first priority on their list with Government grants for individuals”. The scammers use powerful titles attached to their names such as ‘Government Official’, Grants Manager’, or even ‘Pastor’ (see image below).

government grant facebook

In order to receive the DHHS grant, an applicant has to provide his address, bank account and the social security number. Basically, all the information which leads to identity theft and the stealing of their money. The scammers even create fake websites claiming to be those organizations. However, here are the good news. You can now detect the malicious sites.

How To Detect and Block A Harmful Site

The best way to avoid all the fake phone number finder sites is to easily detect and block them. How to do that? There is a powerful tool that notifies you if a website is real or not. You should install a browser extension called Guardio HERE (we tested it, it works and it’s worth every penny). It automatically blocks 100x more harmful websites than competitors and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. Very effective.

DHHS Financial Program Scam: Second Variation

You would be surprised to find out that the DHHS Grant Program Scam on Facebook could come into your inbox even from people you know. However, they wouldn’t know about it, as their account has been hacked. Here is what happens.

You receive a new Facebook notification from a very good friend that you talked to even a few days ago. Not suspecting anything, you start reading: “Hey, what’s up? Listen, make time today to apply for this federal grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s because this COVID-19 never ends. Free money, man. It’s not advertised publicly. Someone at work just told me about it this morning, so I already applied. I am sure we will get it. So, get on it. Going into a meeting, my phone will be off. I will send you a text later on”.

This person (friend, family member, acquaintance) gives you the DHHS link, which appears to be a Government webpage. It is not, so beware!

Here is another screenshot from the bogus website along with what they say:

Department of Health and Human Services

“HHS is the largest grant-making agency in the US. Most HHS grants are provided directly to individuals, families, states, territories, tribes, and educational and community organizations, then given to people and organizations who are eligible to receive funding.

To Apply for a Federal Government Grant contact the Agent via the head chat on this website to get a registration form and track if your application is approved. The following are the available:
– Cash Grants
– Small And Large Business Grants
– College And Scholarships Grants
– Federal & State Grants
– Private Foundation Grants
– Grants For Women
– Housing And New Homes Grants.

(Note) Grant is only awarded to qualified citizens and failure to claim an awarded grant on a delivery date will result to termination of application. Contact an agent via Whatsapp to apply for cash grant, click on the icon below.”

As you can see, the grammar is horrible – some mistakes are in bold letters. Any Government official who would approve the copy would be fired on the spot. And really, who applies for a federal grant via Whatsapp? Sadly, many people fall for this scam.

What happens if you apply without thinking? After you are told that your chances to get the grant are high, you submit the application form, along with a small fee.

Watch the video below to see the fake Facebook grant scam narrated by a victim:

How To Avoid The Department of Health and Human Services Scam

The scammers could even chat with you live on Facebook Messenger, while you really think it is your friend who is trying to help you. Criminals could reach out to you not only through Facebook (sometimes claiming you’re the winner of the Facebook Lottery), but via Twitter or Instagram as well, but we have good news. If you don’t personally know the person contacting you, here is a tip:

Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if a profile is fake or not:

However, you should also report the perpetrators of the DHHS financial program scam. Here is a Facebook scammer list for your reference.

How To Remove Your Personal Information From The Internet

If you were dealing with the DHHS Grant scam, or anything similar, your personal information is listed all over the Internet. Let us explain. The scammers collect your personal data when they get you to share your info, accept cookies, and, more importantly, visit specific web pages. Then they sell it to third parties, including financial institutions, medicare companies, etc. It’s a fact. Your collected personal data is used not only for spam emails, targeted ads, and telemarketing calls but also for changing your monthly financial rates. Luckily, we have good news.

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button remove data online


DHHS Grant Program Scam: How To Report

Let your family and online friends know about the DHHS Grant Program Scam by sharing this article on your social media. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here

How to protect yourself more:

If you want to receive the most notorious scams via email on a regular basis, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You will receive weekly emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the comments section below to expose other Facebook scammers.

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44 thoughts on “DHHS Grant Program On Facebook”

  1. joseph paino jr

    yes i just got stuck in this scam a classmate told me about it he sentback and even then in $ . was making payments on apple cards . i started then said im not going to contiue , i just want to get 850. back and then this agent david scott wants $200. more to send it. i even had a vist from the local state police on a nother mater and mr scott lied to him . i now have a claim # aginst him . i had no $ before to give so now i really have nothing to loose , mabe will see if this goes too court . if i have too i will plaster his name all over.

  2. Hi, my name is Christina, so I just got a Facebook message from a family friend, saying that she saw my name on the D.H.H.S list asked if i had heard from them. I told her that I haven’t heard from anyone This is what she said, “It’s about Department of Health & Human Services, also known as the Health Department, is giving out money to randomly people to take care of kids, buy houses, pay rents and maintain the standard of living have you heard from them yet?” So, I knew right away that something wasn’t right, by the way she was texting me. This is the link that she gave me: https://www.facebook.com/agent-fredrick-w-Smith-102574469185010/……….. I never opened the link………………How do I go about telling her that someone has hacked into her account.

  3. On messenger, allegedly someone I know wants to connect. I accept. Later, I get a message asking how I am doing. I reply good. Later they reply asking if I had heard about the DHHS money program, if I know how to apply, etc. I reply that since they have received all this money, go buy $5,000 in gift cards and send it to me. There is no immediate reply. I then block them, and report to Facebook that someone is pretending to be someone I know. Facebook responds with a thank you, and they will let me know what happens.

  4. I enjoyed wasting this guys time! What legitimate Government employee uses gmail and asks for STEAM Gift Cards? STEAM has a a gaming platform, huh?!?!

    Not to mention, I used a fake address, DOB and phone # to be supposedly “verified”.

    I strung the idiot along for an hour before calling him out… at which point I was blocked….

  5. We got hacked also by DHHS. We got the name from a friend. That agent wanted $500 in STEAM Gift Cards for a Processing fee and we was stupid enough and send them to him after we gave all the info he asked for (but no SSN# or bank Account#). He kept sending pictures of the Fed EX Package and told us we where awarded $500.000 and not to tell anyone about it for Security purposes but before that money could be delivered we would have to pay $3.000 more for
    ■GAS CHARGES :$500
    CASE FILE FEE:$500
    ■TOTAL: $3000
    we put a stop to it and told that Agent that we contacted him for help and not for him to put us in the Poorhouse because we are there already.
    Live and learn

  6. hi i was contacted on messenger from a friend about the dhhs grant money. i gave them some information name address phone number and email address ,age monthly income but no account numbers or
    SS # they wanted me to send gift cards. i was always suspect by the spelling and grammar i told them i had no money haven;t heard back but was concerned because of the information i gave. but its basically public information. should i be concerned if they do anything with information or since i didnt give them any money hopefully they will move on. thanks

    1. I too feel that I was scamed alledgedly by an DHHS Agent. Asked me for the same information as you. As it turned out the program was recommended to my by a family member who had her facebook address scamed as was writing me telling me all about the program and that she had just gotten her 50,000 dollars. As it turned out it wasn’t her at all but who ever the scammer was.

  7. Just almost fell for it. Got message from personal friend about this program. Sounded good at first, but the more information was given ,the more I realized it was a scam. Fortunately, I did not provide any financial details. Scary what goes on in this world.

  8. I dont even live in the u.s and apparently the general services administration is lining up to give me a grant i never applied or asked for.
    They are a little sneaky about it too but its still obvious.
    I suspect the hacked ‘friend’ i was talking to might be a bot. Same as the so called ‘agent’
    They write in all caps.

    Just report them if a ‘friend’ ever tries to tell you about a grant or free money and asks you to use social media to contact them. Its all bs to get your info or money.
    Do not click on any links they give you either. As said in article, its a fake site that steals your info.

  9. Even i canada it started to happen, i recieved facebook message from a friend for the dhhs, i thought scam since i have been often victim of those, i aid to contct me in 24 hours cause i was busy and the message disapear during this time, i am sure my friend does not know she has been hacked. Glad i was aware that when it is too beautifull to be true it is not.

      1. Bonjour, Martin,
        Il y avait 2 heures lorsque j’ai recu mon lettre de scam dhhs. Bien facil; l’imposteur n’a pas ecrit bien, et il m’a dit qu’il a eu de fe dans le Christe et il a recu d’argent. La probleme: il a essaye me convaincre qu’il soit un de mes amis bien educes de l’Australie! Je l’ai donne d’avis: apprenez ton anglais, et connaissez d’ou vient votre personalite faux! Il a repondu “OK”, et je me suppose qu’il ne molestera pas encore. Je regrette bien que cet ordinateur-ci ne contient les accents et les marques autographiques francaises.

  10. I don’t know if I’m getting scammed or not the guy says he is Mitch McConnell from DHHS I don’t believe him.Would Mitch McConnell be of service this time of the morning (12 to 6 am)for me i don’t think so probably a scam . I have already sent them my information and I don’t know what to do about it.

  11. Hi…it’s possible I may be being victimized by a DHHS grant scam! Before I fall-for-it and drastically remit them any funds, please assist me in proving if legitimate as they claim! I may however already be jeopardized as I HAVE given out my informations to them!!!! Please help!

    1. Its not legit. Im sorry you lost info but all you can do is report them and then change the details you gave out.
      Gov agencies will not ask you through social media to pay them money for ‘grants’ you never applied for.

  12. My sister n law sent a message via messenger. I thought I’d was about my niece. Then I sent her a message via text. She replied that she didn’t even have messenger anymore.

  13. This what I got from agent Ben Caballero

    Dear winner we’re waiting on the information needed on the claiming form now for us to proceed on your claiming processing

    1. Yes it happened to me but they wanted all my money and the sent pictures of the agents and the names of them also. I did buy some cards I did lose some money but I asked my friend that told me about it and I asked my friend some personal questions and he could not and would not answer any of the questions that I asked him like for instance where did we first met and other personal questions but never did answer so that is the reason I stopped it and told my so called friend. Please do not fall for it this is not true it is a scam!!!!

  14. Hi, here is another scam:

    A relative texted me a few months ago about this DHHS program on Facebook where they are giving away money to those on its winners list. I finally contacted them yesterday, and was told I would need to apply directly via Facebook. I felt uneasy about it and asked if they could instead send me a link where I could apply online and NOT through my phone, but was told it could only be applied by text there on Facebook. I declined to fill out and send my info. One thing that set off alarm bells was the person communicating wrote in all caps; another alert was the wordage used; I was constantly called ‘MS PATRICIA’ and again, this made me think it was a scam. I just left two other websites that offer the same program, which links are provided below, along with the main contact person on Facebook offering money to all those on his ‘winners list’. I am thankful that I followed my intuition, searched for and found this website, and did not give out any of my personal info via FB Messenger. Info is below:

    (“only available through Facebook)

    Here’s another WINNERS LIST from the following website:

    NOTE: There does not seem to be any indication that this is working through a verified government agency; it only postes various winner’s names. But tjere is an important notice:


    Here’s another WINNERS LIST from a different website:

    Neither of these websites have the valid .gov end signature, so there is no way to tell if these are valid websites giving away money to people, or if they are just some kind of money-scam.

    Please contact me at your earliest and let me know if any of these websites are valid, including ‘Agent Cherry Cooper’. I’m pretty sure they are fraudulent scams, but I would appreciate having confirmation from a VALID government source. THANK YOU!!

    1. They are not legit.
      You were right to be suspicious.
      Good on ya for being aware enough to see through it.
      If you havent already, report the accounts to fb and the govt agency they pretended to be from.

  15. Santana murry

    My name is Santana Murry and I had just got scammed I have proof text messages and everything from Facebook Messenger they will explain everything that was told to me and I think that my family member they told me about it her account was hacked and they were speaking to me through her Facebook account I have proof can someone please contact me so that I can show this and so everybody can see they want me to send them money as of tomorrow

  16. Yes, I have received several of these scam messages in the past several months. The perpetrators can be quite persistent, even when I alert them that I am aware of their methods after doing online research.

  17. Ricardo Olivera

    I received a notification about grant from online dhhs program free grants form but then want you to send them a apple money card so you can receive the money.

    1. did you ever recover your account? the hacked my facebook and changed everything so i cant log back in. such a headache

  18. An old co-worker/friend sent me a message that I might be interested in a link, so I knew him from working at the same financial institution, I felt I could trust what he was saying. and yet I am not mad!
    I wonder if it was really him or someone else has his messenger account?

    1. Def not him.
      What they do is either hack or clone real peoples accounts and pretend to be them to seem legit.

      I advise you to not click on any links you didnt ask for.
      If in doubt, google the link first or put it through a anti pbishing site like mentioned in this article.
      Sorry you got hacked. This is prolly how your friends account got stolen.

  19. So the facebook account that was given to me by this one girl on instagram saying it was legit how she posted she was depositing the check into the bank and getting the cash and so I also texted them because she sent me the link to them for a suppose DHHS grant the facebook page was “Federal government grant DHHS program” and they told me some personal stuff about how he was 64 yrs old had 3 kids and some other stuff that he wasnt there to hurt me in anyway or scam me but he wanted 200 dollars for delivery fee to fedex mailman i dont have that money that is why i was going for the grant but i found out about the tineye website and used his image to search him up looked legit to me but once i texted the person on the other side I asked if there name was alex azar and they said what and I was like yea thats the name of the guy in the picture and if it was actually him to tell me something about him but after he figured out i found out there lie they blocked me because my messages were not going through anymore so i found out they were fake and i reported the account luckily my facebook password and my money i have eft are still with me because i did not trust it one bit. be careful yall i already learned more then once that there is no easy way to make money just to work for it thats all we can do to earn it.

  20. I was on Facebook and saw a girl i know sitting in front of about 20k dollars and going on about how the dhhs program sent her this money the next day after approval right to her doorstep. The reason I fell for it is bc there’s no way this person would even have that kind of money in front of her.. I was shown verification and everything. So I bought a gift card and sent it to them thinking I’ll get the so called “grant” that I don’t have to pay back. The whole time feeling so stupid to believe it.. I wouldn’t normally believe this kind of stuff but I know the girl! So maybe she’s in on it.. I lost 70 dollars so far but did not give out my banking info. They did ask for my Facebook password. How dumb can I be!

    1. I got a message too on Facebook messenger in February from some woman that I don’t know and she went on telling me that her friend apply for the DHHS gov grant and she had gotten hers and this woman had gotten hers too. At the time I was hesitant and so I’d didn’t want bother with it. But as always of every person who don’t have a lot of money like I am, I started to get desperate and knew I can afford to get a loan so why not getting grant?! So I contacted this woman who contacted me and she gave the link to DHHS gov grant so I contacted the Agent a Dr. Rachel Levin said as who is a registration Agent and showed me an application to fill out without thinking twice.
      All I did is enter my full name, age, monthly income a photo ID but no soc sec # or bank account # or I wouldn’t go further with the information. The Agent wanted me to choose what I’m applying for Groceries, General living ect. She did carefully explaining about the application but didn’t go into detail if there were any cost in payments involved. To make these payments the Agent told me they only take Bitcoins and Gift cards like apple and vanilla gift cards and steam gift cards there were other ones they did mention. Here are the list of payments that I paid:
      DHHS GRANTS.GOV – Agent Dr. Rachel Levin

      DELIVERY FEE: $400


      LOCATION FEE: $850

      GIFT TAX CHARGES: $200

      ACTIVATION FEE: $350

      FBI ESCORT FEE: $3700

      GIFT TAX CHARGES: $1100

      ACTIVATION FEE: $750

      CUSTOM FEE: $2500


      TREATMENT FEE:$5,000 i was only able to pay $1,019, the DHHS gov management that they can only handle $1000 of the $5,000 dollars so they said that I must pay the remaining balance of $4,000 dollars or I will be arrested by the FBI who is the authroity that guards this program. When I was getting steam gift cards for the delivery fee $400 dollars I was getting nervous even the store employee told me are sure you want buy them? Because these aren’t refundable I’d only gotten $60 dollars worth so when went home I told this agent that I’m not going for I had lost 60 dollars and this agent said we don’t scam people, so I fell for it and went back and got more to finished the payment. The whole thing sounded legitimate. So I kept on paying all these expensive payments and it got to a point that I ask the Agent is there any other payments besides this one, and I’m refurthering to the FBI ESCORT fee 3, 750 dollars and she gave me a 100 % promise guarantee and ensure me there won’t be another payment and this person lied to me too many times. She even told it isn’t enabled, its a command. You must finished paying the grant information to avoid FBI Arrested. That got me scared so I started to buy every gift card to finished all of these payments. Except for the treatment fee $5000 dollars the Agent reminded me that I can still get arrested because they don’t keep people’s grants in our database that is protected and guarded by the authority of FBI. In the beginning, when I was paying the location fee $850 the Agent Dr. Rachel Levin said that this payment is for in case the package ( meaning the grant) gets damage or they have a flat tire or their FEDEX delivery track breaks down but if the package its to my door safe I will get a total refund of $850. I fell for the whole thing and from here on I am so scared to block them because they said I can get arrested if I ask the DHHS gov grant management to cancel the grant because they repeatedly told me over and over we don’t keep people’s grants application in our database so I just don’t know what to do from here.

    2. Denise that happened to me too, they ask for my Facebook password and I gave it them, which was stupid of me. They could had lock me out but they didn’t. They needed me to turn on the Two-factor Authentication so they can secure the grant. But when I went to my account they changed out my email and put they’re’s instead. I mean, is how a scammer works? I don’t know, I hope someone can tell me. They can make it sound so real and legit. I am puzzled.

  21. tricked by scam

    I got someone on facebook called dhss. tats one s too many. before some teenager texted me saying its legit. what teen other than me says legit. then the company asked for my facebook password. and to two factor authorize my account. my dumbazz thought it was ok to give them my address. the teenager and the service dont text at the same time but whats odd is “DHSS” never asked for my financial information

  22. Just received a message on Messanger from my “AUNT” but it was a scammer asking if I had heard of this and how she got $50,000. Sounded funny so looked it up to see is was a scam.

    1. Christina Cannon

      Sounds familiar. My ‘cousin’ just got $200,000. Said she saw my name on the eligible list and thought I had claimed my money already.

  23. I think they got me about 2 hrs ago. I refused to send them money to get grant money delivered or give them my FB password. Ain’t heard nothing back from them since… I feel like a fool but I am filing a complaint.

  24. I think I just fell for this. O should’ve checked thus before sending them my info. They wanted me to send 300.00 I told them I got no money. They then asked for my FB password and I said no way.

  25. Jammie B. Harmon scammer big time offers $40,000.00 and used by friend on FB, claiming she got it, but I asked her about her family and they couldn’t answer the questions. be ware

  26. i get these everyday from ppl saying have u heard of the government giving away free money…l fell for it once and it cost me my facebook account and l lost 200 dollars,,and facebook doesnt help you to get it back either..l know the man who did it but nothing l can do now..but let ppl know DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM

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